2015-05-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:20:06 <dgtlmoon> greeetings
08:21:30 <dgtlmoon> ive got a currency invoice question, Say my account currency is CZK and I'm posting an invoice with EUR (for say 50EU) currency to my "Assets:Accounts Receivable:Eur", now when I process payment I get the currency conversion box come up, but then I have a new subaccount called "Imbalance-Eur" appear, why is this?
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08:55:10 <warlord> dgtlmoon: what version of gnucash?
08:55:23 <dgtlmoon> warlord, 2.6.3
08:55:48 <dgtlmoon> if i create a EUR "Accounts:savings:eur" and post into that it seems to be OK
08:56:37 <dgtlmoon> So i need a EUR "Assets:Savings Account:EUR" and EUR "Assets:Accounts Receivable:EUR"
08:56:42 <dgtlmoon> is that right?
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09:36:18 <lmat> @op
09:36:18 <gncbot> lmat: Error: You don't have the #gnucash,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
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12:33:28 <warlord> dgtlmoon: sorry, it's been a very busy morning here. You *shouldn't* need that...
12:33:37 <dgtlmoon> warlord, no problems :)
12:33:44 <dgtlmoon> warlord, how do you mean?
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13:04:37 <warlord> You shouldn't need a currrency-specific account.
13:04:52 <warlord> alas, gjanssens isnt here; he's worked that code most recently.
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13:12:37 <warlord> And now my monthly mailing list culling...
13:12:51 <warlord> NOTE: If you bounce the monthly reminder mail, you will be removed..
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13:47:25 <josePHPagoda> with prejudice
13:47:33 <josePHPagoda> sry warlord I had to say it
13:47:51 <josePHPagoda> because now it sounds like some large man named Bubba will be removing people if they bounce an email :P
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14:22:09 <dgtlmoon> warlord, yeah, but it seems i do, or i cant post into the A/R unless there's a A/R with that currency
14:22:25 <dgtlmoon> Ie, I need a A/R account with the same currency as the invoice, or the "post to" field is blank and wont let me select
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14:59:11 <dgtlmoon> warlord, yeah, i can reproduce the problem, ill try to make a video on youtube to show it
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15:36:08 <warlord> josePHPagoda: LOL. I was thinking it :)
15:36:30 <warlord> dgtlmoon: Oh, yes, you need an AR in the correct currency.
15:36:39 <warlord> But you shouldn't need a BANK in the same currency as the A/R
15:37:01 <dgtlmoon> hmm
15:37:14 <dgtlmoon> warlord, seems I do, or i always get the Imbalance
15:47:50 <ksalman> what is the format for a csv if i am trying to import it? it seems gnucash cannot import it's own csv exported data
15:49:02 <ksalman> I figured out the format for a single transactions by mostly trial and error. I just need 5 fields, really: date, number, account name, description, deposit, withdrawal
15:49:15 <ksalman> But i cannot figure out the csv format for split transaction
15:49:36 <josePHPagoda> anyone here in the Provo, UT, United States area?
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16:12:30 <dgtlmoon> ksalman, you can set the fields right? so it doesnt matter so much (i'm thinking)
16:14:56 <ksalman> dgtlmoon: There's not as many fields avaiable when importing, as tehre are in the file when gnucash exports it
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16:16:36 <ksalman> Alternatively i am trying to just duplicate a previous split transaction and just change the numbers around. But when I change the number on the first one, the remainder is added as a new split entry with account of Orphan-USD. Is there no way for me to say, just add it to the other one?
16:21:07 <ksalman> maybe i should just write a minimal qif file and import that instead of putsing around with csv..
16:30:56 <warlord> ksalman: it's a known issue that gnucash cannot import the csv format it exports
16:31:09 <ksalman> that explains it
16:31:12 <ksalman> thanks
16:31:25 <ksalman> it seems qif is the way to go
16:31:27 <warlord> ksalman: if you're trying to dup the txn then why not just use the register autocomplete ?
16:33:09 <ksalman> warlord: isn't register automplete just completes a string that user previously had input?
16:34:46 <warlord> ksalman: nope, once you tab out of the descripton it with autofill the transaction.
16:36:25 <ksalman> warlord: thanks, that does work. But I still have this other issue =). If i need to change the numbers of the newly created split transaction, when I change the first one, it adds the difference to a new split field. Is there any way for me to say, just add the difference to the other split?
16:40:14 <warlord> ksalman: don't hit "return" until you've adjusted everything correctly.
16:40:23 <warlord> use the arrow keys or tab keys to go through the splits.
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16:54:50 <ksalman> warlord: thanks
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17:21:06 <Mindless`> in http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.6/C/gnucash-guide/ the I, II, III, etc pages seem to be missing (give me error 404)
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18:56:25 <wafflejock> Mindless`, good to note here so maybe someone can fix it but can get the downloadable version here http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.6/C/
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