2012-06-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:22:40 <media> warlord-afk: I am using the default invoice. I was planning on just editing the invoice.scm file. Is that the correct means in which to do that? I will look into the file to see if I can figure out where to add that line.
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00:32:02 <media> warlord-afk: I just realized how to use different invoices. I like the apperance of the fancy invoice. So lets add that line of code into that file.
00:40:13 <fell_> media: you should also test the different stylesheets.
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09:28:41 <rrn_> gnc-fq-check prints that "Crypt::SSLeay" is not installed, even though perl-crypt-ssleay 0.58-4 is installed via the distro's package manager. Any ideas?
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09:30:17 <janno> I reported 2 bugs on bugzilla.gnome.org on sunday. now my account and both bug reports have disappeared. they were both filed under "python bindings". does anyone happen to have one of them open in their browser? I'd like to resubmit them but I would like to avoid writing them anew
09:31:36 <warlord> rrn_: paths? multiple versions?
09:31:52 <warlord> janno: I never saw them
09:32:02 <warlord> (but I dont get python binding bug reports)
09:32:08 <rrn_> However, installing perl-finance-quote 1.17-2 and perl-date-manip 6.30-1 (via the distro's package manager) did satisfy the check done by gnc-fq-check.
09:33:00 <janno> they were in there.. I gave the link to other people and they could see them, too
09:33:06 <janno> now the IDs are taken by other bug reports
09:33:11 <janno> it's really weird.
09:33:42 <rrn_> warlord: It is installed into /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/, just like other Perl modules.
09:34:04 <warlord> janno: very weird.
09:34:13 <warlord> rrn_: maybe it's a version thing?
09:34:22 <warlord> what OS/Distro?
09:34:31 <rrn_> warlord: Arch Linux
09:34:38 <warlord> Oh. No clue
09:35:15 <rrn_> warlord: Shall I file a bug report?
09:35:24 <warlord> with Arch if you want.
09:35:33 <warlord> this would be an issue on their side, not ours.
09:36:13 <rrn_> warlord: Really? You believe that the module is improperly installed?
09:36:31 <warlord> I don't know.
09:36:37 <warlord> But if it's a bug it's not *our* bug
09:36:43 <warlord> I don't know if it *is* a bug
09:38:11 <rrn_> ok, thanks.
09:41:06 <janno> btw, the bug I was reporting only happened when using python bindings but the actual bug is in gnc-backend-dbi.c. I reported it in "python bindings", should I do that again?
09:42:08 <warlord> If it's a DBI bug report it in SQL Backend
09:42:45 <janno> okay
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10:04:27 <media> warlord: Do you have a moment to help me add in that line of code to the fancy-invoice.scm?
10:14:01 <warlord> media: well, it's more than "a" line -- but I can try to help
10:19:52 <media> what folder do the invoice go into? I moved them out of their directory.
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10:22:34 <media> nm I got them back in there
10:26:26 <warlord> ok.
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10:27:22 <media> looks like you need to edit file then restart. I tried overriding the custom-title to be Jobname then default title
10:28:34 <warlord> Yeah, you need to restart to get it to reload.
10:29:08 <media> I found the function to do the custom title. Can we make it so that it check for a jobname instead of custom title?
10:30:42 <media> Actually how can I concatenate the jobname to invoice here? (default-title (_ "Invoice"))
10:40:05 <warlord> (string-concat ... )
10:40:16 <warlord> But the key is finding the job name.
10:40:40 <rrn_> warlord: I figured out the issue - it was my fault, as I did not realize that the deps of the perl modules were outdated.
10:40:58 <warlord> Like I said, "version" :)
10:42:31 <rrn_> warlord: So gnc-fq-check appears to work, but when I try clicking on the "Get Quotes" but. in "Price Editor", I receive the following popup win.: "Unable to retrieve quotes for these items: CURRENCY:..."; no trace msgs are printed.
10:43:11 <warlord> rrn_: Have you patched your F::Q to deal with currencies?
10:43:17 <warlord> (see the list archives)
10:45:59 <warlord> media: IIRC you will need to do something like (gncOwnerGetJob(gncInvoiceGetOwner inv)) and then see if it's #f
10:47:50 <rrn_> warlord: http://gnucash.1415818.n4.nabble.com/Unable-to-receive-quote-for-CURRENCY-EUR-td4354816.html ?
10:48:41 <warlord> rrn_: maybe. I dont use nabble
10:49:55 <warlord> rrn_: yes, that thread
10:52:01 <rrn_> warlord: seems kludgy
10:53:09 <warlord> rrn_: feel free to complain to the F::Q people. They haven't made a release in years.
10:53:36 <rrn_> warlord: Then it should be taken over/forked/etc.
10:53:36 <warlord> (which is the crux of the problem -- they haven't been applying these patches and releasing updates)
10:53:47 <warlord> rrn_: Go for it!
10:54:16 <rrn_> warlord: The latter can be done in a matter of minutes.
10:54:52 <warlord> Getting it released in way that will "take over" is harder than you think. But if you think it's easy, go ahead! We're all behind you.
10:58:00 <media> warlord: Thanks I will have to try that out and see where it takes me. I was trying to add in just (gncjobgetname job) or something like that you recommended but it wasn't working. Thanks for the help so far
10:59:34 <warlord> media: well, yeah, but you need to *get* the job from the invoice first before you pass it into GetJob. And of course you need to properly handle the case where te invoice doesn't HAVE a job.
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11:01:31 <media> right is there any documentation on anything like that in which I can read through?
11:03:10 <warlord> http://code.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/
11:04:37 <warlord> that would be the C API, but the scheme API is effectively the same thing, just wrapped. There is no specific scheme API docs. There's also something on the Wiki that was just mentioned on the list over the weekend
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11:18:51 <rrn_> Lets say that one buys product type A for amount X, giving amount Y and receiving amount Y - X as change. Would the proper way to account for this be the following split transaction WRT Asset:Wallet?: Expenses: A X (receive), Assets:Wallet Y (spend), Assets:Wallet Y - X (receive).
11:20:05 <rrn_> Obviously one could simply balance X with X, but the aforementioned approach seems to convey more info.
11:20:19 <warlord> yeah, that sounds right in principle
11:20:48 <rrn_> After all, the transaction is not atomic.
11:21:05 <warlord> Not sure what you mean by "not atomic"
11:22:01 <rrn_> Well, there exists a state wherein I am not in possession of X (after giving the cash and before receiving the change).
11:25:38 <warlord> ... and that state exists for how long?
11:25:59 <media> warlord: Thanks I will look into the documentation and see if I can come up with anything working.
11:27:11 <rrn_> I guess this approach is practically significant when one receives incorrect change (and does not notice until later).
11:28:37 <warlord> you can alwyas go back and re-adjust the splits and add one to Income:Inexact Change :)
11:29:08 <rrn_> or Expenses:Inexact Change if one is less fortunate :)
11:32:06 <warlord> sure
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12:25:11 <fell> Anybody here who understands french somewhat better than me?
12:27:51 <fell> Somebody added the link http://www.comparer-banque-en-ligne.com/ to http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings .
12:28:29 <fell> I am not really shure, is it spam or only the wrong place.
12:32:20 <warlord> I'm not sure. It's certainly a bank compare side.
12:32:20 <warlord> site
12:38:54 <fell> Yep, but 1. who is the owner of the site (a bank trust or somebody independend) 2. The style: a hidden link in the middle of a sentence.
12:42:52 <fell> The registrant is Domains By Proxy, LLC Arizona
12:50:37 <warlord> I would call it spam. It's a foreign language website.
12:53:35 <fell> I will revert the edit, and write to the author about the wrong style. If it is a bot it will not understand.
12:55:00 <warlord> yet
12:55:02 <warlord> yep
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20:16:29 <fell> warlord: Can we block the expression "guide_francophone_vietnam" in the wiki? It is my most hated spammer currently.
20:17:17 <warlord> remind me how?
20:18:46 <fell> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Spam_blacklist
20:23:19 <fell> Probably I can create http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist
20:24:07 <warlord> Note that I think it only blocks urls.
20:24:13 * fell has to read http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:SpamBlacklist
20:24:59 <fell> in the global lists is also a word section
20:25:07 <warlord> I've read it before. I would have to re-read it.
20:25:12 <warlord> Anyways, try now?
20:38:07 <warlord> fell: did that work?
20:38:37 <fell> I can still enter the bad text.
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20:40:44 <warlord> Yeah, it's only blocking by domain -- it doesn't block based on text.
20:42:10 <warlord> I can try setting wgSpamRegex?
20:44:07 <warlord> c.f http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgSpamRegex
20:44:51 <warlord> let me know if you want me to try that.
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20:51:02 <fell> Ok, try it
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20:54:26 <warlord> okay, give me a sec.
21:03:14 <warlord> fell: okay, try now.
21:04:54 <fell> Der folgende Text wurde vom Spamfilter gefunden: guide_francophone_vietnam
21:05:28 <fell> The following text was found by the spam filter: ...
21:06:42 <fell> Eventually wildcard ? between the words would be better.
21:08:04 <warlord> I can change that if you want..
21:09:14 <fell> They use space in the text and underline in the file names.
21:09:17 <warlord> Okay, try now... See if that works.
21:09:51 <fell> No, now I can save again
21:11:14 <warlord> okay, so ? doesn't work in the regex.
21:12:52 <warlord> fell: okay, I added it back with underscores and whitespace.
21:12:57 <warlord> (but not a mix thereof)
21:14:58 <fell> Underline works spaces not. Probably must be ecaped by \
21:15:29 <warlord> no, it was a bug in the regex. try again.
21:16:28 <fell> Ok, found it
21:18:22 <fell> - both variations
21:25:15 <fell> 16:15 I had deleted the page and 20:12 it was receated under another name. That was annoying.
21:25:45 <warlord> heh. so does the current filter work?
21:26:32 <fell> Yes, my both tests were successfull.
21:27:05 <warlord> excellent.
21:27:15 <warlord> it's relatively easy to add more words, but i have to restart apache
21:28:38 <fell> Better restart apache than windows. ;)
21:29:56 <fell> But I think reload should also work.
21:33:28 <warlord> possibly
21:33:33 <warlord> (and true)
21:56:06 <warlord> anyways, glad this is working now.
22:03:13 <fell> I am asking me, what will they try next? If you look in Recent Changes, it is hard to find real edits. Most is: New user registered; cstim/fell deleted page/blocked user.
22:18:38 <warlord> :(
22:18:55 <warlord> Hopefully the spam blocker I just added will help?
22:36:51 * warlord is watching the Venus Transit webcast.
22:38:21 <warlord> next transit: 2117. I doubt I'll be here.
22:39:18 <fell> why the webcast, is the sky covered?
22:39:58 <warlord> it's 22.39 here. The sun set hours ago
22:40:32 <warlord> And yes, at 18.00 when it started the sky was covered. And by the time it cleared I was doing work in the basement.
22:40:41 <fell> I hope, I can get a glimpse at sunrise.
22:40:53 <warlord> When is sunrise for you?
22:41:10 <warlord> (Alas, I didn't see it with my own eyes, just webcast.. But IIRC I did see it in 2004)
22:41:24 <fell> Dawn started ...
22:43:01 <fell> Johannes Kepler made the prediction, but died before it happend.
22:43:18 <warlord> Yeah, I know.
22:43:26 <warlord> 1630/31, iirc?
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22:47:01 <fell> Exactly he died in 30 and it happend in 31.
22:49:07 <warlord> It's still amazing that people could predict something that would happen 105 1/2 years later.
22:54:03 <warlord> okay, bedtime for me.
22:54:10 <warlord> Take some good pictures! TTYT
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