2012-06-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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13:33:45 <venom> hello all
13:34:09 <venom> am i at gnucash?
13:34:19 <venom> looks like I am...
13:34:25 <venom> have a quick question
13:35:16 <venom> Does gnucash have the ability to have multiple users? And can it run over the LAN?
13:35:36 <warlord> Gnucash does not support multiple simultaneous users.
13:35:52 <warlord> I'm not sure what you mean by "over the LAN" -- it's a Desktop app, not a webapp.
13:36:11 <warlord> Yes, you can store your data file on a file server, if that's what you mean by "run over the LAN"
13:36:35 <venom> that's not what i meant, but thank you.
13:37:31 <warlord> Are you asking if you can install GnuCash on a shared file server and have it run locally, I think that depends on what OS you're running.
13:37:47 <warlord> ... and how the file server is configured on the clients.
13:38:29 <venom> yes that was the idea but would have only worked if i was able to have more users.
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13:42:35 <warlord> You can have multiple users,just not simultaneously.
13:42:45 <warlord> You have to serialize access to the data store.
13:42:53 <warlord> (even if you use a Database backend)
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13:49:27 <venom> that sounds good, thank you for your help.
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13:56:36 <Admin> hello
13:57:57 <Admin> had installed gnucash 2.8 updated to gnucash 2.10.
13:57:58 <Admin> gnucash 2.8 ran gnucash 2.10 does not (fails to start / initialize)
13:57:59 <Admin> web search showed no information
14:02:54 <warlord> Cool! A man from the future!!! What's it like in 2015? Here in 2012 GnuCash is still at 2.4. 2.4.10 is the most current stable release.
14:03:38 <Admin> mea culpa
14:03:39 <Admin> please read 2.4.10 and 2.4.8
14:03:56 <blathijs> lol :-D
14:04:22 <warlord> What OS/Distro are you using?
14:04:33 <warlord> And in what was does 2.4.10 fail to start/initialize?
14:05:12 <Admin> Windows 7 / Vista
14:06:14 <warlord> er,sorry, "in what way"
14:09:12 <Admin> ...working on getting dialog box with info...
14:10:18 <warlord> ok
14:13:56 <Admin> Apologize in advance, I am not trying to flood.
14:13:57 <Admin> splash screen - Version: GnuCash-2.4.10 svn (r22003 built 2012-02-11)
14:13:59 <Admin> dialog box "gnucash.exe" (Windows style) - gnucash.exe has stopped working
14:14:01 <Admin> details / problem signature:
14:14:02 <Admin> Problem signature:
14:14:04 <Admin> Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
14:14:05 <Admin> Application Name: gnucash.exe
14:14:07 <Admin> Application Version:
14:14:08 <Admin> Application Timestamp: 4f36e392
14:14:10 <Admin> Fault Module Name: libguile-17.dll
14:14:11 <Admin> Fault Module Version:
14:14:13 <Admin> Fault Module Timestamp: 4e2df5d6
14:14:14 <Admin> Exception Code: c0000005
14:14:16 <Admin> Exception Offset: 0002cc2f
14:14:17 <Admin> OS Version: 6.1.7601.
14:14:19 <Admin> Locale ID: 1033
14:14:20 <Admin> Additional Information 1: 0a9e
14:14:22 <Admin> Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
14:14:23 <Admin> Additional Information 3: 0a9e
14:14:25 <Admin> Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
14:14:26 <Admin> Read our privacy statement online:
14:14:28 <Admin> http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409
14:14:30 <Admin> If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
14:14:32 <Admin> C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt
14:14:34 <Admin> short answer: looks like libguile-17.dll
14:17:27 <Admin> will be rolling back to 2.4.8. any reason to wait?
14:19:27 <warlord> Can you send mail to gnucash-devel with this info?
14:23:11 <warlord> I wonder what happens if you uninstall gnucash completely and then re-install?
14:24:44 <Admin> delay in providing information was reinstalling.
14:24:45 <Admin> what level of uninstall - reinstall are you suggesting:
14:24:47 <Admin> Windows standard, clean registry, or ripp-out everything you can find?
14:25:05 <warlord> windows standard should be sufficient.
14:26:31 <Admin> already tried; no luck (in fact this problem arose several weeks ago. uninstall - reinstall cycles tried. just not uninstall - reinstall cycles tried.)
14:26:44 <warlord> Hmm...
14:26:58 <warlord> Are you sure you're using the most recent 2.4.10 installer?
14:27:09 <Admin> if significant, when problem arose also updated gimp from 2.6.12 to 2.8
14:27:09 <warlord> (I think there were two 2.4.10 windows releases)
14:27:30 <Admin> not this cycle, but was tried last cycle
14:27:37 <warlord> Oh, so you have multiple gtk-based windows apps??? Hm, that COULD be an issue.
14:27:57 <warlord> (especially if you have something in your PATH that is causing cross-contamination)
14:28:00 <Admin> at least gimp and gnucash
14:28:17 <Admin> sounds possible, suggestions?
14:28:32 <warlord> Just for kicks, could you uninstall gimp and see if gnucash 2.4.10 works?
14:28:54 <Admin> trouble, some delay in responding, but you are helping will do.
14:29:24 <Admin> uninstalling GIMP 2.8
14:29:32 <Admin> successful
14:29:35 <warlord> I'm trying to help.. Don't know if I'll succeed. ;)
14:29:52 <warlord> So 2.4.10 works without gimp?
14:30:27 <Admin> with GIMP 2.8 uninstalled, GNUCash still fails to start. same details
14:30:39 <warlord> Oh. Darn
14:30:45 <warlord> Okay, then it wasn't that. :(
14:30:53 <Admin> looking up path
14:32:37 <rrn_> What would be the most appropriate source acct for a transaction wherein one sells minor assets?
14:33:22 <rrn_> e.g., assets worth < $200, rather than assets worth accounting, such as real estate or vehicles.
14:33:47 <warlord> If you want to account for the asset sale then you need to account for the asset.
14:33:59 <warlord> Either that or use a negative expense..
14:37:06 <Admin> no reference to GIMP GNUCash or guile in path
14:37:18 <Admin> rolling back to 2.8
14:37:32 <warlord> Why 2.4.8 and not 2.4.9?
14:37:38 <rrn_> warlord: Another consideration - such a sale would be considered to bring taxable income to tax authorities.
14:37:44 <Admin> 2.4.9 did not work either
14:38:00 <Admin> 2.4.8 was most recent version working
14:38:01 <warlord> interesting...
14:38:08 <warlord> Can you please send this info to gnucash-devel,or possibly file a bug report in Bugzilla?
14:38:18 <warlord> rrn_: Would it be taxable income?
14:38:40 <Admin> warlord: yes. how?
14:39:06 <rrn_> warlord: Whether its taxable or not, it is still "income", right?
14:39:19 <warlord> Well, either email to gnucash-devel mailing list, or follow instructions at http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla
14:39:50 <warlord> rrn_: not necessarily.. It could be a loss. depends on the value of the asset
14:41:26 <rrn_> warlord: Ahh, I see what you mean. It simply seems impractical to fully account for the value of minor assets.
14:42:06 <warlord> The point being, if you buy a bunch of forks for $10, and then sell them for $5, you do not have income
14:42:29 <rrn_> warlord: Right, there would be realized capital losses.
14:43:25 <warlord> Right. If you're really concerned you should talk to an accountant. Me, I'm not sure how I would account for it. I've never sold an asset that I wasn't already tracking as an asset.
14:44:04 <rrn_> warlord: Not concerned, just wondering what would be the most elegant, yet practical method would be.
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14:45:22 <rrn_> Obviously it is not practical to keep track of capital gains and losses of forks :)
14:45:54 <warlord> Well, you can track it either as a negative expense or as "Income:Sold Stuff"
14:46:27 <rrn_> But a realistic item in question would be, e.g., textbooks.
14:47:52 <warlord> Well, you can just do a rebate from Expenses:Textbooks.
14:48:55 <rrn_> But I have textbooks bought before using gnc.
14:49:22 <warlord> So?
14:49:24 <rrn_> I was thinking of something similar to equity:opening balances.
14:51:15 <warlord> No, it shouldn't be in Equity.
14:51:22 <warlord> It should either be Asset, Income, or Expense.
14:51:32 <rrn_> I mean, similar in principle.
14:53:11 <rrn_> What about creating, e.g., asset:minor assets, and when selling a minor asset, set the selling price to the value of the asset?
14:53:23 <Admin> warlord: thank you for your help. email being sent to gnucash-devel mailing list
14:54:02 <rrn_> Obviously then income/expenses are not known, but they are of no practical interest in such a case.
14:54:15 <warlord> Admin: thanks.
14:55:17 <warlord> rrn_: Well, the issue with treating it as an asset is that you then still need to deal with the capital gain or loss for the value of the object. You can't just do "Buy Forks: $10. Sell Forks: $5". Because then you have no forks but your asset account still has $5
14:56:20 <Admin> goodbye
14:56:52 <rrn_> warlord: I mean, the forks would only be accounted for when sold, so the value of the (former) asset would be equal to the payment received from the buyer.
14:58:27 <warlord> I guess, but that asset has to come from somewhere. So you're not really saving any work.
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14:59:37 <rrn_> warlord: I think this is consistent with the notion of "expenses" - in practice, for minor assets, this is treated as if the money simply disappeared (rather than tracking the minor assets), when in reality the value is simply not being accounted in a formal and accurate manner.
15:00:40 <warlord> Yes...
15:00:49 <warlord> And then when you sell it, it would be a "negative expense"
15:00:54 <rrn_> Would you really account for your forks in Assets?
15:02:31 <rrn_> ok, that certainly makes sense when the purchase of the item is accounted for in gnc.
15:02:54 <rrn_> But what if I bought the item before I started accounting with gnc?
15:03:05 <warlord> Me? no.
15:03:28 <warlord> If I sold them I'd just credit Expenses:HomeGoods
15:04:25 <rrn_> warlord: If the purchase was debited from Expenses:HomeGoods. But what if you bought them before you started accounting?
15:06:04 <rrn_> The purchase would obviously not be in Expenses:HomeGoods.
15:07:02 <rrn_> Rather, it would be akin to Equity:Opening Balances.
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15:13:22 <rrn_> Any ideas?
15:14:09 <rrn_> It makes no sense to credit Expenses:HomeGoods when the purchase was not accounted for.
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15:50:55 <warlord> rrn_: i wouldn't care.. more likely than not I've had addtional homegoods expenses in the interim.
15:51:32 <warlord> Yes, O-B txns only talk about assets and liabilities. in your case you're treating an expense like an asset, so you gotta live with your decision to do that.
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23:17:12 <voldial> Hi, I have a few qif files that I would like to print out. So far I have tried kmymoney, skroogle, grisbi, and gnucash. With gnucash I got closest, I was able to import the qif and generate a printable report, but the qif is a checking account and the import does not take the transaction descriptions... I tried to import the qif a few times and cant figure out how to get the transaction details to be included. What am I doing wrong?
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23:22:10 <voldial> More specifically, if I look at the qif file, the P field is getting imported, but not the M (memo?) field.
23:26:54 <voldial> double line mode. got it.
23:35:31 <voldial> How do I ask gnucash a question like "how much did I spend on stuff who's memo field fits this regex?"
23:35:56 * voldial mumbels something about python connector
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