2012-06-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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15:38:46 <fuzzybunny69y> hey guys when I tried to open my gnu cash it just says loading data and it is sitting at the splash screen. Is it alright if I just force quit it? I am using mac osx lion
15:39:33 <warlord> how long have you been waiting?
15:45:50 <fuzzybunny69y> for half an hour probably
15:46:05 <fuzzybunny69y> I forgot I even opened it lol
15:46:25 <fuzzybunny69y> I was going to check the date i bought something
15:47:03 <fuzzybunny69y> it just has that little mac watch thing
15:47:10 <fuzzybunny69y> and it is showing the splash screen
15:47:36 <warlord> Which backend doyou use?
15:47:49 <fuzzybunny69y> I think it is the xml one
15:48:03 <warlord> Hmm, should be save to kill and restart.
15:48:08 <warlord> You may need to "Open Anyways"
15:48:11 <fuzzybunny69y> ok
15:48:58 <fuzzybunny69y> uh oh
15:49:01 <fuzzybunny69y> I just force quit it
15:49:07 <fuzzybunny69y> and I think it is doing the same thing
15:49:11 <warlord> Reboot?
15:49:29 <fuzzybunny69y> yeah ill try that now
15:49:31 <fuzzybunny69y> ill brb
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15:55:02 <fuzzybunny69y> uh oh I think it is still doing the same thing
15:55:20 <fuzzybunny69y> I am crossing my fingers
15:55:37 <fuzzybunny69y> the watch is back
15:56:03 <fuzzybunny69y> is sthere someway to tell what file it is trying to load
15:56:04 <fuzzybunny69y> ?
15:57:09 <warlord> How are you starting gnucash?
15:59:32 <fuzzybunny69y> I have it in my dock and I just click on it
16:00:28 <warlord> Hmm. Well, you could reboot and then move your ~/.gnucash and ~/.gconf* directories out of the way?
16:00:46 <warlord> I honestly don't know.
16:00:46 <warlord> I'm not a Mac user.
16:00:46 <warlord> you could send mail to gnucash-user and ask JRalls.
16:00:59 <fuzzybunny69y> hmmm
16:01:12 <fuzzybunny69y> of course I just erased all these old backups I had
16:02:10 <warlord> I doubt it's a backup issue.
16:02:23 <warlord> I dont know how to run gnucash from the terminal on Mac.
16:02:39 <fuzzybunny69y> oh I think I know how
16:02:48 <fuzzybunny69y> is there some command line switch you would use or soemthing
16:02:50 <fuzzybunny69y> or something
16:04:54 <fuzzybunny69y> hmmm I just cd'd into /Applications/Gnucash.app/Contents/MacOS and there is a Gnucash binary and a Gnucash-bin binary
16:05:35 <warlord> --no-file
16:05:48 <warlord> (I think -- maybe --nofile)
16:06:06 <warlord> It's the latter, --nofile
16:06:09 <fuzzybunny69y> if I try to run ./gnucash
16:06:38 <fuzzybunny69y> Don't have write access to /Library
16:08:07 <fuzzybunny69y> moving the /Library/Gnucash-2.4 directory to /Library/Gnucash-2.4.save
16:08:07 <fuzzybunny69y> 0:135: execution error: No user interaction allowed. (-1713)
16:08:07 <fuzzybunny69y> Failed to start message bus: Failed to open "./Contents/Resources/etc/dbus-1/session.conf": No such file or directory
16:08:07 <fuzzybunny69y> EOF in dbus-launch reading address from bus daemon
16:08:07 <fuzzybunny69y> ./Gnucash: line 146: /Applications/Gnucash.app/Contents/MacOS/Contents/MacOS/Gnucash-bin: No such file or directory
16:08:07 <fuzzybunny69y> ./Gnucash: line 146: exec: /Applications/Gnucash.app/Contents/MacOS/Contents/MacOS/Gnucash-bin: cannot execute: No such file or directory
16:08:07 <fuzzybunny69y> ill try running that gnucash-bin
16:08:07 <fuzzybunny69y> hmmm that doesn't seem to be doing anything
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16:11:11 <warlord> Like I said, I dont know how you run gnucash by hand on Mac.
16:11:29 <warlord> Are you sure you cannot just run /Applications/Gnucash.app --nofile ?
16:13:35 <fuzzybunny69y> ill try that
16:14:04 <fuzzybunny69y> on Mac all the stuff in applications is just a folder
16:14:08 <fuzzybunny69y> it is kinda weird
16:14:22 <fuzzybunny69y> it is like they just throw the majority of the application stuff in one folder
16:14:26 <warlord> Yes, I know, but you doubleclick on GnuCash.app
16:14:37 <fuzzybunny69y> instead of throwing it around the file system
16:14:40 <fuzzybunny69y> yeah I don't know
16:14:45 <fuzzybunny69y> it is a bit crazy town over here
16:14:46 <warlord> Makes it all self-contained.
16:14:57 <fuzzybunny69y> in the mac world
16:16:03 <fuzzybunny69y> maybe my gnu cash died
16:16:16 <warlord> Maybe. I dunno.
16:16:45 <fuzzybunny69y> ill see if it loads on a windows machine
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16:17:11 <warlord> Jumping from burning oil to a bonfire...
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16:17:37 <fell> Applications:Utilities:Console
16:18:12 <fell> (from http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Something_bad_happene )
16:19:10 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Something_bad_happened.3B_how_can_I_help_debug.3F
16:24:06 <fuzzybunny69y> oh yes I am reading the faq
16:25:51 <fuzzybunny69y> in the console it says Don't have write access to /Library
16:26:19 <warlord> What's your CWD?
16:26:39 <warlord> (I see no reason it should try to write to /Library)
16:26:46 <fuzzybunny69y> I am just in my home directory
16:27:02 <fuzzybunny69y> I don't know what it is set to when it launches from the dock though
16:27:05 <warlord> fuzzybunny69y: seriously, at this point you should really email gnucahs-user and ask for help from John
16:27:17 <warlord> probably $HOME
16:27:33 <fuzzybunny69y> oh I just ran echo $HOME
16:27:43 <fuzzybunny69y> and it says /Users/<ny username>
16:27:52 <warlord> Yeah, but that's not necessarily CWD
16:27:59 <fuzzybunny69y> oh
16:28:05 <fuzzybunny69y> yeah I am not sure how to figure out what it is
16:28:12 <fuzzybunny69y> I'm just installing gnu cash on widows
16:28:15 <fuzzybunny69y> windows
16:28:18 <fuzzybunny69y> to see if it loads in that
16:28:28 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_I_installed_from_the_DMG_and_I_get_an_error_about_a_path_.22not_found.22 ?
16:28:46 <fuzzybunny69y> it is going to take 37 mins to download though lol
16:29:14 <fuzzybunny69y> oh yeah gnu cash is in the applications
16:30:00 <warlord> fuzzybunny69y: what is your CWD when you run the app from the console?
16:31:02 <fell> Something else from http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Macintosh_OS_X ?
16:31:05 <fuzzybunny69y> well I have to cd into /Applications/Gnucash.app/Contents/MacOS
16:31:10 <fuzzybunny69y> and the binaries are found there
16:31:27 <warlord> fuzzybunny69y: don't do that. Use the full path to run them
16:31:38 <warlord> That's your problem (cd'ing into /Applications/...)
16:31:53 <warlord> (well, one of your problems0
16:32:44 <fuzzybunny69y> so you mean I should be in my home directory
16:33:20 <fell> take an explorer and double click your data file?
16:33:50 <fuzzybunny69y> I don't think gnu cash associates itself with .gnucash files in mac
16:34:19 <fuzzybunny69y> oh wait
16:34:21 <fuzzybunny69y> i was wrong
16:34:25 <fuzzybunny69y> it just doesn't have an icon
16:35:05 <fuzzybunny69y> hmmm seems like it is still doing the same thing
16:35:17 <fuzzybunny69y> ill just try it on windows
16:35:24 <fuzzybunny69y> and see if it works on there
16:35:31 <fuzzybunny69y> i just hope my data files aren't all mangled
16:36:44 <fell> something in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Tracefile#Trace_file_on_OSX
16:45:09 <fuzzybunny69y> thanks guys
16:45:13 <fuzzybunny69y> for your help
16:45:24 <fuzzybunny69y> hopefully I can figure it out
16:45:34 <fuzzybunny69y> I will email that guy and see if he can help
16:45:36 <fuzzybunny69y> as well
16:49:27 <warlord> good luck
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16:59:41 <fuzzybunny69y> thanks bud
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17:32:30 <fuzzybunny69y> hey guys I tried in on windows and it still loads so that must mean my data file is fine
17:32:39 <fuzzybunny69y> it is just something crazy with the gnu cash on mac
17:32:40 <warlord> not too surprising
17:32:50 <fuzzybunny69y> that is a relief
17:32:52 <fuzzybunny69y> lol
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