2012-03-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:13:24 <zxq9> Does gnucash play well with Guile 2.0.5?
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03:36:27 <Arafangion> zxq9: What OS do you use? (As for guile... I don't know but I don't dev here...)
03:36:52 <Arafangion> zxq9: I'd try it and see :)
03:40:57 <zxq9> I'm on SL6.
03:41:10 <Arafangion> What's that?
03:41:22 <zxq9> Scientific Linux 6, a derivative of RHEL 6.
03:41:29 <Arafangion> Ah, interesting.
03:41:54 <zxq9> I'll run a test to see whether fully upgrading the system to Guile 2.0 breaks anything that currently relies on 1.8
03:42:08 <Arafangion> I'm using Debian, Guile 1.8 works for me.
03:43:31 <zxq9> 1.8 is what's on SL6 as well. Our upstream, Fedora, has moved on to 2.0 and I'm interested in some of the features. I'm just unusure whether it would break anything to upgrade -- or if I should create a "guile2" alternative the same way we've done with "python3" for parallel installation.
03:43:43 <Arafangion> You can't install both!?
03:43:54 <zxq9> That's what parallel installing is...
03:44:12 <zxq9> But the cli alias needs to be different unless I want to mess with /alternatives.
03:44:36 <Arafangion> puthon3's almost a different language, though.
03:44:52 <zxq9> So "#! /usr/guile2" and "#! /usr/guile" or something similar might be what I have to do.
03:44:53 <Arafangion> Debian does parallel installs for guile 1.6 and 1.8.
03:46:19 <Arafangion> Does SL have an 'alternatives' system?
03:46:56 <zxq9> So I've heard. The current Fedora spec file for the guile 2 RPM completely replaces 1.8 -- and there doesn't seem to be a problem yet. I need to check if there are patches in dependent programs to make that work, though.
03:47:27 <zxq9> Yes, there is alternatives. And I don't like it as much as just being explicit in the shebang line.
03:48:04 <Arafangion> Problem with it being explicit in the shebang line is less portability.
03:48:39 <Arafangion> shebang line should only be explicit if it's required.
03:48:48 <zxq9> I'll suffer that, as I doubt anything I write will ever be run outside of the Fedora-derived family. And if it is, its an easy sed fix or alias.
03:48:55 <Arafangion> Eg, for python3 :)
03:49:26 <Arafangion> Fair enough, I'd follow your distro conventions.
03:49:38 <zxq9> Well, that's sort of the root of what I'm trying to discover. Is guile 1.x to 2.x going to really cause specific problems that require patching due to the C API changes or not.
03:49:52 <zxq9> Sometimes this can get tricky (and really annoying to track down).
03:50:31 <Arafangion> zxq9: I'm a debian person... So I'm more paranoid.
03:51:11 <Arafangion> But here, at least... Guile's already installed on a per-version basis.
03:51:11 <zxq9> If I wind up writing the Next Killer App in Scheme, I assume that people the world over will quickly write an "s/guile2.0/guile" bit to fix my heretical shebangness... :-)
03:51:19 <Arafangion> I've got guile 1.6 and 1.8 installed
03:52:52 <zxq9> Yeah, Debian's guidelines are more loosely interpreted than Fedora's are... Fedora "guidelines" are more like hard and fast rules, and "rules" are like capital crime definitions. Its a pretty busy place over there. (and Fedora eats babies)
03:53:39 <Arafangion> Fedora lives more on the bleeding edge, so they have to.
03:53:46 <zxq9> That sort of dev environment tends to demand a lot of explicit definitions to prevent breakage because the project just moves too fast. That's cool and its also not so cool sometimes. Hehe.
03:53:56 <Arafangion> Indeed.
03:54:43 <zxq9> Anyway, that's the sort of habit that's engrained in me at this point. So I don't mind -- but I found it pretty severe compared to the way we used to do community dev on old-school Red Hat. lol
03:55:31 <Arafangion> I've never liked Redhat.
03:55:33 <zxq9> I'll give this a rip and see what comes out just moving totally to guile 2 first, then see if I need to split the definition. GnuCash is way too useful an application to give up over a dependency!
03:56:42 <zxq9> Red Hat... meh, its a lot less forgiving because of its security settings, but SELinux really isn't that hard once you learn how to use the supporting tools.
03:57:20 <Arafangion> I used redhat long before selinux started.
03:57:33 <zxq9> Debian is a pretty slick project, though. I just wish that there was some more effort to generate solid SELinux definitions -- but that's a lot of work.
03:57:47 <Arafangion> I've heard that.
03:57:53 <Arafangion> But then, we do md5 our .debs.
03:57:57 <zxq9> I'm extremely interested in the Debian/HURD thing, though!
03:58:13 <Arafangion> I've yet to try that, although I think there's a dev working on that these days.
03:58:27 <Arafangion> Anyway, I'd best go cook dinner!
03:58:39 <Arafangion> Chicken curry, from a jar.
03:58:59 <zxq9> Well, SELinux doesn't have much to do with package signatures -- its more a "default deny everything" system for every possible interaction. So everything in the system can be firewalled independently, in a manner of thinking. Great for security, but you really have to understand it to not be angry all the time when trying new things.
03:59:10 <zxq9> Mmmm... curry!
03:59:20 <Arafangion> zxq9: I'm aware, but you still have to trust it.
03:59:45 <zxq9> Better than not trusting anything! Well, in an environment where your servers touch the unwashed public.
03:59:59 <Arafangion> zxq9: I'm torn about it, actually... But I think the likes of Android and iPhone's apps have demonstrated that such security works.
04:00:27 <Arafangion> zxq9: The problem is when a particular app's settings were 'too annoying', and thus the security was unneccessarily relaxed.
04:00:51 <Arafangion> zxq9: Or if a particular rule was relaxed for reasons... But it ends up being a security issue.
04:00:56 <zxq9> I don't really know enough about mobile to have an opinion on that, but as a general statement about app security -- this is true.
04:01:37 <Arafangion> These rules are mostly an additional rule, an additional verification, really.
04:02:06 <Arafangion> Anyway, I'd best get my curry cooking!
04:02:13 <zxq9> Cheers!
04:29:59 <Arafangion> Well, that's all in the cooker now.
04:30:09 <Arafangion> Shouldn't cook when hungry, going to end up with far too much. :)
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04:40:11 <zxq9> That's like shopping hungry... just a bad idea.
04:40:23 <zxq9> ...or a great idea, depending on your point of view... ;-)
04:40:46 <Arafangion> It's a fantastic idea, except I've almost run out of containers :)
04:40:52 <Arafangion> WHich is even better. ;)
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05:59:42 <Arafangion> Hmm, fascinating.
05:59:56 <Arafangion> Was trying to figure out how the *heck* I had more money today.
06:00:26 <Arafangion> Then I noticed that the 'adjustment' account got closer to zero. :)
06:05:43 * Arafangion has learnt something from double-entry bookkeeping, and believes he can expect another few dollars lying around.
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11:51:33 <john> zxq9: No, Gnucash isn't yet compatible with Guile 2.0. We're working on it for 2.6.
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12:32:15 <zxq9> john: Ah, thanks for the heads up. I'll plan accordingly then.
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16:12:04 <fred234> Hi, in windows 7 Gnucash 2.4.10 build r22003 can update prices of stocks but not of currencies. I tried re-installing online price retrieval. When I try to edit a currency (CAD) to select the box Get Online Quotes, the box can be checked or unchecked, but only the timezone box becomes available. What should I try next?
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16:52:00 <john> Last I heard (and checked, for that matter), price retrieval was broken in finance::quote. ISTR there was a work-around posted on the gnucash-users mailing list. Search the archives.
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18:59:37 <fred234> HenryG1945
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22:52:02 <Arafangion> Hmm. Gnucash is suddenly unable to get the latest prices for my ASX-listed shares?
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23:38:25 <fuzzybunny> hey guys how do I change the order of the transactions in the GNUCash register. My balance is wrong and I am having a hard time figuring out where the extra or missing transaction is
23:38:56 <Arafangion> fuzzybunny: afaik, (I'm still new), gnucash will order transactions by date automatically.
23:39:10 <fuzzybunny> ojh
23:39:11 <fuzzybunny> oh
23:39:12 <Arafangion> fuzzybunny: However, each transaction internally has a time, and you can't change that in the user interface.
23:39:23 <fuzzybunny> oh brutal
23:39:47 <Arafangion> fuzzybunny: You could, however, abuse the other fields such as notes, number, whatever, to allow you to sort those, or edit the raw data.
23:39:58 <fuzzybunny> hmmm
23:40:19 <Arafangion> fuzzybunny: Personally, I suggest you just reconcile the accounts in smaller increments.
23:40:38 <fuzzybunny> hmmm
23:40:45 <fuzzybunny> yeah I have never reconcilled lol
23:55:29 <fuzzybunny> is there anyway to export my information out of GNUCash into QIF format or something?
23:56:45 * Arafangion has never used quickbooks.
23:57:00 <Arafangion> Infact, gnucash is my second accounting program - my first being a spreadsheet. :)