2012-03-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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12:11:29 <Riyas> how can see report of pending payments only from customers?
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12:19:19 <Riyas> how can I see report of pending payments only from customers?
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12:19:38 <warlord> Riyas: what do you mean by "pending payments"?
12:20:08 <Riyas> If I take customer report, it shows all the invoices and payments,
12:20:28 <Riyas> but i want only the pending payment details, not the whole old payments
12:20:43 <Riyas> only the payment pending invoices from customers.
12:24:35 <warlord> I'm still not sure I understand. The customer report shows you how much is due, and how long ago stuff was due. Why do you think you need what seem to be asking for?
12:24:59 <warlord> er, "need what you seem"
12:26:01 <warlord> It sounds like you're asking for a report of only "unpaid" invoices?
12:26:08 <Riyas> exactly
12:26:15 <Riyas> thats what I want
12:26:31 <warlord> No such report exists, partly because gnucash does not "pay" invoices, payments can pay across "multiple invoices", or not even a full invoice.
12:26:47 <warlord> Why do you think you need such a report?
12:27:21 <Riyas> my customers get confused with the current report, they or myself has to trace back what all are paid and what all are not
12:28:13 <Riyas> because the payment details are shown in another record so it is very difficult match and find those which are not paid
12:30:15 <warlord> I guess to me I don't see why it matters. The customer owes $X, regardless of "which" invoices happen to have been paid. E.g., you bill $20, $30, and $40, the customer pays $15, then $35. Which invoices are "paid"?
12:31:30 <Riyas> customers here are paying against each bill number, either partially or in full.
12:33:13 <Riyas> if we look at your example, from the three bills, if the customer pays the first bill ie. $20, then I only need to send the customer the pending $30 and $40 bill numbers
12:34:19 <warlord> Well, like I said, no such report exists. You would have to hack on the scheme, based on the aging and owner reports to get what you want.
12:34:40 <warlord> Ah, but in my example they just mail you two checks, for $15, and $25. Which bills did the pay?
12:35:32 <Riyas> our customers send us details of every bill number against which they are paying, either partially or fully.
12:36:34 <warlord> well, gnucash is not written for your (lucky!) specific case. It's written for the general case, where all you get is the payee (customer) and amount.
12:37:14 <warlord> You are welcome to submit a patch that implements the feature you want, or you can file an enhancement request and hope someone else considers it high enough priority, but at this time gnucash does not have the report you want.
12:38:00 <Riyas> I work in the middle east, here all of our statements and payments are against the invoices and bills, not all the total amount due
12:38:26 <Riyas> And I think that is the correct way to track the payments from the customers
12:39:16 <Riyas> In GnuCash, I maintain, receivable account for each customer and payable account for each suppliers under the main Receivable and Payable Header
12:39:36 <warlord> Like I said, you are lucky that your customers do that. That is not always the case. Gnucash was written for the more general case.
12:39:45 <warlord> SERIOUSLY!?!
12:39:46 <warlord> Why?
12:40:08 <warlord> That seems like so much additional work for you.. Tens, hundreds, THOUSANDS of extra accounts.
12:40:16 <warlord> Posting your invoices must be a nightmare.
12:40:21 <Riyas> so that If I take a balance sheet, I'll get the split up of my debtors and creditors
12:40:48 <Riyas> its not thousands, it will be equal to the number of my customers and suppliers
12:41:18 <warlord> Right, which could be in the tens, hundreds, or thousands.
12:41:49 <Riyas> mmm...I have less than 50 customers and less than 20 suppliers
12:42:07 <Riyas> so it will be like 50 receivable and 20 payable accounts
12:42:38 <warlord> Right, and that pulldown must be a nightmare for you. Frankly, that's not how GnuCash was designed to work.
12:43:30 <Riyas> yes, if instead of pull down if it was a selection window popup, it would have been great
12:44:26 <warlord> Yeah, but it wont, because it was designed to have 1 A/R per currency (and 1 A/P per currency). GnuCash keeps track of the customers for each invoice/payment
12:45:23 <Riyas> is there anything can be done in the report to avoid the paid invoices from the report?
12:47:12 <warlord> No. Your only option is the start date of the report, so it will only print invoices and payments after that date. But no, there is no flag to "only print unpaid invoices"
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12:48:09 <Riyas> what I have to do to request this feature?
12:49:36 <warlord> you can file an enhancement request in bugzilla, but frankly I dont expect that to help you -- there are requests still outstanding from 10 years ago.
12:49:46 <warlord> Your best bet will be to learn scheme and implement it yourself.
12:50:01 <warlord> or you can *hope* that someone else finds it important enough to impement.
12:50:26 <Riyas> Can you give me some links to learn scheme?
12:50:40 <Riyas> I have a good programing background.
12:53:06 <Riyas> when you do a "Pay Invoice" option, is there any flag in the invoice to make to "paid" or "Paid Partially" like that...
12:56:25 <warlord> Sorta.. There's the concept of a "Lot" which maps invoices to payments. When Invoice->Lot->Balance == 0 then the invoice has been paid.
12:56:58 <warlord> c.f. gncInvoiceIsPaid()
12:57:24 <warlord> as for learning scheme -- google for MIT Scheme -- it provides some useful links.
12:58:22 <Riyas> since i'm a novice with GnuCash, can I use the gncInvoiceIsPaid() in the report?
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12:59:43 <warlord> You should be able to, yes.
12:59:55 <warlord> Although that wont necessarily help you remove the payment lines.
13:00:08 <warlord> (especially considering a payment could be applied to multiple invoices)
13:00:24 <Riyas> I'll try to post this as a enhancement request
13:00:37 <Riyas> also I'll try to do some learning on MIT Scheme
13:00:57 <Riyas> thanks for the patient to help sucha novice
13:01:05 <Riyas> Time for dinner here, see you around...
13:01:17 <Riyas> Thank You, Over and Out
13:01:26 <warlord> Good luck.
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13:09:40 <Kartingkid> will gnucash in the future have the facility to add employee share options that cover (grant,vest, exercise, expire) dates
13:11:39 <warlord> Kartingkid: maybe? Are you offering to implement it? :)
13:13:07 <Kartingkid> I am not a programmer, so I was wondering if one of the developers was doing it.
13:15:17 <warlord> at this time, no
13:15:38 <warlord> you can file an enhancement request for it if you want, but dont expect a quick acceptance.
13:20:12 <Kartingkid> OK, thanks, how do I do that!
13:21:42 <warlord> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla
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18:37:15 <elnino> is there a way to copy a structure of accounts either by exporting and then reimporting them or copying files or somethign?
18:37:15 <gncbot> elnino: Sent 1 day, 7 hours, and 4 minutes ago: <warlord> Sorry, you did lose me. Unfortunately you do have it backwards (which is not surprising). In an Asset account, a debit increases and a credit decreases the value. Most people have it backwards because of your bank statements.. But your bank is giving you a statement from *their* side -- where it is a liability. For a liability a credit increases and a debit decreases.. That's the confusion.
18:37:16 <gncbot> elnino: Sent 1 day, 7 hours, and 2 minutes ago: <warlord> in summary: in asset accounts, a debit is a deposit and a credit is a withdrawal.
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18:56:43 <elnino> hey that's cool. I got your responses from "1 day, 7 hours ago" warlord.
18:56:57 <elnino> is that a gimpnet thing?
18:57:46 <elnino> gncbot sent them.
18:57:46 <gncbot> elnino: Error: "sent" is not a valid command.
18:58:08 <elnino> and apparantly he doesn't like me mentioning his name. lol
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19:05:40 <john> He's a bot. If you mention him, he thinks you want him to do something.
19:06:20 <john> One of the things he'll do is save a message for someone who's not signed in at the moment and send it to them when they come back.
19:10:45 <elnino> htat's nice. I'm on other ircs that don't do that that I know of.
19:10:52 <elnino> s/htat/that
19:11:49 <elnino> hmm. so "new account heirarchy" looks like something I'd want, but the choices aren't exactly how I would want them. Is there a way to 'modify" the templates available there?
19:12:51 <warlord> elnino: it's a gncbot thing. And to answer your new question: File -> Export Accounts, and then File -> Open
19:13:46 <elnino> file->open will import? I thought it just opened the other ".gnucash' file.
19:14:03 <elnino> oh good grief, there's the import.
19:14:14 <elnino> I expected to see it by the 'export'
19:17:15 <elnino> ah ha! I think this is what I want. http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Account_Hierarchy_Template
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19:37:14 <warlord> elnino: it all depends what you are trying to do..
19:37:47 <warlord> I assumed you meant "create a new data file with a replica of the current-file's account structure".
19:39:21 <elnino> nope, I want to create a template of accounts and use it over and over.
19:40:11 <warlord> And you want to share that template?
19:43:10 <elnino> publically? no, privately yes
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19:48:15 <warlord> then yes, you want to File -> Export Accounts and then wrap that in an XEA wrapper
19:48:44 <warlord> .. and then you can put it into the accounts/<locale> directory and find it via the New Hierarchy Druid
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