2012-02-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:28:36 <stepfen> hi warlord and thanks for the help...
01:28:49 <stepfen> I tried gnc-fq-dump, indeed some sources are not working but several others do work...
01:29:05 <stepfen> how do I know which source I am using and how can I change it???
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11:07:23 <Janno> how do I get the value of <gnc:count-data cd:type="gnc:GncInvoice"> ... </gnc:count-data> (in c or python)?
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11:54:53 <warlord> Janno: you dont
11:55:18 <warlord> Well, you do via calling query on the book and then g_list_length() on the result.
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11:58:46 <Janno> warlord, thank you
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11:59:00 <warlord> Why do you need to know the total number of objects?
11:59:45 <Janno> I want to give invoices an increasing id
12:00:53 <Janno> and I though it would be best if this id is just the total number of invoices in the book
12:03:09 <warlord> Janno: invoices automatically do that.
12:03:24 <warlord> Use the Invoice ID Counter!
12:03:33 <warlord> It's in the Book KVP
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12:04:12 <warlord> Janno: qof_book_increment_and_format_counter()
12:04:20 <warlord> see gncInvoice.c and look for that.
12:06:29 <Janno> for some reason the counter is actually incremented when I create invoices in python, but none of the functions (qof_book_*_counter) to access them are contained in the python bindings :/
12:08:05 <warlord> Probably because they are called internally.
12:08:24 <warlord> perhaps from gncInvoiceNextID() ?
12:11:49 <Janno> I don't find that function anywhere in the python-bindings directory.
12:12:34 <Janno> maybe I'll just have to find the largest invoice ID manually
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12:15:14 <warlord> Janno: no, you should just be able to call gncInvoiceNextID
12:15:39 <warlord> It should get wrapped auto-magically by swig. I'm not sure what you expect to find.
12:16:08 <Janno> oh, well, I though it would have to be mentioned somewhere
12:16:47 <warlord> Nope, it just has to be an in included .h file.
12:16:59 <warlord> ... and swig will (should) wrap it automagically.
12:17:47 <Janno> it's not in gnucash_core_c, gnucash_core or gnucash_business
12:18:01 <Janno> also not a function of Book
12:18:40 <warlord> No, it would be a function of Invoice
12:18:55 <warlord> (most likely)
12:20:10 <Janno> nope :/
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12:22:51 <warlord> Well, then, that's a bug. It should be wrapped. But apparently it is not because it is defined in gncInvoiceP.h and not gncInvoice.h -- so I guess it's considered "private" *grump*
12:22:57 <warlord> Email gnucash-devel?
12:23:29 <Janno> okay, I'll do that. thanks for your help :)
12:23:44 <warlord> Another alternative would be to have the invoice itself auto-assign the NextID at some point.
12:23:51 <warlord> ... if there is no id.
12:23:56 <warlord> but I'm not sure when would be a good time.
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12:54:30 <mikee> Janno: invoice = Invoice(book, 'TEST', gbp, customer )
12:54:36 <mikee> perhaps?
12:56:00 <Janno> but that would assign the ID 'TEST' to all invoices, would it not?
12:56:04 <mikee> Ah. no. Doesn't assign new number. Sorry.
12:56:17 <mikee> Yep. Just realised that.
12:58:50 <mikee> Just looking at some old python script, without thinking. Apologies for misleading info.
12:59:08 <warlord> mikee: I think gncInvoiceNextID would need to be exposed
12:59:58 <mikee> Should be, yes.
13:00:21 <mikee> There is a book.InvoiceLookupByID("NUM")
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13:01:11 <mikee> Which is a function of book
13:01:13 <warlord> Yes, but that finds an invoice. gncInvoiceNextID just provides the string for the "next invoice ID"
13:01:47 <warlord> So it would be invoice = Invoice(book, gncInvoiceNextID(book, customer), gbp, customer)
13:02:29 <warlord> or perhaps Invoice.new should be smart and call gncINvoiceNextID() if the 'ID' parameter is left empty/blank?
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13:08:49 <mikee> Too late for me today. Brain tired. Food next.
13:09:28 <warlord> of course. :)
13:18:34 <RyuGuns> This is GPL?
13:19:57 <warlord> define "this"
13:20:22 <RyuGuns> gnucash
13:20:30 <warlord> yes, gnucash is distrubuted under the gpl
13:26:07 <RyuGuns> :(
13:26:09 <RyuGuns> okay
13:26:10 <RyuGuns> thanks
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13:28:06 <warlord> um, okay, why the frowny face?
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15:48:04 <neutralbias> Hey all. I have a question regarding custom multicolumn reports and multiple charts. Whenever I try to setup a new report, I can only have one chart displayed. Subsequent charts produce an error like "unable to push bar chart." Just curious if there's been any progress on that issue. I'm running 2.4.10 on Mac OS X Lion using the native app package.
15:52:40 <warlord> neutralbias: i have heard about that problem -- it might be mac-specific, but i'm not sure. try asking on the gnucash-user list?
15:55:26 <neutralbias> It isnt OSX specific. Its present in the windows version as well. Might be a non-linux issue? Anyway, there's various bug reports out there on both bugzilla and the user list.
15:56:57 <warlord> If it is mac and windows then it probably happens in linux, too. more likely the devs dont use custom, multicolumn reports.
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15:57:56 <neutralbias> Seems like its not a heavily used feature to begin with. I know the bug has been around for at least a year.
15:58:32 <neutralbias> Its a shame too, there isn't another OSX finance app that compares in terms of flexibility. Quicken is a complete joke.
16:02:19 <warlord> heh
16:02:30 <warlord> is there a Bz entry?
16:02:42 <neutralbias> yup.
16:03:05 <warlord> hmm.. add an entry?
16:03:46 <neutralbias> Suppose I could file another bug report. Last one didn't get much of a response though.
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