2012-05-16 GnuCash IRC logs

00:00:01 <trollboy> anyone?
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00:23:10 <trollboy> Hi benoitg
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01:12:21 <LumberCartel> Hello folks. I just started using GNU Cash today, and I really like the interface -- it's consistent and professional.
01:12:53 <LumberCartel> I have run into a bit a problem in using it though, and I'm wondering if there's an easy solution or if there's a plan to fix it...
01:14:28 <LumberCartel> There's no option for just perusing the list of Customers, Vendors, etc., and when selecting a Customer there's no "List all" button (or option) that lets me see the full list to scroll through and pick the one I need -- the only option appears to be to specify some search criteria. This feature would be very helpful, especially for people who might not remember a company name but will recognize it immediately on sight.
01:14:47 <LumberCartel> So, my suggestion is to add a "List all" button with the customer selection dialogue.
01:14:58 <LumberCartel> Thanks.
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01:16:01 <LumberCartel> By the way, I really like that it's a double-entry system.
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01:27:49 <LumberCartel> I was disconnected 6 minutes ago. If I missed any responses, I'm sorry -- could you please post again? Thanks.
01:28:44 <trollboy> I'm just getting into it
01:28:50 <trollboy> however I'm trying to get it set up
01:28:52 <trollboy> :/
01:29:13 <LumberCartel> I'm using it with PostgreSQL, but I'm sure that won't matter.
01:29:28 <LumberCartel> I was so happy to see PostgreSQL supported by this application.
01:29:46 <trollboy> I did the default ubuntu install, it does XML only
01:31:01 <LumberCartel> I'm increasingly seeing Ubuntu, in particular, showing up in business environments. The cross-platform support for Unix/Linux, MacOS, and Windows is wonderful -- other accounting software typically doesn't have this feature.
01:31:45 <trollboy> what os are you using?
01:31:57 <LumberCartel> Right now I'm using Windows 7 (64-bit).
01:34:54 <LumberCartel> I'm involved in a new company with two other equal-share business partners. One uses MacOS, and the other uses Windows and Linux (dabbling in a few flavours for now, but he plans to move over to Linux eventually). I'm using Windows and NetBSD. In the future, with GNU Cash we'll have more desktop OS options for our administrative staff.
01:35:22 <trollboy> once I get the accounting set up here
01:35:37 <trollboy> I'm going to write an api to read invoices from the db, and record payments made via the web automagically
01:36:20 <LumberCartel> Nice!
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07:30:11 <Quanta> i would like to try 2.4.99 on my gentoo system, but i get compilation errors. i was told that there a known problem for installing gnucash 2.4.99 over gentoo dist. is it true?
07:39:27 <Quanta> is version 2.4.99 is the latest develeopment version? or is there also 2.5.0 that it is possible to download?
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09:52:23 <warlord> Quanta: there have been no dev-branch releases, so no, no 2.5.0
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10:02:18 <LumberCartel> Hello folks. I'm using a different IRC client now and hopefully I won't keep getting disconnected this time.
10:02:23 <Quanta> and about gentoo and 2.4.99?
10:03:22 <LumberCartel> I'm wondering if there's a simple way to "list all customers" (same for vendors) when trying to select a customer. Thanks.
10:04:52 <LumberCartel> Always having to use the search dialogue is cumbersome. (Aside from that, GNU Cash seems to have a consistently-and-nicely-polished and professional interface.)
10:05:14 <fell_> LumberCartel: use "." and regex in the search dialog.
10:06:14 <fell_> ... to get all
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10:09:48 <LumberCartel> fell_: Thanks, that's helpful.
10:09:53 <fell> Quanta: Is 2.4.99 a gentoo package?
10:10:04 <LumberCartel> fell_: For regular end-users, however, a "list all" button would still be useful.
10:10:36 <fell> I only know 2.4.10 and svn/git.
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10:13:55 <fell> LumberCartel: Agreed, it could be improved, at least by a tooltip saying "To get all enter '.' and select regex" and a hint in the docu.
10:15:41 <fell> Can you check https://bugzilla.gnome.org/browse.cgi?product=GnuCash , if the idea is filed and if not add it?
10:22:26 <warlord> Quanta: no clue. I dont use gentoo so I dont know what dependencies you might have or need, or what "compilation errors" you might be having
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10:31:12 <Quanta> fell, no, i try to build it manaully
10:31:44 <warlord> Quanta: first, why do you want 2.4.99? Are you planning to be a tester? Second, in what way does it fail to compile?
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10:35:29 <Quanta> warlord, i like to test things, but i am not sure that i would report a bug in case of a problem (assuming that is what you mind by "tester")
10:37:05 <warlord> Why wouldn't you be willing to report bugs if you find them?
10:37:32 <warlord> (and yes, that's what I mean, because trunk is still in development so might not be safe for real data)
10:39:17 <Quanta> i can report a bug, if the program crash, but i prefer not to report a bug in case a "wrong" computation, since i am not sure what it is really suppose to do
10:40:24 <warlord> reporting crashing is good. But what about things like data loss issues, data entry issues, etc?
10:41:53 <Quanta> never gave it a real though, just wanted to test it....
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10:42:55 <warlord> fair enough..
10:43:04 <warlord> so how does it fail to compile?
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10:43:37 <Quanta> i tried to recomile it, and it seems something in the ebuild
10:43:51 <Quanta> i will try to fix it in sunrise forum
10:44:17 <fell> Quanta: you followed http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building and http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Gentoo ? Probably the latter needs some update.
10:46:21 <warlord> I thought you said you built it manually?
10:46:41 <warlord> I bet the ebuild is out of date for trunk.
10:47:09 <Quanta> i build it manually
10:47:21 <Quanta> then the paths were wrong
10:47:32 <Quanta> then i thought to build it as part of the tryy
10:47:35 <Quanta> *tree
10:49:51 <gour> soon, i'll probably change my bank, close old account(s) and wonder what to do with 'em in GC?
10:49:55 <warlord> what do you mean "paths were wrong"? Did you set a --prefix?
10:50:06 <warlord> gour: hide the accounts
10:50:26 <gour> warlord: so, old transactions will stay intact?
10:58:10 <warlord> yes
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10:59:33 <gour> how to un-hide it?
11:01:04 <gour> ahh, found it
11:10:08 <fell> gour: and you can write-protect it by marking as category.
11:12:42 <warlord> BIAB..
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11:13:20 <gour> fell: how to do that? do you mean marking as 'placeholder' ?
11:13:31 <fell> yep
11:13:50 <gour> ok
11:14:46 <gour> i have to find time to check that python utils to tweak invoices
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11:21:18 <LumberCartel> fell: Thank you for that link. I just added my suggestion about this here: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=676173
11:28:11 <fell> Well, but according https://bugzilla.gnome.org/page.cgi?id=fields.html#importance the importance should be enhancement.
11:34:13 <fell> And IMHO the component is business instaed of the general GUI.
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11:44:35 <LumberCartel> fell: I changed the priority to "enhancement" because that seems logical, but I think this falls under "General GUI" more than business so I've left it at General GUI.
11:46:19 <fell> IIRC these dialogs are part of/only used by the business component, right warlord?
11:47:17 <warlord> sorry, which dialogs? (I was offline for the start of the convo)
11:47:57 <fell> 16:03
11:48:33 <warlord> Yeah, I found it.
11:48:33 <fell> http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2012/05/2012-05-16.html#T10:03:22
11:48:35 <LumberCartel> fell: Customers and Vendors would qualify as business, certainly, but Employees not necessarily. Also, the entire application is a business application.
11:48:36 <warlord> Yes, it should be business
11:48:44 <warlord> LumberCartel: not at alL!
11:48:54 <warlord> GnuCash started as a PERSONAL finance app
11:49:14 <warlord> And it still has that. So no,it is not at all an "entire ... business application"
11:49:17 * LumberCartel is trying to get familiar with the mindset for how to submit these things, and is just trying to be clear.
11:49:27 <warlord> The business section refers specifically to stuff under the Business menu bar
11:49:41 <warlord> So yes, it should go under Business, not General UI
11:49:43 <LumberCartel> warlord: Oh, I see. That makes sense then.
11:50:10 <warlord> :)
11:50:34 <LumberCartel> Fixed: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=676173
11:50:56 <warlord> thanks
11:54:12 <LumberCartel> The user interface is nicely polished, by the way. A lot of commercial accounting software applications have a lot of quirks in the GUI, but I'm impressed with the consistency I've noticed so far.
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11:58:14 <warlord> Thanks.
11:58:18 <warlord> Gnucash has its own set of quirks, too.
12:00:21 <LumberCartel> I'm sure it does, but by far it's user interface bugs that drive most end-users crazy.
12:00:30 <LumberCartel> s/it's/its/
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12:03:47 <warlord> Thanks for the VoC
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12:17:56 <LumberCartel> warlord: It's clear to me that this is a serious project. I'm involved in a new business with two partners and this may be a product we can promote to customers to gain more wide-spread usage.
12:20:27 <LumberCartel> What do you think about adding a "Connect to the GNU Cash community" option to the "Help" menu that starts up an IRC session to this channel in a tab in the main program?
12:21:38 <LumberCartel> Something that looks like the "mibbit.com" interface would be a good fit into the interface, I think, because it's very simple.
12:22:54 <Quanta> warlord, you asked my about my compilation error, so this is what i get: You're building from SVN... But your build system is broken Don't do that. Complain to your build-system creator
12:23:43 <Quanta> *me
12:24:42 <warlord> ah, because you probably hand-built a tarball from an SVN checkout
12:26:34 <Quanta> so what would be the right address?
12:26:43 <warlord> Dont use ebuild.
12:26:48 <warlord> Build by hand, manually.
12:26:54 <warlord> use ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnucash
12:28:22 <Quanta> nether the less, i dont understand the diff, since if i download it and compile manually or download it using ebuild it will be from http://svn.gnucash.org/repo/gnucash/trunk
12:30:09 <Quanta> svn checkout http://svn.gnucash.org/repo/gnucash/trunk gnucash is also checkout....
12:30:13 <warlord> the issue is that it expects that when you build from svn that you have a full svn environment. If you pull from SVN and then build in a chroot jail then it will fail.
12:30:30 <warlord> the issue isn't building from svn.. it's the ebuild building from svn
12:32:29 <warlord> dont use ebuild. build it yourself by hand
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13:10:14 <Quanta> warlord, i hope to have a good ending for this story. hasufell from gentoo-sunrise helped me and at his computer it worked. now i am testing it on my computer
13:13:37 <warlord> ok
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13:28:34 <Quanta> ok, it has worked ;)
13:28:49 <Quanta> so if i will find a bug i will report it
13:30:38 <warlord> thank you.
13:31:04 <warlord> also be wary of storing real data ... and note that you'll probably need to frequently update as things change.
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20:29:42 <trollboy> so if I start inserting payments and invoices directly into the db, how well does gnucash handle that?
20:30:04 <warlord> Are you inserting using the GnuCash API?
20:31:23 <warlord> (if not, then no, manipulating the database from under gnucash is not supported)
20:33:00 <warlord> gotta run
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23:23:32 <trollboy> I was going to use php...
23:23:47 <trollboy> there aren't any accessible api's unless you're using C or Swigg
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