2012-02-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:03:04 <two-byte> hello?
00:07:51 <two-byte> When a Jedi dies they become part of the force, when the force dies it becomes part of Chuck Norris.
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00:10:06 <two-byte> Actually I am interested in bug patching would like advice on where to start. I have been reading through the development wiki, I just want to talk to a main developer.
00:12:35 <two-byte> and because Chuck Norris' beard can shave a razor.
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02:14:59 <asb1146> oi estou instalando gnucash quero descobrir o modo certo de fazer isso.
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02:56:05 <mr_trousers> hello
02:56:13 <mr_trousers> and good morning
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08:21:54 <warlord> two-byte: what questions do you have?
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09:31:13 <two-byte> Hi warlord. I am just looking for a good place to start. As a requirement for one of my courses I have to get involved in a FOSS project and help with bugfixes so at this point I am just trying to make contact and figure out where to start.
09:32:31 <warlord> That's a hard question to answer. Perhaps look over bugzilla, find an open bug (or enhancement) that looks interesting to you?
09:35:50 <two-byte> I was looking through the bugzilla and there seemed to be quite a few. I see getting up to speed on the current code to be the biggest challenge for me right now
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09:36:39 <warlord> well, then, perhaps the first thing you should do is pull the code from svn (or git) and get it building?
09:39:10 <two-byte> yea thats what I was think was to just jump in and sink/swim with it.
09:39:47 <warlord> Building gnucash isn't too hard..
09:40:02 <two-byte> Like I said though I've never worked together on an open-source project so I'm trying to figure out the etiquette for all this.
09:40:49 <two-byte> Building shouldn't be a problem.
09:41:41 <warlord> The etiquette varies from project to project. In our case what you would do would be to attach a patch to an existing Bz report..
09:41:49 <warlord> (that's considered the best way)
09:43:58 <two-byte> i remember the dev wiki saying something about that. i will go back and re-read all that today when i get a chance.
09:50:19 <two-byte> looking over some of the bugzilla reports some are assigned, should i be wary of those and find another one?
09:50:39 <warlord> You can always post something and ask first, just to be sure.
09:52:22 <two-byte> Right on.
09:53:18 <two-byte> If I need advice on something what is the best way to contact you guys?
09:53:46 <two-byte> email, irc, or through the bugzilla interface?
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10:08:00 <warlord> any of the above.
10:08:14 <warlord> email to the -devel list will get you the widest audience.
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10:28:13 <two-byte> cool, thanks for the help
10:28:56 <warlord> my pleasure
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10:54:52 <dtw> I'm trying to setup GC in Ubuntu 11.10 to perform automatic stock quote retrieval according to http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/invest-stockprice1.html (about 1/3 of the way down the page), but I am unable to locate the gnc-fq-update file.
10:54:52 <gncbot> dtw: Sent 3 days, 16 hours, and 34 minutes ago: <john> It's overall transactions that matter.
10:55:22 <dtw> I did find gnc-fq-check, gnc-fq-dump and gnc-fq-helper in /usr/bin
10:59:01 <warlord> dtw: why not just install the perl-finance-quote package?
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11:00:09 <GeeAndYou> that really is a cool script. the tell command
11:00:28 <GeeAndYou> what is it written in, tcl?
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11:04:17 <dtw> warlord: hadn't heard of that. I am reading up on it now and will be back if I get in trouble installing or configuring. Thanks.
11:04:42 <warlord> GeeAndYou: it's part of supybot. I don't know what language supybot is in.
11:05:04 <warlord> dtw: it's just another package, just like you could install gnucash from apt
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11:23:14 <GeeAndYou> nice its written in python
11:23:23 <GeeAndYou> i am teaching myself that
11:23:29 <GeeAndYou> thanks i will check that out
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12:32:31 <bz> warlord: do you have a sec?
12:33:26 <warlord> 1.
12:33:43 <bz> heh
12:34:05 <bz> So I think I can get everything I want out of QIF except this share exchange business
12:34:20 <bz> I can use a slush-cash account, but that would mess up anything resembling cost basis calculations
12:35:00 <bz> I tried doing the "obvious" thing of creating a pair of BuyX and SellX transactions that use L[whatever] to point to the other account involved
12:35:18 <bz> so basically like this:
12:35:26 <bz> !Type:Invst
12:35:29 <bz> NBuyX
12:35:41 <bz> YStock1
12:35:49 <bz> L[Stock2]
12:35:55 <bz> and a SellX for Stock2
12:36:14 <bz> what the QIF importer does with this is create two gnucash transactions
12:36:41 <bz> one is a buy of stock1, with the money coming from stock2 recorded at $1/share
12:36:56 <bz> and one a sell of stock2, with the money being put into stock1 at $1/share
12:37:12 <bz> which is also the "obvious" thing to do with BuyX and SellX....
12:37:46 <warlord> Alas, I suspect there is no way to import the data the way you want.
12:37:57 <warlord> So you may be stuck manually repairing it after-the-fact.
12:38:13 <bz> Would it make any sense for the importer to look for BuyX/SellX pairs A->B B<-A with matching total?
12:38:23 <bz> and if so, coalescing them into a single transaction?
12:39:18 <warlord> Probably, yes. You willing to code up a patch for that?
12:39:28 <warlord> (IMHO, yes, it should do that)
12:39:33 <bz> I can give it a shot, at least
12:39:41 <warlord> cool
12:40:40 <bz> I assume qif-to-gnc.scm is the relevant file?
12:41:00 <warlord> I honestly dont know offhand which file would be the right place.
12:41:12 <bz> ok
12:41:25 * bz will poke at it
12:42:36 <bz> would modifying the .scm in the Gnucash install directly (while Gnucash is not running) pick up the changes when I start it?
12:42:41 * bz assumes so, but....
12:44:03 <warlord> yes
12:45:11 <bz> excellent
12:45:19 <warlord> good luck
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12:51:06 * gour is entering transactions (from 1.1.2012.) in GC like crazy and doing reconcilation
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12:55:53 <warlord> gour: at least that's only 6 weeks..
12:56:18 <gour> warlord: indeed...otoh, i wonder why i didn't use GC earlier :-/
12:56:54 <gour> of course, for now we are putting together only personal finances for the whole family...business part will wait a bit...
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12:57:28 <warlord> i cannot answer the 'why not earlier' question. ;)
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13:00:02 <gour> right...i can only say that GC looked much scarier than it is...it is, actually very pleasant & nice
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13:02:48 <warlord> :-D
13:16:21 * bz has been pretty pleased with it
13:16:38 <bz> my main complaint is that various reports get a bit slow once you have 10 years worth of transactions in it
13:17:00 <bz> e.g. the "assets over time" report seems to have some sort of quadratic behavior....
13:17:13 <bz> I don't run it unless I don't need use of Gnucash for 10+ minutes
13:17:59 <gour> bz: do you have 10yrs of data in one file?
13:19:52 <bz> yes
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13:23:02 <warlord> yes, some of the reports are pretty slow with bad algos.
13:23:37 <warlord> I admit that some of the query rework I did to generalize it also slowed it down some because it can't reduce the search space as quickly.. (because before Accounts were special-cased)
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14:33:53 <gour> cool, one checking account reconciled for january :-)
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15:12:58 <gour> reconciled with today's date :-)
15:15:46 <gour> any hint how to track money which others owe to us?
15:16:22 <bz> I've just set up asset accounts for that
15:16:28 <bz> since money owed is in fact an asset
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15:16:54 <bz> So I have Assets:Loans:Loan to X
15:16:57 <bz> for various values of X
15:17:38 <bz> (you could stick it under Accounts Receivable instead of Assets or something, but the upshot is the same)
15:23:47 <gour> thanks...assets:loans is good-enough for personal finances
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