2012-03-21 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:43:24 <Arafangion> When entering in a new transaction in what I think must be 'ledger mode' (Yeah, I'm new to this!), is there an easy way to say: "Use the same account as I used for the previous one for this transaction"?
07:43:43 <Arafangion> It's trying typing 'Expenses:Groceries' all the time. (I'm currently recording every single transaction at the moment)
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07:47:48 <warord> Arafangion: if you duplicate the description and tab out it will auto-fill the rest of the txn.
07:48:12 <warord> as for the accounts, you should be able to type: e x : g r <tab> and it should quickfill
07:48:13 <Arafangion> warord: Well, there's lots of sub-categories under Expenses.
07:48:18 <Arafangion> warord: Awesome!
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07:49:01 <Arafangion> That's vaguely similar to how emacs does it too, so easy to get used to.
07:49:25 <warlord> The number of accounts under expenses shouldn't matter. If you type "Publix" in the descritpion, it should remember that the last time you used Publix it was Ex:Groceries.
07:49:44 <Arafangion> Ah, I see, I haven't been using the descriptions much at all.
07:49:47 <Arafangion> Should I?
07:49:54 <warlord> Absolutely!
07:50:02 <Arafangion> Why? :)
07:50:18 <warlord> So you know what you bought, or from whom.
07:50:35 <warlord> ... and for this reason -- to be able to quickly duplicate a txn
07:50:45 <warlord> (or why)
07:50:46 <Arafangion> Ah, that's a biggie. :)
07:50:54 <Arafangion> Will do so. :)
07:51:12 <Arafangion> Typing 'food' certainly is easier than Expenses:Groceries, even with the e:g shortcut.
07:52:12 <warlord> Sure, but using the description you can differentiate how much you spent at Kroger vs. how much you spend at Pick-and-Pay
07:52:56 <warlord> (even though both go to Expenses:Groceries)
07:53:25 <Arafangion> Hmm, right now I'mm putting all my transactions into gnucash, (ie, backdating them), I think I'll stick with absurdely simplistic or no descriptions for now, but for future ones, perhaps I should indeed use more detailed descriptions.
07:53:39 <Arafangion> What kind of descriptions do you use for, eg, grocery-related items?
07:54:06 <warlord> I generally put the Payee into the desc. Sometimes I put the products, but rarely
07:54:27 <Arafangion> Interesting... I'm more product-focued.
07:54:30 <warlord> (i.e., I answer who, and sometimes what)
07:54:45 <warlord> Well, the description is what gets put onto a Check if you Print Checks
07:55:06 <warlord> .. and if you import from QIF, the Payee maps directly to the description
07:55:17 <Arafangion> I see
07:55:32 <Arafangion> btw, "all my transactions" is now almost 1.5 months. :)
07:56:25 <Arafangion> I think the old ones I'll just have nil description, but use the payee, if/when I remember them, for newer ones. :)
07:56:40 <Arafangion> The categories are fairly descriptive as they are.
07:56:54 <Arafangion> btw... How do you manage "lost" money?
07:57:07 <Arafangion> There was one time last month I literally *forgot* to take my damned change!
07:57:34 <Arafangion> Expenses:Adjustment?
07:58:27 <warlord> Well for cash I periodically create a Balancing Transaction (desc) to Expenses:Miscellaneous. But Ex:Adjustment can work, too.
07:58:52 <Arafangion> Nice.
07:59:16 <Arafangion> I can't believe how many years I went without this, it's not that hard to enter in transactions as I was led to believe!
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08:01:01 <warlord> :)
08:01:54 <Arafangion> I'm 26, by the way - never kept a book or budget in my life!
08:02:00 <Arafangion> Well, _finance_ book.
08:03:03 <warlord> :)
08:03:05 <warlord> Anyways, gotta run
08:03:08 <warlord> good luck
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08:03:15 <Arafangion> Thanks for the help. :)
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08:06:27 * Arafangion realises he's probably misusing the 'Checking Account', but hey, a name's just a name, right?
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08:30:23 <Arafangion> Suddenly I have the: "This transaction is already being edited in another register. Please finish editing it there first."
08:30:35 <Arafangion> No idea why...
08:31:47 <Arafangion> Hmm, well, fiddling with the 'cleared' state of another transaction, saving, then going back "fixed" it.
08:31:48 <Arafangion> Odd.
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09:47:56 * Arafangion wonders how taxes should be done, and assumes that this is highly specific to one's country.
09:48:11 * Arafangion takes the easy way out and ignores them!
09:48:52 <Arafangion> Could be interesting...
09:49:57 <Arafangion> See, I get my income *after* taxes, I then get a tax refund, if any, not sure how I'd record the /actual/ taxes.
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09:51:50 <Arafangion> Ah, nice, it's in the wiki!
09:53:28 <Arafangion> Bah, I'll do it the naive way for now!
09:54:01 <Arafangion> (Which is to stick it into expenses, without any other adjustment, the consequence is that they'll usually be negative)
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10:42:37 <jmijij> How do I delete a Custom Report?
10:45:23 <jmijij> Anybody?
10:50:33 <blathijs> jmijij: I think they're just files in ~/.gnucash/somehwere, not sure if there is an official GUI way to do it, though
10:53:13 <jmijij> True...they are but they don't appear to be several files (1 for each report) they appear to be all in 1 file.
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11:01:27 <warlord> jmijij: I thought there was a UI to delete it in 2.4, but maybe I misremember.
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11:35:10 <Quanta> are the widgets of gnucash written in glade?
11:40:07 <warlord> The widgets are Gtk. Glade is a UI builder
11:40:57 <Quanta> ok, so which tool was used for creating the UI builder in gnucash?
11:45:26 <warlord> I dont understand the question
11:45:55 <warlord> (the question makes no sense given the tools available)
11:48:10 <Quanta> sorry, but i dont have experience in writing GUI
11:49:32 <Quanta> if i would like to write something extention to gnucash, i would like to know which tools the developer of gnucash are using for creating widgets
11:50:01 <Quanta> for having competability
11:50:25 <Quanta> i hope that my question is clearer
11:52:11 <warlord> Please define what you mean by "widget"
11:52:34 <warlord> Because based on what you're saying and your questions I do not believe you have the same definition as the rest of us.
11:52:54 <warlord> to me, a widget is, well, a widget, a tool. It's not a GUI, it's a *piece* of a GUI, like a Text Entry (GtkEntry).
11:53:02 <warlord> The widgets are written in C.
11:53:56 <warlord> GnuCash then uses glade to combine the widgets into screens. It builds a dialog or window or page starting with the GtkDialog or GtkWindow and then building up the page using HBox and VBox and Labels and Entries and such.
11:55:54 <Quanta> whould GUI widget make more sence?
11:57:54 <warlord> Again, your question makes no sense.
11:58:00 <Quanta> for me widgets was the screens that you see using grafical environment
11:58:02 <warlord> What exactly are you trying to do
11:58:16 <warlord> Yeah, your definition of "widget" is wrong.
11:58:38 <Quanta> first of all, you already answer my question
11:58:41 <warlord> A widget isn't a screen. A widget is a piece with which you build the screen
11:58:55 <Quanta> ok....
11:59:20 <warlord> A screen is built from tens or hundreds of widgets
11:59:23 <warlord> (generally)
11:59:42 <Quanta> ok, so that was not what i ment to ask
12:01:43 <warlord> If you are trying to build a screen, use glade. That's what gnucash does. It generates the UI files and uses libglade to read those UI files and build the UIs at runtime.
12:01:53 <Quanta> my question was suppose to be: which user interface designer was used for creating gnucash
12:02:53 <Quanta> and you already said it, glade
12:03:10 <Quanta> thanks, hope that my last formultion was correct
12:03:14 <warlord> Although not all dialogs use glade. There are some hand-coded dialogs
12:03:19 <warlord> Yes
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14:07:31 <psp250> Anyone gets this on git master:
14:07:31 <gncbot> psp250: Sent 47 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours, and 44 minutes ago: <fell> While real devs use emacs it might be easier to run the debugger in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Eclipse. ;-)
14:07:34 <psp250> dialog-customer-import.c: In function 'gnc_customer_import_create_customers':
14:07:35 <psp250> dialog-customer-import.c:399:36: error: 'shipaddr' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=uninitialized]
14:07:35 <psp250> dialog-customer-import.c:389:32: error: 'addr' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=uninitialized]
14:08:13 <psp250> ?
14:10:23 <mikee> psp250: I havn't seen that myself.
14:11:23 <mikee> I assume thats the Business ->import cutomers and vendors function?
14:17:32 <mikee> You might want to file a bug report with a sample file that causes the problem.
14:20:00 <psp250> It's during compilation, the shipaddr and addr variables might be used uninitialized. Settings them to NULL allows to proceed.
14:21:01 <mikee> Ah. Compiles OK for me. What system are you on?
14:21:51 <psp250> openSUSE 12.1
14:21:55 <psp250> next one is
14:21:57 <psp250> make[2]: Entering directory `/home/user/code/gnucash/intl-scm'
14:21:57 <psp250> make[2]: *** No rule to make target `/home/user/code/gnucash/src/business/business-core/gnucash/business-core.scm', needed by `guile-strings.c'. Stop.
14:26:43 <mikee> try doing make maintainer-clean to remove unwanted files and directories.
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14:29:28 <psp250> that breaks even more
14:33:00 <warlord> psp250: can you try with a clean checkout?
14:34:15 <mikee> Hi Warlord. I'll leave this you, but I'll look into the importer issue.
14:34:28 <mikee> Beer and food time for me.
14:34:39 <warlord> enjoy. (on a phone call)
14:35:20 <psp250> warlord, from git you mean?
14:35:45 <psp250> warlord, using git://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash.git
14:36:18 <warlord> um, sure, i guess. (i use svn)
14:36:45 * psp250 clones again...
14:38:04 <warlord> just make sure it's a clean checkout.. then rerun autogen and configure
14:43:02 * psp250 building...
14:45:19 <psp250> here we go, first of it stops at the uninitialized variables
14:46:05 <psp250> simple fix
14:46:05 <psp250> - GncAddress *addr, *shipaddr;
14:46:06 <psp250> + GncAddress *addr = NULL, *shipaddr = NULL;
14:46:51 <psp250> ok, seems as if went through this time
14:48:30 <warlord> cool.
14:48:43 <warlord> can you file a bug report and attach that patch?
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16:09:11 <gour> warlord: another problem with SXes...if i have SX which is supposed to be created on e.g. 1st day monthly and I postponed it and create it on the 5th, GC shows it in register on the 5th, but SX editor shows 'last occured' on 1st. is it feature or a bug?
16:11:18 <warlord> feature.
16:12:26 <gour> hmm...but it is not correct date, right?
16:14:39 <warlord> Well, technically it is -- it's the date the SX fired.
16:16:50 <gour> ok, i can see the logic...
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19:08:23 <GabrieleV> Hello: HELP !!! I started my new registrations, and after closing the file, I can't find them anymore ! Using Ubuntu 11.10 !!!!
19:09:28 <GabrieleV> There is no file in ~/.gnucash, only a log in ~/
19:15:10 <GabrieleV> Gnucash does not ask to save UNSAVED files ???? I can't believe it !
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19:18:25 <GabrieleV> Is there the hope to recover from the translog only ?
19:43:34 <GabrieleV> So I understood that the data file was not saved, and I have only the log...
19:52:28 <kpreid> GabrieleV: Gnucash does ask to save unsaved files; most likely it's just misplaced
19:53:33 <GabrieleV> kpreid: I think that I have not saved the file initially when the wizard asked me to build the accounts. If you donpt ave it the first time, you can close without warning: do you confirm ?
19:55:25 <kpreid> Well, I confirm. That is very unfortunate.
19:57:31 <GabrieleV> kpreid, Now is there a way to recover data from the logfile ? I see that it contains ALL the data I have entered, but if I open an ampty data file, and I do an import - replay log file, it does nothing
19:58:09 <GabrieleV> kpreid, I launched gnucash with debug, and I saw that the logfile is red correctly, and registration are red, but not written !
19:58:17 <kpreid> I can't help you myself about recovery from the log.
19:59:02 <kpreid> I can see why it wouldn't work though — the accounts get unique IDs, so the accounts in the new file wouldn't match the ones in the log
19:59:12 <GabrieleV> kpreid, thanks ! Hope someone could usggest me how to do....
19:59:53 <GabrieleV> kpreid, I saw... I believed that account are created if not present, but it isn't ...
20:00:11 <kpreid> so it should be *possible* to recover, but it may well need custom software to do. I'm really out of my expertise, though, so I'll stop my speculating. Wait for someone else to wake up on this channel, or contact the GnuCash mailing list...
20:01:04 <GabrieleV> kpreid, thank you again ... :)
20:01:27 <GabrieleV> Is there am irc log of the channel, in case someone reply to me ?
20:10:28 <kpreid> http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/
20:21:24 <GabrieleV> kpreid, thanks, I'll check tomorrow morning if someon could point me out with a suggestion :)
20:21:36 <GabrieleV> good night :)
20:21:45 <kpreid> people may assume you're not looking; if that doesn't work try the mailing list
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22:29:43 <warlord> kpreid: fyi, it is not possible for Gabriele to recover from the log file, because the log file does not contain account information, only txn info. So replaying a log doesn't work if the account structure doesn't already exist.
22:29:57 <warlord> In this case the account structure was lost, so... alas.. nothing to replay into.
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