2012-02-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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13:29:23 <Joeboy> Hi. I can see a bunch of scheme code in gnucash that seems to be about exporting to gnucash - is it possible to use it?
13:29:45 <Joeboy> (or I'd settle for anyway to export reports to a spreadsheet
13:29:55 <Joeboy> in such a way that the numbers end up being numeric
13:30:36 <Joeboy> (I can copy and paste but I end up with strings with currency symbols in them)
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13:42:32 <warlord> Joeboy: the currencies will always have currency-symbols (or strings) in them -- you will need to export to HTML, edit, and then load that into your spreadsheet. But that begs the question: Why? What are you trying to report on that you cannot achieve with an existing report?
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13:55:55 <Joeboy> warlord: I'm completing an annual return for an Industrial and Provident society, which wants various ad-hoc statistics
13:56:16 <warlord> Such as?
13:57:16 <Joeboy> eg. "Total of income and expenditure"
13:57:34 <Joeboy> last year I did what you suggested above, and used a pen and paper to do the sums
13:57:40 <Joeboy> and it was ok
14:00:05 <warlord> What do you mean, "total of income and expenditure"? In what way is the "Income Statement" not what you want?
14:02:01 <Joeboy> Yeah, I can get the numbers from that report, and in various other ways, and add them up myself
14:02:15 <Joeboy> but it would be nice to be able to use a spreadsheet to do that
14:02:32 <Joeboy> If my desires offend you I will go away
14:05:14 <Snoop> Sorry to interrupt but just wanted to say; Thank you warlord for the help last night. I reread split transactions and then entered them in from my bank account, now i know how much ss and income taxes i have paid!
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14:15:13 <warlord> Snoop: great!
14:15:58 <warlord> Joeboy: no, not at all.. but the gnucash reports are pretty good, and if they are missing pieces we should fix it!
14:16:11 <warlord> what do you still need to "add by hand"?
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14:30:20 <Joeboy> warlord: apologies for previous grumpiness. I think, mostly, it's fairly trivial formatting things and text changes.
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14:30:54 <warlord> Ah, then why not export the HTML to prettify it? :)
14:30:56 <Joeboy> I don't think there's anything about the default reports I'd suggest changing in general
14:31:08 <Joeboy> warlord: Yeah, I can do that
14:32:42 <warlord> :)
14:33:27 <Joeboy> To be honest, these things are not really a problem for me. It's more that I'd like to be able to give people data in other formats (eg. our accountant), and also to be able to recommend gnucash to people who will look blank if I suggest editing the html
14:34:13 <Joeboy> and, gnucash is really *almost* there
14:35:17 <Joeboy> Although I suppose you can edit html in Word/oowriter etc
14:36:43 <warlord> fair enough...
14:36:59 <warlord> i'd love for my mom to be able to use gnucash instead of QB
14:38:03 <Joeboy> I think it's really good for getting the data in, just a bit lacking for getting it out again
14:45:07 <warlord> agreed.
14:45:18 <warlord> it can definitely use improvements.
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14:54:07 <pcroque> Joeboy: The way I get gnucash report data to spreadsheet (libreoffice calc): 1. cut the html report to clipboard, 2. Paste-special into calc as unformatted text (making sure that 'Detect Special Numbers' is checked).
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14:54:30 <pcroque> It's the 'Detect Special Numbers' that does it.
15:00:11 <warlord> good to know!
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15:05:55 <Joeboy> pcroque: ooh, thanks, that seems to work
15:06:50 <pcroque> It even formats the currency cells for you (at least with dollars).
15:07:41 <Joeboy> actually, and slightly embarrassingly, I just tried a straight copy and paste and that seemed to work too
15:08:01 <Joeboy> I'm sure it didn't last year
15:10:29 <pcroque> My version of calc has a 'Detect Special Numbers' for both the html and unformatted paste dialogs.
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17:32:10 <warlord> WTF?
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