2013-05-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:05:10 <LoneRanger1012> I just installed Release 2.5.2 to Windows 7 64 bit. I am getting entry point not found errors
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02:13:10 <LoneRanger1012> The first one was 'The procedure entry point scm_init_sw_business_core_module could not be located in the dynamic link library libgncmod-engine.dll
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02:15:34 <LoneRanger1012> The second one was 'The procedure entry point gnc_glade_xml_new could not be located in the dynamic link library libgncmod-gnome-utils.dll
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02:17:39 <LoneRanger1012> the third one was 'The procedure entry point gnc_glade_autoconnect_full_func could not be located in the dynamic link library libgncmod-gnome-uti;s.dll
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02:21:00 <LoneRanger1012> After those messages the file seemed to open but I could not select the menu File:Open or File:anything to switch to a test file.
02:22:23 <LoneRanger1012> I guess I have emoticons enabled
02:22:34 <LoneRanger1012> ;)
02:27:09 <LoneRanger1012> I downloaded the gnucash-2.5.2-setup.exe file from http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnucash/files/gnucash%20%28unstable%29/2.5.2/
02:29:52 <LoneRanger1012> I hope that gives you enough to chew on for now. I will be going to bed soon but I will leave this window open to see if any one wakes up before I do.
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09:16:21 <LoneRanger1012> Hello World
09:22:45 <warlord> LoneRanger1012: hi. Thanks for the report. Can you send that info to the gnucash-devel mailing list, or file a bug report in Bugzilla, please?
09:53:13 <LoneRanger1012> It will take several minutes. It is on a different computer....
09:53:20 <warlord> Take your time.
09:53:30 <LoneRanger1012> Working on it
09:53:33 <warlord> It's not like an hour or even a day is going to make a significant difference ;)
09:56:47 <LoneRanger1012> Is there a way to transcribe part of this session and e-mail it to myself?
09:58:03 <LoneRanger1012> I think I figured out a way - I haven't had my coffee yet.
09:58:04 <warlord> grab it from the logs at http://code.gnucash.org/logs/
09:58:33 <LoneRanger1012> Thanks.
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16:42:42 <skorasaurus> is there a branch that's stable on git ?
16:42:56 <warlord> skorasaurus: you mean like the 2.4 branch?
16:43:05 <skorasaurus> well, yes.
16:43:11 <skorasaurus> is that 2.4 then ?
16:43:18 <warlord> see the /topic
16:43:39 <skorasaurus> ah, yes.
16:43:45 <warlord> :)
16:43:58 <skorasaurus> so, 2.4 branch is the stable then. thanks.
16:44:27 * skorasaurus is building stable on ubuntu 12.04
16:44:47 <warlord> ok
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17:00:30 <skorasaurus> would you recommend an in-tree build or separate build directory ?
17:01:09 <skorasaurus> right now, my aim is just get the most recent stable version on my computer for normal, daily desktop use.
17:01:50 <skorasaurus> further reading wiki, I see separate build directory is recommended.
17:04:58 <warlord> I use lndir
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17:21:15 <skorasaurus> sorry, i haven't used lndir before.
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17:40:18 <warlord> skorasaurus: it's a cool tool. creates a parallel directory tree with symlinks for each file back to the source directory.
17:40:43 <skorasaurus> thank you for responding (And for developing gnucash).
17:40:47 <warlord> you're welcome
17:41:07 <skorasaurus> been using it daily for 4 years and running into a real problem for the first time since then
17:41:23 <warlord> What problem?
17:41:56 <skorasaurus> fwiw, when starting up, nothing is happening, using ubuntu 12.04, the default package from there.
17:42:10 <skorasaurus> so, since it's 18 months old, i figured to trying building the newest stable instead.
17:42:28 <warlord> what do you mean, "nothing is happening"?
17:43:00 <skorasaurus> launching it from my terminal, the gnucash splash screen starts.
17:43:07 <skorasaurus> and in then, in the console, gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time.
17:43:07 <skorasaurus> Found Finance::Quote version 1.17
17:43:08 <warlord> Do you get anything into /tmp/gnucash.trace? What happens if you run with --nofile?
17:43:26 <warlord> Okay, that's a good sign...
17:43:33 <warlord> What happens next?
17:43:42 <skorasaurus> gnucash.trace - :23 WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> [gnc_module_init_backend_dbi()] No DBD drivers found
17:43:49 <skorasaurus> i'll try running w/ no file.
17:43:54 <skorasaurus> parameter.
17:44:11 <warlord> the "no DBD drivers" should be fine, provided you're using the XML backend (which is the default)
17:44:14 <skorasaurus> should I cancel my other hanging instance first.
17:44:23 <skorasaurus> I should be using that xml default.
17:44:29 <warlord> What does the splash screen say?
17:44:32 <skorasaurus> before launch w/ --nofile ?
17:44:47 <warlord> yeah, right now, what's it saying?
17:44:53 <skorasaurus> splash screen is not there.
17:44:59 <warlord> Where did it go?
17:45:08 <skorasaurus> it appears for 3-4 seconds and disappears.
17:45:15 <skorasaurus> but in the terminal, gnucash didn't terminate.
17:45:26 <warlord> hmm...
17:45:43 <skorasaurus> (it's using 2.4.10, built in feb. 2012 =0
17:46:01 <warlord> that should be "new enough"
17:46:10 <skorasaurus> ah.
17:46:16 <warlord> ??
17:46:41 <skorasaurus> sorry, just acknowledging you.
17:47:01 <warlord> Ah, okay. Anyways, yeah, you can try killing it and running with --nofile
17:47:26 * warlord has to disappear shortly..
17:47:33 <skorasaurus> no prob.
17:47:46 <warlord> i should be back around 8pm, give or take
17:47:52 <warlord> (US/ET)
17:48:18 <skorasaurus> w/ nofile, got to the new user tutorial :)
17:48:40 <warlord> okay, and then if you get past that you get an empty window?
17:48:51 <warlord> (just cancel the tutorial)
17:48:56 <skorasaurus> did that
17:49:29 <warlord> Okay, so now File -> Open your data file?
17:49:50 <skorasaurus> trying that.
17:50:02 <skorasaurus> said, there's already another instance of it open,
17:50:18 <warlord> If you're sure there is not you can click "open anyways"
17:50:31 <skorasaurus> did so, account is 'read-only
17:50:38 <warlord> (but just make sure there is no other instance of gnucash)
17:50:49 <skorasaurus> yeah, it loaded 3 instances. :/
17:50:49 <warlord> ??? It shouldn't be read-only if you click "open anyways"
17:51:04 <warlord> How many gnucash processes do you have running?
17:51:07 <skorasaurus> allright, down to one instance now.
17:51:17 <skorasaurus> and it looks good now.
17:51:29 <warlord> You might want to exit gnucash and restart again, to be sure.
17:51:38 <skorasaurus> ok.
17:52:12 <skorasaurus> and it's ps -e | grep gnucash to see if i have other instances running right
17:52:21 <skorasaurus> although i exited out of it.
17:52:50 <warlord> i use ps -aux, but sure
17:54:04 <skorasaurus> k, launching again from terminal, no arguments.
17:54:15 <warlord> and......
17:54:23 <skorasaurus> same issue as before.
17:54:31 <skorasaurus> splash successfully loaded.
17:55:00 <warlord> are you sure it's not popping up the "open anyways" window behind something else?
17:55:01 <skorasaurus> but nothing else is appearing yet.
17:55:15 <skorasaurus> well, i don't see the icon appear.
17:55:15 <warlord> check how many gnucash process instances are running?
17:55:21 <skorasaurus> but this is unity :D
17:55:48 <warlord> there wouldn't be an icon for that dialog
17:55:54 <skorasaurus> 19273 10.9 1.9 219504 71432 pts/2 Sl+ 17:53 0:11 gnucash
17:56:07 <warlord> okay, so it's still running..
17:56:15 <warlord> I wonder, did you ever have a second monitor?
17:56:27 <skorasaurus> oh man, not in months.
17:56:35 <warlord> But you did?
17:56:38 <skorasaurus> i've run gnucash since then.
17:56:39 <skorasaurus> yes.
17:56:53 <skorasaurus> i don't have it with me at the moment.
17:57:54 <warlord> Hmm, it is *possible* that gnucash is trying to put a window on that other screen..
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17:59:25 <skorasaurus> checked my other 4 workstations, not there.
18:00:09 <warlord> No, but it could be on the "second monitor". OTOH, ... it opened fine with --nofile and then File -> Open?
18:00:35 <warlord> .... well, sort of -- you said you had 3 instances?
18:00:39 <skorasaurus> correct.
18:00:43 <skorasaurus> i'll try one more time.
18:00:51 <skorasaurus> make sure there's no instances of it.
18:00:52 <warlord> Let's try it again -- exit gnucash, make sure you have no gnucash processes, and then run it again
18:02:21 <warlord> okay, gotta run. I'll be back in a while.
18:02:46 <skorasaurus> k, no problem.
18:02:58 <skorasaurus> thanks again, i'll be back if there's any problems.
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19:52:45 <warlord> skorasaurus: I'm back
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20:07:51 <skorasaurus> warlord: I logged out of my user.
20:08:27 <warlord> okay
20:08:35 <skorasaurus> and logged back in, and launched as gnucash --nofile and when trying to open my file it said it couldn't obtain the lock for the file.
20:09:04 <skorasaurus> I noticed there's lck files for my .gnucash files.
20:09:56 <warlord> Yeah, clicking "open anyways" will (should) remove that.
20:10:01 <skorasaurus> clicked open anyway, said it was read only
20:10:04 <warlord> ... and of course recreate it.
20:10:24 <warlord> Hmm.. that would imply it couldn't remove the lock file, or couldn't create a new one.
20:10:35 <warlord> Kill gnucash, then rm -f the LCK file
20:10:45 <warlord> then start gnucash again.. feel free to try --nofile
20:12:19 <warlord> Is your file system writable?
20:12:47 <warlord> (do you have your file on a USB token or file share?)
20:12:55 <skorasaurus> no, local home directory
20:13:08 <warlord> Okay, just checking.
20:13:14 <warlord> And it's not full?
20:13:23 <skorasaurus> 200gb free
20:13:33 <warlord> and free inodes?
20:15:19 <skorasaurus> yes
20:15:28 <warlord> okay..
20:16:01 <warlord> I'm trying to remember under what circumstances it opens read-only. I thought the "open anyways" should open it read-write. I thought there was an "open read-only" option.
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20:24:45 <skorasaurus> ok
20:28:27 <skorasaurus> should i file a bug report ?
20:28:59 <warlord> So even if you remove the LCK file a File -> Open says it's in use?
20:29:26 <skorasaurus> yes
20:29:45 <skorasaurus> in the message that says 'read-only' it also says "ons in this register, please open the account options and turn off the placeholder checkbox.
20:29:58 <warlord> OH!!!!!
20:29:59 <skorasaurus> If you want to edit transactions in this register,
20:30:02 <skorasaurus> silly me.
20:30:14 <warlord> That's because you have a placeholder account open!!!!
20:30:22 <warlord> That's supposed to do that.
20:30:23 * skorasaurus has been staring at a screen for 9 hours
20:30:44 <warlord> Try closing that register window and opening a leaf account..
20:31:08 <warlord> How come you didn't say anything when I said to click on "open anyways"?
20:31:33 <skorasaurus> honestly, that was just my fault, I've been staring at the screen the whole day, missed it :/
20:32:06 <warlord> I feel ater
20:32:13 <warlord> okay, well i feel a bit better.
20:32:29 <skorasaurus> sorry, which is register window again
20:32:37 <skorasaurus> and opening a leaf account
20:32:52 <warlord> close the register, and open a "real" (non placeholder) account.
20:33:00 <warlord> E.g., don't open Assets, open Assets:Checking
20:33:25 <warlord> (leaf meaning non-placeholder)
20:33:37 <skorasaurus> all of the registers, i presume.
20:33:50 <skorasaurus> i usually keep multiple registers open at a time.
20:33:54 <skorasaurus> fwiw
20:33:55 <warlord> That's fine..
20:34:12 <skorasaurus> ok, did that
20:34:35 <warlord> so it sounds like it's all working.
20:34:36 <skorasaurus> i opened expenses:travel
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20:34:53 <skorasaurus> i can edit without any problems now.
20:34:59 <skorasaurus> i mean, can i ?
20:35:38 <warlord> well, I would recommend editing from your asset accounts instead of expense accounts, but so long as its not a placeholder you should be able to edit without problems.
20:35:52 <warlord> I still dont know why gnucash doesnt open on its own
20:37:13 <skorasaurus> ah, ok.
20:38:30 <skorasaurus> thank you again for the help
20:38:35 <warlord> you're welcome.
20:38:51 <warlord> if you still have issues with gnucash starting I recommend you emai to the gnucash-user mailing list
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