2012-05-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:08:56 <Coke> Hi guys. There's a sv_SE account plan in upstream svn, but not in my current installation, is there a way for me to import the xae from the checked out repos?
05:30:05 <Coke> trying to post invoice to accounts, i pick 1510 as account, but it says no account is selectd and all I can do is create a new claims account, which I dont want.
05:33:43 <Coke> hm. looks like the default sv_SE account is using a different type than is acceptable for claims i guess.
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06:12:11 <Coke> hm i guess the account type is called receivables in english, the swedish receivables are typed as assets
06:12:22 <Coke> that doesn't seem to work when posting an invoice.
06:30:51 <Coke> any way to delete an empty invoice?
06:31:12 <Coke> nvm faq
06:46:50 <Coke> hm. bas 2012 accounts may be incompatible with 2.4.10
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07:15:11 <Coke> Not to chatty here... Well, swedish bas 2012 doesn't work with 2.4.10. It has receivables as assets and two types of liability account types, using the one that doesn't show up in the UI
07:17:26 <Coke> it's using liability and assets instead of A/P and A/R, or something.
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07:29:18 <warlord> it is possible that the accounts are wrong in the template.
07:29:35 <warlord> You need A/R and A/P types for invoices and bills.
07:29:43 <warlord> (they are subtypes of asset and liability)
07:29:54 <warlord> Also, most respondants here are in US timezones
07:41:19 <Coke> so the upstream svn trunk has a bug then
07:41:34 <Coke> because those types aren't used
07:45:03 <warlord> Then yes, that is a bug.
07:45:10 <warlord> Please report it to Bz?
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09:55:45 <GabrieleV> Hello, I can't get the online quote for CHF currency. Using 2.4.10 with Ubuntu 12.04. Suggestions ? Thank you !
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10:33:44 <GabrieleV> It says: unable to receive quotes. F:Q is installed, and works for my stocks.
10:37:23 <GabrieleV> I can't receive any debug info about qoute rtrivial using "--debug --logto stdout" :-(
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10:41:56 <warlord> GabrieleV: did you update F::Q to fix the currency grabber bug?
10:42:08 <warlord> (as per the gnucash-user mailing list)
10:43:06 <GabrieleV> warlord, I use F::Q of stock ubuntu 1.17. I check if it's updated
10:44:06 <GabrieleV> warlord, as per cpan, is the latest one :-(
10:44:35 <warlord> Yes, CPAN hasn't been updated in two years.
10:44:38 <warlord> You need to patch F::Q
10:44:41 <warlord> manually..
10:44:43 <warlord> as per the m-l
10:45:19 <GabrieleV> warlord, i'm reading right now this: http://bit.ly/KF8nMC
10:46:27 <GabrieleV> warlord, found the patch at http://bit.ly/JfDBUX
10:49:33 <GabrieleV> warlord, trying to patch now :)
10:53:53 <GabrieleV> warlord, It works !!!
10:54:10 <warlord> :)
10:54:43 <GabrieleV> warlord, Is it possible to wrote an article in the wiki ?
10:55:15 <warlord> Sure.
10:55:17 <warlord> Go ahead
10:55:22 <warlord> Or into the FAQ
10:55:42 <GabrieleV> warlord, I agree with the faq. I try to register in the wiki.
11:01:32 <GabrieleV> warlord, Do you think it's better to add to this Q: http://bit.ly/J82UKY or add a new Q into section http://bit.ly/KQwOjQ
11:02:02 <warlord> I don't know -- I don't click on bit.ly links. Try giving me real links.
11:04:09 <GabrieleV> warlord, ok, sorry. It was for not cluttering the channel :-(
11:04:38 <GabrieleV> warlord, Add a Q here: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Using_Multiple_Currencies
11:04:40 <warlord> dont worry about cluttering the channel with links to gnucash.org sites!
11:04:53 <warlord> No, I wouldn't put it under that.
11:05:13 <warlord> Is there a section on quote/price retrieval?
11:05:23 <GabrieleV> warlord, or improve tis Answer: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Why_doesn.27t_online_quoting_work.3F
11:05:42 <warlord> I would improve the latter.
11:05:48 <GabrieleV> warlord, Ok
11:05:49 <warlord> .. or add a related question to the latter.
11:07:06 <GabrieleV> warlord, need to wait for the confirmation email :-( Postgrey trouble :-(
11:07:27 <warlord> Lovely
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11:25:00 <Coke> How come the style easy, footer and technicolor all look the same?
11:26:09 <Coke> Also is there a report two get a comparison column for the result and balance sheets? (i.e something like compared with last year)
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11:28:34 <GabrieleV> warlord, here is my editing: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Why_doesn.27t_online_quoting_work.3F
11:30:31 <warlord> Coke: no, there is no multi-year comparrison report. It's an oft-requested feature, but nobody has implemented it, yet. Your best bet right now is to generate a multi-column report with two instances side-by-side, but it's not quite what you want.
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11:30:40 <warlord> GabrieleV: thanks
11:31:25 <GabrieleV> warlord, Happy to contribute :)
11:31:45 <warlord> :)
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11:36:39 <Coke> warlord: I'd have to make that report myself if I was to use gnucash
11:38:38 <warlord> Coke: yeah, but most of the logic is already there to extend the existing reports with another column.
11:42:06 <Coke> looks like archlinux maintainers for libdbi havent updated properly. looking for libdbdsqlite.so.0, but there's only libdbdsqlite.so
11:43:23 <Coke> the default invoice looks pretty horrid as well, hehe. altho, the invoice ui isnt exactly brilliant. might have to use something else to handle orders and billing.
11:44:15 <warlord> Coke: try Fancy Invoice
11:44:28 <warlord> (the plain invoice report was more of a proof-of-concept)
11:45:24 <Coke> i dont have it
11:45:38 <Coke> ive got standard, easy, footer and technicolor
11:45:42 <Coke> the last 3 are all the same
11:46:19 <warlord> Coke: not style sheet..
11:46:25 <warlord> Report -> Business -> Fancy Invoice
11:46:29 <warlord> er, Reports ->
11:46:43 <Coke> aha
11:47:43 <Coke> isnt there a way to resize the columns in the general ledger?
11:47:48 <Coke> when ever I pull the column resizer it goes back to its original size
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11:52:13 <warlord> Coke: http://www.georgiapower.com/pricing/residential/pricing/standard-service-plan.asp
11:52:21 <warlord> Sorry, wrong link
11:52:40 <warlord> Try, http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_resize_my_register_columns.3F_Why_can_I_not_shrink_the_description_column.3F
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11:53:00 <Coke> hm. googled for "gnucash general ledger columns resize"
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11:53:35 <Coke> warlord: omg. why so weird?
11:54:09 <Coke> for crying out loud.
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11:54:28 <Coke> yeah, the account column doesnt get bigger because its sharing its column with a subcolumn showing just "n"
11:54:29 <warlord> that's how it's implemented. the desc column will always fill the window.
11:54:47 <Coke> warlord: what is more important than the description is the account
11:55:13 <Coke> I want to 1) show the entire account name and 2) exclude the top/holder account names
11:55:41 <warlord> There's no way to do that.
11:55:57 <Coke> the description is rarely used, if ever.
11:56:03 <Coke> what's important to see is the account name and it's cut off
11:56:08 <warlord> The description is just as important as the account.
11:56:14 <warlord> Well, make the account column wider.
11:56:30 <warlord> (FWIW, I never use the GL -- I always use account registers)
11:56:35 <Coke> it doesn't matter because the single "n" character is filling
11:57:16 <Coke> hehe. tbh, this UI is almost as bad as the commercial ones that all look like they haven't changed since the late 80's (which they havent)
11:57:21 <warlord> What do you mean "it doesn't matter"? (that 'n' is the reconciled flag)
11:57:29 <Coke> i mean, the "n" column fills
11:57:37 <Coke> so the account column is still as small as it can possible be
11:57:49 <warlord> ???
11:57:56 <warlord> Can you show me a screen shot? (imagebin)
11:57:59 <Coke> no
11:58:01 <Coke> it's very simple
11:58:12 <Coke> the account column has two subcolumns of which the "n" takes up all the extra space
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11:59:34 <Coke> anyway, i've used gtk treeviews myself, there's no reason for having such akward column controls
12:00:10 <warlord> This isn't a treeview.
12:00:17 <Coke> oh there, looked like i missed the resizer between those
12:00:25 <warlord> It's a GnomeCanvas.
12:00:40 <Coke> oh
12:00:46 <warlord> There was an effort to rewrite using a GtkTreeview, but it never finished and never merged back.
12:01:12 <Coke> i guess there's a lot of other stuff depending on gnomeui ?
12:01:23 <Coke> A rewrite makes little sense unless you can rid yourself completely of gnome deps
12:01:38 <Coke> or perhaps to get some of the new cool gtk3 features of gtktreeview
12:02:36 <Coke> the selectable fields would ofcourse have the editable gtk combos, which would look nicer, but not much more.
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12:03:37 <Coke> bascially, in sweden you have a standardized account system.
12:03:54 <Coke> use four digit numbers, the two first numbers are a group and the second are specific accounts
12:04:22 <Coke> there's no use for "1 big group:10 subgroup:1040:account" names with tht system
12:04:39 <Coke> "1040 account" would suffice
12:04:58 <warlord> There may be a preference already to show that.
12:05:17 <warlord> (in the US we don't need that -- the gov't doesn't proscribe how we account, just the results of it)
12:05:20 <Coke> i checked, but i guess could have missed it
12:05:32 <Coke> warlord: the government doesn't do it either, but the national association of accountants recommend it
12:06:27 <Coke> and just for myself and everyone reading the books showing the holder account names is redundant and makes it a bit more difficult.
12:06:36 <warlord> "recommend" doesn't mean that's how you have to do it. As a user IMHO it's much easier to type E x : A u : F to get to Expenses:Auto:Fuel
12:07:05 <Coke> i just type a number
12:07:06 <warlord> It's not at all redundant. For example, "Checking" means what?
12:07:17 <warlord> And how do you remember which of hundreds of numbers you need to type?
12:07:21 <Coke> warlord: you never choose a holder account for that
12:07:24 <Coke> yes
12:07:30 <Coke> it's very efficient
12:07:43 <warlord> Isn't it easier to remember "auto:fuel" than "1263"?
12:08:00 <warlord> How do you differentiate Assets:Bank1:Checking from A:Bank2:Checking?
12:08:59 <Coke> actually, the way that the BAS 2012 in SVN is done, some place holder accounts are used
12:09:10 <Coke> different account numbers
12:09:28 <Coke> all 1900 accounts are bank (cash assets)
12:09:36 <warlord> Again, as a human I find it much easier to remember "Chase:Checking" than remembering some random number.
12:09:57 <Coke> warlord: yes, I'll put that forward to all the educated accountants who will object to this here. :)
12:10:08 <Coke> but they know them by heart and I know most of them too
12:10:16 <Coke> it's just not the way it's done here.
12:10:38 <Coke> like, when a customer has paid a bill I just move money from 1510 to 1910
12:10:40 <warlord> That's fine. But GnuCash started as a personal accounting system.
12:10:42 <Coke> that's how I type it now
12:10:53 <Coke> it takes about 2 seconds in the current accounting program im using
12:11:24 <Coke> i write an invoice number in the description, tab, type 1510, tab, type 1910, tab, an amount of money
12:11:55 <Coke> it works in gnucash too, it finds the text 1510 and 1910
12:12:42 <warlord> Right. That was a recent addition.
12:12:43 <Coke> but the typing of "1 TillgÄngar:15 Kundfordringar:1510 Kundfordringar" is too much
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12:12:51 <fell__> Coke: have a look at templates SKR03 and SKR04 in de-DE. 03 uses the numbers as prefixes, 04 uses the code column.
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12:13:06 <Coke> I think I could probably build a better bas 2012 than the one in SVN
12:13:26 <Coke> not only does it contain bugs for the receivables and payables, but I'm not sure you need to have actual accounts as place holders
12:13:39 <Coke> like 1510 is an actual receivable account
12:13:50 <Coke> but it has 3 sub accounts in gnucash's svn version bas 2012
12:13:58 <Coke> might a well just be directly under 15
12:13:59 <warlord> Trust me, you do NOT want everything as a top-level account!
12:14:04 <Coke> no not everything
12:14:07 <Coke> 1:15:1510 <- done
12:14:09 <warlord> You definitely want a hierarcy!
12:14:15 <Coke> instead of 1:15:1510:1511
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12:14:26 <Coke> 1511 isn't a sub account of 1510
12:14:30 <Coke> so im not sure why it's put like tht
12:15:17 <Coke> i'm going out for some non-deductable beer in a mo.
12:15:22 <warlord> lol.
12:15:27 <Coke> I'd also have to translate a few things.
12:15:29 <warlord> too early for beer. it's barely lunch time here.
12:15:37 <Coke> warlord: perfect time. this is europe
12:15:47 <Coke> (even lunch here is good to start)
12:16:40 <warlord> :)
12:16:58 <Coke> gnucash is pretty much the same crappy shit I see in commercial systems, but at least there are frequent updates, a vibrant community and I can help out to improve it instead of getting sneared at and told "if you don't like it, don't buy it"
12:17:40 <Coke> Is there a special procedure to apply translations or normal submit patch order?
12:18:40 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation
12:18:43 <Coke> oh, no time. damn it. the promise of cold brewskies submit me.
12:19:26 <Coke> Yes, thanks for the link. Guess I'm lazy at googling. I'll read up.
12:20:10 <warlord> Glad to have you aboard, Coke
12:21:25 <Coke> warlord: the world needs good bookkeeping software.
12:21:39 <Coke> i dont know about the US but the swedish vendors suck donkey arse.
12:21:46 <warlord> Indeed. And IMHO GnuCash is still a step above all the rest.
12:21:53 <Coke> warlord: yeah ok, yeah it is.
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12:22:08 <Coke> i like the tabbed windows, the way dialogs dont lock the whole app etc. normal linux interface stuff.
12:22:12 <Coke> i.e modern window handling.
12:22:16 <Coke> ok. i'm off. laters.
12:23:05 <warlord> Enjoy your beer
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12:54:49 <GabrieleV> Hello, anyone had success in getting online quotes of mutual funds from yahoo ?
13:04:35 <warlord> example symbol?
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13:14:46 <GabrieleV> warlord, 2212358.SW
13:15:33 <GabrieleV> warlord, can't get it neither with F:Q perl script :-( but it is present at finance.yahoo.com
13:17:01 <warlord> Hmm, it is missing the date! It has a quote. Interesting
13:18:29 <GabrieleV> warlord, fetching via URL gives price: http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=2212358.SW&f=snl1
13:19:57 <GabrieleV> Gotat go now, see you later
13:21:36 <warlord> GabrieleV: again, it could be a bug in the grabber
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15:17:23 <strk> can an existing book be moved from sqlite to postgresql ?
15:21:21 <warlord> Sure. File -> Save As
15:29:30 <strk> oh, I need 2.4.x, it seems
15:29:33 <GabrieleV> strk, AFAIK, yes. I had a mysql book, and I saved it as XML, and after backto mysql again, and after to xml again.
15:29:36 <strk> ppa ?
15:29:49 <GabrieleV> strk, Which distribution ?
15:29:54 <strk> ubuntu lucid
15:30:01 <strk> (10.04)
15:30:05 <GabrieleV> strk, I used stock version
15:30:08 <strk> yes, time to upgrade...
15:30:22 <GabrieleV> strk, yep, upgrade ...
15:30:24 <warlord> You need 2.4.x for sqlite, too
15:30:42 <strk> oh, ah, yes, I'm using XML indeed
15:30:45 <GabrieleV> warlord, Hy. Any news about the mutual fund quotes ?
15:30:52 <strk> is 2.4.6 good ?
15:31:12 <GabrieleV> strk, I used the one of Oneiric (11.10)
15:33:29 <strk> guile-1.8-dev ...
15:35:50 <strk> checking if guile needs our copy of (guile www)... ./configure: line 19540: syntax error near unexpected token `gnc_have_guile_www,'
15:35:55 <strk> no, 2.4.6 aint' that good :)
15:37:04 <strk> getting 2.4.10
15:37:48 <strk> uhm, better using git, since I've a clone..
15:38:05 <strk> 2.4.10 isn't tagged
15:38:17 <strk> 2.4.9 is
15:38:26 <strk> ideas why ?
15:42:29 <warlord> It's tagged in SVN
15:42:50 <warlord> GabrieleV: No clue. Most likely F::Q lossage
15:43:44 <GabrieleV> warlord, Maybe in the next days I git it a try ...
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15:48:09 <warlord> strk: Most likely because you are using git, and the git tags don't always pull the svn tag correctly. SVN is still authoritative
16:02:30 <strk> ic
16:03:56 <warlord> IC?
16:04:28 <warlord> I can understand you not liking it, but why be disgusted and call something icky?
16:04:33 <GabrieleV> warlord, I've found a python module that seems to work: is it possible to use it instead of F::Q ?
16:04:45 <warlord> Unlikely
16:09:18 <strk> ERROR: Permission denied: "/usr/share/guile/1.8/slibcat"
16:09:21 <strk> IC == I see :)
16:11:15 <warlord> Ah, well, I recommend you speak English and not whatever language "IC" is.
16:11:28 <warlord> strk: run as root once
16:12:08 <strk> run what ?
16:12:21 <strk> ah, guile :)
16:12:39 <strk> wow, voodoo (worked)
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16:17:13 <strk> libdbi and gnomeui... looks promising
16:17:24 <strk> configure: error: Cannot find libgoffice.>= 0.5.1
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16:17:30 <strk> weird error message (typo?)
16:18:19 <strk> installing libgoffice-0.8-dev, meanwhile
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16:21:23 <santiago> I'm trying to upgrade from gnucash 2.2.9 to 2.4.2. How do I import my old bank records?
16:21:59 <warlord> strk: any reason you don't just apt-get build-dep gnucash ?
16:22:16 <strk> ignorance, let's try
16:22:24 <warlord> santiago: 2.4.10 is current, if you're upgrading you should upgrade to 2.4.10, not the very buggy 2.4.2
16:22:26 <strk> oh, no need, configure just completed successfully
16:22:54 <strk> warlord: I'm always concerned about my package manager knowledge of deps being old
16:22:57 <warlord> santiago: as for your data file, just File -> Open the data file, assuming gnucash doesn't find it automagically
16:23:08 <strk> warlord: I'm on ubuntu 10.04 ...
16:23:22 <warlord> strk: so?
16:23:33 <Coke> woah, 10.04
16:23:42 <strk> so an new gnucash may require new versions of packages
16:23:53 <santiago> Let's try opening the data file, and see if that works.
16:23:54 <strk> apt had (for example) libgtkhtml2 and libgtkhtml3
16:24:10 <Coke> 2 years old
16:24:16 <strk> yeah
16:24:29 <strk> will upgrade in a couple of months (maybe)
16:24:41 <santiago> I was holding off upgrading from Ubuntu 10.04 until the next LTS. When I try to install 12.04, it gives me a nasty message that my hardware won't support it.
16:25:04 <Coke> meh. what kernel does 12.04 have?
16:25:40 <strk> santiago: time to switch to plain debian
16:25:59 <Coke> tried booting 12.04 from USB on some lappies and a workstation, seemed to work with allthe new hw
16:26:00 <strk> I think it's really only about Unity, you should be fine selecting a "normal" desktop (gnome?)
16:26:16 <Coke> strk: gnome3 has some problems still
16:26:28 <Coke> it's a problem with gnome3, not ubuntu itself
16:26:28 <santiago> Back to gnucash...it looks like a simple open did it. Thanks!
16:26:45 <Coke> i've had crashes in gnome3 on fedora 15, ubuntu 11.04, 12.04
16:27:01 <Coke> unity works fine, stand-alone compiz (which i run) works fine
16:27:04 <strk> 2.4.10 compiled (pretty quickly too) withouth a warning
16:27:16 <strk> oh, did I need --enable-warning ?
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16:27:39 <warlord> strk: all 2.4.x will have the same base req'ts
16:27:40 <Coke> I'm on archlinux, I couldn't build the svn gnucash. i think some of my shit is too new.
16:28:00 <strk> am I supposed to be able to start gnucash from build tree ?
16:28:03 <strk> ./src/bin/gnucash
16:28:07 <strk> gnc.gui:ERROR:gnc-main-window.c:3322:gnc_main_window_setup_window: assertion failed: (filename)
16:28:10 <strk> Aborted (core dumped)
16:28:27 <warlord> no
16:28:30 <warlord> you have to make install
16:33:25 <strk> alrght, save-as time --- first attempt (unexistant db) closed the window on "save as" -- would have been nice to keep the window open to make me read the whole message and give me a chance to correct
16:33:52 <strk> ie:
16:34:17 <strk> The server at URL postgres://localhost/gnucash experienced an error or encountered bad or corrupt data. [Close]
16:34:33 <strk> hitting [close] closes both the message window _and_ the SaveAs window
16:35:06 <warlord> File a bug report. (I dont use SQL -- I dont trust it for real data)
16:35:22 <Coke> warlord: hehehe.
16:36:13 <warlord> what's so funny?
16:37:36 <strk> warlord: where's the tracker ? (I don't trust SQL either, doing this for a friend willing to try multi-user accounting)
16:37:41 <Coke> just that most things rely on sql for databases these days. seem to work.
16:38:43 <warlord> strk: gnucash doesn't support multi-users, even with SQL
16:38:48 <strk> oh
16:38:58 <warlord> You can still only have one client connected to the DB at a time.
16:39:05 <strk> I guess I could setup the DB to accept only a single connection
16:39:08 <strk> yeah
16:39:37 <warlord> Coke: Gnucash isn't a DB app, and has 15 years of code behind it. SQL was added as "just another file storage mechanism".
16:39:55 <strk> but the db connection interface would need to be more friendly. is git automatically synced with SVN or should I really use SVN for contributions ?
16:39:56 <warlord> Why not setup an NFS server and just share the data file?
16:40:10 <warlord> it is synced, within an hour or three
16:40:13 <strk> NFS with Mac and Windows users ?
16:41:32 <warlord> Ah, you were talking about Ubuntu.. didn't mention Windows. (and yes, NFS with Mac)
16:41:33 <strk> well, time to sleep, will think about it tomorrow (got the tracker url)
16:42:01 <strk> I'm on Ubuntu, my friedn on Mac, the people he wants to share accounting with I dunno (assuming wind)
16:42:30 <strk> I guess he'll eventually also want to experiment with some PHP web queries
16:42:32 <Coke> warlord: because it doesn't have isolated transactions or multi core processing of io requests
16:42:55 *** benoitg has quit IRC
16:43:05 *** benoitg has joined #gnucash
16:43:16 <strk> Coke: postgresql doesn't have multi-core processing of io requests either :)
16:43:20 <Coke> it also doesn't have an OS transparent way of caching data, important for speeding up common requests etc
16:43:23 <warlord> Coke: What doesn't?
16:43:27 <Coke> warlord: files
16:44:26 <warlord> Coke: I dont understand your assertion. GnuCash, a single app, can perform multiple operations atomically on a data file. and then it writes out the whole file when you're done. It will never write out partial data (unless, of course, your disk fills)
16:44:50 <Coke> warlord: but in a database you dont have that problem
16:45:00 <Coke> instead of locking the entire file, you can look a specific row in a specific table
16:45:19 <Coke> buy sure, it may be overkill for the intended purposes of gnucash
16:45:38 <Coke> just saying, sql databases today pack a lot more data crunching power than plain filesystems.
16:45:50 <warlord> Coke: that's irrelevant to gnucash
16:45:58 <warlord> Of course DBs can do that
16:45:59 <Coke> and they do it with a consistancy and speed unmatched by any flatfile system
16:46:04 <warlord> But gnucash is not a DB App
16:46:10 <Coke> warlord: sure. i get that point.
16:46:23 <warlord> Then what's your point w.r.t gnucash?
16:46:26 <Coke> i dont get not trusting sql tho, it's a lot safer for concurrency than a lock file
16:46:37 <warlord> I dont trust GnuCash's SQL tie-in.
16:46:39 <Coke> i just assumed the statement on sql was general
16:46:40 <Coke> ok
16:46:54 <warlord> No, not at all! It's purely about gnucash.
16:47:01 <warlord> I dont trust gnucash's sql backend
16:47:26 <Coke> right. well, i haven't looked into gnucash code much, but an accounting ledger in itself could surely benefit from the mechanisms of an sql server
16:47:44 <GabrieleV> warlord, I found out that F:Q can't get the quote of 2212358.SW. You must ask for the "last" price, because is not traded so much. If you ask for "price" you get nothing. Is this customizable ?
16:48:01 <Coke> i'm also not familiar with dbi. :P
16:48:46 <warlord> GabrieleV: unlikely
16:48:56 <warlord> Coke: it's a SQL DB abstraction interface.
16:49:07 <warlord> ...but the app still requires some DB-specific SQL :(
16:49:20 <GabrieleV> warlord, I have to give for today. Have a good time :)
16:49:27 <warlord> good luck
16:49:36 <Coke> warlord: have you tried sqlalchemy for python?
16:49:44 <Coke> they have a pretty nice object relations mapper in it
16:50:07 <Coke> in fact, the best ive ever seen, but i guess it has a lot to do with python's dynamic nature
16:50:08 <warlord> No. I don't do Python. YUCK!
16:50:17 <Coke> haha. your loss.
16:50:23 <warlord> Not at all.
16:50:31 <warlord> I'll stick with Ruby, thank you
16:50:35 <Coke> well, if you dont like it you dont like it.
16:50:41 <warlord> Syntactic white space? Eww.
16:50:55 <warlord> I thought we got rid of that in the 1980s
16:51:08 <warlord> (apparently not.. someone didn't read their history)
16:51:16 <Coke> i had a hard time getting over that too, but once I set that aside I felt like I was coding an imperative version of lisp
16:51:31 <warlord> Try Ruby
16:51:34 <Coke> oh, guido has a big rationale on that and code style
16:51:36 <Coke> i do
16:52:08 <Coke> i don't decide on petty issues like syntax, i look at the fully offering of alanguage
16:52:16 <Coke> ruby has some nice syntax constructs i miss in python
16:52:22 <warlord> I dont consider syntactic whitespace to be petty
16:52:36 <warlord> that's a majorly serious restriction
16:52:39 <warlord> (IMHO)
16:52:50 <Coke> likewise, i find a constancy and power of the language lacking in non-python coding
16:53:04 <Coke> (or lisp and possible scheme)
16:53:26 <warlord> Like I said, Ruby.. It has all the great points of all those languages without that python syntactice whitespace baggage
16:54:14 <Coke> programming languages are like women to me: each has unique offerings. i could never decide to just do one. :)
16:54:28 <warlord> hahahaha
16:54:33 <warlord> true that
16:55:03 <Coke> then there are languages like java and c#. they are like the moody chicks who cut themselves. no need to get involved.
16:56:48 <Coke> i'm doing most my stuff in C now. it's like dating lookers: real clean and neat, but a lot of extra hard work to maintain.
16:57:11 <Coke> but there is a certain satisfaction when you get it done...
16:58:01 *** fell_ has quit IRC
17:00:48 <warlord> :)
17:06:55 <Coke> warlord: ps. http://datamapper.org/
17:07:00 <Coke> orm for ruby
17:07:27 * warlord has been knee-deep in RoR
17:14:02 <lake> i <3 ruby
17:28:26 *** markjenkinsparit has quit IRC
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17:41:45 *** Coke has quit IRC
17:44:40 *** ErKa has joined #gnucash
18:51:42 *** bizaff has joined #gnucash
18:51:48 <bizaff> hello?
18:58:12 <bizaff> still looking for info on importing from vanguard - i can retrieve my vanguard accounts AqBanking and allegedly link them to gnucash accounts, but when i try to pull transactions from vanguard (Actions->Online Actions->Get Transactions) the dialog quickly scrolls by with an http status 400 bad request.. are there other AqBanking settings that need to be set?
19:01:23 <warlord> bizaff: alas, AqB doesn't support Investment accounts.
19:01:57 <bizaff> ok, thanks.. i saw a reference to that from 2007, but figured they would by now.. thanks
19:02:05 <warlord> nope.
19:02:13 <warlord> You can still download the OFX and File -> Import -> OFX
19:03:32 <bizaff> is there a link describing that? as in do i get that logged into vanguard or use one of the scripting tools to pull it?
19:04:18 <warlord> How you obtain the ofx file is completely up to you.
19:04:52 <warlord> There is no link or document that gnucash has that explains how to download an OFX file from any particular financial institution -- they are each unique
19:06:27 <bizaff> sure.. i found a link logged into vanguard, i just wasn't sure they offered one
19:09:37 <warlord> I believe they do ;)
19:10:07 <bizaff> and as usual.. in the time i waited for the response, i stumbled across it :)
19:12:41 *** benoitg has joined #gnucash
19:17:41 <warlord> heh
19:17:46 <warlord> welcome to my world
19:22:52 *** ErKa has quit IRC
19:23:49 <bizaff> so i just tried to import the vanguard ofx where i was prompted to give type and security/currency.. then i associated each import account to a gnu account.. of course i did this wrong the first time so i deleted the transactions and tried it again.. this time i'm not prompted to associate accounts to gnu accounts - is this a setting i can clear and do again?
19:33:50 *** bizaff has quit IRC
19:42:31 <warlord> You need to delete the accounts and try again... Alas,the OFX binding is stored in the account.
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