2012-06-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:16:20 <mikee> @op gncbot
02:16:20 <gncbot`> mikee: Error: I need to be opped to op someone.
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02:28:05 <mikee> @op warlord
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02:31:23 <mikee> warlord: I'm out until this afternoon. I'll log in here when I get back the computer.
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03:50:15 <ralf> Hi! I'm a french user of gnu-cash. Often saw this question but never understood the matching response: when importing an OFX file, the automated categorization of the 'transfer' field doesn't work. Its always filled with 'not balanced'. If instead I use the manual entry,it works: the transaction field is empty and the baysian algorithm brings the memorized association. What should I do to have this work under the import procedure ??? (g
03:50:15 <ralf> nucash under F17), thank you for your help...!
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04:14:09 <ralf> Sorry, to clarify: after the import, for each transaction I change the value of the description (creditors / debitors) and imagined this would adapt the transaction value (as for other personal accounting tools), thanks
04:44:30 <Fabzgy> sorry ralf I hace no experience qith importing OFX Files into GnuCash
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08:14:39 <warlord> @nick gncbot
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08:15:24 <warlord> mikee: Thanks. Not sure what the +t, and ban on +o is all about...
08:15:29 <warlord> (or the +n)
08:17:39 <warlord> ralf: no, you cannot adjust the description during import. All you can do is set the "other" (income/expense) account.
08:18:08 <warlord> And you must do that during the import process for the importer to learn. Once you "finish" the import it's too late to train the importer.
08:20:07 <warlord> @op fell_
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08:21:11 <fell_> Good morning! Thanks.
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08:21:23 <warlord> Good morning, fell
08:21:31 <warlord> BIAB
08:26:42 <ralf> holly sh.., every time I see this import screens, never had the idea of looking at it, even though it is so obvious to do it there, sorry & thank you, warlord
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10:53:42 <john3voltas> greetings. i'm a newcomer. never used any software to manage my accounts. yesterday, browsing the documentation, i read somewhere that some people create gnucash files at the beginning of any new year. is there any reason for doing this? what would i gain/loose by doing so too? thanks in advance.
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11:11:40 <fell> john3voltas: For a private user it is easier to use only one file. You can filter different years in your reports ...
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11:14:55 <fell> OTOH as a german business user I used one file per year because I had to store business documents for ten years, but must not store clients adresses etc longer than required because of privacy laws.
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11:19:19 <mikee> warlord-afk: My typos I suspect. Was early for me and had to rush out to pour concrete.
12:37:12 <john3voltas> fell: thanks a bunch for your reply. so shall i assume that people tend to break every year in a new file so that in the long run the database don't get very big and slow?
12:39:48 <fell> I think with current hardware, that is no problem.
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12:40:29 <john3voltas1> broken connection but i'm back.
12:40:40 <fell> I think with current hardware, that is no problem.
12:41:11 <john3voltas1> i see. thanks then. any special tip for newcomers?
12:43:56 <fell> read the guide and the wiki. ;-)
12:44:41 * Simon has one big file and it's slowly getting slower
12:47:48 <fell> Simon: zcat $DATAFILE |grep -c "act:name" ?
12:48:37 <fell> resp. grep -c "trn:desc"
12:49:47 <john3voltas1> thanks fell ;)
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13:24:22 <Simon> fell: 836, 7061
13:24:32 <Simon> and it's not compressed
13:26:18 <fell> Simon: So there are only 7061 transactions in 836 accounts?
13:27:45 <Simon> yes
13:32:50 <fell> That is not so much. I am wondering why you feel it is getting slow.
13:33:20 <Simon> any time I navigate away from a transaction (so that it saves it, there's a bit of a delay before it responds again)
13:33:40 <Simon> at some point I need to profile it and figure out why
13:35:09 <fell> xml file or some dbms?
13:36:41 <fell> oops, xml, if cat works
13:39:26 <fell> but then the file should be in memory until you save.
13:40:29 <fell> or gets the memory swapped?
13:43:21 <Simon> no, it's not in swap
13:47:25 <Simon> it just calls stat("/etc/localtime"...) a lot
13:54:26 <fell> IMHO it shouldn't do that. If you are shure, file a bug report.
14:15:15 <Simon> http://s85.org/kuTshKBM
14:15:55 <Simon> that's what it does if I just keep changing the description on a transaction and then pressing enter
14:23:36 <fell> Probably some more experienced developer should have a look at that.
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14:36:56 <warlord> I have no idea what I'm reading from Simon
14:37:25 <warlord> If I'm reading it correctly it's spending most of its time in guid_match_predicate
14:37:46 <Simon> it's output from oprofile - I'm not sure how to read it in a usable way either
14:38:43 <warlord> honestly, I've never used oprofilel
14:51:40 <warlord> gotta run again.
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21:10:54 <Jewelry> hello, nice to meet all of you
21:11:10 <Jewelry> I would like to know if somebody is interested in importing costume jewelry
21:12:56 <Jewelry> This is my website: www.aklla.com
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