2015-06-03 GnuCash IRC logs

00:02:55 <linas> gnucash website is sort-of-ish online
00:05:01 <linas> and within seconds, attacks on port 1433 microsoft sql
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00:17:44 <linas> cheezes dns poinsoning too
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03:34:40 <JoTraGo> What functions do the Scrub Lot and Scrub Account buttons in the View Lots window perform?
03:34:41 <gncbot> JoTraGo: Sent 7 weeks, 3 days, 15 hours, and 56 minutes ago: <fell> You should really stay longer to get an answer.
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03:49:29 <gjanssens> JoTraGo: it depends on the type of account
03:50:54 <gjanssens> For acounts used for trading I don't know exactly, but I does some calculations concerning (un-)realized gains
03:51:44 <gjanssens> For AR/AP accounts it will do some cleanup of lingering lot-links (mostly internal implementation details).
03:52:28 <gjanssens> Although for the latter I'd rather suggest using check & repair on the accounts. It's better tested.
03:52:52 <JoTraGo> OKI am getting close to fixing some issues with duplicated payments in AR. I had Two payments allocated to an invoice both for the full amount, on correct, one erroneous. I have followed the FAQ regarding "My payments are not applied to the correct invoices" in the Correcting Business Mistakes Item. I have managed to unlink both payments, and relink the correct one. I am now left with the erroneous payment in Current account & AR. I am loathe to just
03:52:52 <JoTraGo> delete it.
03:53:59 <JoTraGo> I have used the View Lots and found the erroneous payment and deleted it, assuning that would undo all the business bits, and leave an orphaned split in Current Account, but it seems to have left the full transactions. Can I just go ahead and delete it from AR & Current?
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03:57:26 <JoTraGo> PS After deleting the Lot it now shows up under "Splits Free" so I assume this means that the Business bits have been "unhooked" so I am probably free to delete the transactions from AR & Current without breaking Business.
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07:29:29 <gjanssens> JoTraGo: if you can wait a little more, I'll get back to you on your questions.
07:29:50 <gjanssens> I had to go in a rush earlier, and still have a few things to take care of first
07:50:46 <JoTraGo> No Problem I'm experimenting on a test copy.
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08:17:33 <gjanssens> JoTraGo: ok read your full question.
08:18:07 <gjanssens> What version of gnucash are you using ?
08:18:21 <gjanssens> The payment logic has been in a flux the last few releases
08:18:35 <JoTraGo> Im on 2.6.6 on Mint Linux 17-64 (Ubuntu 14.04lts under the hood)
08:18:41 <gjanssens> Ah, good
08:19:28 <gjanssens> So with one payment assigned correctly to the invoice you should have been able to simply delete the other payment from your account
08:20:02 <gjanssens> If that payment was the only transaction with a split in the lot, it would have automatically deleted the lot as well
08:20:26 <gjanssens> What you did is fine as well: first remove the lot and then remove the payment afterwards
08:20:54 <gjanssens> However note that the lot is not the container of the "business bits"
08:21:19 <gjanssens> It's merely a tool used by the business features to map payments to invoices
08:22:00 <gjanssens> For payments that's all "business glue" there is
08:22:21 <gjanssens> For invoices and bills however more information is stored internally
08:22:35 <JoTraGo> OK great, The thing that puzzles me still is how I managed to get two Payments linked to the same Invoice. I would assume that if one payment covers the full amount of the invoice then GC should not allow another payment against that invoice???
08:22:59 <gjanssens> And you wouldn't be able to remove an invoice transaction even if you removed it from its lot
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08:24:04 <gjanssens> I'm not sure either
08:24:17 <gjanssens> Did you do both payments in 2.6.6 as well ?
08:25:11 <gjanssens> Or was the first one done in an older version of gnucash ?
08:25:53 <JoTraGo> To Fix I had to Unpost the Invoice which released the 1st payment, (Showed as Pre-Payment in the Payment Dialog,) Then Repost it, (Inv shoed as Unpaid in Payment dialog) then repeated the process till I had the Invoice & BOTH payments in the Payment window.
08:25:53 <gjanssens> Also how exactly did you determine you had two payments against one invoice ?
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08:30:33 <JoTraGo> Used a combination of print invoice with payments - gave me one, From my Bank statements I determined that was the wrong one. I searched my Current account for the Invoice Number ( I always put that in thye NUM field for invoices and payments so I can see them match) and found the second one. After a Trying once round the loop of Unposting the invoice and finding it had not unlinked both payments, and guided by a hint in the FAQ I tried a second time
08:30:33 <JoTraGo> round and then got both payments unhooked. I confirmed that with View Lots, where BOTH payments showed up as open, I deleted the Erroneous Lot, Then Allocated the Correct with "Assign Payment" from CUrrent Account.
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08:31:33 <JoTraGo> On returning to View Lots, I found the Erroneous one in Splits Free and figured at that point it was probably safe to just delete the TX from Current Account, which then removed it form AR
08:31:51 <gjanssens> Indeed
08:32:19 <gjanssens> However I'd be interested as well to figure out how you got in this situation
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08:32:45 <gjanssens> From what you tell it looks like lot links were chaining
08:33:39 <gjanssens> As in: the first time you unposted/reposted the invoice you were left with an invoice and a lot-link transaction balancing your original payment
08:34:00 <gjanssens> That would also show up as a pre-payment in the payment dialog
08:34:37 <gjanssens> Paying the invoice against that open pre-payment would re-establish the link
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08:35:28 <gjanssens> However when looking on the invoice report with payments you'd find the lot link transaction as payment instead of the real payment
08:35:51 <gjanssens> That one theory
08:36:25 <gjanssens> What confuses me though is that you said you repeatedly unposted an invoice until you saw the two payments
08:37:26 <gjanssens> Do you still have the book with the bad double payment in it ?
08:38:27 <JoTraGo> I'm pretty sure that's what I did, Now that we have established a good procedure I can try it again and take special not of exactly my process, and take few screen shots if you would like
08:39:48 <gjanssens> I assumed that you did as you said. I'm mostly trying to imagine how one would get the data in such a state that your procedure would work.
08:40:18 <gjanssens> Normally when unposting an invoice that would split the payment from the invoice
08:41:02 <gjanssens> The fact that you can do that two times in a row is odd
08:41:24 <gjanssens> So I'd like to know how the invoice lot looks like in your original book
08:42:11 <gjanssens> I can only imagine it holds one invoice split and 3 other splits
08:42:33 <JoTraGo> How can I best show you that?
08:42:36 <gjanssens> One from the real payment on two from a lot link that is kept with the invoice even after unposting
08:43:00 <gjanssens> Post a screenshot somewhere online ?
08:43:30 <gjanssens> Or if you trust me enough you may also send me your book in private (I'll make sure only me will look into it)
08:44:07 <gjanssens> I'm fine with either option
08:46:22 <JoTraGo> OK Give me a few minutes reset back to the suspect book and see what I can find for you.
08:47:27 <JoTraGo> As to How I managed to get into this predicament, I suspect it may be my AR Methodology. I have relatively few transactions in a month (one man business) so I generate invoices in real time, Then when I get my bank statement I download the matching transactions from the bank. To allow the import wizard to find my invoices & bill payments I then go through the statement to identify those, process them with the Payment wizard, then run the import. Most
08:47:27 <JoTraGo> times it matches up perfectly, but sometimes I think it misses one and at other times I may have posted a payment a second time in error. (Which is why I am a bit puzzled that GC allows me to post another payment against an invoice that is already paid).
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08:48:20 <JoTraGo> I am beginning to think it might be a better idea to just import the Bank Transactions, THEN go through the CUrrent Account and Assign the Payments to the invoices. Would there be a preferable procedure?
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08:51:55 <JoTraGo> I am fine with sending you my book, it's very small, under a meg, so I can attach it to an email. (I am amazed at how small the GC files are!)
08:52:16 <JoTraGo> BUt I will take some screen shots to show you what's happening
08:55:22 <JoTraGo> Geert, are you on linux? can I compile an opendoc file with explanation and screen shots for you?
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09:09:46 <gjanssens> JoTraGo yes, I'm on linux (Fedora 21)
09:10:26 <gjanssens> You can send your book and the screenshots to geert.gnucashATkobaltwit.be
09:11:12 <JoTraGo> Ok Great, great I'm on it right now.
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10:19:30 <JoTraGo> Bundle is on it's way, In running the process again, initially it seemed as if there were not two payments allocated to the invoice, but at a later stage it appeared there were, as demonstrated in the documented procedure I followed.
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11:13:06 <gjanssens> JoTraGo: I'm back
11:13:23 <gjanssens> Looking at your information ATM...
11:14:04 <JoTraGo> OK thanks.
11:14:59 <gjanssens> Hmm, looking at your original book, I see gnucash does not think you have two payments assigned to one invoice
11:15:05 <gjanssens> (a relief for me btw)
11:15:14 <gjanssens> That was only your interpretation
11:16:12 <gjanssens> The first payment is recorded in your bank transactions but is in no way linked to any invoice as gnucash is concerned
11:16:23 <gjanssens> You can see this also in the lot viewer
11:16:41 <gjanssens> The split for that payment is in the "Splits free" section.
11:16:43 <JoTraGo> Yes I agree, when I started that seemed to be the case, and was confirmed by the View Lots. But there was a point when the Customer Report showed, what looked like 2 Payments against one invoice, and I think that is what led me to jump to the conclusion.
11:17:18 * gjanssens looks for the customer report, one sec...
11:18:31 <JoTraGo> There's a screen shot in the doc
11:19:16 <gjanssens> Yes, I see now
11:19:35 <gjanssens> (Continued reading your docs meanwhile)
11:19:50 <gjanssens> Ok, this one is indeed confusing but at least I can explain what happens now
11:20:22 <gjanssens> After you reposted the invoice you chose assign as payment on the correct invoice
11:20:28 <gjanssens> That's the right thing to do
11:20:58 <gjanssens> However I guess you didn't explicitly highlight the invoice you wanted to assign the payment to
11:21:36 <gjanssens> In that case gnucash will take *all* open elements (invoices and pre-payments) and tries to match them together as well as it can
11:22:07 <gjanssens> (Obviously it also takes the payment you are about to assign into account)
11:22:50 <gjanssens> It looks like for some unclear reason it first matched the open invoice with the pre-payment again before it started to evaluate your payment
11:23:18 <gjanssens> I'd have to investigate why that is.
11:23:40 <gjanssens> So much for what happened.
11:24:00 <gjanssens> Now if you run into such a situation again in the future, this is the much shorter way to fix it:
11:24:21 <gjanssens> 1. Simply delete the bad payment transaction - your invoice will become unpaid again
11:24:45 <gjanssens> 2. Use "Assign as payment" on the correct transaction and assign it to the invoice
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11:25:55 <JoTraGo> I am pretty sure I did Highlight the invoice, Specifically to ensure that the Payment wizard would NOT take the other Prepayment. but yes it is a possibility.
11:28:13 <JoTraGo> For the future your method is quick and simple, however I have come to understand that the BUsiness feature does stuff under the hood that is not apparent in the registers, and so I have consciously avoided directly acting on any transactions involved in business. However, as you have explained, payments are reasonably simple, and apparently forgiving. From what you say Invoices and bills, not so much.
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11:31:39 <gjanssens> That's correct. It's also the reason why you can't directly manipulate transactions related to bills and invoices.
11:32:12 <gjanssens> They are read only
11:32:50 <gjanssens> It's also the reason that as of gnucash 2.6.x payments get detached from invoices when you unpost them.
11:33:27 <gjanssens> There are too many ways you could get the two out of sync before reposting.
11:33:54 <gjanssens> That was not the case in gnucash prior to 2.6 and was the source of several difficult to trace bugs
11:34:28 <JoTraGo> OK Great, thanks again for clearing that all up. I think I can now go ahead with confidence and clean up my production copy.
11:34:47 <gjanssens> You're welcome
11:40:15 <JoTraGo> Just tried your quick fix, it works as advertised! SOOoo much easier when you know how!
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11:46:29 <linas> hey gjanssens does the website git pull require an ssh key?
11:48:20 <gjanssens> JoTraGo :)
11:48:49 <gjanssens> linas: I don't think so
11:49:22 <linas> ok, sanity checking the config here
11:49:41 <linas> did you see my email about the php script?
11:49:48 <gjanssens> Yes I did.
11:50:06 *** MechtiIde has joined #gnucash
11:50:14 <gjanssens> Is that the patch you had to apply to get the website running ?
11:50:36 <gjanssens> It may well be that the site had been coded in php 4
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11:50:46 <linas> yes
11:50:54 <gjanssens> It has existed in its current form for longer than I have been involved...
11:51:00 <linas> and I had to make one more fix after senting the email
11:51:17 <linas> the global file root was not st
11:51:46 <linas> I plan to try a git pull shortly, and would ideally have a working copy there
11:52:52 <gjanssens> ok
11:53:00 <gjanssens> Which repo are you pulling from ?
11:53:34 <linas> ? whatever it was st up to be
11:54:15 <gjanssens> Heh, I don't remember that myself
11:54:32 <gjanssens> You can see by running "git remote -v" in the working copy on the server
11:54:35 <linas> git@code.gnucash.org:gnucash-htdocs
11:55:04 <linas> well, I guess I have to install git first
11:55:38 <gjanssens> Nevermind, it's fine
11:56:01 <gjanssens> I have just confirmed here that code.gnucash.org allows anonymous cloning of the repos
11:56:12 <gjanssens> Obviously the clone will be ro
11:56:25 <gjanssens> Will you apply your php patch yourself ?
11:56:36 *** O01eg has joined #gnucash
11:56:45 <gjanssens> (For which indeed you'd need to install git first :)
11:56:56 <gjanssens> And work from a rw clone
11:57:01 <linas> I don't have a git account with gnucash docs set up
11:57:06 <linas> maybe I should
11:57:09 <linas> ?
11:57:19 <gjanssens> And that does need an ssh key
11:57:29 <linas> I haven't touched php in a decade
11:57:56 <linas> so I shouldn't really be doing php mantenance
11:58:01 <gjanssens> I'm not using it much myself either
11:58:04 <linas> but I can if that's better for you
11:58:34 <gjanssens> Feel free
11:58:55 <gjanssens> I know you're quite busy so I don't want to task you with yet another job
11:59:34 <gjanssens> I can also apply your patch myself on your behalf if that makes it easier on you
12:00:53 <gjanssens> Ehr, I was wrong
12:01:09 <gjanssens> Code does need an ssh key to pull from code.gnucash.org
12:01:44 <gjanssens> I meant - you do require an ssh key to pull from code.gnucash.org
12:01:57 <gjanssens> I use the wrong terminal to run my test...
12:02:48 <gjanssens> s/use/used/
12:05:49 <linas> ah, OK, that explains why I set it up funny
12:07:05 <gjanssens> :)
12:20:29 *** lucky has joined #gnucash
12:22:23 *** meb has quit IRC
12:28:55 <gjanssens> linas: got your mail
12:29:09 <gjanssens> is that a new ssh key ? (looks like it)
12:29:43 <linas> its my personal key .. not exactly new, though
12:29:54 <linas> what, do you already have one for me?
12:30:03 <gjanssens> Ah, ok
12:30:29 <gjanssens> Anyway, I have used it to give you access to the repos on code.gnucash.org
12:30:45 <linas> thats soe I can do the php edits if I need to but it would be best if you applied that php patch I sent you,
12:31:04 <gjanssens> Ok, will do
12:31:23 <gjanssens> There were two other ssh keys already configured for you. Did you know that ?
12:32:49 <linas> err .. they are very old and inactive and should be removed
12:33:16 <linas> at least one of them is prior to some serious ssh cracking bug
12:33:44 *** Jimraehl1 has quit IRC
12:33:44 *** jethrogb has quit IRC
12:33:53 <gjanssens> ok. I'll remove them then while we're at it
12:34:24 *** Jimraehl1 has joined #gnucash
12:34:24 *** jethrogb has joined #gnucash
12:34:42 <linas> yes please
12:34:57 <linas> you may want to check other peoples keys too
12:35:16 <linas> anything older than 2008 or 2009 is vulnerable if I recall
12:36:10 <linas> fwiw the website gets one ssh passwd guessing attempt a minute (usually from china)
12:36:32 <linas> and gets a dns poisoning attempt hourly
12:36:50 <linas> so they are out there, and they do want to get you
12:38:14 <linas> (and attacks of mysql, and microsoft sql and any number of weirdo port numbers for well-known viruses/backdoor a few times an hour
12:38:46 <gjanssens> yes, they are
12:39:16 <gjanssens> I have a customer whose drupal site has been misused a couple of times already
12:39:48 <gjanssens> Nothing serious luckily, but last time it did have a the net effect of is mailserver being blocked by hotmail for a week...
12:40:18 <gjanssens> I have applied the patch
12:40:31 <gjanssens> You should have received a request to pull on your server
12:40:42 <gjanssens> If it's configured already at least...
12:42:20 <linas> I'm configuring it now
12:42:21 <gjanssens> Dropped your obsolete ssh keys as well
12:42:30 <gjanssens> Ok
12:42:44 <gjanssens> Unfortunately I can't check the age of the other keys
12:43:02 <gjanssens> They are all dated the moment warlord migrated them from our svn setup to gitolite
12:43:16 <gjanssens> Perhaps he can look it up somewhere on his servers
12:43:56 <linas> there might be a tool for find old keys. I don't recall
12:44:22 <linas> there were semi-automated tools for this, at the time
13:08:37 *** gjanssens is now known as gjanssens_
13:53:08 *** mebX has joined #gnucash
13:54:19 *** lucky has quit IRC
14:04:08 *** mebX has quit IRC
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14:33:59 *** himaxx has joined #gnucash
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14:42:31 *** meb has joined #gnucash
14:48:13 *** himaxx has quit IRC
14:52:50 <linas> gjanssens_ one more change: can you add: global $top_dir; at line 128
14:53:51 <linas> pull requests are now configured and should work
15:00:00 *** lucky has joined #gnucash
15:01:29 *** meb has quit IRC
15:06:37 <linas> http://www.mit.edu/afs.new/sipb/user/warlord/
15:07:04 <linas> http://www.mit.edu/afs.new/sipb/user/warlord/media/C/gnucash/
15:14:47 *** fabior has joined #gnucash
15:17:55 *** dgm has joined #gnucash
15:19:16 *** mlncn_ has joined #gnucash
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15:44:52 *** lucky has quit IRC
16:05:41 *** StuM has joined #gnucash
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16:20:55 <lmat> Our m4 macro requires that the boost source code is in a directory bearing the version number of boost.
16:21:33 <lmat> So, I have the git project cloned in directory ~/sources/boost, and it won't work until I rename it ~/sources/boost_1.48 (until recently, now I have to rename it boost_1.53).
16:23:19 <lmat> (s/git project cloned/svn project checked out/)
16:25:09 *** gjanssens_ is now known as gjanssens
16:25:42 <gjanssens> linas: news_script.php:128 is already global $top_dir in the repository
16:25:53 *** meb has joined #gnucash
16:25:54 <gjanssens> Is it not so on your local checkout ?
16:28:58 <linas> it wasn't earlier today ...
16:29:11 <linas> did you commit/push?
16:32:21 *** dgm has quit IRC
16:34:30 *** ErKa has joined #gnucash
16:41:22 <gjanssens> linas: I only applied your patch today
16:41:34 <gjanssens> If you got that, you should have what I have.
16:41:43 <linas> my patch did not have the $top_dir in it
16:41:55 <linas> i discovered that after I mailed you
16:42:33 <gjanssens> really odd it's in my local file then
16:42:41 *** lucky has joined #gnucash
16:42:51 <linas> ok I'll double check.
16:43:06 <linas> btw the git pul machanism should work, but you should check
16:43:27 <linas> (now before I forget/loose interest)
16:43:34 *** meb has quit IRC
16:47:24 <gjanssens> linas: I just pushed a dummy commit which got successfully pulled from the webserver
16:47:27 <gjanssens> good work!
16:48:12 *** lucky has quit IRC
16:48:33 <gjanssens> I also checked I can still login to the server
16:50:12 <gjanssens> It appears the websites have moved to a new location ?
16:50:15 *** lucky has joined #gnucash
16:51:38 <linas> yes, I will have to send you an email .. they're in /home/lxc and you'd have to understand lxc a timy bit to get it
16:52:42 <linas> for better or worse I thought I'd try lxc and see if that makes something or other easier
16:54:49 <gjanssens> ok, it looks like I'm not authorized to look into that directory
16:55:05 <gjanssens> Perhaps that's the part you still have to explain me
16:55:13 <gjanssens> Just thought I'd let you know already
16:55:46 <linas> I'll grant access in a moment
16:56:24 <gjanssens> Ok
16:56:45 <gjanssens> linas: My time for this evening is running out.
16:57:17 <linas> ok, till later
16:57:21 <gjanssens> Is there still something you'd like to discuss now ? If not I'll be off to bed.
16:57:45 <linas> nonne of this is urgent, but yes, you should browse around tomorrw and take notes
16:57:57 <linas> just in case I'm not around
16:58:38 <gjanssens> Ok, though that will probably be Friday afternoon
16:58:43 <gjanssens> Tomorrow I'm not home
16:58:52 <gjanssens> But I'll check around
16:59:09 <gjanssens> Thanks for getting the website up and running again already
16:59:15 <gjanssens> Good night
16:59:49 *** gjanssens has quit IRC
17:00:21 <linas> good night!
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