2012-05-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:30:20 <strk> how can one install the postgresql DBI module on a Mac ?
07:30:41 <strk> this friend of mine has 'sqlite' but not postgresql
07:31:26 <strk> is it _perl_ dbi ?
07:35:36 <strk> (no)
07:44:10 <strk> does the sqlite3 support uses DBI ?
07:46:02 <fell__> strk: Probably http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/MacOSX/Quartz#Building_Libdbi_Drivers gives you some clue.
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08:39:22 <strk> so it'd mean this friend _has_ dbi already available
08:39:36 <strk> woudl installin the postgresql driver in the system automatically make it visible by gnucash ?
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08:45:24 <warlord> the pgsql dbi dbd driver needs to be in the same place as the gnucash sqlite3 dbi dbd driver
08:45:36 <warlord> but yes, putting it there will make it visible to gnucash
08:46:51 <strk> uhm
08:47:02 <strk> is there an url where to read about these requirements / installation tips ?
08:48:49 <strk> like, where's the "gnucash sqlite3 dbi dbd driver" supposed to be
08:55:22 <warlord> I suggest reading that wiki page fell pointed you at
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12:45:13 <root_> Hello.
12:46:45 <root_> This is my first time using IRC Do I have things set up properly? Assuming so, I am having some trouble configuring online support for gnucash.
12:49:23 <root_> Am I getting through?
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12:50:18 <root_> Trying again
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12:56:04 <lrhorer> OK, now I think I have it set correctly. I am having trouble setting up online banking in gnucash.
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14:23:55 <fell> lrhorer: What kind of online banking are you trying? OFX or FinTS/HBCI?
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15:04:57 <lrhorer> Well, I'm not quite sure I understand the question. I know what QFX is, but I'm not getting that far.
15:08:05 <lrhorer> fell: Hmm. Do you mean am I using the QFX backend? Yes.
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17:33:53 <fell> lrhorer: Sorry, I had a meal in between.
17:34:14 <fell> Does http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Setting_up_OFXDirectConnect_in_GnuCash_2 help?
17:38:45 <fell> ... and http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX
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19:01:00 <law> Hi. I try setting up GNUCash on Windows, but cannot get onlinebanking running. I am using PIN/TAN HBCI and also tried entering the URL of the bank manually. I keep getting 303 HTTP status codes. Any ideas how to fix this?
19:11:33 <fell> law: are you shure, you want the german HBCI protocol?
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19:32:22 <law> fell, yes!
19:32:50 <law> I am German and so my bank(s) are
19:33:11 <law> I agree that my host may be confusing in this direction
19:34:50 <fell> OK, I can offer the following wiki pages:
19:35:18 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/HBCI or http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/De/HBCI
19:38:05 <fell> you get the 303 in aqbanking or your browser?
19:38:34 <law> In the dialog box inside gnucash
19:39:11 <fell> which gc-/ab- versions?
19:39:45 <law> GnuCash 2.4.10 - the ab which was shipped with gc.
19:44:14 <law> My bank is 1822direkt (50050222 or 50050201) the latter bank code is shared with Frankfurter Sparkasse, so I use the first and manually the URL: https://fints.1822direkt.com/fints/hbci
19:45:56 <law> I start getting confused when it asks for Username (Benutzername), User ID (Benutzerkennung) and Customer ID (Kundennummer). I am only supposed to use a certain user ID with other apps like starmoney.
19:47:09 <law> The output in the GnuCash / AB Windows: http://pastebin.com/7iEfZrCr
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19:50:46 <law> Searching on the net regarding my bank is difficult since it only support HBCI PIN/TAN since a few months, so there are many threads on it saying it is not possible.
19:51:52 <fell> I assume, "Moved permanently to" is the key.
19:53:33 <law> Seems like a redirection to an error message to me
19:53:34 <fell> BTW: be cautiuos with logfiles, not shure, what ?al_req_id=T672Zn8AAAEAAChp2UkAABDo means
19:55:11 <law> good point. was not worrying about it since I blindly assumed it being just some useless session id.
19:56:21 <fell> If that is your ID, I only need to hack your PIN and TAN.
20:00:17 <fell> http://www.hbci-zka.de/institute/institut_select.php says the BLZ is 50050201
20:02:12 <law> The Problem with 50050201 is that it is also the BLZ of Frankfurter Sparkasse. It is fine for wire transfers. But the HBCI interfaces are different (at least thats what I know from different apps for mobile devices)
20:03:41 <fell> but that is the official hbci site.
20:05:04 <fell> usually they adjusted the account numbers before joining the BLZ.
20:05:04 <law> Hmmm... looks outdated to me. PIN/TAN is not supported...
20:05:55 <law> compare: http://www.kaiwu.de/cgi-bin/sbb//sbb.cgi?&a=show&forum=37&show=53
20:08:14 <law> http://www.hbci-zka.de/institute/fints_institute_history.pdf
20:09:12 <fell> Ah, the kaiwu page shows the different IDs.
20:09:37 <fell> for your configuration
20:10:24 <lrhorer> fell: Well, it helps spme.
20:11:35 <law> Hmm.. don't get the point. As initially written, I used BLZ 50050222 and URL https://fints.1822direkt.com/fints/hbci
20:11:42 <lrhorer> Why does a user have a setting for a specific bank, and with which bank should that user be associated?
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20:12:57 <lrhorer> Shouldn't there be ony one user and multip[le accounts?
20:13:19 <lrhorer> *only*
20:15:38 <fell> lhorer: you could have multiple accounts (private and business) at one bank and one account could have multiple users (you, your spouse, ...)
20:22:11 <fell> law: to check the BLZ, there ia also the tool ktoblzcheck.
20:22:37 <lrhorer> So I set up the same user for multiple banks and one account for each?
20:22:52 <lrhorer> How is the account associated with the correct user?
20:23:16 <law> Hmm... where is the tool located?
20:25:01 <fell> if it is not in your distri, you can get it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/ktoblzcheck
20:31:02 <fell> lrhorer: what is your current context?
20:31:55 <fell> user ... in the sense of which program (/institution?)
20:36:38 <fell> law: from https://www.1822direkt.com/service/zugangsmoeglichkeiten/:
20:36:42 <lrhorer> Well, I'm not in a context. I'm just trying to understand how this is supposed to work.
20:36:49 <fell> Hinweis
20:36:50 <fell> Die 1822direkt unterst├╝tzt kein HBCI-PIN/TAN-Verfahren.
20:37:07 <law> fell, I am amost certain that this is outdated...
20:38:05 <law> because many different banking apps support 1822direkt now - I know that that did not a few months ago.
20:38:30 <law> http://support.lexware.de/portal_support/06830-0000/newsDetails?newsitemid=1822direkt-jetzt-auch-per-hbci-erreichbar&version=2012%20-%20V20.00
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20:45:04 <fell> aqbanking-cli --help should show you the version number
20:47:34 <fell> Eventually the manual http://www2.aquamaniac.de/sites/aqbanking/manual5/setup_hbci_user_pintan.php has some tips.
20:49:21 <fell> ... for the german user and for the others: http://www2.aquamaniac.de/sites/aqbanking/manual5/setup_ofx_user.php
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20:52:55 <law> This is version 5.0.21
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20:54:01 <fell> so your environment looks up to date.
20:54:12 <lrhorer> When I tried to download the account balance it locked up the entire session.
20:55:05 <fell> lrhorer: you disapeared from the channel. :(
20:56:19 <fell> you saw this page: http://www2.aquamaniac.de/sites/aqbanking/manual5/setup_ofx_user.php ?
20:56:25 <lrhorer> Yeah. L:ike I said, it locked up the session. I had to kill the session (and every process in it) and log back in.
20:56:57 <lrhorer> Yes
20:57:50 <fell> For each bank you would have a different user id (usually the account number.
20:58:22 <lrhorer> OK. Odd, but OK. So far I have set up one user.
20:59:14 <fell> If you share the account with your spouse, there would be for one account different client UIDs
20:59:31 <lrhorer> No spouse.
21:00:35 <lrhorer> I put in my name as the user name, and the account number as the user ID and the Customer ID
21:01:15 <lrhorer> I looked up the Bank ID on the web page for which you sent me a link.
21:02:09 <lrhorer> There are no accounts defined.
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21:03:12 <lrhorer> According to the web page, it is not necessary to set up any accounts manually.
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21:05:19 <fell> which link? hbci-zka is only for german banks, for OFX, you should search http://www.ofxhome.com
21:05:22 <lrhorer> When I click on <Get Balance> or <Get Transactions>, nothing happens.
21:05:44 <lrhorer> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Setting_up_OFXDirectConnect_in_GnuCash_2#Where_to_find_connection_info
21:07:23 <lrhorer> From the web page: Once a User is defined, you could click on the Accounts tab and define the account(s) associated with the previously define User(s). But it is usually easier to let AqBanking retrieve an account list for each user.
21:12:22 <fell> can you check your log files (see beneath the ofx page http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Something_bad_happened.3B_how_can_I_help_debug.3F)
21:17:32 <fell> law: Eventually somebody on the german gnucash mailing list [http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists] or the aqbanking mailing list [http://lists.aqbanking.de/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/aqbanking-user] knows more about your bank parameters.
21:26:57 <lrhorer> It was probably wiped when the session crashed.
21:27:09 <lrhorer> I thnk I have it working, though.
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21:29:45 <lrhorer> Or maybe not. Now the window is locked up.
21:40:10 <lrhorer> I searched the provided link for my bank (Security Service Federal Credit Union), and I can't find it. The phone staff have no idea what the FID, etc should be.
21:40:15 <lrhorer> Now what?
21:43:47 <law> fell: thanks, will try at the mailing list
21:44:13 <fell> CU there. :)
21:45:12 <fell> lrhorer: you checked also https://www.ssfcu.org/en-us/services/online-services/Pages/online-banking.aspx?cm_sp=Navigation-_-Main-_-Online%20Services:%20Online%20Banking ?
21:47:21 <lrhorer> Yes. I looked everywhere I could find on the site. All the info is for web access only. Nothing about automated online banking.
21:51:00 <fell> and there are no .log/.trace files in /tmp or below ~/.aqbanking ?
21:54:34 <fell> https://compubranch.ssfcu.org/SSFCU/Help.aspx?questionID=Accounts.Download
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21:56:22 <lrhorer> There is a trace file in /tmp. but it is nearly empty. 'Nothing from the time frame of the crash.
21:56:43 <fell> they offer csv qif and ofx for (manually) download.
21:58:06 <lrhorer> Now the tracefile is completely empty. It got zeroed at some point (probably when the window crashed).
21:58:37 <lrhorer> I know how to manually download, but that is a pain.
22:00:13 <fell> "... nor does it support any Direct Connect download method" They seem to stop every developement in 2004.
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22:04:30 <twomash> Hi all, I need to re-run the first run setup wizard again and can't see how
22:06:28 <fell> twomash: file->new file or action->new account hierarchy.
22:07:11 <twomash> so easy... thank you
22:08:43 <fell> welcome
22:35:47 <fell> Time for bed. CU tomorrow.
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23:59:04 <twomash> Anyone here?
23:59:29 <twomash> i imported a .csv statement and I need to sort entries in an imbalance account into various expense accounts