2012-03-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:54:01 <warlord> rhizmoe: pay the full amount to A/R, but then split after you apply the payment change the Split to your Bank into two Splits, one to Bank for the reduced amount, and one to Expenses:Discounted Sales
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07:53:16 <xyzzy> i'm trying to file my tax-report, and realized that i'm supposed to split the tax i've paid when buying stuff in 3 fields - 25%, 12% and 6%. In gnucash i've put them all together.
07:53:36 <xyzzy> i could manually go through all transactions and split it, but i'm sure there's a better way.
07:53:46 <xyzzy> since the calculation is really easy
07:54:38 <xyzzy> all my transactions are split transactions - cost without tax + tax
07:54:57 <Fabzgy> that is interesting for us as well
07:55:10 <Fabzgy> We do it manually with split transactions so far
07:57:51 <xyzzy> that would have been alright if i had done it from the start
07:58:16 <xyzzy> right now i just want the totals though...
07:58:59 <Fabzgy> We remade 2,5 months of booking ;)
08:00:06 <warlord> Sorry, there's nothing currently that will automate your re-spliting
08:01:54 <xyzzy> hmm... maybe i could do some kind of xml-magic to figure it out
08:03:36 <warlord> You're using the business invoicing system?
08:07:13 <xyzzy> im not sure, so probably not
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08:28:53 <Arafangion> What (free) tools do you guys recommend if one wants to look at various stocks (on ASX)? (Libraries, even, for programmatic access)
08:31:49 <Arafangion> I don't even know what those programs are called. :)
08:37:38 <warlord> Arafangion: what do you mean by "look at various stocks"? What are you trhying to do.
08:39:14 <Arafangion> warlord: Mostly investigate current shares, get graphs in a timescale I want, perhaps do some (minor) analysis, etcetera. I don't know what I'm doing yet, though. :)
08:40:45 <warlord> Are you just looking at price history or something? GnuCash is more about tracking what you own, not looking at forecasts or anything.
08:40:45 <Arafangion> warlord: But the main immediate thing I want, I guess, is to find out which stocks rise and fall at (nearly) the same time.
08:41:13 <Arafangion> warlord: Yeah, and gnucash seems perfect at that, at least, but yes, I am wanting to have price history.
08:42:06 <warlord> I dont know what tool you should use for the data you want.
08:42:52 <Arafangion> warlord: Nor do I - I've committed myself to a few months of just research and investigation. :)
08:43:47 <Arafangion> But, I guess the main thing is I find using the website for asx.com.au inconvenient.
08:43:59 <warlord> Good luck.
08:44:16 <Arafangion> Heh. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm there? :)
09:06:39 <warlord> Of COURSE not!!!! ;-)
09:06:47 <Arafangion> Just checking. :)
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09:12:48 <warlord> :)
09:14:05 <Arafangion> Actually people said something similar to me when it came to basic accounting, I was looking for fancy stuff that would've hopefully made the task trivial, and have it on my phone, sync'ed and everything with my desktop so I wouldn't have to remember what I spent or anything.
09:14:16 <Arafangion> Eventually I came to senses. :)
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09:55:18 <warlord> heh
09:56:15 <Arafangion> Actually I think most of my friends just use spreadsheets, but I found that too annoying.
09:56:45 <Arafangion> G'night!
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09:59:21 <warlord> see ya
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13:11:42 <andi5> warlord: ping
13:14:56 <warlord> pong
13:15:05 <andi5> john: say i wanted to unit test a small amount of code, is it reasonable to start from trunk or do i need your github fork?
13:15:30 <warlord> andi5: is your code in C?
13:16:07 <andi5> warlord: oh, you are fast :) i think i lost my ssh key and now i am considering my options... right now i have three pending (git) commits, but i also have vacation right now, so i do not expect much spare time in the near future
13:16:34 <warlord> well, I dont control git.
13:16:36 <warlord> only svn.
13:16:50 <andi5> yes, of course.. i was talking about my svn ssh key
13:16:55 <warlord> Okay..
13:17:27 <andi5> i have not done c for quite a while so i would prefer a second pair of eyes on everything i do anyway
13:17:40 <warlord> You can send the patches to -devel
13:18:57 <andi5> yeah... maybe i should do that... other options include newer ones like github pull requests :)
13:19:22 <andi5> for those working with git anyway this might be easier, but most of the communication is by mail, i assume
13:19:47 <warlord> either way would work. for the latter you would need to find someone else who uses git
13:19:56 <warlord> (which wouldn't be me)
13:21:04 <andi5> i guess i will just combine git, github push to many branches with mails to -devel... maybe bugzilla if the mails tend to be forgotten
13:21:16 <warlord> ok
13:21:19 <andi5> still, you might want to remove my ssh key
13:21:32 <warlord> did you lose lose it, or just forget it?
13:21:39 <andi5> i guess i removed it someday
13:21:42 <warlord> (like, was it stolen or compromised)?
13:21:51 <andi5> should be lost for mankind
13:22:20 <warlord> okay, then no reason to destroy it. I can install a new one for you if you want.
13:22:52 <andi5> nice... i might come back to the offer if i really do something :)
13:23:00 <warlord> ok
13:23:05 <warlord> * waves from Paris *
13:23:21 <andi5> tre bien
13:23:25 <andi5> *waves back from munich*
13:23:31 <warlord> nice.
13:23:44 <andi5> next week new job :)
13:24:10 <andi5> are you in europe for longer?
13:24:12 <warlord> congrats
13:24:16 <warlord> I leave Sunday
13:24:18 <andi5> thx =)
13:25:00 <andi5> and how are you?
13:25:25 <warlord> I am well.
13:31:57 <warlord> Later, all.
13:32:03 <warlord> Dinnertime.
13:32:07 <andi5> bye, have fun!
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21:45:36 <K> good evening. any gnucash programmers online?
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