2012-02-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:24:23 <kpreid> h
10:24:27 <kpreid> (oops)
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10:37:38 <perry> Hi
10:38:33 <perry> is there such a MASS UPLOAD or CREATE account in GNU
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11:06:48 <perry> is there such a MASS UPLOAD or CREATE account in GNU
11:08:01 <warlord> perry: Yes, File -> New or Actions -> New Account Hierarchy
11:08:19 <warlord> (depending on whether you are starting from scratch or augmenting an existing data file)
11:08:59 <perry> I have an existing file already...
11:09:19 <perry> what i mean about creating a 50 sub accounts
11:09:30 <perry> is there a shortcut
11:10:39 <perry> sorry kinda new with GNU...
11:11:09 <warlord> Yes, you can use Actions -> New Account Hierarchy, if the subaccounts match one of the pre-defined hierarchy snippets..
11:11:30 <warlord> Or you could create a QIF file with those 50 sub-accounts, and make sure each one has at least one transaction in the QIF file..
11:11:44 <warlord> Or you can script it using Scheme or Python
11:11:48 <warlord> Beyond that, no.
11:11:57 <perry> oic...
11:12:22 <perry> I hope that this will be included on the next version
11:12:32 <warlord> Why?
11:12:44 <warlord> People rarely have to generate so many sub accounts!
11:12:48 <warlord> And you do it once and you're done.
11:12:55 <warlord> Why do you need to generate so many accounts?
11:13:46 <perry> well I am handling a small cooperative account and I need to have a series of sub accounts for Contributions, and Loans
11:15:14 <warlord> Well, if you want to see "it" in the next release I suggest you not only file a bugzilla report but also whip up a patch that implements it. Otherwise, I honestly don't think anyone will care. Not trying to be mean, but it's really not something that I suspect any dev will be itching to do.
11:15:45 <perry> yeah I know...
11:15:48 <perry> thanks anyway
11:15:49 <warlord> I would suggest that you look at the biz features and consider using that instead..
11:15:56 <warlord> That might save you a bunch of subaccounts.
11:16:19 <warlord> also, keep in mind that you can create accounts on-the-fly in the register. Just type in a new account name and tab out and it will ask if you want to create it.
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11:32:44 <Ronald> Hi, I'm evaluating gnucash under virtualXp/XPmode and... Its crashing really quite often, known issue under the virtualised XP, or am i doing something odd?
11:33:02 <Ronald> virtualPC/XPmode that is
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14:03:22 <warlord-slow> Ronald: what's your main OS? Why not run it there/
14:03:23 <warlord-slow> ?
14:03:36 <warlord-slow> (and yes, it could be a problem under XPmode)
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14:03:42 <Ronald> Windows 7 pro, don't want to clutter main OS for evaluations
14:03:56 <Ronald> Its a bit more stable with sqlite3 storage
14:04:25 <warlord> sqlite vs?
14:04:29 <Ronald> xml
14:04:38 <warlord> seriously? I dont imagine that.
14:05:02 <Ronald> just 1 crash for far more manipulations ;)
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14:08:09 <warlord> Well, windows is a second-class citizen. All development is done on Linux
14:09:21 <warlord> one crash? What were you doing? I can't imagine that's an XML vs SQLIte thing.
14:09:50 <Ronald> there is the autosaving feature
14:11:29 <warlord> Ah, true. I turned that off. Then again, I live by the 'save early, save often' philosophy.
14:11:56 <Ronald> for some reason I was getting confirmations for that with xml, not so with sqlite, no idea what I changed there
14:12:08 <warlord> While SQL has fixed all the *known* data loss issues, the test suite is not sufficient to have tested every corner case to show there are not still data loss issues in SQL
14:12:35 <warlord> Well, there is no autosave in sql, because the data is saved after every data entry.
14:13:05 <Ronald> So that makes my think the issue is not actually with the storage backend, but with the dialog
14:14:48 <warlord> Could be. I dont use Windows, and I dont use autosave, so I cannot really help there.
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14:41:02 <krhovi> warlord, do you remember off the top of your head if the issue with empty entries appearing in the middle of general ledger has been solved?
14:41:34 <warlord> I thought it was solved in trunk, but I dont know if it was, and if it was I dont think it was backported to 2.4
14:43:38 <krhovi> ok cool
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14:51:01 <warlord> I think there was a Bz # for it -- check there?
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17:33:37 <rhizmoe> hi all. is there a way to add a job to an existing invoice? the "edit" button seems nonfunctional
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20:45:33 <fell> @tell rhizmoe To edit invoices, you must first unpost them.
20:45:33 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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