2012-02-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:44:28 <krebbit> I am trying to enter a decimal number in a transaction, but gnucash doesn't allow odd last digits
04:44:57 <krebbit> that is 0.01, 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.09 are all rounded to 0.00, 0.02 or etc.
04:45:01 <krebbit> what gives?
04:49:23 <krebbit> anybody?
04:56:50 <jmd`> Just a guess: What is your LC_NUMERIC locale?
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06:08:17 <mib_7mqafd> my gnucash keeps rounding the last digit of a decimal number transaction to an even digit
06:08:19 <mib_7mqafd> wtf?
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07:42:27 <GeeAndYou> @say mib_7mqafd make sure Auto-decimal is off, and Decimal places is set to two in preferences, like it is here: http://i40.tinypic.com/2ptzabo.png
07:42:27 <gncbot> GeeAndYou: Error: "say" is not a valid command.
07:42:36 <GeeAndYou> what is that command?
07:42:44 * GeeAndYou scrolls up
07:43:49 <GeeAndYou> @tell mib_7mqafd make sure Auto-decimal is off, and Decimal places is set to two in preferences, like it is here: http://i40.tinypic.com/2ptzabo.png
07:43:49 <gncbot> GeeAndYou: The operation succeeded.
07:44:09 <gour> i wonder if it's possible to do the following with GC...my mother has monthly limit for her Mastercard (e.g. USD 000) and the contract with the bank is that she has to repay 30% of monthly expenses every 15th in the month. is it possible to create SX to consider amount of credit card's used credit (expenses) and schedule it on every 15th in the moment to transfer money from her
07:44:11 <gour> checking account to the card's account (30% of used credit per month)?
07:46:00 <GeeAndYou> idk know program that well yet. i'mnot sure how you would make an account with a "limit" on it
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09:09:06 <gour> ok
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09:23:07 <warlord> gour: moreover, the SX framework does not have a way to compute an account balance.
09:23:32 <gour> warlord: ok, clear.
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10:55:55 <dtw> I am creating a few accounts for loans I make to friends. I'm using the article "Personal Loan to a Friend (How-to)" in the GnuCash documentation
10:56:57 <dtw> I understand the concepts of having this as an asset, but I'm still a little unclear on the differences between "Types" of accounts.
10:57:17 <dtw> What is the difference between the account Type "Bank" and the account Type "Asset"?
10:58:11 <dtw> And should my "Loan to Bob" account be an "Asset" type, or should it be a "Bank" type?
10:59:24 <dtw> It seems to me like the "Asset" Type is more for higher level accounts (accounts that contain other accounts) and "Bank" Type is more for the accounts that have transactions
11:06:52 <jmd> dtw: As I understand it, the 'types' are largely descriptive.
11:07:06 <jmd> I would say it's an Asset.
11:08:45 <dtw> jmd: ok, sounds like I have been putting too much thought into it. :) Thanks for your help
11:09:58 <jmd> Yeah. Frankly I don't know why there even is a Bank and Asset type. They are both "assets" the way I see it.
11:10:40 <dtw> That's what confused me. I kept trying to figure out if "Bank" handled transactions better, or if "Asset" ran reports a certain way
11:13:17 <jmd> There may be a difference in the way reports are generated. I'm not sure.
11:14:02 <jmd> I think the idea is that Bank is for current assets, whereas Asset is for fixed assets.
11:15:30 <dtw> ok. Thanks again for your help
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11:55:52 <warlord> w00t -- looks like we have PTR records now!!
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14:47:51 <warlord> i wish someone else would pipe up on the "customer != business" thread.
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15:26:28 <evo> @tell warlord: RE: "customer != business" Seems the guy has form and has been kicked off a couple of forums.
15:26:28 <gncbot> evo: The operation succeeded.
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16:01:28 <jerryf> I'm having trouble getting the FinanceQuote updatte to install on my IMac. I double-clicked the icon and went through the automated session on Terminal but at the end it said installation was impossible.
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17:23:11 <dtw> Am I going to slow GnuCash down if I have a lot of accounts?
17:25:42 <dtw> I'm trying to decide if I want to list every stock I own. If I have a list of 100 stocks, and all of these stocks have accounts, will that slow things down? Or does the overall size of my data (total transaction count) have more of an impact?
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18:20:48 <john> @tell dtw It's overall transactions that matter.
18:20:48 <gncbot> john: The operation succeeded.
18:58:14 <jerryf> I am having trouble getting any aspect of Investment entry to work in Gnucash. Working on the Mac version.
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