2012-03-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:24:06 <fell> mikee: can you op gncbot?
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05:27:02 <fuzzybunny> hey guys is it possible to convert GNUcash data into QIF or OFX?
06:01:30 <mikee> @op gncbot
06:01:30 <gncbot> mikee: Error: I need to be opped to op someone.
06:02:28 <mikee> /mode #gnucash +o gncbot
06:02:32 *** mikee sets mode: +o gncbot
06:36:43 <fuzzybunny> hey guys what does the R column in gnucash stand for
06:36:44 <fuzzybunny> ?
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06:42:47 <mikee> fuzzybunny: R = Reconciled
06:46:22 <fuzzybunny> oh there are just all these c and ns in it
06:47:00 <mikee> c = cleared, n = not cleared.
06:47:45 <mikee> You can (should) reconcile transactions against against your bank statements
06:55:07 <mikee> http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/txns-reconcile1.html
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08:18:13 <parthag> Hi
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08:37:46 <warlord> parthag: It is considered impollite to PM without asking.
08:38:14 <warlord> Conversations should be in-channel except when agreed that they should be private.
08:39:21 <parthag> Sorry, i wanted to ask about GSoC
08:39:36 <warlord> This is the place to ask.
08:39:52 <warlord> I am not the only person who could answer.
08:41:07 <parthag> Ok, sorry for that.
08:45:54 <parthag> So, how do you suggest me proceed regarding this?
08:47:20 <warlord> I suggest you email gnucash-devel and write up your proposal.
08:47:46 <warlord> do you have a project you'd like to work on? If so, talk about it, and write it up.
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09:26:40 <warlord> good morning fell
09:27:10 <fell> good morning warlord
09:27:27 <warlord> Everything working on the wiki again?
09:29:55 <fell> I hope so. I edited yesterday only the GSoC2012 page.
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09:32:30 <warlord> Excellent.
09:32:37 <warlord> At least we know the spamblocker is working ;)
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09:35:57 <fell> Yeah, http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=Special:RecentChanges show everyday a few New user accounts but no unwanted changes.
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09:40:42 <warlord> Good. :)
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11:49:16 <krisfremen> is there a way to save transaction reports? so they can be run again later with the same parameters in the report options?
11:55:30 <warlord> krisfremen: either leave it open, or change the report name and then "Add Report"
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12:04:47 <krisfremen> warlord: oh, I was wondering why that button didn't work before, thanks!
12:05:22 <krisfremen> also, one more thing, what would be the easiest way to do filtering/tagging for certain transactions?
12:15:57 <Mer|in> so is it just me or is GnuCash taking longer to load data files these days?
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12:44:47 <LoneClock> hi i am having a problem setting up the online price retrieval feature
12:45:56 <LoneClock> when i try to install it i get a message saying "did not find ssleay.dll in current directory"
12:46:56 <LoneClock> does anyone know how to fix this so i can install the online price retrieval feature?
13:04:35 <warlord> krisfremen: What kind of filtering/tagging do you want/need?
13:04:49 <warlord> Mer|in: Well, as your data file gets larger, so gnucash will take longer to load it.
13:05:01 <warlord> LoneClock: what OS/Distro?
13:11:28 <LoneClock> windows 7
13:11:36 <LoneClock> warlord windows 7
13:12:21 <warlord> Hmm. What version (and distro) of perl did you install?
13:15:44 <LoneClock> 5.14.2 it looks like
13:16:49 <warlord> ActivePerl? Or some other perl distro?
13:17:02 <LoneClock> yes activeperl
13:17:36 <warlord> And you say "when you try to install" -- what method are you using to try to install?
13:19:30 <LoneClock> in the gnucash folder there is an option that says "install online price retrieval" so i just right click on it and run as admin....i have tried to just click on it without running as admin but then it cant find perl
13:20:19 <warlord> You might need to add perl to your PATH environment.
13:21:29 <LoneClock> well thats what it says when i dont run it as admin...but when i do run as admin it just gives me the message about ssleay.dll
13:22:42 <warlord> The installer should pull in ssl for you. I dont know why it's not.
13:22:50 <warlord> Can you try uninstalling perl and re-installing it?
13:22:59 <warlord> Maybe get 5.12 if you can?
13:24:09 <LoneClock> i can get ssleay online i think but where do i need to put it?
13:26:49 <warlord> I honestly dont know where it's looking.
13:27:28 <warlord> (sorry, I don't use windows myself, so I'm trying to go through the standard process)
13:27:57 <warlord> It's not something we hear frequently. Lots of people use Win7, so we would've seen it already.
13:28:11 <warlord> Are you on the 'net? Do you have a firewall blocking the downloads?
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13:31:58 <LoneClock> i can see the ssleay32.dll in the perl bin folder
13:32:47 <warlord> Right... So... try adding the perl bin folder to your PATH?
13:35:50 <LoneClock> where can i find out how to do that?
13:36:30 <warlord> google?
13:36:37 <warlord> (sorry, i dont know that)
13:37:52 <LoneClock> ok i will search for it
13:38:18 <Mer|in> warlord: yea it just seems like there's been a big difference between the way it is now compared to a couple of months ago - even though there's not an abnormal amount of data that's been added over that period
13:39:14 <Mer|in> in fact, i'd say the amount of data entered over that amount of time is less than normal
13:39:14 <warlord> Mer|in: change in backend storage?
13:40:24 <Mer|in> i had been using pg since it became available in beta
13:40:42 <Mer|in> switched to sqlite3 and it still takes about the same amount of time
13:42:44 <Mer|in> nbd, really - was just curious if i was alone in that one
13:46:44 <LoneClock> warlord okay i put perl in the path and now it seems to be doing something different though im not really sure i understand what i did lol
14:00:28 <warlord> Mer|in: well, the sql backends are always (currently) going to be slower than the XML backend..
14:00:37 <warlord> ... because they have to do more work than the xml backend.
14:00:47 <warlord> LoneClock: is it "working" now?
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14:05:31 <LoneClock> The program can't start because VSINIT.dll is missing from your computer
14:05:39 <LoneClock> but it seems to be working lol
14:05:58 <LoneClock> it starts up and the online price retrieval seems to work now
14:09:36 <warlord> Interesting.
14:23:14 <Mer|in> warlord: that's interesting.
14:23:47 <warlord> Mer|in: the only benefit (IMHO) of the sql backends right now is that you get instant-save when you make changes.
14:24:15 <Mer|in> warlord: i had corruption problems with the xml backend
14:24:26 <Mer|in> every once in a while the xml file would just go berzerk
14:24:54 <warlord> I have never seen that happen unless you have disk issues
14:25:10 <Mer|in> this was on a network drive
14:25:27 <Mer|in> but that was the only file which exhibited that behavior
14:25:36 <warlord> I have heard of data loss with the sql backends. All known issues have been fixed, but that doesnt mean there aren';t unknown issues.
14:26:29 <Mer|in> i keep incremental backups so it was easy to recover from
14:27:08 <Mer|in> if i had to guess at the cause on that i would think that it was from frequent saving
14:27:35 <Mer|in> i have a reflex of hitting ctrl+s after every modification
14:29:42 <warlord> sounds like a drive issue..
14:30:43 <Mer|in> dunno - i kind of doubt it but i don't have much to say either way
14:31:12 <Mer|in> except that it's the only file that behaved that way, and i've been through a couple of file servers with that happening
14:31:32 <Mer|in> but there are plenty of other factors
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14:32:57 <warlord> well, it *could* be the gnucash interaction with remote file systems.. I've only used it on local disk.
14:33:05 <warlord> never seen corruption.
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22:49:58 <max> I am trying to learn the scheme api for gnucash and when I run the example scripts that ship with gnucash, I get this message ERROR: no code for module (gnucash main)
22:50:21 <max> I know some scheme, but I am not too familiar with guile in particular, any idea what I am doing wrong?