2012-03-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:05:21 <petaspeedbeaver> Does anyone know if there's a way to display the ledger for another year than the due? Or is there another way to view all transactions whatever account they are on for an old year?
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08:58:38 <warlord> petaspeedbeaver: Under the View menu you can modify the filter-by date
09:05:27 <petaspeedbeaver> warlord: Thanks! That was what I was looking for!
09:08:56 <warlord> you're welcome
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09:38:36 <mikee> warlord: I'm looking at InvoiceNextID in the python bindings. There's a function definition in invoiceP.h but no matching function in the code
09:38:43 <mikee> void gncInvoiceSetPaidTxn (GncInvoice *invoice, Transaction *txn);
09:39:42 <mikee> Causes problems whe including invoiceP. in gnucash_core.i
09:40:06 <mikee> I need to delete the definition in order for it to work.
09:40:39 <mikee> your opinion is welcom?
09:44:21 <warlord> What are the problem(s) including invoiceP.h?
09:44:44 <warlord> It might be better to just move the declaration of NextID from invoiceP to invoice
09:46:01 <mikee> warlord: Good morning, by the way. Hang on I need to generate the error again.
09:46:19 <mikee> Ah, good point.
09:46:29 <warlord> good morning.
09:57:53 <mikee> warlord: lib/python2.7/site-packages/gnucash/_gnucash_core_c.so: undefined symbol: gncInvoiceSetPaidTxn
09:58:24 <warlord> Hmm...
09:58:31 <warlord> Odd.
09:58:43 <warlord> Maybe the API isn't defined in the .c file?
09:59:46 <mikee> A grep of the sources only shows a single ref. to the function
09:59:58 <mikee> in invoiceP.h
10:03:32 <warlord> Right, so it is declared but not implemented anywhere...
10:03:45 <warlord> that would cause that link-timeerror
10:04:07 <mikee> That's what I thought.
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10:06:58 <warlord> So you could just comment it out of the .h file
10:07:38 <mikee> That's what I did.
10:08:03 <warlord> ok.
10:09:36 <mikee> Great. Thanks for your help. I should have a commit soon.
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10:18:46 <warlord> okay
10:18:46 <warlord> great
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14:05:08 <mfilipe> does anyone know if it (http://imagebin.org/203069) is possible created in gnucash? so, each group are the months, each bar are the profit-loss and they are categorized by years.
14:08:44 <warlord> mfilipe: I don't recognize it as a gnucash chart.
14:20:54 <mfilipe> warlord, no, I created it in LibreOffice
14:22:15 <warlord> Ah, then perhaps I misunderstood your question. I thought you were asking "was this possibly created in gnucash", whereas I guess you were asking "is it possible to create this in gnucash". I answered the former. To the latter, the question is "not today", I know of know current reports that will create that.
14:22:22 <warlord> One *could* write a report to do that.
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16:20:46 <mstenta> Hey all, where in the GnuCash source can I find the code for generating the running account balance when you're looking at the transactions in an account? I'm new to the source code, but I'm trying to learn it, so excuse the newbiness… :-)
16:25:13 <warlord> mstenta: check out xaccSplitGetBalance
16:25:37 <mstenta> warlord: thanks!
16:25:50 <warlord> you
16:25:51 <warlord> 're welcome
16:45:19 <mfilipe> warlord, thanks for ask me anyway :)
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16:45:59 <warlord> you're welcome mfilipe
16:50:04 <mstenta> warlord: if you have a moment, can you help me find the code i'm looking for in the documentation? i found the xaccSplitGetBalance function: http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/group__Transaction.html#gae2eb5c3532879552ef348f9bf24f57a5 but it seems to just return split->balance… do you know where the split's balance is calculated?
16:52:33 <warlord> mstenta: xaccAccountRecomputeBalance
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16:53:50 <mstenta> warlord: thanks again!
16:53:55 <warlord> np
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18:15:10 <lake> gnucash is awesome
18:15:16 <lake> just saying, i like
18:15:17 <warlord> thanks, lake
18:15:40 <lake> warlord: are you the maintainer? main programmer? sorry for my ignorance
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18:17:14 <warlord> I was. Now I just hang and try to answer questions. I maintain the gnucash systems, but dont really have much time for coding anymore.
18:20:56 <lake> thats awesome. thanks! i love being able to use quality free software. i have been able to lay out a financial plan that is really going to help change my life. that feels totally awesome.
18:22:56 <lake> warlord: just curious -- do you have a background in accounting apart from your work on gnucash?
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18:23:18 <warlord> nope.
18:23:34 <lake> haha, that's really cool
18:23:42 <warlord> I'm a s/w dev. All the accounting I know I learned from gnucash and from reading books.
18:23:49 <warlord> I did pick up a couple accounting books along the way.
18:24:23 <pica> Hi there
18:27:37 <lake> warlord: do you maintain this? https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash
18:28:55 <warlord> nope
18:28:58 <warlord> that's Github.
18:29:10 <warlord> I maintain *.gnucash.org (except for www)
18:30:17 <lake> got it, so svn, wiki, etc
18:32:33 <lake> i notice in the readme that this link is 404ed: http://www.gnucash.org/en/hacking.phtml
18:33:49 <warlord> from where is that linked?
18:34:06 <lake> http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/browser/gnucash/trunk/README
18:34:12 <lake> linke 129
18:34:24 <lake> line*
18:36:28 <warlord> Ah, that would be a bug. But I doubt people really hack on the README file regularly. File a bug report, or mention it on gnucash-devel?
18:37:36 <lake> i guess hacking a readme is pretty lame
18:38:53 <warlord> lol
18:39:00 <warlord> It doesn't get much love.
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