2012-06-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:17:27 <Piepflitze> Hallo, wie kann ich die Reihenfolge der Spalten in der Buchungsübersicht ändern?
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09:18:19 <warlord> Piepflitze: try in English?
09:27:20 <Piepflitze> ok, I'll do my very best...
09:29:04 <Piepflitze> I want to change the order of the columns expenses and income in the view of a bank-account
09:36:23 <warlord> There's no way to do that without changing the source code and rebuilding. But why would you want to do that?
09:36:40 <warlord> Debits are on the left, and Credits are on the right.
09:39:08 <Piepflitze> That is exactly my understanding of accounting, but in the view of my account, I habe debits on the right and credits on the left
09:40:05 <warlord> Nope. A Debit is a "Deposit" and a Credit is a "Withdrawal" from a bank account.
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09:40:58 <warlord> .. and that is the way it's done. So it is correct in GnuCash
09:41:39 <Piepflitze> wait a minute pls, I'm not sure we are talking about the same things
09:41:57 <Piepflitze> I just try the explaine
09:42:05 <Piepflitze> -e
09:42:42 <warlord> okay... I do have to leave in about 10 minutes..
09:43:30 <Piepflitze> when you look at your statement, do you have a withdrawal on the left or right side?
09:45:32 <warlord> AH! See, the bank's statement is from THEIR side, not YOUR side. So they send you stuff backwards!
09:45:53 <warlord> To them your account is a Liability, whereas to you it's an Asset.
09:46:22 <warlord> That's your confusion.
09:46:52 <Piepflitze> No, that's quite clear to me.
09:47:49 <Piepflitze> Do I understand right, that gnucash is only "able" to manage internal accounting?
09:47:51 <warlord> Well, your bank statement is going to be backwards from what you see on the screen (most likely)
09:48:04 <Piepflitze> Yes, that's clear.
09:48:20 <warlord> I dont understand what you mean.
09:48:42 <warlord> "internal accounting"?
09:48:44 <Piepflitze> Hm, hard to explain in english :-)
09:48:45 <warlord> That makes no sense to me
09:50:17 <Piepflitze> Just an example:
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09:50:56 <Piepflitze> I get money from a customer
09:51:32 <Piepflitze> external accounting: i get the money on my account and on the statement it is in the right side
09:52:37 <Piepflitze> internal accounting: i book (?) from "bank" to "earnings"
09:53:28 <Piepflitze> Clear what I mean?
09:56:49 <warlord> You get money from a customer and put it into your bank account. That's a transaction from Income -> Bank. So you would Debit Bank and Credit Income.
09:57:07 <warlord> Don't worry about what "side" the bank puts it on.
09:58:47 <Piepflitze> Ok, we seem to take our transactions the same way.
09:59:00 <warlord> Possibly..
09:59:24 <warlord> anyways, I am afraid I have to go.
09:59:32 <Piepflitze> I'm still a little bit confused, cause every accounting-software in germany I know does it the other way round.
09:59:37 <warlord> If you hang around here Fell might show up.. He can speak German
09:59:43 <Piepflitze> Thanks for your help!
09:59:46 <warlord> Good luck
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09:59:49 <Piepflitze> Thanks.
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12:10:44 <candyflip> is there a sensible way to mark transactions as having been deducted on tax?
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12:56:14 <warlord> candyflip: What do you mean "deducted on tax"?
12:57:27 <warlord> You can make accounts "tax related", but I don't know of any way to specifically mark individual transactions as 'tax related'
12:57:44 <warlord> (except by transfering into an account that is 'tax related')
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13:20:58 <candyflip> i was afraid of that
13:21:33 <candyflip> there are lots of transactions for each expense account, some of which are tax deductible, and some are not
13:22:44 <candyflip> these expense accounts are excessively divided as it is, considering only one currency for each account, so it would over complicate things to create more division with more accounts
13:23:23 <candyflip> ideally, I should be able to mark an individual transaction as "tax 2011 deducted", or "tax 2010 deducted", etc
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13:26:23 <warlord> Could you give me an example of one of these transactions?
13:29:32 <candyflip> 2011 accounting fees, ~500 EUR. Invoiced at the end of 2011, but paid in 2012
13:30:06 <candyflip> would be useful to keep track of which tax year the fees were deducted, so they're not deducted twice
13:30:30 <candyflip> but really, any deductible transaction would serve as an example
13:32:35 <candyflip> and more importantly, would be useful to mark a transaction as "non-deductible", so reports for tax prep. can filter out the noise
13:34:42 <warlord> But Expenses:Fees should just be marked tax related... What would be an example of a "Fee" that wouldn't be tax related?
13:35:04 <warlord> as fo rthe year -- your problem is using the BUsiness features. They are accrual-only, not cash.
13:36:43 <candyflip> a fee that wouldn't be tax related: interest fee paid to the VAT authorities.
13:37:46 <candyflip> as for accrual based fees, this is precisely where something is needed. Of the 500EUR invoice for accounting fees, 400 of it is attributed to 2011, and 100 of it is attributed to 2012.
13:38:10 <candyflip> but in 2012, I will have to remember how much of the accrual was deducted in 2011
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13:38:51 <warlord> Yes, you will.
13:39:04 <candyflip> well, the tool should remember that for me
13:40:02 <warlord> See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=95700
13:41:47 <warlord> Patches always welcome
13:45:10 <candyflip> i get the impression there's a hidden "comment" field that can be used to hack it to some extent
13:45:42 <candyflip> on reports, I see there is a tick box for "comment" which is separate from "Description"
13:46:13 <warlord> There is a Transaction Note field.
13:46:18 <warlord> (View -> Double Line Mode)
13:46:36 <candyflip> ah, thanks
13:49:22 <warlord> Anyways, gotta run again
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