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14:09:07 <tantalum> Q: Can GnuCash and GnuCash mobile automatically sync?
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14:09:53 <tantalum> I have GnuCash account on Dropbox which is nice because I can add expenses from a couple of desktop computers that I use
14:10:16 <tantalum> it would be awesome of GnuCash mobile could also stay in sync with that
14:10:21 <tantalum> any toughts?
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14:10:35 <tantalum> *thoughts?
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14:12:10 <jralls> tantalum: I don't think it's automatic, but Ngewi added the ability to directly read GC XML recently, so it might be more automatic than it used to be. Ngewi's the only one who knows and he doesn't hang out here.
14:13:28 <tantalum> Yes it will read from my Dropbox account but will not store updated transactions to it, nor will it re-read updated transactions after the initial import
14:15:10 <jralls> tantalum: Makes sense. I don't think he has a sufficient implementation of the engine to safely write to the file. I think he exports OFX that you can import back into GC. Not sure how you're supposed to synch the other way.
14:15:34 <tantalum> Ummm ok
14:15:51 <tantalum> Do you know where he hangs out?
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14:16:57 <tantalum> Honestly given a roadmap I'd be more then happy to update the mobile client
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14:20:47 <jralls> tantalum: He responds to mail on gnucash-user. Make sure "GnuCash for Android" is in the subject to get his attention. You can also mail him directly at ngewif@codinguser.com or his website, http://www.codinguser.com/.
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14:21:24 <tantalum> Thanks jralls
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14:29:02 <jralls> gjanssens: Have you looked at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=746792?
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14:52:29 <notbatman> How does one view the relationships among accounts in gnucash?
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15:02:14 <jralls> notbatman: What do you mean by relationships?
15:04:27 <notbatman> I mean, how do I know which accounts will be affected by a transaction. I ask because I have several invoices that I have no hope of getting paid and need to remove them from the total accounts receivable that counts as income.
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15:11:39 <jralls> notbatman: I think you need to unpost the respective invoices, but I don't use the business stuff so I'm not sure.
15:12:05 <jralls> I'm summoned for lunch. Bank in an hour or so.
15:13:00 <notbatman> Thanks. I tried unpost and it makes the total incorrect.
15:13:53 <notbatman> Bon appetit
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15:46:06 <dgtlmoon> greetings
15:46:28 <notbatman> Hi and welcome!
15:47:07 <dgtlmoon> My account currency is in AUD and I have a customer whos currency I bill in EUR, when I "post" that invoice to my accounts the "A:R" post to field is always empty/null/disabled - Do i need to create a A:R account in EUR aswell? I thought gnucash will handle the conversion?
15:47:11 <dgtlmoon> notbatman, ahoi hoi
15:47:19 <dgtlmoon> i'm willing to pay for some help in BTC if someone can help me
15:59:09 <dgtlmoon> is http://www.mathstat.dal.ca/~selinger/accounting/gnucash.html still a big problem?
16:04:58 <dgtlmoon> no matter how i do it I always end up with an Imbalance-EUR
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16:28:34 <jralls> dgtlmoon: Cross-currency invoicing seems to be a popular problem lately. Is your problem similar to https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=746792?
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16:30:31 <notbatman> congrats, warlord
16:34:19 <jralls> notbatman: warlord is a lot better versed than I in the business stuff. Perhaps he can help you unscramble your bad debts.
16:36:20 <linas> gjanssens, warlord: is everything working now? Did I miss anything? Is the website updating?
16:36:42 <linas> maybe even jralls would know
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16:41:34 <notbatman> THanks, jrails. I asked yesterday or the day before and had to leave, so appologies for the repetition. warlord, in order to remove several bad debt invoices from accounts receivable, I assume I cannot simply unpost them--as this causes totals to be wrong for some reason. I assume I need to have another account in order to make an entry offsetting the invoices, so that I don't get an inbalance.
16:41:47 <jralls> linas: www.gnucash.org looks fine to me. It seems to load quite a bit faster now. I can't see the DNSSec stuff that warlord was complaining about last week, so I can't help there.
16:43:05 <dgtlmoon> jralls, looking now
16:43:40 <dgtlmoon> jralls, yes, i can replicate that
16:43:55 <dgtlmoon> jralls, can i donate some cash to get this stuff looked at?
16:44:11 <dgtlmoon> im trying to ditch my online service accounts and go with gnucash :)
16:44:28 <jralls> dgtlmoon: That the inverse of what I asked: Is the problem that you have with AUD and EUR the same as the bug?
16:44:40 <jralls> s/that/that's/
16:45:47 <dgtlmoon> jralls, yes i see something similar (assuming i understand that bug report)
16:46:08 <dgtlmoon> it splits the amount and takes the amount but wrong currency from the wrong account
16:46:21 <dgtlmoon> i can work around this by having sub-accounts for AR and Sales in each of the crrencies
16:46:25 <dgtlmoon> so hmm i'm not sure, this is rather complex
16:48:38 <dgtlmoon> should invoices that are posted to my "Assets:Accounts Receivable:Euro" show up immediately in "Sales" ? seems they are showing as sales without a processed payment
16:48:50 <jralls> dgtlmoon: Complex indeed. As I told notbatman earlier, I'm not very familiar with the business stuff.
16:49:19 <dgtlmoon> yeah, this business multicurrency is one killer feature that beats a lot of other software
16:49:27 <dgtlmoon> if only gnucash would talk to my email program it would be perfect :D
16:50:12 <jralls> dgtlmoon: I'd certainly think so. Income:Sales would be a reasonable counter-account for Assets:Accounts Receivable.
16:50:29 <dgtlmoon> OK cool
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16:50:56 <dgtlmoon> so how do i know how much income was from paid invoices? and not just posted?
16:51:45 * jralls launches GnuCash to look at the business reports...
16:53:18 <dgtlmoon> the answer is that it shows up in Assets:Current Assets:Savings Account
16:53:33 <notbatman> Do a report on checking account and filter by Accounts receivable. That's what I do for sales tax purposes when I want to know how much in sales was taken in.
16:54:04 <dgtlmoon> notbatman, yeah, thats what i was thinking - but i remember that years ago it wouldnt transfer into Income until it had a payment
16:54:17 <notbatman> Ah
16:54:54 <notbatman> In my setup, sales show as income--paid or not.
16:55:02 <notbatman> That's my problem.
16:55:06 <dgtlmoon> yeah same, well, i will live with it
16:55:09 <jralls> dgtlmoon: Doesn't the "Receivables Aging" report show that?
16:55:51 <notbatman> Shows outstanding invoice totals for each client. No real detail.
16:56:08 <notbatman> OK well I gotta go. thanks all.
16:56:29 <jralls> dgtlmoon: If you're doing accrual accounting, which is implicit if you're using A/R and A/P, then you book the income when you post it to A/R. Then the eventual payment balances against the A/R entry.
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16:59:28 <dgtlmoon> ahuh!
16:59:29 <dgtlmoon> yes, thats the key
17:00:40 <dgtlmoon> yes, i can confirm that
17:00:43 <dgtlmoon> awesome
17:02:53 <dgtlmoon> some hilarious and nasty replies in the mailling list http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2013-September/050517.html all very typical open source :D :D
17:09:16 <dgtlmoon> alright, i will keep testing tomorrow but so far thanks for the help
17:09:26 <jralls> dgtlmoon: If your work-around with a Euro A/P account resolves your problem, does it also resolve the one in bug 746792?
17:09:59 <dgtlmoon> jralls, i dont think so, small differences in account structure mean big differences to bugs
17:10:12 <dgtlmoon> i can replicate that issue if i dont make equivalent sub accounts in different currencies
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17:15:21 <jralls> dgtlmoon: That's good. It means the work-around works for the bug. Would you please add a comment to the bug explaining the workaround?
17:20:44 <dgtlmoon> jralls, im 90% sure i understand his bug, but i might be off a bit
17:20:53 <dgtlmoon> im doing the same thing so hmm
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18:48:37 <jralls> I just *love* the way every single dev who wanted to write a boolean value to KVP invented his own way to do it.
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20:48:42 <notbatman> Greetings. I just learned the principles for writing-off bad debt. A "Bad Debt" expense account is created. One debits the Bad Debt Expense and credits the Receivable...somehow...I think. Just exactly how needs to be discovered, and in what account does the transaction occur?
21:11:04 <notbatman> To answer my own question, it occurs in the Expenses: Bad Debt account. credit the Bad Debt account and debit the Accounts Receivable account. Simple when you know how. Hope someone else can use this info. Thanks for enduring my education:)
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21:30:51 <notbatman> So I hope you never have to use this but just in case, here is the link to info on accounting unrecoverable invoices: http://accounting-simplified.com/accounting-for-bad-debts.html
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