2012-03-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:12:14 <Arafangion> Who would be the most common user of GnuCash?
00:12:25 <Arafangion> Small business... Or individuals who aren't running a business?
00:24:43 <Arafangion> Are there any tips I should be aware of if I wish to use a tool like GnuCash without any financial education whatsoever?
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00:44:02 <kcwu> Arafangion: http://gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-guide/index.html is good to read
00:44:22 <Arafangion> kcwu: I'm reading through the PDF version of that at the moment.
00:44:38 <Arafangion> Up to page ~34 or somewhere, though.
01:00:07 <Arafangion> It's very good, although I'm concious of the fact that GNUCash is probably not going to help me with tax itself, so will still need an accountant, I guess.
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03:34:21 <Toby> How to change the default font under mac, in order to display non-english locale correctly?
03:42:13 <gour> i see you still did not receive any help. :-( too bad i'm on linux
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09:11:37 <warlord> gour: toby did indeed receive help. Please read the log from 19:29 EDT where john told him what to do.
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09:27:49 * gour was afk at that time...will check log
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19:34:04 <rhizmoe> can i change the date of an invoice? I record time in an invoice and would like to change the date to reflect the day it's posted. manually is fine.
19:37:10 <rhizmoe> post date, and edit invoice. found it.
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20:49:50 <rhizmoe> can i go straight from an invoice to a report of that invoice?
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20:50:01 <warlord> rhizmoe: yes, it's called Print
20:50:36 <rhizmoe> as in paper?
20:51:54 <rhizmoe> i make pdfs from html exports of reports...is that the easiest way to do something like that?
20:53:43 <rhizmoe> also, can defaults be set for report settings, or, really, anything?
20:53:55 <warlord> paper is up to you. From the invoice window click "print" to get the Invoice Report. Then you can decide whether to print that, create PDF, or whatever
20:54:16 <warlord> No, easiest way is to just print to PDF directly.
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20:56:39 <rhizmoe> huh.
20:57:27 <warlord> On linux at least there is always a PDF printer;
20:57:40 <warlord> And in 2.6 there will be a Print to PDF menu option directly in GnUCash
21:01:18 <rhizmoe> found it
21:01:41 <rhizmoe> is there any way to persist the settings for which columns should or should not appear?
21:03:17 <warlord> Not in a way that will let you use the Print button from the invoice window.
21:03:44 <warlord> What I do is leave the report open in the format I want, and then after I post the invoice I switch to the report tab and select the newly posted invoice.
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21:25:02 <rhizmoe> warlord: that might be ok for now. thanks
21:25:11 <warlord> ok