2015-05-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:48:14 <lmat> @op
10:48:14 <gncbot> lmat: Error: You don't have the #gnucash,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
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11:07:21 <warlord> good morning lm
11:07:23 <warlord> lmat
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11:31:27 <lns> I love it when I'm about to ask a question on IRC and then find my answer =p
11:34:27 <warlord> lns: us too! :)
11:35:35 <lns> Hehe
11:36:32 <lns> My issue was I had a customer account balance much larger than I thought. I did a report on them and couldn't find where the outstanding balance was coming from (only a partial amount from a single invoice).. I found that I accidentally made a second invoice dated waaay in the future. ;)
11:41:43 <warlord> Oh. OOPS! That would do it.
11:42:28 <lns> For some reason, going to IRC to ask a question prompts me to think a bit more before I ask the question. A lot of times I figure it out before I hit <Enter>..heh
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11:50:51 <warlord> LOL. Yeah. Sometimes I hit enter and THEN think it through ;)
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13:10:50 <reavy> It seems like the gnucash.org website has been down for a few days at least. Anyone know anything about that?
13:12:11 <warlord> Yeah, there was a power hit and it took out the server's root file system and it wont boot. linas has been trying to fix it in his spare time.
13:12:33 <reavy> good to know -- thanks for the info
13:13:16 <warlord> You're welcome.
13:13:19 <warlord> Sorry it's not better news
13:14:16 <reavy> I was afraid the black helicopters had descended or something conspiracy-theoryiy like that
13:17:18 <warlord> LOL
13:17:23 <warlord> Nothing quite so dramatic
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13:58:02 * lns was thinking Intuit hit it with a DDoS ;)
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15:47:47 <jralls> warlord, linas: Would it be possible to temporarily redirect www.gnucash.org to a page explaining the problem?
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15:52:40 <warlord> I can certainly set up a page, but I dont know how we'd get www.gnucash.org to redirect to it; unless Linas could just put a temporary system in place at that IP address?
15:52:55 <warlord> (in which point, might as well just put that message there)
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22:31:50 <josePHPagoda> warlord: i can provide hosting
22:31:58 <josePHPagoda> i help host getdeb.net and playdeb.net currently
22:32:11 <josePHPagoda> i am more than willing to host gnucash.org
22:32:26 <josePHPagoda> I use the project all the time, and while I'm not a coder, I certainly want to support the project any way that I can
22:38:45 <warlord> josePHPagoda: hosting isn't the problem; the problem is that the server died and the person that runs it hasn't been able to get it back online.
22:39:01 <josePHPagoda> warlord: my point is, I set up a significant amount of redundancy
22:39:16 <josePHPagoda> so my servers could blow up and I have everything ready to fire up on new hardware very quickly
22:39:20 <josePHPagoda> (this is what I do for a living :) )
22:39:25 <josePHPagoda> so I just want to help if you guys want
22:39:40 <warlord> josePHPagoda: we can ask Linas...
22:40:12 <josePHPagoda> like I said, I use gnucash, so i would be honored to contribute to the project in this way
22:40:13 <josePHPagoda> :)
22:40:42 <josePHPagoda> could probably talk my employer into donating some resources too if you guys want to be using automated build systems and such :)
22:57:05 <warlord> josePHPagoda: thank you for the offer.. I'll let the devs talk and decide.
23:14:05 <josePHPagoda> awesome
23:14:11 <josePHPagoda> i'm always on IRC (well nearly always)
23:14:22 <josePHPagoda> but do you mind if I PM you my email in case I'm disconnected for whatever reason?
23:23:39 <lns> ^^^ This is how open source communities thrive.. =)
23:24:50 <josePHPagoda> ??
23:29:18 <lns> josePHPagoda, you using the software that was offered to anyone, and wanting to give back
23:30:20 <josePHPagoda> Ins, that's how it works :)
23:30:28 <josePHPagoda> i've been a big open source advocate for quite some time
23:30:39 <josePHPagoda> in fact, I presented on a 2D game framework recently
23:30:40 <josePHPagoda> :)
23:30:46 <josePHPagoda> want me to link the video?
23:32:30 <josePHPagoda> it was for love2d (love2d.org)