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02:54:00 <dgtlmoon> swar
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03:01:13 <dgtlmoon> warlord, yes but i'm selecting AUD as my currency.. there might be a bug where the config from a previous account file is applying? (I am making a new account file)
03:02:04 <dgtlmoon> warlord, New file -> Select currency "AUD", my default currency is usually CZK, then i import with currency "AUD"
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03:05:10 <dgtlmoon> warlord, yes i can confirm there is a bug!
03:07:31 <dgtlmoon> I also found a way to segfault, click File -> newfile, and while the "new account" window is open, click file->newfile again
03:08:20 <dgtlmoon> so it seems importing a different currency - even when you make a new file in the same currency you're importing - does not work, if your default crrency is something else
03:09:07 <dgtlmoon> so it seems importing a different currency - even when you make a new file in the same currency you're importing - does not work, if your default crrency is something else
03:09:08 <dgtlmoon> woops
03:14:06 <dgtlmoon> i'm on 2.6.6
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07:14:59 <mikee> Wm is getting abusive on the mailing list.
07:15:35 <dgtlmoon> its a shame a lot of opensource maillings lists are no fun
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08:10:22 <warlord> mikee: "getting"?
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08:50:42 <gjanssens> mikee, warlord: I was thinking the same thing today...
08:59:06 <gjanssens> ...and decided to kindly remind him this is not the behaviour we want
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11:55:13 <lmat> WM's message about Crash with Transaction Report to Alice was a joke, right?
11:56:40 <lmat> Oh, I just read more messages; I don't think he was joking anymore.
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12:03:15 <tpo> hello. I'm importing MT940 data. The problem is, that the import is unreliable.
12:03:48 <tpo> Sometimes transactions will, allthough shown, not get imported. See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=746179.
12:04:17 <tpo> Sometimes it seems they get imported in the wrong account or at the wrong time.
12:06:01 <tpo> I am quite desperate. Every time I import new transactions I fear that the importer will fuck up my past transactions. Sometimes it does. Then I need to go through all transactions and find out where the importer inserted stuff.
12:07:57 <tpo> Any hints on what I could do?
12:13:51 <jralls> gjanssens: Re Wm, that might have been too gentle.
12:13:54 <tpo> Also I am getting the impression, that sometimes the importer won't import transactions that "look similar" - that is when I buy the same ticket at the same place multiple times, then the importer will sometimes silently drop one or the other, allthough in the GUI I'd *never* let the importer skip any transactions.
12:13:55 <tpo> ?
12:15:01 <jralls> dgtlmoon: Please open bug reports for your cross-currency import findings. They're sure to be forgotten if this is the only place you report them.
12:15:22 <tpo> Also, is there any way to deselect all transactions in the importer, so I can select only the ones that got lost for import?
12:15:36 <dgtlmoon> jralls, yes for sure
12:18:21 <jralls> tpo: MT940 is provided by AQBanking so your best bet is to take your problems there. His website is www.aquamaniac.de.
12:19:31 <jralls> tpo: As for deselecting transactions in the importer, yes, in the account matcher just uncheck the ones you don't want to import so that they turn red.
12:21:50 <dgtlmoon> jralls, how can i reset any configuration? even when i nuke the ~/.config/ ~/.gnucash/ i'm still getting account name conflict, right click on the account on both tells me they are both in AUD
12:22:21 <dgtlmoon> Liabilities 2:Credit Card 2 "QIF Import: name conflict with another account"
12:22:33 <dgtlmoon> both accounts have currency of AUD if i right click > edit account
12:22:36 <jralls> tpo: Hmm, the account matcher should be recognizing the already-imported transactions on its own so perhaps the problem is that something about MT940 imports confuses it. The matcher is GnuCash. Can you provide an example of a transaction that got changed?
12:23:09 <dgtlmoon> so maybe its not the issue i think it is, i'm not using trading accounts here either
12:23:50 <jralls> dgtlmoon: I don't know offhand where the QIF importer keeps its state. warlord, do you know?
12:24:07 <jralls> Oops, warlord left.
12:24:16 <dgtlmoon> yeah, maybe the QIF importer state is recorded elsewhere and not tied to the account?
12:24:50 <dgtlmoon> QIF itself doesnt hold currency info, and all the defaults on the importer default to AUD
12:24:56 <dgtlmoon> all my accounts are AUD
12:24:56 <tpo> jralls, but the importer *GUI* is not from AQBanking. Correct?
12:25:03 <dgtlmoon> this does not work heh
12:25:32 <jralls> dgtlmoon: Give me a few minutes, I'll look at the code and see if there's something obvious. It's Scheme, which isn't one of my core competencies, so it will take a while.
12:25:51 <dgtlmoon> ok cool, i'm testing by doing everything from a blank account to see if it helps
12:26:17 <tpo> I have allready debugged what aqbanking is seeing, and it does recognize all transactions correctly.
12:26:33 <tpo> I did that with the command line interface to aqbanking.
12:27:37 <dgtlmoon> ive never tried the direct bank interfaces
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12:28:32 <jralls> tgo: Correct, the GUI is part of GnuCash. If you've already shown that AQB is feeding the correct info to GC then open a bug report and attach some examples so we have something to work with.
12:28:33 <tpo> I'm assuming that the aqbanking part does not behave substancially differently when used as importer for Gnucash. Also I am seeing the transactions in the importer GUI, and the GUI is telling me that it will import them, but some transaction will not appear in gnucash.
12:29:05 <tpo> jralls, the bug report with data is here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=746179
12:30:48 <tpo> jralls, should I raise the severity of the bug? In principle it /should/ be reproducible with the provided data...
12:31:39 <jralls> tpo: Nobody pays any attention to the severity, so it wouldn't do any good.
12:31:55 <tpo> oh well :-(
12:33:23 <tpo> anyway, it'd already be nice to know if somebody else than me is able to reproduce the bug with the provided data...
12:36:17 <jralls> tpo: I've opened testing.xac in GnuCash and started the importer on MT940. The "Info" says "Reconcile (auto) match", which means that the matcher thinks that it's already been imported.
12:37:02 <jralls> tpo: What account is associated with the import?
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12:39:55 <tpo> jralls, let me check...
12:40:32 <jralls> tpo: Never mind, I found it: Post 85-611451-7 KK.
12:40:44 <tpo> jralls, thanks
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12:44:38 <tpo> jralls, were you able to reproduce the problem?
12:44:39 <jralls> So, as I said, it's marked for "reconcile" -- the "R" box is checked. If I check the "A" box instead, the "Info" field changes to "New, transfer SFr.11.50 to (auto) "Aufewendugen:Arbeit:ÖV"
12:44:58 <jralls> Which I think is what you want to happen.
12:46:09 <jralls> When it messes up your existing transactions is the problem that it marks them as "cleared" or does it change the payee or the amount?
12:48:33 <jralls> Huh. I hadn't tried that before: When it's set to reconcile, double-clicking brings up a list of candidate transactions to reconcile. That will help me see what it does.
12:49:11 <tpo> still here, trying to figure out how to reproduce the problem...
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12:52:46 <gjanssens> jralls: regarding Wm - I prefer to start polite. I can always get more direct/stern later on...
12:53:19 <jralls> top: So with "R" checked it just marks the indicated transaction as "cleared", which doesn't affect the balance. Since the transaction it selected for matching, had the same amount (11.50) I don't see why it would.
12:53:37 <jralls> s/top/tpo/, sorry.
12:55:10 <jralls> top: So from here it looks like operator error. You have to review the transactions in the matcher window and make sure that each one is doing what you want. We don't expect the automatic matches to be perfect.
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12:57:11 <tpo> oh well, I can't reproduce the problem with the provided data :-(
12:58:49 <tpo> I'll close the report. Sorry for the noise. It's hard to create reproducible bug reports. Sigh.
13:01:51 <jralls> tpo: I imagine you came here because you just ran another import and had trouble again. I propose that you roll back to the backup file from before the import and try the import again, carefully reviewing each transaction in the matcher window and clicking the correct checkbox for each. If you want a transaction to be completely ignored *uncheck* the checked checkbox so that the transaction turns red. See if that resolves
13:01:51 <jralls> your issue and update the bug accordingly.
13:03:36 <tpo> I'll try to work with my backup files next time I run into the problems.
13:04:07 <jralls> gjanssens: OK. Should I remind you to involve Liz as you escalate?
13:04:19 <tpo> Many thanks for extending your helping hand towards me jralls!
13:04:42 <jralls> gjanssens: Separate subject: Are you at all familiar with th eQIF importer?
13:07:59 <jralls> tpo: You're welcome. I'm going to mark the bug "needinfo" pending your review.
13:08:59 <tpo> jralls, I've closed the bug report - I'll open a new one if I succeed to come up with reproducible behaveor and data..
13:09:16 <jralls> tpo: OK, thanks.
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13:19:08 <tpo> I have two more questions: is there a keyboard short to clear a transaction?
13:19:32 <jralls> tpo: What do you mean by "clear"?
13:19:49 <tpo> the "R" column
13:20:09 <tpo> how can I switch it short of needing to move the mouse?
13:20:33 <tpo> ... and needing to click on that field in a transaction?
13:21:36 <tpo> (the idea is when I need to go through transactions to check whether they're correct to be able to mark them as such, and to do it quickly, without needing to leave the keyboard)
13:22:11 <tpo> second question, is there a way to have the imported transactions *not* marked as cleared?
13:22:56 <tpo> (again the idea is here to be able to distinguish between transactions, that I have manually checked and those that were imported and are potentially giving me trouble)
13:24:09 <jralls> tpo: AFAIK, no to both. The assumption is that you're importing transactions from your bank and the "cleared" flag means that they're transactions that you've verified.
13:25:38 <tpo> the fact that when tabbing throught the fields of a transactions, that the "R" field is not selectable is not by coincidence, right - It's intentional?
13:28:37 <jralls> tpo: Sorry, I meant the "cleared" flag means transactions that the bank knows about. The "reconciled" flag means transactions that you've manually verified. The only way to set that is to reconcile the account; when you do you'll see that cleared transactions are already checked. Once you have checked the transactions necessary to make the reconciled balance match the ending balance the "finish" button in the toolbar will
13:28:37 <jralls> light up. Pressing that will change all of the checked transactions to reconciled.
13:29:25 <jralls> tpo: Then when the transaction matcher thinks that a new transaction matches a reconciled transaction it will turn it red and do nothing.
13:30:26 <jralls> tpo: Yes, it's intentional. In normal use that flag is supposed to be handled automatically.
13:31:13 <tpo> uh
13:31:21 <tpo> I fail to understand
13:31:39 <tpo> http://gnucash.org/viewdoc.phtml?doc=help under chapter 6.10 says
13:31:50 <tpo> "c - Cleared"
13:32:38 <tpo> what would the value of that field be, if it was "reconciled" instead?
13:32:45 <jralls> tpo:
13:32:51 <jralls> tpo: "y".
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13:35:45 <tpo> OK, I see. It's still a pain in the back for me to need to be moving between mouse and keyboard to be able to set the "c" flag. It's in the range of a 100 transactions or so...
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13:37:10 <jralls> tpo: Then don't. You can use the reconcile window without first clearing the transactions.
13:39:34 <jralls> The usual workflow without imports is to run reconcile and select each transaction that shows up on the bank statement. It's non-modal so you can enter any transactions you missed in the register and they'll immediately show up in the reconcile window for you to check them off.
13:40:28 <jralls> When the balances match, the finish button lights up, you click it, and all of the selected transactions are marked reconciled, which among other things protects them from being edited.
13:41:32 <jralls> See http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.6/C/gnucash-help/acct-reconcile.html for a more detailed explanation.
13:47:47 <tpo> thanks, I'm looking at it atm
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13:57:03 <gjanssens> jralls: if it escalates I will involve Liz. Had thought about it before, but it seemed a first nudge could be done like this.
13:57:21 <gjanssens> And unfortunately I'm not familiar with the qif importer
13:57:26 <gjanssens> It's in scheme, right ?
13:57:56 <jralls> dgtlmoon: The QIF importer keeps its account-match data in ~/.gnucash/qif-accounts-map.
13:58:12 <gjanssens> BTW we have guests this evening so I won't be able to keep up with the conversation...
13:59:14 <jralls> gjanssens: Re Wm, OK. Re QIF, yes it's in Scheme, which is why I try to ignore it.
13:59:20 <dgtlmoon> jralls, ahuh! ok. i rm-rf'ed that dir too
13:59:23 <jralls> gjanssens: Enjoy your party.
14:00:50 <gjanssens> tx
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14:03:42 <jralls> dgtlmoon: In the "Match QIF accounts..." page of the QIF Assistant it presents a list of account matches. Does that display the new accounts (Liabilities 2:Credit Card 2) shows up?
14:04:29 <dgtlmoon> jralls, http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-120615-200420.php
14:05:07 <dgtlmoon> ok so .. i rm -rf'ed the .gnucash dir and that worked that time
14:05:26 <dgtlmoon> but i have a few accounts in different currencies.. so hrmn this will be annoying
14:05:47 <dgtlmoon> i will test again with another currency+account
14:05:47 <jralls> hrmn?
14:09:17 <dgtlmoon> nope, done it again
14:09:20 <dgtlmoon> weird
14:10:16 <dgtlmoon> i rm -rf'ed my .gnucash, ran a qif import and ended up with "liabilities 2" again
14:10:37 <jralls> dgtlmon: Can you read Scheme?
14:10:43 <dgtlmoon> what is scheme? :)
14:11:56 <jralls> Check.
14:12:04 <dgtlmoon> im not much of a programmer
14:14:12 <dgtlmoon> jralls, what am i looking for?
14:14:50 <jralls> What are the account types and currencies of the 4 accounts (Liabilities, Liabilities 2, ...)
14:15:24 <dgtlmoon> so my gnucash file right?
14:15:52 <dgtlmoon> <gnc:account version="2.0.0">
14:15:52 <dgtlmoon> <act:name>Liabilities 2</act:name>
14:15:52 <dgtlmoon> <act:id type="guid">ba3266b3be52a7672842079092f57ea6</act:id>
14:15:52 <dgtlmoon> <act:type>EXPENSE</act:type>
14:15:52 <dgtlmoon> <act:commodity>
14:15:52 <dgtlmoon> <cmdty:space>ISO4217</cmdty:space>
14:15:54 <dgtlmoon> <cmdty:id>AUD</cmdty:id>
14:16:05 <dgtlmoon> <act:name>Liabilities</act:name>
14:16:05 <dgtlmoon> <act:id type="guid">0b7530e788ba87f937fad4410349be29</act:id>
14:16:05 <dgtlmoon> <act:type>LIABILITY</act:type>
14:16:05 <dgtlmoon> <act:commodity>
14:16:05 <dgtlmoon> <cmdty:space>ISO4217</cmdty:space>
14:16:07 <dgtlmoon> <cmdty:id>AUD</cmdty:id>
14:16:11 <dgtlmoon> yup same currency
14:17:55 <jralls> dgtlmoon: But not the same account types. Remind me what the transaction looks like.
14:18:30 <dgtlmoon> jralls, http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-120615-201818.php
14:18:44 <dgtlmoon> ahuh! yeah one is expense!
14:19:20 <dgtlmoon> jralls, hang on.. credit cards are a liability or expense?
14:20:07 <jralls> dgtlmoon: The *transaction* that you're importing, not the CoA.
14:20:58 <dgtlmoon> jralls, here is one http://pastebin.com/NGmwpgbi
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14:21:39 <dgtlmoon> yeah so Liabilities:Credit card (out of the gnucash install) is Account Type "Credit Card"
14:21:45 <dgtlmoon> Liabilities 2 is "Expense" wtf
14:23:14 <jralls> dgtlmoon: It would be easier to parse the transaction if you'd do a screen shot of it open in split view.
14:23:28 <dgtlmoon> sorry, ok
14:23:49 <jralls> dgtlmoon: The xml just shows GUIDs which are meaningless without the file's account structure.
14:23:58 <dgtlmoon> im a bit lost
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14:24:10 <dgtlmoon> jralls, you mean this? http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-120615-202400.php
14:24:33 <dgtlmoon> or http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-120615-202422.php ?
14:25:07 <jralls> dgtlmoon: The first, but click the "Split" button in the toolbar so that both accounts are visible.
14:25:48 <dgtlmoon> http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-120615-202539.php
14:25:54 <jralls> dgtlmoon: Foreign fee is perhaps a bad example, as that's an expense rather than a liability.
14:26:01 <dgtlmoon> yeah
14:26:39 <dgtlmoon> ah ok.. so i was importing say my hosting fees on my credit card into Expenses:Hosting and was hoping the xfer would show from the CC
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14:27:54 <jralls> dgtlmoon: Ah, you're doing it backwards. The importers assume that you're importing into an asset or liability account and that the counter-accounts are expense.
14:28:21 <jralls> Er, expenses or income.
14:28:33 <dgtlmoon> so what todo
14:28:34 <dgtlmoon> hmm
14:28:57 <dgtlmoon> like i want to know how much in hosting i paid in my QIF, i pay for hosting from the credit card and my bank account directly
14:29:59 <dgtlmoon> i just set all target accounts to liabilities:credit card.. and theres $0 in all the accounts hurgh
14:30:01 <dgtlmoon> no fun
14:30:14 <dgtlmoon> totally lost, sorry man
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14:31:44 <jralls> dgtlmoon: What does the QIF represent? Your CC bill, right?
14:31:58 <dgtlmoon> yes, lots of transactions on the CC
14:32:22 <dgtlmoon> example
14:32:22 <dgtlmoon> ^
14:32:24 <dgtlmoon> D31/03/2015
14:32:24 <dgtlmoon> MPAYMENT-BPAY-THANK YOU
14:32:24 <dgtlmoon> Lpayment
14:32:24 <dgtlmoon> T75.00
14:35:50 <jralls> dgtlmoon: On the "Match QIF Categories..." page, did you match the categories to expense accouns?
14:36:05 <dgtlmoon> no, all to liabilties:credit card
14:36:15 <dgtlmoon> no, all to liabilties:credit card -> liabilties:credit card:fees etc
14:36:18 <dgtlmoon> but all under liabilties:credit card
14:36:22 <dgtlmoon> ah yes, sorry i did
14:36:44 <jralls> dgtlmoon: ?
14:36:56 <dgtlmoon> jralls, yes i did
14:37:15 <dgtlmoon> the payments on the card and card fees went to liabilties:credit card, hosting expenses on the CC went to expenses:hosting
14:38:01 <dgtlmoon> now if i set ALL the accounts target to "Liabilties:Credit Card" my accounts are $0.00 after import
14:38:41 <dgtlmoon> jralls, http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-120615-203814.php <-- after importing all to live under Liabilities:Credit Card
14:39:10 <dgtlmoon> more proof
14:39:11 <dgtlmoon> http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-120615-203900.php
14:39:31 <dgtlmoon> doesnt look right to me
14:39:32 <jralls> No, the Match QIF categories accounts *must* be expense or income accounts, and the whole hierarchy above them must be the same.
14:40:02 <dgtlmoon> ahuh!
14:40:06 <dgtlmoon> ok.. why is that? :)
14:40:13 <jralls> Pictures of your CoA aren't useful. Pictures of registers are useful.
14:40:24 <dgtlmoon> i guess the credit card part is irrelevant
14:40:59 <dgtlmoon> OK so always import to expenses
14:41:20 <jralls> Because that's what categories represent in Quicken: Expense and Income. Quicken accounts can represent only Liabilities and Assets.
14:41:33 <dgtlmoon> ahuh, that would make sense
14:42:00 <dgtlmoon> what about importing from a CSV instead?
14:42:09 <jralls> No, import to a Liability or Asset account, set the categories to Income and Expense.
14:42:52 <dgtlmoon> so make like Liabilities:Credit Card:Hosting an Expense but keep Liabilities:Credit Card as a Liability?
14:43:11 <dgtlmoon> i dont need Liabilities:Credit Card:Hosting
14:43:58 <jralls> dgtlmoon: Delete Liabilities:Credit Card:Hosting. Create Expenses:Hosting.
14:44:14 <dgtlmoon> OK
14:44:26 <dgtlmoon> then what todo with the credit card part?
14:44:36 <dgtlmoon> Liabilities:Credit Car? just ignore it?
14:45:09 <jralls> dgtlmoon: No, Liabilities:Credit Card is the account you're importing into.
14:45:21 <dgtlmoon> Aaahuh! sorry man
14:45:30 <dgtlmoon> got it
14:46:48 <jralls> Maybe you need to study up on double-entry accounting. It can be a bit of a mind-bender at first, but once you get used to it it's hard to imagine using anything else for tracking money.
14:47:22 <dgtlmoon> Now i have "Expenses 2" :)
14:47:49 <dgtlmoon> gotta run
14:47:50 <dgtlmoon> gf home
14:47:58 <jralls> 'Night.
14:50:27 <dgtlmoon> thanks again man
14:50:36 <dgtlmoon> i really want to get off this commercial software
15:16:03 *** rubdos has quit IRC
15:16:33 *** dgm has joined #gnucash
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15:54:52 *** tpo has joined #gnucash
16:08:48 <tpo> jralls, so I've been ticking off the transactions in the reconciliation window that do appear in the bank records (i.e. all transactions do)
16:09:12 <tpo> However that doesn't really help me a lot. Because the problem is the ones that are missing.
16:11:02 <jralls> tpo: How many transactions do you think are missing?
16:11:06 <tpo> Another problem is that the imported transactions appear in a different order in the bank records (it's approximately the same order but the more one zooms in the more the order varies)
16:11:20 <tpo> maybe 5%
16:11:27 <jralls> Out of?
16:12:25 <tpo> out of about maybe 200
16:13:09 <jralls> So 10. Not too bad, just enter them by hand.
16:13:24 <tpo> if I knew which ones those are
16:13:44 <tpo> so I need to redo the whole thing and tick them off on both lists...
16:14:28 <jralls> Yes, that's usually what you do when rconciling.
16:15:36 <tpo> also, entering the new transactions only makes sense if they're about the same on both lists - that is have about the same text
16:16:00 <tpo> which is a lot of work actually (you've seen in in the example in that bug report)
16:16:17 <tpo> so optimally I'd find out the missing ones, and reimport only those...
16:18:38 <tpo> having the total (saldo) as in the account view, is helping in that respect, since you can compare totals and be fairly sure that when they correspond, then you have not missed a transaction
16:19:14 <tpo> which is missing in the reconcile window
16:19:28 <jralls> tpo: Copy-and-paste to the rescue. Or enter only the last bit of the description; the importer isn't going to be looking at the reconciled transactions anyway.
16:22:17 <jralls> tpo: You could always start over and pay close attention to the import matcher to make sure that everything gets imported correctly.
16:26:50 <tpo> jralls, yeah, however the problem is that you get the list from the importer, then you say OK, then it's gone, and now you've got a list with plenty of cleared "c" entries. How would I know which got dropped? Make a screen shot of the importer?
16:27:30 <tpo> I know I can go through the whole two lists line by line and tick off each entry on both lists.
16:28:25 <tpo> But the point of software is, that it spares us the monotonous robot like tasks. Which this is one. And it drags on my brain.
16:28:55 <tpo> comparing sums makes the task a bit easier
16:32:27 <jralls> tpo: The root cause of the problem is that you imported without paying attention to what the matcher was doing and made a mess in your account. Yes, cleanup is tedious. Suck it up and get to work. It will help you to remember to pay closer attention the next time you run an import.
16:34:06 <jralls> Alternatively, you can enter a balancing transaction to make your account total match the last bank statement, reconcile everything before that, and ignore the fact that your income and expenses won't be quite right.
16:37:01 *** dgm has joined #gnucash
16:39:21 <tpo> jralls, naw. The problem is that the importer is making a mess in rare cases. And I have to clean it up. But the even bigger problem is that I can't trust it.
16:39:49 <jralls> tpo: The evidence is that you screwed up, not the importer. Sorry.
16:40:28 <jralls> tpo: But if you feel that you can't trust it, then you should find a tool that you can trust.
16:41:06 <tpo> yeah, I still owe a proof
16:45:44 <jralls> Regardless of fault though, it remains that your books are screwed up. I've outlined three ways for you to fix them. The delete-and-reimport approach affords an opportunity for you to either demonstrate your claim or to convince yourself that due care can avoid the problem.
17:29:14 <tpo> OK, the books are good now. So unless refuted with proof, please consider gnucash working correctly and myself having made some mistake... Once more: thanks jralls & good night!
17:30:08 <jralls> tpo: Congratulations. Now you can sleep peacefully.
17:30:28 <jralls> tpo: You're welcome, and good night.
17:30:29 *** dgm has quit IRC
17:30:32 <tpo> :v)
17:31:05 *** tpo has quit IRC
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18:05:02 <meb> anyone by chance ever figure why GNU Books Hates Windows 7 and won't genereate a .PDF Reciept/Report?
18:09:34 <jralls> meb: This channel is for GnuCash. No idea about GNU Books. GnuCash generates PDF reports on Win7 just fine; I just tested to be sure.
18:15:49 <meb> sorry sir it's Portable GNUCash
18:17:00 <jralls> The Portable folks munge our code, so we're not able to offer support for their distribution. You can either use our Windows package or go pester them.
18:50:56 *** gncbot has joined #gnucash
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