2015-05-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:50:49 <Remo> Hi all
05:51:05 <Remo> Maybe someone's interested in this:
05:51:07 <Remo> https://plus.google.com/111699174850008916741/posts/KWFWKvqL6Se
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10:05:45 <theframer> HI, I am really impressed with this application but cannot find much information on its use for Australian Businesses.
10:07:00 <theframer> I need to make some amendments to the invoice and was wondering how i adjust the alignment of text and add more text to the invoice template.
10:08:44 <theframer> I am on Mac OS Yosemite. I have downloaded what seem to be templates for Australian Invoices and the instructions were to place the template .eguile.scm file in the directory ~/.gnucash. What is the equivalent in Mac OS?
10:09:43 <theframer> Furthermore, can all the information be extracted in an .xbrl format? If not what are my options for extracting all the information in one file?
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10:31:34 <Sovereignentity> I created a invoice and need to be able to read it from a windows computer
10:32:05 <Sovereignentity> I dont see a option to save or open as a pdf
10:35:07 <Sovereignentity> How do I open the doc in a web browser
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11:05:23 <dkcarlson> I am using release 2.6.6 for windows in Windows 7. Suddenly today each time I try to enter a transaction, after I hit the Enter key I get an error message that account "named same as one of my checking accounts but missing a couple of characters at the end" does not exist. Do I want to create it?
11:06:58 <dkcarlson> then I click no and gnucash enters my transaction. this even happens when that similarly named account is not involved at all.
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12:55:50 <jralls_> theframer: The ~/.gnucash stuff is in ~/Library/Application Support/Gnucash on Macs.
12:57:29 <jralls_> Sovereignentity: Simply double-clicking on the html file's icon on the desktop or in Windows Explorer should open it in your default browser.
13:03:00 <jralls_> Sovereignentity: If you're using 2.6.x there's an "Export to PDF" button on the toolbar and a similar menu item in File. On both 2.4.x and 2.6.x you can also print to a PDF by selecting the "print to file" psuedo-printer in the print dialog box.
13:06:16 <jralls_> Mindless`: There must have been a glitch uploading the pages to the http server. They're present in the git archive. In any case they're rather superfluous, as they only have the same contents links as are presented beneath their headings on the table of contents page.
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13:47:47 <jralls> Going down for a system update. Back in a minute or two.
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18:02:47 <theframer> jralls: Thank you for the reply. I have gone to that dir and there was no file Gnucash. I created one and the file was still not being read.
18:03:43 <jralls> theframer: Are you using Gnucash.app from our website or are you using MacPorts/Homebrew?
18:05:33 <theframer> jralls: i downloaded it from the gnucash website. Running 2.6.6
18:06:34 <jralls> theframer: Then ~/Library/Application Support/Gnucash was created and populated when you first launched Gnucash. Perhaps you missed the '~', which means "in your home directory".
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18:14:40 <theframer> jralls: found the dir finally it was a hidden Library file in my directory. thank you. Also when going to edit Reports>Business>Tax Invoice, it does not save the changes.
18:16:40 <jralls> theframer:A little more detail, please. What exactly are you trying to edit, and how?
18:30:04 <theframer> jralls: i would like to edit the invoice that shows when i click print invoice. I have found a couple of eguile templates that an australian site has said will suit our tax laws. I would like to use these templates. What is the difference between teh Tax invoice and what shows when i click print invoice?
18:35:16 <jralls> theframer: I'm on thin ice here, I don't use the business features much at all and I don't know how to customize invoices. Have you looked at this wiki article: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=Custom_Reports_Using_Eguile ?
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18:59:28 <jralls> linas: Somebody noticed yesterday that the section headings in http://gnucash.org/docs/v2.6/C/gnucash-guide/ 404. They work correctly in the git repo. Can you check on the www server and see if they somehow didn't get transferred with the last push?
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20:11:19 <warlord> jralls: linas might not be reading this...
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20:36:32 <linas> ola
20:37:31 <linas> that URL is not 404 for me, right now ..
20:38:04 <linas> its very plain looking, black on white
20:38:12 <linas> oh, clicking on next is 404
20:38:14 <linas> looking
20:39:06 <linas> jralls, if I clicnk randomly on some index entry it works, e.g. http://gnucash.org/docs/v2.6/C/gnucash-guide/basics-help1.html#basics-web2
20:39:38 <linas> but if I click on next/prev ... hm. some of those work.
20:40:22 <linas> jralls but next no the main page fails: http://gnucash.org/docs/v2.6/C/gnucash-guide/pt01.html
20:40:47 <linas> I. Getting started fails
20:41:05 <linas> but I.1. Overview works.
20:42:16 <linas> so each chapter seems to be there, but the pt01 pt02 etc sections are missing
20:44:27 <linas> most recent update seems to be Apr 7 16:18 for a couple-dozen of the chapters.
20:45:17 <linas> oh, right "the eheadings don;'t work"
20:48:02 <linas> .git is a file not a directory
20:48:12 <linas> -rw-rw-r-- 1 gjanssens gnc-www 51 Jan 27 2014 .git
20:48:23 <linas> cat .git
20:48:23 <linas> gitdir: /home/gnucash/www/gnucash-website-docs.git
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20:59:42 <linas> If I say git pull by hand, then all I get is
20:59:49 <linas> Already up-to-date.
21:00:38 <linas> and the pt01.html files are still missing, jralls and warlord
21:00:46 <linas> so I'm stumped
21:01:06 <linas> git branch
21:01:06 <linas> * master
21:01:44 <linas> git log says
21:01:58 <linas> commit da79c8f2a3c5489986520c4b0f8a9e132d9f7eb2
21:01:58 <linas> Author: John Ralls <jralls@ceridwen.us>
21:01:58 <linas> Date: Sun Mar 29 15:17:40 2015 -0700
21:01:58 <linas> Add GnuCash docs version 2.6.6 to the website.
21:01:58 <linas> commit 0bce9b3591388993f45e3bc31c712624e3068bef
21:01:59 <linas> Author: John Ralls <jralls@ceridwen.us>
21:02:03 <linas> Date: Tue Dec 16 15:52:22 2014 -0800
21:02:07 <linas> Update documentation files to 2.6.5.
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21:07:26 <linas> git remote -v
21:07:26 <linas> origin git@code.gnucash.org:gnucash-htdocs-docs (fetch)
21:07:26 <linas> origin git@code.gnucash.org:gnucash-htdocs-docs (push)
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21:21:26 <warlord> The origin looks right
21:21:37 <warlord> I'm not sure when jralls pushed anything there.
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