2012-05-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:00:16 <mikee> trollboy: There are the Python bindings.
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10:49:47 <alex001> hey guys, quick question... in the situation that a client returns a product or demands a reimbursement, how do I perform that operation, assuming I'm going to write him a check ? Should I create a subaccount in expenses for Client Reimbursements ?
10:55:32 <fell> alex001: If you don't want to pay tax for the amount, it should be an income reduction (negative income).
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10:57:32 <fell> ... like rebates, discounts and boni.
10:57:55 <fell> Good Morning warlord!
10:58:02 <warlord> good morning.
11:00:07 <alex001> fell, damn... I have to reverse an invoice (with taxes in another province), create a new one with the correct taxes and all this happened while I was transitioning to gnucash which has no clue about the original invoice
11:01:01 <warlord> And worse, gnucash 2.4 really doesn't handle credit notes well
11:01:09 <warlord> (2.6 has more support)
11:02:15 <fell> Probably you could rebuild the situation as part of your opening transactions.
11:03:03 <alex001> yeah :( I also have to demand a credit for the taxes I paid for the other province
11:03:18 <alex001> it's like I hit the jackpot of accountancy hell for me
11:04:20 <warlord> :(
11:11:19 <warlord> okay, need tohead to my office. BIAB
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12:21:39 <rrn_> Lets say one makes a purchase of amount a, paying with a split transaction consisting of amount b from a gift card, and amount c from a credit card.
12:22:13 <jmd> rrn_, Right.
12:22:41 <rrn_> How would this be accounted for, assuming one has Assets:Gift Card, Liabilities:Credit Card, and Expenses:Store Purchases?
12:23:46 <jmd> Well the respective amounts would be transfers between the accounts.
12:23:48 <rrn_> I tried entering a split transaction from the perspective of Liabilities:Credit Card, but I cannot figure out howto perform this properly.
12:24:19 <jmd> Yeah. I find the user interface for split transactions confusing.
12:24:42 <jmd> I normally put the total in first and then fiddle with how it's split.
12:24:52 <warlord> rrn_: You put e.g. $30 into the Gift Card, $40 into the CC, and then $70 into the Expense account ... all as Splits in a single transaction
12:26:35 <rrn_> warlord: So I have to perform this from the perspective of the expense acct? If I do it from the perspective of the CC acct, the CC charge is a instead of c.
12:27:28 <warlord> No
12:27:45 <warlord> You should definitely do it from an Asset or Liability account, otherwise the numbers are "backwards"
12:28:39 <warlord> The way I do it is pick one, enter in the expense as the transfer, enter in the total for *this* account, and then click on the Split button and work from there. That will show you which columns are your credits and which are your debits.
12:38:28 <rrn_> Ok, I figured it out, thanks.
12:40:37 <warlord> :)
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13:45:20 <rrn_> How exactly should a Paypal acct be represented in Gnucash? Paypal is technically not a bank on the U.S., but in many ways can be considered to be one.
13:46:20 <john> So treat it like a bank account.
13:46:29 <rrn_> ok
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14:20:28 <jmd> rrn_, What "technically" is a bank?
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14:42:57 <warlord> jmd: it's just an Asset. beyond that, GnuCash applies no special meaning to it, other than the column headings in the register
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14:59:53 <fell> A bank account can be connected to AqBanking. (I never tried other assets therefore.)
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15:42:21 <mib_qazdr3> someone here?
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16:07:47 <Askarii> yes
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16:30:46 <rrn> Any suggestions on how to elegantly and/or efficiently record credit crd - paypal - expense transactions?
16:31:23 <rrn> On a mailing list, a user mentioned: "I do 1 transaction with 2 sub-transaction"
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16:33:51 <warlord> rrn: What do you mean by "credit crd - paypal - expense transaction"?
16:37:29 <Joc1> Paypal is not an expense, it's a bank, what I do is to withdraw money from an expense account to a Paypal account (asset), and also add another expense for the Paypal fee
16:37:43 <rrn> warlord: A transaction wherein paypal charges a credit crd, and then remits the balance to the merchant.
16:38:29 <warlord> Oh, in that particular case I ignore the fact that Paypal was involved and just enter it directly CC -> Exp
16:39:01 <warlord> You could add a split to your PayPal account if you want, but I don't see any reason to do that as the funds never touch your PP account.
16:39:37 <rrn> warlord: Well, technically they do.
16:40:09 <warlord> No, they really don't. PP is just being a CC processor on behalf of the seller.
16:40:43 <warlord> To YOU it's just like using BillMatrix, or some other CC processor
16:41:13 <rrn> Well, a Paypal balance lists funding and withdrawals separately.
16:43:38 <rrn> Maybe you are right, but I'd rather record the fact that the money went through paypal.
16:44:49 <warlord> My paypal balance never lists CC transactions.
16:44:59 <rrn> strange
16:45:01 <warlord> It's listed in my transaction history, but not in my funding history
16:45:15 <rrn> It's listed in "Account Activity
16:45:15 <rrn> Account Activity
16:45:16 <warlord> not strange at all.
16:46:10 <warlord> If you really want to record it you can, but then you'd have both a debit and a credit in the PP account, which would look REALLY weird (IMHO)
16:46:41 <rrn> That is how my statement records it.
16:46:44 <warlord> I.e., you can do credit CC $100, credit PP $100, debit PP $100, debit Exp $100
16:47:12 <warlord> But then when you look at your PP account register you'll see two entries for each CC transaction (the debit and the credit)
16:49:10 <rrn> warlord: I thought you recommended using a split?
16:49:30 <warlord> Yes...???
16:49:34 <warlord> I did..
16:49:45 <warlord> And I just explained how to split it for your case.
16:50:13 <rrn> But it would appear as a single entry in the ledger.
16:51:03 <warlord> No, it would appear as two, because the register is showing splits, not transactions.
16:51:15 <warlord> so you'd see the debit as one line and the credit as another.
16:51:25 <warlord> try it and you'll see what I mean
16:52:09 <rrn> So I must create the transaction from the perspective of the paypal acct?
16:53:49 <warlord> ???
16:53:57 <warlord> you can create it from any account.
16:54:14 <warlord> I'm just saying that when you view it in your PP account it will appear twice.
16:54:24 <warlord> (unless you're in Journal view mode)
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18:21:32 <rrn> warlord: I'm back. It appears once from the perspective of the Paypal ledger.
18:21:53 <rrn> (Split transaction, with balance = $0)
18:22:25 <warlord> Hmmmm
18:22:30 <warlord> That's.. odd.
18:23:15 <rrn> Liabilities:Credit Card is withdrawn, and Expenses:Expense is deposited, the amounts equal.
18:23:20 <warlord> but I guess it depends on how you actually entered the transaction. Did you put the $100 credit and $100 debit on the same Split? If so, they canceled out leaving a Split with $0
18:23:28 <rrn> Yes
18:25:47 <warlord> Well, then, you're not actually recording anything into or out of the account..
18:25:53 <rrn> I guess this approach is not elegant, because when I expand the entry from either the expense or credit card perspective, it shows the transfer as directly going from/to the other.
18:26:03 <warlord> Right.
18:26:11 <warlord> And if you expand it from the PP account -- same thing
18:26:30 <rrn> I'll just create two entries then.
18:27:37 <rrn> I guess convenience is lost with this method, since the description would always be "paypal", with no expense category.
18:28:08 <rrn> Thanks for the info.
18:28:42 <warlord> I still maintain there's no reason to have it hit your PP account at all, because it's not affecting it.
18:28:59 <warlord> It's not like it's making a deposit into you PP account from the CC and then paying the vendor with your PP account money.
18:29:08 <warlord> PP is just acting as a CC processor.
18:29:26 <rrn> It would be nice to document the fact that the payment went through a processor.
18:29:35 <warlord> But hey, your accounts, not mine. If you want to make them more complicated than you need to, that's your perogative.
18:29:48 <warlord> Why? Every payment goes through *some* processor. Why do you care?
18:30:47 <rrn> Ahh, makes sense. I'll transfer it directly from an expense category then.
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23:48:26 <rhizmoe> tough one to troubleshoot, but fyi i'm getting left-margin problems when printing a report/invoice to a printer
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