2012-02-26 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:27:26 <zeev> Hi, how do I do the following: determine how has changed the amount of an account from date A to date B
06:27:26 <gncbot> zeev: Sent 1 week, 5 days, 19 hours, and 44 minutes ago: <warlord> Yes, to change those titles you will have to modify the .scm file -- and you would have to do that every time you update gnucash. Unless you did a copy-and-paste-and-modify of the report, but then you might fall out of repair at every major upgrade.
06:27:27 <gncbot> zeev: Sent 1 week, 5 days, 19 hours, and 42 minutes ago: <warlord> As for switching to another language: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_I_want_to_use_GnuCash_in_my_own_language
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09:09:01 <warlord> zeev: Asset or Liability account?
09:09:07 <warlord> (or Income/Expense)?
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09:48:01 <Janno> is there something like TaxTableLookupByName for BillTerms in the python api?
09:52:28 <warlord> Janno: GncTaxTable *gncTaxTableLookupByName (QofBook *book, const char *name);
09:52:51 <Janno> what, does it work for billterms too?
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09:56:12 <warlord> oh, sorry -- too early in the morning
09:56:30 <warlord> GncBillTerm *gncBillTermLookupByName (QofBook *book, const char *name);
09:59:25 <Janno> ah, cool. thanks :)
10:00:04 <Janno> btw, what exactly is a QofBook *book? I ran into that a few times already. how do I pass a normal python book instance?
10:03:23 <warlord> I dunno -- I don't do Python.. This is the C Api. Python wraps that, so I suspect there is a Python wrapping for a QofBook* object
10:05:21 <Janno> okay, I'll have to dig deeper
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10:10:22 <warlord> good luck
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12:41:00 <fell> dario: I just saw, SKR14 has 3 additional digits in the account numbers. So modularisation would not be trtivial.
12:43:20 <fell> You could try to download the pdf, run pdf2txt and the script from the wiki - with some adjustments between the steps.
13:05:56 <gour1> do you find there is a need to keep one's *.gnucash files under (D)VCS?
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13:13:31 <gour> or let's ask directly: anyone keeping their *.gnucash under (D)VCS?
13:17:28 <Janno> how do I actually create a GUID from a string?
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15:17:13 <ttt> does GnuCash keep stats on the usage of different features, like budgeting, business functions, etc.?
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18:46:49 <warlord> ttt: nope. We have no way to do that -- no "phone home" usage.
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21:22:09 <mib_sch860> When I tell gnucash that an expense on a bank statement I've imported is an expense and allocate it to say "advertising" or something I can't seem to find it using Vendor - "find bill"
21:23:40 <mib_sch860> Anyone know what I'm missing here?
21:25:36 <warlord> you're mixing apples and oranges. You're not generating a vendor bill, you're importing a bank statement with an expense.
21:26:58 <warlord> Why would you expect to find it using "Find Bill"?
21:27:05 <warlord> You can find it using "Find Transaction"
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21:29:12 <mib_sch860> Well normally I put bills in manually, however I've just started importing bank statements. So If I can assign an expense on the bank statement to its account like "phone bills" I could then edit it to add tax and invoice number. But even when I do that I can't seem to find it to bring it up for editing like I can a bill I've created from scratch
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21:31:04 <warlord> You cannot do that.
21:31:11 <mib_sch860> Is "Find Transaction" under vendor, customer or employee?
21:31:22 <warlord> neither.. It's not a "business" feature.
21:31:24 <warlord> It's under "Edit"
21:31:50 <warlord> But if you want something to apply as a business object entry you need to enter it on a vendor invoice. You cannot import it.
21:33:28 <mib_sch860> Hold on I've had an idea, because currently I assign the bank statement incoming money to "Invoices paid". which is where I also send my posted invoices so I can compare them for reconciliation. So I suppose I'd have to do the same for the expenses as well??
21:34:25 <warlord> yes, but ... at least in 2.4 your reports will all be off because you cannot apply that as a payment. You will still get the bills due reminder
21:35:43 <mib_sch860> ok so is there a way to say the bill is paid while creating the bill itself?
21:36:15 <mib_sch860> Thanks for your help here Warlord btw
21:36:26 <warlord> No, you need to Process Payment.
21:36:43 <warlord> (in future versions there will be a way to right-click a transaction in A/R and A/P and apply it as a payment
21:36:53 <warlord> ... but I'm pretty sure it's not in 2.4)
21:37:47 <mib_sch860> I think I've got the newest version when I upgraded to Oneiric, The pay now button in the invoices is great!
21:38:26 <warlord> 2.4.10 is current
21:39:08 <mib_sch860> ahh I have found though that when I try to file - import - OFX the screen just appear blank. What's happening there?
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21:39:25 <warlord> No clue -- I dont use the importers
21:39:54 <mib_sch860> I wouldn't either if my bank supported the online transaction druid
21:40:47 <warlord> I wouldn't use that, either. It takes away any checks-and-balances to detect bank errors.
21:40:54 <warlord> .. and yes, I *have* found bank errors.
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21:41:26 <mib_sch860> On the banks side? or in gnucash?
21:41:44 <warlord> the bank..
21:42:30 <warlord> I just enter my daily transactions by hand..
21:42:37 <warlord> and reconcile when I get my statement
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