2015-06-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:01:22 <candyflip> why would simply opening an existing invoice create an asterisk next to the filename, indicating that something was changed?
06:02:11 <candyflip> opening an invoice should not cause a change, should it?
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06:16:54 <gjanssens> candyflip: that's a known bug...
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06:47:51 <candyflip> gjanssens_: thanks. found https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=703298
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06:48:04 <candyflip> so apparently there's no harm in saving or not saving
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07:12:15 <candyflip> a customer paid an invoice for the correct amount, as calculated by gnucash
07:13:05 <candyflip> but in the "process payment" dialog box, it shows that the invoice was overpaid by 0.01, thus causing the invoice to not be marked as paid
07:14:24 <candyflip> there are probably enough rounding error bug reports, although this seems like an internal rounding error, because the gnucash invoice total matches the payment exactly
07:19:00 <candyflip> the "process payment" dialog box is pressuring me to refund a penny
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10:08:03 <warlord> CDB-Man: yes
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10:22:36 <notbatman> Thank-you, warlord. How does one view the relationships among accounts in gnucash?
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14:52:20 <dgm> Finally have built on my MacBook. Whole process takes 6 hours on my old DualCore. Also, had to set x86_64 because pcre doesn't build for i386 in no way. Plus, few extra fixes here and there in gwenhywfar and openssl-broken.
14:55:05 <dgm> Is there any way to avoid using jhbuild? Or, how to specify which gnucash sources to use for a build (I'd like to use forked repo on github)?
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15:45:14 <warlord> dgm: jralls is the guy to ask
15:47:48 <jralls> dgm: I pretty much build only -arch i386, so you must have done something wrong.
15:49:43 <jralls> dgm: For alternatives to jhbuild, there's MacPorts, which mta uses. There might also be a Homebrew recipe, I don't know. Fink may or may not work, haven't used it in 10 years.
15:49:52 <dgm> jralls: Well, in a clean environment on 10.10 I was unable to build prce in i386. It forces x86_64 somehow resulting in errors with missing symbols.
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15:50:58 <dgm> I followed https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GTK%2B/OSX/Building + http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/MacOSX/Quartz
15:54:35 <dgm> I'm using brew for OSS software, if that's not too complicated, I'll check their build system.
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15:58:15 <jralls> dgh: Just did a test build of pcre-8.32: `file .libs/libpcre.dylib`: .libs/libpcre.dylib: Mach-O dynamically linked shared library i386
15:58:50 <jralls> I don't see anything to indicate that pcre's configure touched the passed-in CFLAGS.
16:00:43 <jralls> dgm: Maybe something from Homebrew polluted your environment.
16:01:14 <dgm> jralls: hmm... could be.
16:03:34 <dgm> jralls: anyway, what's the reason to build i386 these days? Lack of tests and high risk of 32/64 bit issues?
16:04:17 <jralls> dgm: We have lots of users with old 32-bit machines. PPC even. A 64-bit build won't work on those maachines.
16:04:37 <dgm> I see...
16:05:01 <jralls> dgm: That's no reason *you* have to build GC for 32-bit. Just change the arch flag in .jhbuildrc-custom.
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16:06:57 <dgm> jralls: that's exactly what I did finally. Ok, looks like it's time to play with brew and linking to the rest of the system binaries. :)
16:07:36 <jralls> dgm: Enjoy!
16:07:50 <dgm> 10x!
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17:04:50 <michel> Hi all
17:09:17 <michel> I think I came across a bug in Gnucash 2.6.6 involving paying invoices and multiple currencies. I can post an invoice just fine in a foreign currency (i.e. EUR) to an A/R in EUR and it gets converted to GBP income (with an exchange rate I can specify), but paying it is virtually impossible. I *can* select the invoice to pay, and the amount to pay correctly amounts to the actual invoice total. Selecting my current account (in GBP), GnuCash then
17:09:19 <michel> forces me to enter an exchange rate from GBP to EUR (the UI says it’s posting from current account to current account!). Whichever value I enter, I always end up wth the invoice amount in GBP (and not in EUR) and all subsequent calculations horribly wrong…
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