2012-03-16 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:36:39 <krisfremen> warlord-afk: I just want a way to tag some transcations so I can relate them to a person, since it's a shared bank account
06:39:32 <krisfremen> warlord-afk: I managed to get some sort of "tagging" if I enter like a blank split
06:40:26 <krisfremen> and I can search for them and/or do a filter and then an account report, but they don't really do any of the math
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10:18:11 <warlord> krisfremen: Not sure what you mean by "do any of the math".. I'm also not sure what you mean by "relate them to a person" -- why wouldn't you put that person's name in the description? Or in the txn notes?
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10:59:29 <mgelman> gnucash documentation mentions using the scheme sourcr in /usr/share to learn the gnucash api, how do i run those scripts?
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11:21:12 <warlord> mgelman: I do not know of a good way to load the gnucash environment into guile nowadays.
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14:19:53 <john> warlord: Derek, you just told a user that the "template" commodity category is a bug. It seems to appear in only two lines in gnc-commodity.c. Should I remove those two lines, or do we need the dummy security for something?
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15:02:21 <warlord> john: I thought it was used for SXes. It's presence in the UI is a bug.
15:05:57 <warlord> there is a reference to "template" in ./src/gnome-utils/dialog-commodity.c
15:06:34 <warlord> ... also in ./src/backend/xml/gnc-schedxaction-xml-v2.c, ./src/gnome/dialog-commodities.c, ./src/gnome/dialog-price-edit-db.c, ./src/engine/gnc-commodity.c, and ./src/engine/SchedXaction.c
15:08:09 <john> The one in gnc-commodity.c creates it and the one in dialog-commodity.c tries to hide it. I didn't see the others when I grepped, so I'll look at them in detail.
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15:28:16 <warlord> ok
15:28:30 <warlord> still, it's a bug that "template" shows up in the UI.
15:29:15 <john> Yup. Probably easier in the short run to figure out why the snippet in dialog-commodity.c doesn't work.
15:58:40 <warlord> could be.
16:19:39 <gour1> evening...i've problem that some SX which I did postpone, now are displayed as completed and not available for to-create, although they are not created in the appropriate registers. any hint?
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16:20:44 <gour> and that's not the first time that somehow SX are messed up in GC...last time i had to checkout earlier version from my DVCS and fix mess by hand...
16:21:24 <gour> it seems that same work is ahead of me, but i wonder what's wrong
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16:22:31 <warlord> SXes are weird.?
16:23:36 <gour> yes
16:25:21 <gour> they are all marked as completed although i did complete just one or two and the rest i did postpone
16:27:28 <warlord> sorry, it was a rhetorical question as an answer to your question.
16:28:08 <gour> np, in any case postponing SX seems to be buggy
16:28:43 <warlord> doesn't surprise me.
16:29:36 <gour> heh, that's nice
16:31:29 <warlord> Well, don't postpone your SXes ;)
16:31:40 <warlord> (file a bug report -- or see if it's already been reported)
16:32:37 <gour> here is the diff that show those SX-ex (with the 2012-02-03 date) http://pastebin.com/xhguXTk0
16:33:02 <gour> heh, if you can give me some extra money, i won't postpone 'em :-)
16:33:44 <warlord> Looks like the posted.
16:33:46 <warlord> they
16:33:52 <warlord> I see two new transactions.
16:34:07 <gour> s/2012-02-03/2012-02-13
16:34:31 <gour> excuse me for the wrong date
16:35:08 <warlord> I suggest filing a bug report and supplying the diff. BUT -- I see a new transaction that was created from the SX in there.
16:35:45 <warlord> From the following SX:
16:35:46 <warlord> + <slot:key>from-sched-xaction</slot:key>
16:35:46 <warlord> + <slot:value type="guid">866b8bf995e304dba8fb112786362a84</slot:value>
16:37:51 <gour> yes that transaction was created and this is ok
16:39:06 <gour> but several others SX-es are marked as occured on 2012.3.13 although they were not created
16:39:57 <warlord> Okay, file a bug report
16:40:05 <warlord> attach that output.
16:40:58 <gour> ok
16:41:40 <warlord> .. assuming there isn't already a bug
16:42:16 <gour> i believe this one is close - https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=543212
16:42:41 <gour> because last time GC also crashed and after re-starting it, i also had those strange numbers in the date
16:43:17 <gour> what do you think to just add comment to the one above?
16:43:36 <gour> another one which i've found is https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=634216
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16:44:46 <warlord> Up to you
16:44:57 <warlord> Do what you feel is right, and provide data wherever you can
16:45:11 <gour> ok
16:57:46 <gour> i did update https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=543212 which is, btw, almost 3yrs old
16:58:11 <warlord> not surprising..
16:58:16 <warlord> we have bugs 10 years old.
17:00:11 <gour> let's now try to fix the problem in our repo...
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17:17:49 <gour> we fixed it and it seems that marking SXes as 'reminder' is much better than 'postponed'
17:21:12 <gour> and it will become our regular practice now
17:23:54 <warlord> okay. add it to the wiki/faq?
17:24:26 <gour> what? suggestion to use reminder instead of postpone? yeah, i can do it
17:27:07 <warlord> or how you recovered..
17:28:34 <krisfremen> warlord: well, I can do that, but how can I get a report that includes only those transactions
17:29:01 <krisfremen> and give me the total and do the math for credits and debits from just that person?
17:30:01 <gour> well, i did recover by committing 'broken' version in a new 'branch' (safety or backup reasons), checking out one version earlier, adding missing transaction(s) and committing to the 'trunk'...but i have no idea how to do it if the file wouldn't be under DVCS (in this instance i use Fossil)
17:30:49 <gour> warlord: so, i'm not sure if it falls in FAQ category
17:32:16 <warlord> krisfremen: Edit -> Find ; Notes Matches [name] ?
17:32:21 <warlord> then Report -> Account Report
17:32:36 <krisfremen> I got that so far, and I use that
17:32:39 <warlord> gour: dunno
17:32:49 <krisfremen> but the Account Report sums up both the credits and the debits
17:32:55 <krisfremen> so it's not doing the math correctly
17:33:23 <warlord> It should give you the debits and credits separately
17:33:49 <gour> warlord: ok, i'll think about it overnight and do it tomorrow if finding it's appropriate...better idea is to create test file and minimize context do expose SX bug
17:33:58 <warlord> gour: ok
17:37:42 <warlord> krisfremen: the main issue here is that gnucash does not have "TAGS" --- what you should probably be doing is using subaccounts to signify people.
17:38:04 <krisfremen> hmm, ok, I'll look into that
17:38:09 <krisfremen> thanks warlord
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