2012-06-27 GnuCash IRC logs

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13:23:57 <blueOrange> hi folks, I am struggling to learn how to use gnuCash, anyone available to try to assist me?
13:24:22 <blueOrange> i just want to use it for person uses, basicly instead of quicken
13:25:03 <blueOrange> i think mostly because im not familiar with accounting terms in quite a chalenge, having a hard time with some aspects
13:25:24 <blueOrange> please give me a holar if u might be available to chat for a few minutes. and thanks!
13:28:09 <blueOrange> ok, i realized i should just ask my question and see if anyone gets to it later, so here goes:
13:29:47 <blueOrange> and i know this is real basic. i am not sure how to create a report that shows my spending per expence account, but limit it to money that COMES FROM certain accounts. IE i have checking and credit card accounts for both myself and my girlfriend. I can create a report that shows all expences, but i can't seem to figure out how to limit it to,
13:30:28 <blueOrange> for instance just my checking and credit card, while excluding those same expences that were paid from one of my girlfriends accounts.
13:32:29 <warlord> blueOrange: there isn't really a report that will get you what you want per-se. You can use a Cash Flow report that will *mostly* get you what you want.
13:32:30 <blueOrange> also, while i have been studdying the documentation, can anyone point me toward a more guided tutorial, especialy on report generation and which types of reports to choose for various common questions.
13:32:47 <warlord> Unfortunately we don't really have good docs on that.
13:33:02 <blueOrange> please elaberate. im sure what i want to do isnt unusual or complicated
13:33:36 <warlord> I'm sorry, elaborate on what?
13:34:05 <blueOrange> it appears that the accounts i need to select in the options are the expences accounts. it doesnt seem to matter which originating accounts i select.
13:34:12 <warlord> The cash flow? Run the report, open the report options, and then select only your Asset/Liability acocunts.
13:34:27 <blueOrange> ok thanks i will try that.
13:34:46 <warlord> You're probably running the P&L Report, which yes, is only Inc/Exp accounts and doesn't separate out what you want.
13:34:53 <warlord> Technically, what you're doing isn't "personal" accounting.
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13:37:09 <blueOrange> right ok, i guess we are trying to move toward a holistic family wide money tracking system
13:39:06 <warlord> in which case why do you care which of you spent it?
13:41:25 <blueOrange> various reasons. we do want to see who spends on what. your comments here have already been helpfull to me. That simple suggestion to look at cash flow was helpfull to me. Obvious maybe, but there are so many types of reports i wasnt sure what i should be trying
13:41:59 <blueOrange> I think it would be great if the documentation had just a little more info on the basic types of reports and how they differ.
13:42:55 <warlord> blueOrange: sure.. As you learn do you want to write something up?
13:43:19 <warlord> You could write something on the Wiki http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/
13:44:09 <blueOrange> lol, ok your totaly right. I could certainly try, thanks for the encouragement
13:44:55 <blueOrange> IF I manage to feel a bit more comfertable with using it
13:45:23 <blueOrange> again, THANKS for the input
13:48:05 <blueOrange> What are the differences between: orphaned, unspecified, and imbalance as they relate to automatic categories that seem to be generated when Ive made some kind of mistake !?
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13:52:22 <warlord> Imbalance is created when you're entering a new transaction.
13:52:34 <warlord> Orphaned is for an existing split when you remove the account but leave the amount.
13:52:46 <warlord> Unspecified is, AFAICR, only used by the QIF importer
13:59:45 <blueOrange> AH thats real helpfull thanks
14:04:25 <warlord> you're welcome
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16:51:12 <romildo> Is it possible to use another directory instead of $HOME/.gnucash for user configuration files in Linux? If so, how to?
17:05:35 <warlord> No
17:06:44 <warlord> Well, not easily. You could probably set HOME in /etc/gnucash/environment, but it would apply to ALL users.
17:07:00 <warlord> Why would you want to store it elsewhere? Dotfiles are exactly the right place on Linux
17:11:06 <romildo> Because I want to share it.
17:11:36 <warlord> Huh?
17:11:51 <warlord> These are just preferences..
17:12:24 <warlord> You can share your datafile just fine
17:12:47 <romildo> I have more than one operating system on the machine and I want to be able to use the same gnucash preferences with them.
17:13:17 <warlord> Then why not share your homedir
17:13:58 <romildo> Because I do not want to share everything on the home dir.
17:14:41 <warlord> Sorry, I'm afraid GnuCash just isn't really designed to be shared like that.
17:17:04 <romildo> I think I will just symlink $HOME/.gnucash to a shared directory available to the user on the relevant operating systems. That should be enough.
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17:17:39 <warlord> Yep, that would work.
17:17:59 <warlord> Just make sure that you create the symlink before you run gnucash
17:18:11 <warlord> also, the /path/to/datafile.gnucash must be the same on all OSes, too.
17:18:34 <romildo> ok.
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