2012-03-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:27:45 <zfoo> What do you call an expense when the money goes out to the owne?
00:27:46 <zfoo> owner*
00:28:01 <zfoo> I think it's Capital Expense, hmm
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01:19:03 <warlord> K - did you have a specific question?
01:19:16 <warlord> zfoo: indeed
01:19:53 <zfoo> warlord: thakns
01:19:55 <zfoo> thakns *
01:19:56 <zfoo> thanks *
01:20:47 <warlord> Or a capital withdrawal, which is a reduction in owner's equity
01:22:14 <zfoo> warlord: do you think that makes more sense than a Dividend?
01:22:16 <zfoo> hmm, probably, actually
01:25:22 <zfoo> warlord: thanks :)
01:31:10 <warlord> you're welcome.
01:31:25 <warlord> I suggest you talk to a tax lawyer to decide how to report it.
01:35:55 <zfoo> warlord: yeah, since I have a sole proprietorship, I don't think it matters too much (as long as I articulate to him what is what) - nonetheless, I'll ask him tomorrow
01:36:22 <warlord> Yeah, with a SP it probably doesn't matter
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02:18:46 <warlord> off to breakfast
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08:49:19 <jozua> how does printf work with counters in gnucash
08:49:43 <jozua> trying to get the hang of it but I am struggling a bit
08:49:46 <jozua> :)
08:51:23 <jozua> the counter works fine but the format I have specified is obviously incorrect because it does not show when create new invoice
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12:31:38 <alexander> Hello. Is there someone who can help me printing an invoice? If possible in german language?
12:31:58 <warlord> Yes, and No.
12:32:04 <alexander> Fine
12:32:30 <alexander> I spend the hole day to begin with GnuCash
12:32:56 <warlord> Okay... So you entered your invoice? Posted it? Clicked the Print button? Configured the report? And then clicked the Print button again?
12:33:20 <alexander> I entered an invoice
12:33:54 <alexander> then had some trouble with understanding the system. But finally add a position to an invoice (number 3)
12:34:15 <alexander> then I click on print and the screen is blank
12:34:47 <warlord> Oh, you're on windows and the report window is blank?
12:34:57 <alexander> yes
12:35:00 <warlord> Oh.
12:35:08 <alexander> ??
12:35:09 <warlord> Yea, that's a bug.
12:35:17 <warlord> It only affects some people.
12:35:26 <alexander> fine. Im choosen
12:35:46 <warlord> IIRC the workaround is to set a default browser. Let me find the reference.
12:37:59 <alexander> I only have IE. Should I install Firefox?
12:38:58 <alexander> Good to find you. I spent more than an hour an this problem!
12:39:26 <warlord> alexander: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=645273#c40
12:42:05 <warlord> Also added to the wiki under Windows Known Issues
12:44:57 <warlord> .. linked to there from the FAQ under "Further Informations" on Windows
12:45:35 <alexander> this workaround seems not work on my mashine
12:45:43 <alexander> do I have to restart?
12:45:51 <warlord> Yes, you will need to restart gnucash.
12:45:56 <warlord> (dont know if you need to restart the machine)
12:46:21 <alexander> I did this more than once
12:47:15 <warlord> I suggest you read that bug report fully, make sure that *is* the issue you are having, and if the workaround does not work for you I suggest you add a comment there.
12:49:50 <alexander> *sight*
12:55:25 <warlord> in the interim, your other option is to try to Export the Report to HTML and then load it into IE and print from there
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12:59:12 <alexander> ja. the interim works.
12:59:22 <alexander> but nothing else
12:59:37 <alexander> also installed firefox
13:00:38 <alexander> maybe something with virtual mashines?
13:00:55 <alexander> I think I will try LinuxMint
13:00:57 <warlord> I honestly dont know. I would recommend you get involved in that bug.
13:05:40 <warlord> linuxmint should be okay -- this is a windows-specific bug
13:07:01 <alexander> ja. OK. Thank you for now. To change to Linux is the easiest way for me.
13:07:31 <warlord> ok
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13:31:29 <john> @tell andi5 I keep the testing infrastructure up to date in trunk, so it's safe to work off of that. I use the testing branch in my github repo to keep others (mostly Muslim, he's the only other dev writing unit tests ATM) up to date with what I'm working on.
13:31:29 <gncbot> john: The operation succeeded.
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13:35:09 <warlord> good to know, john.
13:35:17 <john> @tell andi5 Christian, Geert, Muslim, and I are all using Git, but rather than using Github's pull request feature it would work better to send a note to the devel list. We can't pull directly into the Github repo; instead we have to pull into a local clone and git-svn-dcommit into subversion.
13:35:17 <gncbot> john: The operation succeeded.
13:41:11 <warlord> Anyways, time for dinner. I'm off.
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13:58:44 <alexander> are you still there warlord?
13:59:21 <alexander> or any other who can help me?
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20:46:47 <K> warlord my specific question is im looking for a programmer who can give me a hand with a small busienss software development for gnucash
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21:43:19 <Arafangion> K: That's not a specific question.
21:44:31 <Arafangion> K: That's a very, very general question, and one better asked with an advertisement for a short contract... But I'm sure that you'll get some answer or suggestion if you ask a specific question.
21:44:36 * Arafangion doesn't speak for #gnucash.
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