2012-02-21 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:58:15 <gour> #xubuntu
04:58:21 <gour> oops
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08:03:05 <Richard> Hello
08:03:05 <gncbot> Richard: Sent 5 years, 3 weeks, 6 days, 22 hours, and 39 minutes ago: <warlord> This is (now) a FAQ: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_What_does_it_mean_when_GnuCash_.28built_with_g-wrap-
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08:05:10 <warlord> whoa, that was an old message!
08:05:22 <Richard> Good morning
08:05:38 <Richard> Are you warlord?
08:06:01 <warlord> lol
08:06:23 <warlord> yes. Are you the same Richard from 5 years ago?
08:06:39 <Richard> I have question, can you help relative to the reports in Gnucash?
08:06:58 <Richard> No I am not.
08:08:06 <Richard> Are you there?
08:08:11 <warlord> Just ask your question.
08:09:37 <Richard> I am relatively new to GnuCash and I like it. I have followed the help manual al the way through to the reports. I can not get ANY report to show up. What am I doing wrong?
08:09:59 <warlord> let me guess -- you're on Windows?
08:10:14 <Richard> I am running Windows 7
08:10:19 <warlord> Right.
08:10:27 <Richard> Yes
08:10:51 <warlord> Unfortunately it's a known issue on *some* instances of Windows, but the devs have not been able to track it down because it doesn't happen to everyone.
08:11:16 <Richard> What do you reccomend?
08:11:25 <warlord> What you can do is run the report, but then click on the "Export" button to save the report as an HTML file on your desktop, and then you can read it in Firefox.
08:11:53 <warlord> There's a bug report on it.. But right now I cannot get to it because my firefox is dead.
08:11:57 <Richard> Can I try this nowwhile we are connected?
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08:13:42 <warlord> of course
08:15:33 <Richard> Okay, I am at the screen to save the file on my desktop, but I can not find where I can save as HTML>
08:16:12 <Richard> No I see it.
08:16:37 <warlord> When you're on the report page there should be an "Export as HTML" toolbar button.
08:17:51 <Richard> Yes I now have a report that I brought up, but there are no values.
08:18:25 <Richard> Let me try a different report
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08:20:14 <warlord> which report did you bring up?
08:20:22 <Richard> I tried a different one for the income and expenses and values came up this time.
08:20:36 <warlord> It might not have any values because the report options might not be set properly.
08:21:05 <Richard> I program that I am using is your version #10. Should I be using a different one?
08:24:25 <warlord> You mean 2.4.10?
08:24:31 <warlord> That's the most recent release.
08:26:03 <Richard> Yes, that is the one I am using.
08:28:17 <Richard> Do you anticipate the report problem to be fixed soon?
08:32:32 <Richard> As I proceed through the rest of the manual, are there any other bugs that may trip me up?
08:35:14 <Richard> Are still connected?
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08:38:48 <Richard> Hello Astro
08:39:23 <astro^> hi?
08:40:08 <Richard> I am impressed with the joint effort for solving my questions/problems.
08:41:47 <warlord> Richard: I do not know what other bugs might trip you up, frankly. I dont use Windows, so I dont see them.
08:42:22 <Richard> I have been using Quicken Rental properties for years now and they still have problems.
08:42:23 <warlord> As for fixing it soon -- Alas, I don't know.. As I said, it's not something that everyone sees, and the devs have not been able to reproduce it in their environments.
08:42:36 <Richard> I guess that is why I started looking at GnuCash.
08:43:07 <Richard> Everything was going great unitl I got to the reports problem.
08:43:15 <warlord> Richard: There is even an email thread this morning on gnucash-user about your report issue.
08:43:49 <Richard> Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is extremely similar to Quicken, isn't it?
08:43:59 <warlord> Please go thread the thread from today, subject: Re: Reports produce empty pages
08:44:34 <warlord> Alas, I need to head out. Back-in-a-while...
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08:44:59 <Richard> Wher do I find this. I could find how to contact you, that is why I sent the e-mail.
08:46:43 <mikee> Richard: Have a look here: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists
08:47:05 <mikee> and join the user mailing list.
08:47:28 <mikee> https://lists.gnucash.org/mailman/listinfo/gnucash-user
08:47:35 <Richard> Ok, let me try this. Can you wait whilke I try this?
08:48:49 <mikee> Yep
08:50:45 <mikee> Archives are available: http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/
08:53:05 <Richard> Well, I went to the site, but not sure wher to find the thread about the reports. I'm still looking.
08:55:39 <Richard> ok, I found the thread. I am running windows 7 32 bit, with still empty pages. What do you suggest?
08:56:59 <mikee> Richard: Sorry, I don't use Windows either. The thread may have useful tips though.
08:58:03 <Richard> Problem is that I don't have XP
08:58:55 <Richard> Could there be a setting in Windows that is stopping it?
09:01:16 <Richard> Any other suggestions?
09:01:49 <mikee> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=645273 See comment 40 and give it a try.
09:04:23 <Richard> Well I'll try that.
09:04:43 <Richard> Do you want to stick around while I do this?
09:05:15 <mikee> Sure.
09:05:22 <Richard> ok
09:06:23 * mikee making a cup of tea. Back in 5.
09:08:48 <Richard> Well, that worked!
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09:09:36 <mikee> Yay!
09:09:39 <Richard> Good morning Randy
09:10:27 <Richard> Ok. Now that I am passed that hurtle, I need a little bit of encouragement here.
09:11:05 <Richard> Do I switch from Quicken, which gives me fits at times or do I go with GnuCash?
09:12:47 <mikee> Um. I've never used Quicken either. However, most people who switch seem happy.
09:13:20 <mikee> I would recommand posting the mailing list though as there are more users there who can help with accounting
09:13:30 <mikee> questions.
09:13:39 <pcroque> ls
09:13:53 <pcroque> whoops...sorry
09:13:59 <Richard> One thing that REALLY impressed me was the CLEAR discription in your manual. Thank you for that.
09:15:10 <Richard> I have taken so much of your time, so I will leave you now. I will sign up on the mailing list as I was not sure what that was really for.
09:15:25 <Richard> Meanwhile...God Bless and have a GREAT DAY!
09:15:44 <mikee> The user list is for user question, so feel free to ask.
09:15:51 <mikee> Thanks.
09:16:03 <Richard> Bye
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11:32:11 <warlord> mikee: Should've asked Richard to respond on the bug that comment #40 worked.
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11:52:03 <mikee> warlord: Should have, indeed Perhaps I'll add a note myself.
11:53:10 <warlord> :)
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11:55:43 <mikee> Trying to fix invoice importer today.
11:55:48 <mikee> Almost there.
11:56:22 <mikee> Other than the segfault :)
11:58:39 <mikee> Ooo, that worked.
12:07:06 <mikee> warlord: Added a comment to no reports bug.
12:07:20 <warlord> thanks..
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14:25:30 <emperor> I'm interested in starting to do some development on GnuCash. I've downloaded the code via SVN and built it. What would you consider next best step?
14:28:25 <warlord> emperor: do you know what you want to develop?
14:29:48 <emperor> well, I'm not familiar with the code itself now. I used scheme a lifetime ago, and I'm proficient in C. I'm developing on a Linux host. I thought trying to remove compiler warnings (if there are any) would help me see some of the code.
14:30:15 <emperor> Alternatively, I could try addressing a minor bug.
14:36:27 <warlord> There wont be any
14:36:32 <warlord> most devs compile with -Werror
14:36:42 <emperor> Nice. I like to do that too.
14:36:47 <warlord> as for minor bugs -- pick one from Bz
14:38:41 <emperor> Thanks. I'll do that then.
14:39:28 <warlord> Okay.
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16:45:53 <domvarin> hi everyone, i'm here to join the movement
16:46:20 <domvarin> i'm a css, html, php and mysql developper, but i would like to learn another language
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16:47:02 <domvarin> and, i choose gnucash as a project because i wanted to put some of my ideas in it
16:47:18 <warlord> well, gnucash is written in C, with some Scheme in a few areas.
16:47:34 <domvarin> so... where that i start... i'm using fedora
16:47:39 <domvarin> ?
16:48:11 <warlord> Well, first place to start would be to get gnucash building from source
16:48:36 <domvarin> that mean installed ?
16:48:49 <warlord> it means building and installing the application from source
16:49:35 <domvarin> hum... i installed it from the gtk applications
16:49:38 <domvarin> is that ok ?
16:52:20 <warlord> Um, no.......
16:52:31 <domvarin> ok i'm a noob
16:52:34 <warlord> If you want to *develop* gnucash, you need to build it from source.
16:52:39 <domvarin> ok
16:52:43 <warlord> Have you ever worked on any applications?
16:52:51 <domvarin> never
16:53:03 <warlord> Oh.
16:53:05 <domvarin> the only one application that i worked... was a php
16:53:14 <domvarin> a ssl website
16:53:35 <warlord> Not to be hard on you, but are you sure you're not out of your league here?
16:53:54 <domvarin> totally out...
16:54:00 <domvarin> that's the point
16:54:52 <domvarin> i want to learn a language and developpe on something that i need
16:56:02 <domvarin> so to build from source
16:56:08 <domvarin> where i could find a tutorial
16:56:27 <warlord> Ummmm.. there is none. There are docs (e.g. the README file)
16:56:57 <domvarin> ok so i download the .tar.gz file and i read the README file
16:57:06 <domvarin> so i need to uninstall the current file...
16:57:15 <warlord> Well, if you want to devellop, you should probably pull from SVN
16:57:34 <domvarin> ok
16:57:42 <domvarin> and witch apps
16:57:46 <domvarin> ?
16:57:46 <warlord> ???
16:58:05 <domvarin> to write on php, css and mysql i used bluefish
16:58:20 <domvarin> to write on c... you suggest me to use?
16:58:29 <domvarin> qt i think ... ?
16:58:37 <domvarin> i'm on fedora gnome
16:58:39 <warlord> Oh, what IDE to use??
16:58:42 <warlord> Whatever you want.
16:58:44 <warlord> I use emacs
16:58:47 <warlord> some use vi
16:58:57 <warlord> you could try Eclipse, but I wouldn't recommend it
16:59:06 <domvarin> but witch one is the most user friendly and more adapted to newbis like me ?
16:59:14 <warlord> none of the above
16:59:26 <domvarin> ahah... ok...
16:59:26 <warlord> I honestly dont know..
16:59:33 <warlord> I've been programming C for over 20 years.
16:59:48 <warlord> I have no idea what would be good for someone who has never done it
17:00:41 <domvarin> ok, but witch one has some... docs in it ?
17:00:52 <domvarin> and references...
17:01:03 <warlord> docs and references to what? C?
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17:02:08 <warlord> domvarin: seriously, I think you need to start small. GnuCash is a HUGE complicated piece of software. I wouldn't recommend you try to work on it as your first foray into C. Learn C first, then come back.
17:04:43 <domvarin> that's what i'm doin now ahah
17:05:00 <domvarin> i remember seein something about c tutorial... i think it was on kubuntu site
17:07:12 <domvarin> thanks doe, i'll see you in a month or two
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17:07:45 <warlord> good luck
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20:59:30 <warlord> Hey benoitg !
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21:15:25 <benoitg> warlord: Not dead yet ;)
21:15:43 <warlord> Good to hear! How's life?
21:16:31 <benoitg> In transition, pondering my next move.
21:17:08 <benoitg> Focussed on personnal life and family in the last 2 years.
21:17:40 <benoitg> warlord: How about you6
21:17:48 <warlord> Moved to Atlanta..
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