2012-03-08 GnuCash IRC logs

00:36:33 <elnino> I'm readign the tutorial. Is this a typo? "increase in assets if you have a parallel increase in liabilities.
00:36:33 <elnino> "
00:36:51 <elnino> "you could have an increase in assets if you have a parallel increase in liabilities"
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11:30:00 <david> hi all, I use postgres as a database backend. I had it in my local network, but I moved the database to a remote server and I connect to it. Now, after the move, the connection timeouts really often. I have to restart the application again and again It is disturbing. The database admin adviced to set up a RECONNECT period.
11:30:32 <david> He meant that the RECONNECT is a Gnucash setting
11:30:47 <david> Please, is there anything like that?
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12:30:08 <david> auto-reconnect (a period when gnucash automatically reconnects the datasource)
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15:13:16 <MattKruen> Hi there. I am a new user (< 1wk) to gnucash. I use version 2.4.10 on Windows with the MySQL database backend. Everything works well, I am happy with my choice.
15:13:50 <MattKruen> But I have one feature question: I am trying to create read-only access for someone else
15:14:00 <MattKruen> is this possible?
15:14:20 <MattKruen> I keep getting an error message, when I try to log in without write privileges
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16:22:20 <john> MattKruen: Possible, but not supported at present.
16:26:46 <MattKruen> John: That sounds encouraging. Can you give me a hint on what I might try?
16:30:40 <john> Sorry, it's possible if we change Gnucash's SQL backend code. It's not possible as Gnucash is currently written. That's what I meant by "not supported".
16:38:04 <MattKruen> Got it. I guess I can fall back to creating an export and putting it into a Dropbox-type folder. Anyway, a big "thank you" to you and everyone else who works on gnucash. It's the perfect tool for our small business.
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22:48:13 <elnino> hi anyone here? I'm getting SO confused.
22:52:40 <elnino> somewhere I read that for assets, debits increase the balance and credits decrease the balance.
22:52:40 <elnino> is this really true?
22:52:53 <elnino> i'm pretty sure that was from gnucash docs.
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22:56:58 <elnino> oh, warlord... can you answer a question for me?
22:57:10 <warlord> ummmm... maybe?
22:57:20 <elnino> somewhere I read that for assets, debits increase the balance and credits decrease the balance.
22:57:24 <elnino> is that true?
22:57:38 <elnino> it comes from http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/basics-accounting1.html Under 2.1.3
22:57:38 <elnino> discussion
22:58:33 <elnino> it seems to me that that is wrong. credits increase the balance and debits descrease the balance for ASSETS and INCOME.
22:59:29 <elnino> I'm really trying hard to understand this, but that statement in the docs is really confusing me.
23:03:18 <elnino> I also found another error on that page. when using "formal accounting labels" the labels are "debit" and "credit" not "deposit" and "withdrawl"
23:06:04 <elnino> did I loose you warlord?
23:06:08 <elnino> s/loose/lose
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23:24:11 <elnino> well, it still doesn't make sense, but after fiddling around with it, I need to use the "non-formal labels" and reverse the sites for income and expenses for the numbers to make sense to me. It would be nice to see that in the documents somewhere for "personal budgeting" tips or something. maybe i"m all messed up.
23:24:25 <elnino> but I'm sure glad gnucash is flexible to do that for me. =)
23:35:26 <elnino> ok. I have nother question. I'm setting up many sub expense accounts, but I need to mirror the same subaccounts for the type "cash" - is there a fast way of doing this? I have no problem modifing xml files if I need to.