2012-06-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:17:43 <media> Hi I am looking to add a line to the invoice.scm file. I want to add the job name to the invoice. Does anyone know how to do this or know a good location to find information on it?
00:23:01 <media> been looking at this to start with http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports
00:35:03 <media> am I on the right track with this? http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-changes/2011-March/009495.html It seems a little over the top. I thought it would just be a change to the .scm file
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01:46:44 <lix> hi. how can I remove/delete a vendor, if I mistakenly created one?
01:51:49 <media> I donno if you can delete one through the actual application. I could be wrong about that though.
01:52:06 <media> I think invoices, customers, vendors etc all are kind of stuck
01:52:42 <lix> media: did not find that yet. :-/
01:53:10 <media> what didn't you find?
01:53:46 <lix> media: where to erase stuff that was mistakenly created, such as vendors or jobs...
01:56:16 <lix> media: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_can_I_delete_an_Invoice.2C_Customer.2C_Vendor.2C_or_Employee.3F
01:56:20 <lix> :-/
01:58:49 <media> ya before I created my main file I played around created customers, invoices, and everything of the sort
01:58:56 <media> that way I had the hang of things
01:59:18 <media> you could just edit the previous vendor into something that is more applicable to what you need.
02:00:05 <lix> media: yes, I also thought I could doing that
02:00:11 <lix> media: tnks anyways
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02:01:50 <media> np I do what I can. I wish I could figure out how to add the job name to the invoice but I cant
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07:27:30 <dezgo> I'm having trouble showing amounts from an account on a custom report. Amounts are missing for accounts where I've entered amounts that also have subaccounts. Is this a bug, a feature, or is there something I'm missing?
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07:51:00 <warlord> dezgo: reports have a default "account depth", so you may need to adjust that in your report options. The other question is whether those accounts have diffferent currencies?
07:52:15 <warlord> media: which invoice report are you using?
07:52:22 <dezgo> Warlord: I've set it to display all subaccounts, and there's only one currency (Aussie dollars)
07:53:39 <warlord> dezgo: I dont think there is an option to show all ... I think the default depth is '2', and there is a pulldown that goes to iirc 6.
07:54:36 <dezgo> warlord: I'm looking at it now. The pulldown has options All, then 1 thru 6. It's under 'Levels of subaccounts' in the Accounts tab
07:54:51 <warlord> media: it should be as easy as adding a (gncJobGetName job) but you would need to encase that around an (if...) because not all invoices have Jobs.
07:55:11 <warlord> I've never used the 'all' --- set it to '6' and see if it works?
07:55:28 <warlord> (assuming your sub-accounts are less than 6 levels deep)
07:55:45 <warlord> Also, make sure that the transaction dates you entered are witihin the report's date range
07:57:25 <dezgo> It's definitely just ignoring the amounts in parent accounts. The depth is OK, date range is fine. As soon as I move these transactions even down a level to the lowest account they show up
07:58:48 <warlord> Which report is this? And what do you mean "ignoring the amounts in the parent accounts?" Maybe show a screenshot so I can better understand what you'
07:58:50 <warlord> re seeing?
08:01:57 <dezgo> sure. it's a transaction report I've customised, then stored in custom reports. By parent accounts, I mean any account for which I've created children under it. So if I have account Expenses > Motor Vehicle. If I report on amounts in account Motor Vehicle, they show up OK. But as soon as I add a sub-account under Motor Vehicle , say Expenses > Motor Vehicle >
08:02:10 <dezgo> Petrol. Then amounts in Motor Vehicle no longer appear
08:02:20 <dezgo> BUT, the total of the report still seems to include them
08:02:40 <dezgo> I found out because my totals in the report weren't balancing with the amounts shown
08:03:08 <warlord> OH!!! It's a custom report!?! Did you add this new account after you created the custom report?
08:03:37 <dezgo> umm, not sure. Could have. I often have to reload the report if things have changed
08:03:55 <dezgo> I've gone through the accounts it's using and they're all selected
08:04:23 <warlord> Note that you have to select all parent accounts to include them. It wont automatically include them.
08:04:53 <warlord> Also, if it's based on a 'transaction' report, if you include subaccounts then it may not roll-up the children balances into the parent account unless you tell it to.
08:08:08 <dezgo> Yeah just did a quick test then, it's definitely doing as I explained. I added a new sub-account to an existing account...
08:08:22 <dezgo> add an amount to that new account in the date range for the custom report...
08:08:46 <dezgo> note: the now 'parent' account does have amounts in it too...
08:08:53 <dezgo> now I no longer see the amounts in the parent account
08:09:15 <warlord> This is a "transaction" report, you say?
08:09:22 <dezgo> and ensured the new subaccount and the existing account are both included in the report.
08:09:26 <dezgo> yeah transaction report
08:09:46 <warlord> Just for kicks -- what happens if you start over from a raw TXN report instead of your custom report?
08:10:09 <dezgo> ok lemme check
08:10:26 <warlord> (I dont think I have any parent accounts with values in them)
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08:12:47 <dezgo> u know what, I think they're actually 'account summary' reports
08:12:57 <dezgo> just looking at this txn report, it's different to my custom report
08:13:28 <dezgo> no got it, it's an Income Statement report that's causing issues
08:13:37 <dezgo> i can see the title on the options window
08:15:37 <dezgo> Odd, this standard Income Statement report I'm playing with works ok. It doesn't exhibit this bug I'm seeing with my custom report
08:17:44 <warlord> Custom reports are...weird.
08:18:32 <dezgo> hehe yeah. it's OK though. Hey warlord, thanks for your help. I'm a lot more clear on what's happening now, how I could fix it, and the workaround. Cheers.
08:20:18 <warlord> Good luck!
08:23:16 <dezgo> I'm Derek too btw! You too, happy accounting lol
08:33:37 <warlord> Nice meeting you,Derek :)
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08:55:44 <Bernlef> Hi, i'm trying to convert an excell acounting system to gnucash for our association
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08:56:14 <Bernlef> but i cannot find out how to incorporate provisions
08:56:46 <Bernlef> we have got provisions for new pc's for instance that need to be shown on the balance
09:00:11 <warlord> Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "provisions" in this context.
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09:06:10 <Bernlef> english is not my native language, sorry
09:06:14 <Bernlef> it is money
09:06:19 <Bernlef> that we have not spend yet
09:06:29 <Bernlef> but expect to do in the future
09:06:55 <warlord> Do you mean something like a Bank Account?
09:07:23 <warlord> Or do you mean a subset of a bank account that you have set aside for some future purchase (an "envelope/bucket" budget)?
09:07:58 <Bernlef> money that we have set aside
09:08:26 <Bernlef> it is a liability
09:09:13 <warlord> No, a liability is money that you owe to someone else, like if you take out a loan or borrow money from a friend. Those are liabilities.
09:09:38 <warlord> I highly recommend you read the GnuCash Tutorial and Concepts Guide.
09:10:37 <Bernlef> i did, but i cannot really find the concept i am thinking about in the turorial
09:10:57 <warlord> Then the concept might not actually exist ;)
09:11:25 <warlord> If you're talking about money you have set aside, then generally that's implement as a subaccount.
09:11:41 <warlord> If it's literally cash in an envelope you can implement it as a subaccount of Cash in Wallet
09:12:09 <warlord> if it's just an imaginary bucket you have set aside in your bank account, you can implement that as a subaccount of your Bank
09:12:19 <warlord> This concept is called "envelope" or "bucket" budgeting.
09:13:26 <Bernlef> i think the last thing comes closer
09:13:34 <Bernlef> thanks for the input, i will think about it :p
09:15:57 <warlord> Good luck
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09:50:37 <GabrieleV> Hello, I'm confused on how entering a bond with a price in foreign currency !
09:51:13 <warlord> 'm not sure gnucash really handles "bonds" per se -- unless you treat them like a stock.
09:51:46 <warlord> Stock and Fund accounts require their parent account to hold the currency in which the stock/fund is traded
09:55:12 <GabrieleV> warlord, I've setup the account type as stock, and now I've entered the price manually in the price editor as foreign currency. this seems to work.
09:56:26 <GabrieleV> How do you deal with a bond buying ? I mean, regarding the quota of yeld you pay when you buy it ? Nown I've put it as credit ..
09:56:41 <warlord> I dont. I don't buy bonds.
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09:57:00 <warlord> I've only bought bond funds, which are treated like stocks or any other mutual fund.
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10:02:05 <GabrieleV> warlord, thanks. I'll revive my old finance study books :D
10:02:14 <warlord> Good luck!
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11:35:01 <fell__> GrabrieleV: I think, it is a good practice to handle bonds like stocks, because after the emmission day the price can vary and you can use Finance::Quote, to get the current price.
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11:49:58 <GabrieleV> fell, I agree with you. My concern was with the interest quota you pay when you buy it.
11:51:11 <GabrieleV> Someone knows if it is possible to manage consolidated budgets ? I mean, may I use different gnucash files for different people/companies, and obtain a global one later ?
11:54:44 <fell> lets say you buy a bond of 100€, offering 6% interest rate 2 month later than the emmission day. Then the previous owner gets 1 € interest from you.
11:55:03 <warlord> GabrieleV: no, there is no way to currently report on a combination of multiple files.
11:56:09 <GabrieleV> fell, yeah, this 1 euro where does it go ? I put under credit ...
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11:56:37 <fell> You put this 1 € as a negative Earning for this Bond.
11:57:04 <GabrieleV> warlord, another way to separate budgets under the same file ? I didn't find a way to separate accounts at a higher level ...
11:57:25 <warlord> GabrieleV: I dont understand what you mean. What exactly are you trying to do?
12:28:02 <GabrieleV> warlord, I want to manage accounts for three different "companies", being able to print and manage accounts for each of them. But finally I want to see a "merged" situation of the accounts
12:29:00 <warlord> I don't understand the last part.. Why would you ever need that, if they are individual companies?
12:29:18 <warlord> E.g., why would Facebook and Microsoft ever need to see a "merged situation"?
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12:50:23 <fell> GabrieleV: You should create a 4. book "GabrieleV Holding", where you watch your shares of the current 3.
12:53:57 <GabrieleV> warlord, fell yeas, I need to manage an "holding" style structure of accounts
13:00:18 <fell> And the holding is only interested in the profit, not the details of A, B and C.
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14:47:11 <GabrieleV> fell, But the holding is interested in global assets calculation too ... at least the holding I'm watching to ... ;)
14:51:34 <fell> Outsourcing of the interesting assets in a 5. company "Gabriele V Assets management"
14:51:37 <fell> ;)
14:52:48 <GabrieleV> fell, LOL ;)
14:52:53 <fell> Arcandor did that before they went in bankcrupcy ...
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16:12:03 <rrn_> What is an elegant way of accounting for multiple currencies stored together as physical cash (e.g., in a wallet)?
16:13:05 <rrn_> Obviously a given acct can consist of only a single currency.
16:16:54 <warlord> rrn_: subaccounts
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16:18:44 <rrn_> warlord: So, e.g., Assets:Wallet:USD, Assets:Wallet:AUD, etc.?
16:19:04 <warlord> yes
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21:21:17 <warlord> fell, mikee : any chance one of you are awake and could op gncbot, please?
21:24:59 <fell> arg, I forgot the command again.
21:25:12 <warlord> type: /mode +o gncbot
21:26:30 *** fell sets mode: +o gncbot
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21:26:57 <warlord> thanks...
21:27:12 <fell> welcome
21:27:16 <warlord> I've been fighting with my router for the past 2.5h
21:27:46 <warlord> BUt I finally beat it into submission, so it should be stable for a little while ;)
21:30:24 <fell> It is so quiet here today, I hadn't realized you were gone. ;)
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21:46:26 <warlord> Heh. No worries.
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