2012-03-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:31:22 <Arafangion> How do I enter a transaction that has part taken from one expense, and part from another expense?
08:32:08 * Arafangion misunderstood the split transaction UI, that's indeed how he should do it, nevermind!
08:38:09 <Arafangion> Hmm, that was educational... Why woudl I use a split transaction rather than simply have two transactions?
08:39:12 <Arafangion> The ledger-style interface is a bit wierd for split transactions, and attempts to show a row for each relevant part of the split, but doesn't show the account used.
08:39:31 <Arafangion> (You have to actually select to split transaction to see that)
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08:40:20 <Arafangion> THe result is... For ONE split transaction, I see TWO ledger lines in the basic-ledger view, when I expect only one row.
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08:50:33 <Arafangion> Why does GNUCash set up an 'Expenses:Adjustment' account? What's that supposed to be used for?
08:51:13 <Arafangion> I've been using that to balance my cash-at-hand, where at the end of the day I see an unexpected discrepency between my actual cash, and my expected cash. (Due to, in part, dropped coins, raiding my piggybank, etc)
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09:11:41 <gour> Arafangion: Adjustment is when your e.g. bank statement differ from your GC status
09:14:10 <gour> as far as split transactions...if i e.g. transer money from one bank account to the other, i have to pay some fee to the bank, so it's convenient to register how much money went to the other account and how much was used for paying the bank fee and since both transactions happened at once, it's convenient to have them registered as one split transaction
09:14:50 <gour> similar when one is buying several things in one shop and wants to specify what's food, electronic devices, flowers etc.
09:15:14 <Arafangion> That's why I used a split, actually. I purchased some gifts and also some groceries in one transaction.
09:15:33 <Arafangion> I see, although my bank shows me the bank fee as an additional transaction.
09:16:49 <Arafangion> Split transactions also mean that I don't see what account was used in the basic ledger view. :(
09:17:14 <Arafangion> Hmm, but the transaction journal is nice.
09:45:06 <gour> well, basis ledger shows you the main stuff, for details use other views
09:45:26 <gour> *basic
09:51:29 <Arafangion> gour: If the ledger view is presenting a row for each item in teh split as it applies to that account, then presumeably, it can also show the category in the same row?
09:54:43 <gour> Arafangion: what do you mean 'category'? try auto-split
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10:26:34 <Arafangion> gour: Example of a category would be: "Expenses:Car".
10:26:40 <Arafangion> What do you call that?
10:31:36 <gour> ahh, it's OK
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12:25:53 <soa2ii> Hi. How are you supposed to use the balancing feature? It can create an automatic entry of the amount missing. Now the money is really missing. It's no asset though if you create the automatic entry. What are you supposed to do if you find out the reason (of some) of the missing money?
12:27:54 <gour> soa2ii: create appropriate transaction to fix it
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12:52:07 <soa2ii> gour: How would those look like?
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13:09:54 <andres> hello everyone
13:10:28 <andres> can anybody tell me, does gnucash encrypt the xml files it saves?
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13:11:21 <andres> I tried to save a xml file but when I open it with vim it just looks like garbage
13:18:09 <soa2ii> What does "automatic balancing" do? Here it's resulting in 100% CPU load.
13:18:12 <gour> soa2ii: delete balancing trans. and create the real one
13:18:32 <gour> i never encountered 'automatic balancing'
13:18:46 <soa2ii> gour: right click on an account
13:18:49 <soa2ii> It's there.
13:19:38 <gour> let me see
13:19:43 <kcwu> andres: it's only compressed. no encryption
13:20:47 <gour> soa2ii: i don't see it...only Reconcile
13:21:01 <soa2ii> gour: I got the german translation here, sorry.
13:21:19 <soa2ii> gour: I mean the 6th from above.
13:21:50 <gour> soa2ii: ok, that's Reconcile...i use it regularly
13:22:21 <gour> soa2ii: what's not clear about it?
13:23:07 <gour> have you read Reconciliation in tutorial? it's quite nicely explained there
13:24:00 <soa2ii> gour: Nope. Where is it?
13:24:15 <gour> you take you bank statement, select a date and then check your transactions in a register against your statement...you can launch it from GC
13:25:06 <gour> soa2ii: http://gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-guide/txns-reconcile1.html
13:25:57 <gour> German one is not quite up-to-date :-(
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14:21:11 <andres> kcwu: Ah, thanks! I somehow missed that part in the documentation.
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14:32:53 <zfoo> Hm, is gnucash supposed to run pretty smoothly on os x?
14:33:05 <zfoo> / stable
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15:04:50 <john> zfoo, for what value of "smoothly"? Gnucash is still a Gtk, not a native OSX, program.
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16:25:46 <zfoo> john: gotcha, good point. nevermind.
16:26:09 <zfoo> john: thanks anywho. Been using gnucash for the past few years, but someone told me about freshbooks... so just looking into it
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16:31:54 * gour likes to keep his invoices as close as possible...similar to email
16:32:37 <zfoo> gour: been using gnucash for 4 years, just looking at my options. I kind of have the same issue as you
16:32:45 <zfoo> gour: not to mention, it's cheaper when you keep it closer to you :)
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16:34:08 * gour nods
16:34:26 <john> zfoo, it looks to me that freshbooks is for tracking billable hours, not for accounting.
16:42:06 <zfoo> john: haha, funny, I just realized that
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