2012-02-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:40:03 <elnino> how do I upgrade, do I just install on top?
00:40:17 <elnino> - windows
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05:02:14 <gour> morning
05:08:10 <gour> i follow tutorial & concepts guide and try to enter new scheduled transaction from the editor...when the dialog opens, i see Description & Tot Funds in as well Tot Funds Out column headers, but after entering description text and pressing Tab, GC jumps the next ledger line and when i finally enter account type, Description header changes into Memo and there are no more Tot Funds
05:08:12 <gour> headers but Debit Formula & Credit Formula, iow, GC does not allow me to select Account type and enter amounts for Funds In & Funds Out. what do I do wrong?
05:08:57 <gour> otoh, entering scheduled transaction from the ledger works fine, as described in the manual
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09:46:25 <elnino> argh this is frustrating... I hope someone can help.
09:46:36 <elnino> I've connected with most of the "big" players
09:46:47 <elnino> and am able to download my transactions with ofx.
09:46:53 <elnino> now I'm trying to dal with my bank.
09:47:15 <elnino> they say in "old versions" quicken would register with them under the covers and create a password.
09:47:21 <elnino> with intuit
09:47:34 <elnino> I called and asked for a password, and they can't "give me one"
09:47:58 <elnino> has anyone come across this sort of thing?
09:48:34 <elnino> I tried to explain that ofx is protocol that all financial institutions use. They like callign it "directconnect"
09:48:42 <elnino> sme thing, though, right?
09:49:57 <elnino> in gnu, it says" the user has been set up , you can try to list the accouts your bank allows youto manage, plesae note that not all banks support this, if your bank doesn't support this, add the acount manually"
09:50:13 <elnino> does that mean if I add the account manually, I still might be able to download th transactions directly?
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10:01:22 <warlord> elnino: you might be best asking on the AqBanking channel over on freenode. OFX-DC is their code.
10:01:40 <warlord> (they do all the heavy lifting -- we just plumb it into our UI)
10:01:48 <elnino> what is the channel name? #AqBanking
10:01:49 <elnino> ?
10:02:00 <warlord> Yes, I think #aqbanking
10:02:05 <elnino> ok. Thanks!
10:02:52 <warlord> Once you get an answer could you update our Wiki?
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10:08:16 <warlord> gour: the SX is always looking like a "split transaction".. So you can only enter amounts in the "splits". The "tot" columns are kinda a mis-nomer.
10:09:44 <gour> warlord: now it makes sense...will try later. thank you. but why is the difference between entering SX in ledger and from the menu?
10:10:40 <warlord> in the ledger you are entering a regular transaction and then converting it to an SX.. In that case the "current account" split is assumed (in basic-ledger mode)
10:11:06 <warlord> ... think of the SX entry as being perpetually in Transaction Journal mode.
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10:12:54 <gour> good. it becomes clear...what about the situation when i have recurring transactions, but different amounts, does one still use SX?
10:13:21 <warlord> You may. Just include a variable into the SX.
10:13:35 <warlord> ... and it will ask you to fill in the variable when you execute it.
10:14:14 <gour> variable in SX? that's something new...is there some doc about it?
10:16:29 <warlord> It's not new at all, it's been there since day 1
10:16:34 <warlord> (well, day 1 of SXes)
10:17:54 <gour> i did not stumble upon it in the docs..
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10:18:18 <warlord> I cannot answer for the docs.
10:28:10 <elnino> warlord, I will be happy to update the wiki, but I couldn't find a channel for them, and there was nothing mentioned on their website. =(
10:28:29 <warlord> You tried over on freenode?
10:29:23 <elnino> my bank is saying that intuit restricys anything other than just intuit software mint.com and quicken.
10:29:32 <elnino> restricts that is.
10:29:59 <elnino> oh I know, I was goign to ask. how do I update aqbanking?
10:35:28 <warlord> You would need to recompile gnucash.
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10:45:36 <gour> warlord: there is FAQ entry pointing at some (old) email messages as 'docs'
10:46:03 <warlord> LOL
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10:46:20 <warlord> Shows that we really need help with docs writers!
10:47:44 * gour nods
10:54:04 <gour> i wonder how to handle situation when we go to the neighb. country (slovenia) and buy something (e.g. using credit card) where we pay in €s, but the bank charges our credit card in native currency. should we enter transaction in native currency (€s converted to native according to the transaction's date exchange rate) and then reconcile against bank statements or to record
10:54:06 <gour> transaction in €s and then reconcile that against native currency according to the bank's statement?
11:03:06 <warlord> What I do when I travel is I put the local currency in the description, but use USD for the actual txns. So I enter in the converted amount. I also include any CC fees.
11:08:15 <gour> ok, that sounds good, entering €s in description and using only native currency
11:09:51 <warlord> yeah, so when I go to europe I put € in Desc but convert to US$ for the amount. When I'm in Japan it's ¥ in the desc, and so on.
11:10:05 <warlord> So I do always record how much I spent in the local currency.
11:10:41 <gour> thanks...have to go out now...later we may resume GC tutorial with credit cards chapter...
11:11:06 <warlord> LOL. okay.
11:11:13 <warlord> I need to logout and head to the office myself.
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12:06:57 <waltman> I've gotten gnucash into a weird state. I tried to make a scheduled monthly transaction, but I thought I'd cancelled it. Then I went back and created it again. Now when I look in the scheduled transatction editor it's there twice -- once as monthly and once as a daily. And I can't figure out how to delete the daily one.
12:07:47 <waltman> I tried to delete the transaction it was based on, but that seems to have been a bad idea because now if I try to disable it, gnucash segfaults.
12:12:00 <waltman> In fact there doesn't seem to be any way at all to delete a scheduled transaction, just disable it.
12:13:06 <waltman> When I change that daily transaction's frequency to "never", it warns me that it will never be run. I click OK and it segfaults.
12:19:42 <warlord> you can delete it from the SX Editor
12:20:02 <waltman> What's the SX Editor?
12:20:39 <warlord> Actions -> SX -> SX Editor
12:21:18 <waltman> Aha!
12:21:38 <waltman> I see, the menu changed.
12:23:07 <waltman> Thanks!
12:23:32 <warlord> welcome
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13:29:24 <warlord> @op
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13:34:51 <simpleirc> I can not generate reports with windows version. It only generates a blank page?!
13:35:53 <simpleirc> using win7 64-bit
13:36:25 <warlord> simpleirc: this has been discussed on the lists. please read the archives. I think it's solvable in some cases but not in the general case.
13:38:00 <simpleirc> what list? I really tried searching before asking..
13:38:15 <warlord> gnucash-user?
13:38:22 <warlord> (maybe gnucash-devel)
13:40:18 <simpleirc> ok..will try some more. good thing it works in a virtual box ubuntu install :-)
13:40:35 <warlord> The display issue is purely localized to windows.
13:40:52 <warlord> .. and it's only on a subset of windows users.. so it makes it very hard to debug.
13:40:57 <simpleirc> ok tanx
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13:41:05 <major> hello
13:41:05 <warlord> good luck!
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13:42:30 <major> i would like create a simulation for a litle society on gnucash.
13:42:48 <warlord> major: okay. what kind of simulation?
13:42:58 <warlord> (I believe someone has been working on youtube videos for using gnucash)
13:43:50 <major> i don't can explain in english
13:44:16 <warlord> okay..
13:45:41 <major> i find a mailing liste, it's okey
13:46:37 <warlord> um, okay, then good luck..
13:52:26 <major> bye
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13:53:03 * warlord shrugs
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16:05:09 <warlord> Yow, jsled
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16:07:28 <warlord> @op jsled
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16:07:36 <warlord> 8-D
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