2012-05-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:43:19 <media> Hi everyone. I was wondering about switching from accrual based accounting to cash based account. I can't seem to find any documentation in the tutorial pages about this.
04:45:17 <media> Mainly when I create and post an invoice I don't want to see it as income until I actually receive payment for that invoice.
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09:06:09 <fell> media: There is no documentation because of https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=95700 .
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10:32:14 <ynte> i have a question, during reconcilidation i added a missing transaction
10:32:27 <ynte> it is displayed under the other transactions under a white line
10:32:40 <ynte> therefore de balance is not correct
10:33:00 <ynte> how do i insert the transaction in the right place (date)
10:33:06 <ynte> white line = blue line
10:34:10 <warlord> ynte: set the date
10:34:41 <ynte> it is set at the correct date
10:34:47 <ynte> but is stays at the bottom below the blue line
10:35:41 <ynte> i tried the sorting option in the context menu, but it does not update the balance and is lost when reopening the tab
10:36:05 <warlord> The blue line is defined by "today".. Are you sure the date you entered is before today?
10:36:26 <ynte> yes
10:36:27 <warlord> (technically it's defined as tomorrow.. "today" should be before the blue line)
10:36:36 <warlord> Can you show a screen shot?
10:36:37 <ynte> i see
10:36:40 <warlord> (imagebin)
10:36:53 <ynte> i'll make one
10:40:06 <ynte> damn
10:40:12 <ynte> the date was incorrect ;)
10:40:37 <ynte> even tough i checked it multiple times
10:41:10 <ynte> thank's for the response anyway
10:42:57 <warlord> LOL.
10:43:06 <warlord> Happy to help
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10:58:30 <daum> hey guys i'm thinking about using the reconcilliation feature of Gnucash, right now my books are completely flat, is there a way to mark all the current transactions as reconciled?
11:04:04 <warlord> daum: reconciliation is a process to verify that the transactions in your books match the statements given by your financial institutions.
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11:04:33 <warlord> All reconciliation is "from the beginning of time"
11:05:11 <warlord> So, all you need to do is take your current statement, enter in the correct ending balance, and then mark off all transactions in that account up to and including the current statement. HOWEVER, you must make sure you only include the txns that actually cleared the account.
11:05:23 <warlord> And no, there is no magic "reconcile all" button. Sorry.
11:05:37 <daum> ok thanks ill look into it a bit mro
11:05:37 <daum> e
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14:21:54 <media> @fell thank you for your response. I am guessing it wont be possible then. All I want is for it to not say I have income if I haven't been paid yet.
14:21:54 <gncbot> media: Error: "fell" is not a valid command.
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14:28:02 <warlord> media: then you cannot use Invoices.
14:28:09 <warlord> Invoices are, by definition, accrual
14:28:28 <warlord> (at least until Issue #95700 gets fixed)
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17:52:32 <squiggy> I tried searching the internet for an answer, but..no luck. Can anyone help me figure out the rounding problem? The balance is sometimes off by a few cents.
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18:02:32 <OryakhelM> Hello everyone
18:03:22 <OryakhelM> I have a question... very basic
18:03:46 <OryakhelM> what does the A, R, c, n, A+U or I+U stand for
18:03:52 <OryakhelM> ?
18:04:08 <OryakhelM> I am talking about the register and the column after transfer
18:04:12 <squiggy> c n has to do with the reconciliation. you can google it
18:05:23 <OryakhelM> thanks...
18:05:39 <squiggy> are you having rounding problems btw?
18:35:40 <warlord> squiggy: rounding problems in what feature?
18:40:57 <OryakhelM> well. i am new to the program and not really sure how some of the processes work
18:41:19 <OryakhelM> i had to redo all my accounts a several times since i made mistakes
18:41:42 <warlord> squiggy: Balance of what? an Invoice? An Account? ...??
18:42:30 <warlord> OryakhelM: where do you see "A", "R", "A+U", and "I+U"?
18:42:55 <warlord> "c" == cleared. "n" == "not-cleared/reconciled", under the "R" (reconciled?) column
18:42:57 <OryakhelM> R is the column in the register... and has c and n under it
18:43:19 <OryakhelM> i remember seeing the others somewhere but can't find them now
18:43:21 <squiggy> so far i only noticed it on the account payable balance
18:43:44 <OryakhelM> as for the A+U and I+U i think i saw one of them
18:43:49 <squiggy> as in when it's adding/subtracting my entries, it seems to round off strangely
18:44:05 <squiggy> i thought it might be this:http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2005-June/013947.html
18:44:08 <warlord> squiggy: you mean within an Invoice or Bill?
18:44:28 <warlord> ... or do you mean the balance of the A/R or A/P account after you've posted?
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18:46:01 <squiggy> i'm not sure..the invoice/bill entries are fine.
18:46:06 <squiggy> it's just the column on the very right
18:46:16 <squiggy> it's math is off by a few cents
18:46:26 <squiggy> its*
18:46:34 <warlord> squiggy: the column on what page?
18:46:42 <warlord> squiggy: please be explicit.
18:46:44 <squiggy> accounts payable
18:46:57 <warlord> The accounts payable register page? Can you show a screen shot?
18:47:14 <squiggy> i believe so. one moment
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18:54:58 <rrn> What is an elegant method of accounting gift cards? Create Assets:Gift Cards:<STORE NAME> accounts for each one?
18:55:26 <squiggy> does this work? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ogq8wwqidumlweb/screenshot.gif
18:56:03 <squiggy> if not, i made an "accrued expenses" acct under "accounts payable"
18:56:24 <squiggy> and within that "accrued epxneses" account, i've been inserting entries
18:56:41 <squiggy> so it's in that account where i'm having trouble getting the balance correct
18:57:15 <rrn> The problem that I envision is, when I deplete a gift card, the [useless] gift card account will remain.
18:58:11 <squiggy> warlord, i'm not sure how to reply with your name shown in the message, as you did with mine
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19:00:10 <warlord> squiggy: so where is the balance incorrect?
19:00:48 <squiggy> warlord: one moment
19:01:48 <rrn> warlord: Any ideas?
19:02:26 <warlord> rrn: You have a few options, such as hiding zero-value accounts, or marking the accounts as hidden.
19:03:14 <warlord> squiggy: First, it looks like you are using an A/R or A/P account without using the business features. Don't do that -- you will shoot yourself in the foot eventually. If you're not posting Invoices and Bills then you should use a regular Asset or Liability account.
19:03:21 <rrn> warlord: Ahh, so it will always be present (even if depleted) but simply hidden from view. Thanks.
19:03:43 <warlord> squiggy: second, the balance shown there is clearly the sum of all the entries that are shown. So if there is a rounding error is is happening *BEFORE* it gets posted into the account.
19:03:50 <warlord> rrn: yes
19:06:23 <squiggy> warlord: regarding the first, yeah i'm not using the features...i'll try that suggestion there. regarding the second, not sure if i understand. i did a copy of my work in excel and the balance was not the correct sum of entries shown. i remember seeing that for example, the sum should have been 17.69, but it rounded to 17.70.
19:07:06 <warlord> Based on the numbers you input the sum is correct.
19:07:21 <warlord> ... go try it yourself in a calculator.
19:07:31 <squiggy> that's what i mean by, i did it in excel.
19:07:41 <squiggy> it was off
19:07:48 <warlord> In excel using the numbers you have in GnuCash?
19:07:52 <squiggy> yes
19:07:56 <warlord> I don't believe you.
19:08:51 <squiggy> haha ok..um..did you read this? http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2005-June/013947.html my problem sounds like his
19:09:10 <warlord> I dont believe that you're adding up e.g. 9.93, 4.60, 2.48, 6.34, 4.72, 4.38, 2.85, 7.31, 3.56, 3.42 ---
19:09:40 <squiggy> ? is that from my screenshot?
19:09:52 <squiggy> why? i'm confused
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19:10:24 <warlord> Yes, that's from your screen shot.
19:10:54 <squiggy> yeah i've changed stuff around. added some entries. should i delete my new stuff so you can see how it was?
19:10:58 <warlord> When I start with the starting balance in your SS, 164.25, and keep adding the numbers, all the balances add up to what's shown in the SS.
19:11:21 <warlord> I.e., the SS is not showing the error.
19:11:49 <warlord> And yes, if you are hitting that bug then you will need to delete the incorrect entries and then re-enter them.
19:11:50 <squiggy> one moment
19:12:36 <warlord> (heading into a meeting so I might be slow in responding)
19:13:23 <squiggy> k no worries. thanks for all your responses so far. i got it back to the way it was. i'm going to take another screenshot
19:16:59 <squiggy> warlord: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dyfydqxkp6ff1ty/screenshot2.gif
19:21:15 <warlord> yeah, that does look like the bug. You'll have to delete and re-enter than transaction.
19:22:29 <warlord> er, maybe.
19:22:57 <warlord> ... but no... 39.65+9.05 == 48.70
19:23:10 <warlord> So no, there's not a problem there.
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19:26:02 <warlord> squiggly: not sure if you saw my last responses...
19:26:05 <squiggly> warlord: my browser froze. i don't know if you said anything after i sent you the second screenshot. right now, i'm going to revise everything using the business features
19:26:09 <squiggly> oh hey
19:26:12 <squiggly> sorry no i did not
19:26:12 <warlord> <warlord> ... but no... 39.65+9.05 == 48.70
19:26:17 <warlord> <warlord> So no, there's not a problem there.
19:26:43 <warlord> I don't see a rounding error. the balance is still correct at the place you blocked out.
19:27:04 <squiggly> warlord: oh wow, my open office is wrong
19:27:43 <squiggly> warlord: i can't believe this. okay thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
19:28:05 <warlord> You're welcome.
19:28:13 <warlord> (it's clearly Ooo that's rounding incorrectly ;)
19:28:23 <warlord> HtH
19:29:13 <squiggly> warlord: haha yes, definitely helpful...shows who i should trust :) you basically just saved me from caving in and shelling out $$$ on quickbooks
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20:13:51 <fell> The problem of the spreadsheet is the formating as currency, which leads to rounding. $9.05 = [9.045 .. 9.05499..]
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20:20:31 <warlord> probably
20:20:53 <fell> People using the spreadsheet for monetary calculation should use explicitely the round function in each result formula. Otherwise they see other numbers than they are using.
20:25:48 <warlord> good to know
20:27:41 <fell> (I run in this issue, when I tried, to create an invoice speadsheet)
20:28:19 <warlord> Ah, okay
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22:50:11 <holysmokes> I'm hesitant to ask this question here, but I figure I might as well give it a shot, seeing as I do not have a professional accountant to turn to. My question is -- if I want to track the daily expense details of an invoice (whose items have a 15% discount), can I do that in gnucash?
22:51:57 <holysmokes> To be more specific, I'm doing this for a restaurant that hires a delivery service charging 15% per order. So the bi monthly invoice comes with each order's total, as well as + our income total (85% of orders) - fee charge (15% of orders)
22:53:09 <holysmokes> I see the discount feature in the invoice which calculates the fee correctly and subtracts it from the order sale amount, however I'd like to track the charges if possible. It does not seem to show up...but I may be looking in the wrong place...?
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23:44:33 <trollboy> howdy, I'm trying to get gnucash w/ mysql working on my box here on ubuntu 11.04
23:44:51 <trollboy> the default apt-get install doesn't have mysql support, xml only apparently
23:45:18 <trollboy> I used the instructions here http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building#Ubuntu_10.10_.28Maverick_Meerkat.29
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23:46:52 <trollboy> currently stuck at this http://pastebin.ca/2149199