2012-05-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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20:57:42 <Sideburns> Hello. My sister has just installed Gnucash on her Ubuntu system, but it's dropping all of its logs and the main account file on her desktop. How can we get it to put the files elsewhere? It's been long enough since I installed it on my computer that I don't remember, and she's having a hard time following the tutorial, at least this part.
21:00:58 <kpreid> Sideburns: Move the file somewhere else, then open it.
21:02:43 <Sideburns> It's also dropping log files on the desktop. How do we configure it to put them someplace else? Clearly it can be done, because my copy
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21:02:51 <Sideburns> 's never done it.
21:02:58 <kpreid> It puts them next to the main file, wherever you put that.
21:04:36 <Sideburns> OK, I'll tell her that. But there should be a way to tell it where to put the files by default, instead of getting them dumped onto your desktop until you move the main file.
21:28:40 <kpreid> It doesn't put a file there by default — Gnucash uses a normal save-dialog, and puts the file wherever you tell it to.
21:33:14 <Sideburns> It's possible that it defaulted to the Desktop and she didn't realize what it meant. I gather, though, that once you've selected a folder there's no way within the program to change it.
21:35:08 <kpreid> Gnucash is a standard program-which-uses-documents. You save the document, and you use a file manager to move the document if you want to.
21:43:24 <Sideburns> I understand that. However, most programs that use documents and a "save as" option to allow you to move it someplace else if you make a mistake or change your mind.
21:47:28 <kpreid> GnuCash also has a "Save As" command. (Which copies, not moves, as is normal for that command.)
21:50:47 <Sideburns> Was not able to find it on her copy. Maybe I missed it. Thanx.
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