2013-05-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:15:29 <Hamaryns> hi, anybody experienced with stocks and mutual funds etc. willing to help me get started?
05:15:44 <Hamaryns> registering them in gc I mean
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10:08:40 <warlord> Grrr... I hate it when a switch gets unplugged.. No wonder SOME of my systems worked and some didn't... and some could talk to each other but not others..
10:09:08 <warlord> linas, mikee: could one of you /op gncbot please? (or /mode +o gncbot)
10:09:26 *** mikee sets mode: +o gncbot
10:12:58 <warlord> thanks, mikee
10:12:59 <warlord> @op
10:13:00 *** gncbot sets mode: +o warlord
10:13:04 <warlord> @op fell_
10:13:04 *** gncbot sets mode: +o fell_
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10:37:10 <fell> stinerman: Try to adjust your Gnome settings.
10:38:06 <stinerman> fell, in what way? i have a notes column beside it and the text is in white
10:38:40 <fell> which OS?
10:39:17 <stinerman> Debian
10:39:55 <stinerman> (sid)
10:40:17 <fell> Eventually in th gnome control center?
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10:43:14 <stinerman> I changed the theme from Adwaita (the default) to DeLorian-Dark through the Gnome Tweak Tool; if there is another place to do this I am not familar with it
10:46:11 <stinerman> here's what I am seeing: http://picpaste.com/gnucash_dark.png
10:46:12 <fell> Some items can be adjusted by gconf editor
10:46:22 <warlord> @tell Hamaryns sure, but not if you're asking at 5:15am and then leave at 5:27. Try during the (US) daytime.
10:46:22 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
10:47:30 <Hamaryns> warlord: thanks. Hm, how did you do that, @tell?
10:47:30 <gncbot> Hamaryns: Sent 1 minute ago: <warlord> sure, but not if you're asking at 5:15am and then leave at 5:27. Try during the (US) daytime.
10:48:01 <Hamaryns> I didn’t think of US time. I often get help from German linux users though, they are in the same timezone.
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10:52:48 <stinerman> fell, is there a particular key for gnucash that I should be looking for? i am not seeing anything relevant
10:54:30 <stinerman> my best guess is that the color is hard-coded to black here, notwithstanding the option that negatives be shown in red (which is working fine)
10:56:00 <warlord> Hamaryns: @tell is a gncbot command that asks gncbot to "tell" a user something the next time the log in and speak.
10:56:31 <warlord> Hamaryns: anyways, did you get your question(s) answered already? Have you read the Concepts & Tutorial guide on Stocks?
10:57:25 * warlord has to leave in a minute.
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11:00:30 <Hamaryns> warlord: I have read it, but it is only partly useable
11:00:47 <Hamaryns> problems: I have stock which are not tradeable, not listed on the stock market
11:01:25 <Hamaryns> I found out the other thing I invest in is called mutual funds in English, but it is unclear from the tutorial how to handle these. Just like stock?
11:01:53 <Hamaryns> What to enter in the fund/currency field? Make a new fund? AMEX, EUREX, NASDAQ? How to know?
11:02:37 <Hamaryns> We can talk about it another time though, it is not urgent. Do you know when you’ll be here again?
11:03:11 <fell> stinerman: It was just a sugestion, where it could be stored. After my first decade working on phosphor monitors, I would never again choose such a theme.
11:03:37 <Hamaryns> did I understand correctly that I just type @tell <username> and that’s it?
11:03:52 <Hamaryns> Is there a place where one can read about that sort of commands?
11:04:53 <stinerman> fell, no problem :-); i am looking at the source now, but know next to nothing about glade, gtk, development, etc.
11:05:04 <fell> Hamaryns: you can enter whatever you wish to get some structure in your securities.
11:06:58 <Hamaryns> fell: I am afraid I do not understand you
11:07:07 <Hamaryns> securities = investments?
11:08:18 <fell> yes
11:08:22 <Hamaryns> enter where? in the fund field? I cannot, it is not a free text field (I mean the following field: when creating a new account and choosing stock or mutual fund, the fourth field)
11:08:58 <Hamaryns> So you have to do select and then you get a dropdown with stock market abbreviations that do not tell me anything, and the word ‘template’
11:10:27 <Hamaryns> for example I am investing in this fund: http://www.triodos.be/nl/particulieren/beleggen/beleggingsfondsen/triodos-sustainable-pioneer-fund/over-dit-compartiment/
11:11:31 <Hamaryns> is there a way to get automatic quote retrieval for it? There must be, but how?
11:15:23 <fell> If you can not find it at yahoo, you will have to write your own finance-quote module.
11:16:20 <fell> I do not see an ISIN on that page.
11:19:35 <fell> Found it onder Meer
11:19:50 <fell> LU0278272843
11:20:07 <Hamaryns> how to find it at yahoo?
11:21:09 <Hamaryns> Alright, that was easy: http://finance.yahoo.com/lookup?s=LU0278272843
11:22:50 <fell> gnc-fq-dump yahoo TSPF.AS
11:24:26 <Hamaryns> fell: ??
11:24:40 <stinerman> i found something related to my issue in gnc_tree_model_account_update_color.c:
11:24:42 <stinerman> priv->negative_color = use_red ? "red" : "black";
11:24:44 <stinerman> if anyone has any ideas where i might try to attempt a patch, please let me know
11:25:27 <fell> that is the command line tool to test the symbol. Enter the string in a terminal
11:27:22 <Hamaryns> aha
11:27:57 <Hamaryns> and what if I cannot find an ISIN or other code, like for certificates of Triodos itself?
11:29:13 <Hamaryns> the command works. But Gnucash gives an error message
11:30:07 <fell> Then you could write the finance-quote module triodos to get them there. ;-) E.g. we have separate FQ modules for most german fund companies.
11:30:10 <Hamaryns> how did you get the code TSPF.AS?
11:31:01 <fell> http://finance.yahoo.com/lookup?s=LU0278272843 says, the yahoo symbol is TSPF.AS
11:31:16 <Hamaryns> aha, so I have to look those up there
11:31:30 <Hamaryns> annoying the bank doesn’t mention those in the prospectus
11:31:59 <Hamaryns> Are those codes standardized in some way or is that just Yahoo defining them?
11:33:01 <fell> .as = Amsterdam and TSPF from Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund
11:33:20 <Hamaryns> They aren’t even in Amsterdam
11:33:22 <Hamaryns> whatever
11:33:51 <Hamaryns> now how to enter those in an account. I choose select fund and get to choose from AMEX, EUREX etc.
11:33:57 <Hamaryns> What are those?
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11:36:57 <fell> If you are editing your security [Tools->Security Editor->New or Edit a selected] enter the following:
11:37:19 <fell> Full name: Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund
11:37:42 <fell> Symbol/abbreviation: TSPF.AS
11:37:50 <Hamaryns> yes, I am doing that now
11:39:03 <fell> Type: FUND or Funds:Sustainable or whatever you like as category.
11:40:51 <fell> Fraction traded: (Search the page for the smallest unit)
11:42:09 <fell> Checkmark Online Quotes, Single, Yahoo (USA is more stable than Europe)
11:42:26 <fell> OK
11:42:28 <Hamaryns> FUND, I picked that one right, cool. What does it matter? And what are those other options?
11:42:40 <Hamaryns> It seems to work now, thanks, great
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11:43:25 <Hamaryns> Now I have to find out the codes for the other funds: Triodos Fair Share Fund and Triodos Renewables Europe Fund
11:43:36 <Hamaryns> yahoo uses very cryptic abbreviations
11:46:03 <fell> The other place to search, if you cannot find them at yahoo could be AEX
11:46:20 <fell> Amsterdam/Euronext
11:49:27 <Hamaryns> ok, thanks a lot
11:49:36 <Hamaryns> We have visitors, I have to leave for a while
11:49:43 <Hamaryns> See you later and thanks again.
11:50:05 <fell> You could also try to read http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/De/Aktienhandel
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11:52:47 <fell> stinerman: so it seems to be hardcoded. The you could follow http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_I_think_I_found_a_bug._How_do_I_report_it.3F
11:54:10 <stinerman> thanks, fell. i will report it later today
11:55:22 <fell> Don't forget to attach you patch! ;-)
11:58:09 <stinerman> yeah, if i can figure it out...i did some programming in college, but i have no experience with gnome/gtk development
11:58:10 <stinerman> no time like the present to find out, though!
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12:50:33 <warlord> @tell Hamaryns the "FUND", "NYSE", etc are suggestions for how you categorize your stocks and funds. When creating a new one it is a free-form field that you can use if none of the existing ones match. NEVER use "template".
12:50:33 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
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13:18:15 <gjanssens> warlord: you can ignore my request to give git-svn user post access to the lists
13:18:36 <gjanssens> Looking through my older mails I discovered this user is only there when the git repo
13:18:40 <gjanssens> is svn backed.
13:18:58 <gjanssens> But that's exactly what we are about to remove for htdocs
13:19:20 <gjanssens> So once htdocs is pure git, the commit messages will be sent from the user that pushes the commits
13:19:57 <gjanssens> I had set up a tell message for you, but it seems to have gone lost when gncbot dropped off irc recently
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14:51:17 <Hamaryns> hi
14:51:17 <gncbot> Hamaryns: Sent 2 hours ago: <warlord> the FUND , NYSE , etc are suggestions for how you categorize your stocks and funds. When creating a new one it is a free-form field that you can use if none of the existing ones match. NEVER use template .
14:52:25 <Hamaryns> @tell warlord: thanks for your explanation. Pity this isn’t mentioned in the tutorial. Who can I bug with this to get it in there?
14:52:25 <gncbot> Hamaryns: The operation succeeded.
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15:37:37 <gjanssens> Hamaryns: create a bugreport against the documentation in bugzilla - http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla
15:43:35 <Hamaryns> gjanssens: ok
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19:33:38 <warlord> .
19:34:23 <warlord> @tell gjanssens no, gncbot gave it to me..
19:34:23 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
19:35:00 <warlord> @tell gjanssens I still think that the 'git' user might need to be able to send to the lists.. We'll have to test it and see who sends the email, 'git' or '<username>'
19:35:00 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
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