2012-02-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:19:26 * gour had crashed under the (over)weight of full 'shoebox' of old & unreconciled transactions and had to spent few days in a bed afterwards
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12:41:47 <gour> one question for GC devs, although i'm not sure who is present besides warlord...we're considering to use sqlite3 as app's format taking advantage of rdbms for querying within the app, clean data structure etc. so i'm curious how are you, in general, satisfied by using libdbi layer? i'm aware that GC had its own storage format and went toward db-back-end, while our situation is the
12:41:48 <gour> opposite...libdbi does not seem to be much developed..any other possibility?
12:42:56 <warlord> libdbi is fairly stable. not much development required. They still fix bugs, but frankly there just isn't much more they *need* to do.
12:43:38 <warlord> The nice thing about dbi is that it does provide an abstract interface to multiple DBs, but I'm not sure how well it really hides the underlying structure. I think you still need db-specific SQL in your app.
12:50:21 <gour> we probably want to keep it simple (sqlite3) and not requiring user to admin db server...
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12:51:20 <gour> otoh, yes, we need sql code in the app hoping that the advantage of having rdbms will make it simpler than using OOP, specific data structures, algorithms to to CRUD etc.
12:57:04 <gour> warlord: so you didn't have to change much of GC code to adapt to libdbi interface?
12:58:00 <warlord> well, yes, and no.. GnuCash already had a "backend" interface.. But we did need to adapt some of the code to use SQL instead of XML.
12:58:15 <warlord> But keep in mind that GnuCash is *not* a "DB App" ... The DB is just a storage mechanism.
12:58:42 <warlord> Business logic remains in the app. The DB does not contain all necessary business constraints.
12:59:28 <gour> that's right
13:00:51 <gour> in our case db is part of the logic
13:02:56 <warlord> right, so you'll have an easier time.
13:03:15 <gour> he he
13:04:15 <gour> our app is also not "DB" in true sense, but considering there is need for lot querying, it makes sense to use rdbms for it, at least for later phases of the app
13:04:53 <warlord> Sure.
13:05:02 <warlord> What kind of app are you writing?
13:06:15 <gour> in the beginning, it should be app for calculating Vedic calendar with the ability to e.g. find out what is your 'birthday' according to Vedic calendar based on 'western' one
13:06:51 <gour> here is some info - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panchangam
13:07:17 <gour> the Vedic day starts, interestingly, with the Sunrise :-)
13:08:10 <gour> there are some not-so-simple rules to calculate proper time to break fast after fasting days etc.
13:08:39 * gour --> dinner. bbs :-)
13:15:01 <warlord> I was just wondering if maybe you'd be better off writing the app in Ruby on Rails..
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13:32:43 <gour> why RoR?
13:33:28 <gour> the nature of the app is 'general desktop app', but calendar-part is just initial part of it
13:42:51 <gour> another, GC-related question (not for GC :-) is whether we need A/R & A/P for the business part of our setup if our clients are either paying for our services in cash or, in the very soon future, by using credit-card for internet orders (although we may leave option to pay by bank transfer, internetbanking or so, bu we won't offer services before the payment is made). as far as our
13:42:53 <gour> paying to services & goods, it's almost similar situation and we pay either by cash/credit_card or after receiving quote for the order
13:43:37 <warlord> I just think RoR is pretty cool...
13:43:43 <warlord> if you're writing a webapp
13:46:04 <gour> i played a bit with django, but decided to stay with my beloved PHP CMS for now...no need to write webapp from the scratch...btw, do you like just 'oR' part or the first 'R' is also according to your taste?
13:50:50 <warlord> I'm not sure I understand the question, but I think I know what you're asking.... I think I like the rails part. The Ruby is fine.
13:52:52 <gour> ok ;)
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15:38:32 <mekyla> oops :).
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17:56:16 <lupus_> how do I edit a custom report? where is it stored? I'm on osx 10.7
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18:04:05 <mattp> lupus_: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports is what I'm working from, making my own report. I've not done it before so sadly can't advise much further
18:06:25 <lupus_> matp: I found them under ~/library/application support/Gnucash in the meanwhile - I just wanted to change the title and the style to be used but have not succeeded yet
18:08:18 <mattp> depending on the report, the style and title are both values that the report options editor exposes.
18:11:48 <lupus_> but I do not want to change them every time I run the report, thus I wanted to change it permanantly
18:14:10 <warlord> lupus_: change the options once, then change the name of the report, and then "Add Report" to add it as a Custom report.
18:19:42 <lupus_> where's the "Add report" thing? only found cancel, apply & ok...
18:28:40 <lupus_> ok, found it - thanks a lot
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