2012-02-08 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:51:43 <raja> Hi .. I am new gnu-cash user and need help with setting it up
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00:57:25 <warlord> raja: what kind of help do you need?
00:57:52 <raja> I need help with setting up Direct connect
00:58:21 <raja> going to through the help it seems I should have the option of entering bank ID
00:58:31 <raja> but I am yet to discover how
01:00:38 <warlord> ah, sorry, I know very little about that feature -- I dont use it. Have you followed the instructions in the WIKI?
01:01:34 <raja> I tried to .. but am not fully sure how to ...
01:03:53 <warlord> The bank ID is, IIRC, part of the OFX setup info.
01:07:29 <raja> yup ... The wiki basically says that you have to try to play with the setup to get it right .. and apparently we need to change the bankID .. however I am not able to ..
01:08:34 <raja> also is there a place where I can look at the gnu-cash logs in real time say using tail ?
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01:48:13 <warlord> raja: /tmp/gnucash.trace? Or do you mean OFX logs? If those.. I dont know.
01:48:19 <warlord> And I'm afraid I need to head out.. Sorry
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01:49:39 <raja> warlord: Thank you ..
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04:26:35 <maeyce> No success yesterday in patching the F::Q.
04:26:50 <maeyce> Will keep on trying today.
04:28:56 <maeyce> What prevents someone that succesfully pathced the F::Q to release it via mailing list so everyone else can copy the fixed file and replace the spoiled one on their computers?
04:30:03 <maeyce> Would that work, or are there any technical restraints?
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04:44:38 <WillyTP> Hello everybody... I'd need help with a function of GnuCash
04:45:16 <WillyTP> When I print the invoices, I'd need to be able to print the VAT rate applied to the individual entries
04:45:49 <WillyTP> instead, under "vat rate applied" I just see the a "T" which means taxable
04:46:15 <WillyTP> please take a look at the following screenshot to better understand what I mean:
04:46:18 <WillyTP> http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/3516/gnucashproblem2.jpg
04:46:53 <WillyTP> being able to print the individual VAT rates it's an essential thing for italian business
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04:47:19 <WillyTP> thanks to everyone able to help me... I'm not a programmer and neither an accouting expert, so excuse if my terms aren't perfect
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07:14:13 <mikee> WillyTP: I've just sent a reply to your question on the mailing list. Hope it's useful.
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08:36:59 <pc1> how does one enlarge the balance size field on an account register, I have numbers in there that exceed 9999 and the left of the numbers are clipped
08:37:47 <mikee> pc1: Double click the column header.
08:48:15 <pc1> thanks mikee, I missed that in the documentation. Is there anyway to have the column sizing stick?, especially on creating invoices. If I create an invoice for a customer then close the invoice. Go to another tab and then create another invoice the sizing reverts to fields that are not expanded even though the window size has not changed.
08:49:19 <WillyTP> mikee: thanks for help
08:49:30 <mikee> pc1: I'm afraid not. It's an often asked question and has been reported in Bugzilla.
08:49:34 <WillyTP> I'm going to try your solution in a while... I'm fitting some data
08:50:03 <WillyTP> a noob question: I'm going to modifiy invoice.scm - that's ok
08:50:35 <WillyTP> but what did you mean by "use the Tax Invoice which shows the tax rate by line" ? I cannot find it
08:51:39 <mikee> WillyTP: Reports->business->Tax invoice.
08:52:13 <mikee> You'll need to edit report options to select the invoice number.
08:52:45 <pc1> Is it possible to have distinct preferences, style sheets, reports for different gnucash businesses for a given user (I'm using xubuntu)?
08:52:52 <WillyTP> thank you again milkee :-) I'll try it soon and I'll let you know
08:53:12 <WillyTP> by the way, I have to report a bug too about this new version of gnucash (windows version)
08:54:12 <mikee> pc1: I don't think so, but maybe Warlord will know better.
08:54:18 <WillyTP> sometimes happens that icons aren't clickable anymore... for example... if I have to save my document, I've to go to file->save since by clicking on the icon nothing happens
08:54:34 <WillyTP> after doing this, icon buttons works again
08:56:05 <mikee> WillyTP: I don't use windows so, um...
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09:06:41 <pc1> any plans for hover or bubble help on fields? Having that info in the bottom left hand corner can be a lot of eye movement to find out what a field is for, especially for un-expanded fields on an invoice.
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09:18:44 <warlord> pc1: It is considered impolite to PM without asking. Moreover, AFK == Away From Keyboard.
09:19:46 <pc1> sorry, newbee on irc ... have only used 4 or 5 times in last 10 years
09:20:15 <warlord> But to answer your question (which you asked in channel (which was more than sufficient)... Right now some things are shared across all data files, so some preferences are per user, not per data file. Moreover, stylesheets are shared, and saved reports are shared.
09:20:52 <warlord> Now, you COULD set up the multiple stylesheets and use Biz1SS, Biz2SS, etc as appropriate
09:22:26 <warlord> One of the devs is planning to rework the preference system for 2.8; it needs a major overhaul because as you found out many preferences have the wrong coverage
09:26:40 <WillyTP> mikee, I tryed the Tax Invoice, and it works;
09:26:55 <WillyTP> however, I'd prefer the layout of the other invoice reports
09:27:11 <WillyTP> I modified the invoice.scm, however nothing changes
09:27:17 <WillyTP> it always show the usual "T" :|
09:28:15 <pc1> warlord, I'd like some isolation on those types of concerns so I could easily have others that I am trying to convert to gnuCash send me their files, preferences, etc without having to do all sorts of tricks to see it exactly from their running configuration. Seems stylesheets are stored in a single file so I would have to paste their changes in mine to see.
09:28:48 <WillyTP> oh sorry... into printable invoice it works
09:29:22 <WillyTP> into the others (easy invoice, advanced invoice and so on) not... I guess I've to modify some other .scm :)
09:30:10 <warlord> pc1: sorry, that kind of isolation does not exist. The easiest thing you might be able to do would be to run gnucash with different users, so you get different home directories.
09:30:44 <warlord> WillyTP: yeah, you will have to modify each .scm for each report.. There isn't a shared "invoice base".
09:30:51 <mikee> WillyTP: The line to modify is probably similar in the others.
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09:32:20 <pc1> warlord, if you guys need a sounding board on these matters, I'd be happy to help out.
09:33:15 <warlord> pc1: I dont think the devs have your particular use-case in mind. It sounds like you are an accountant who wants people to send them not only their data file, but also their environments. I'm not sure why you need the latter.
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09:49:08 <pc1> warlord, Even for the common user that wants to work in a "sandbox" with total isolation from his real setup can benefit. I'm not officially an accountant but wrote an in-house accounting system years ago. A hook I could live with is on invocation of gnucash one could specify directory(ies) which specifies where to find/save preferences, stylesheets, etc. And that running copy of gnucash...
09:49:10 <pc1> ...does not exchange information (such as column reordering) normally with any running gnucash invocation's.
09:50:22 <warlord> pc1: well, you can specify the .gnucash directory.. The problem is that most prefs are stored in GConf, which is outside gnucash's purview.
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09:58:12 <WillyTP> I just discovered another problem
09:58:36 <WillyTP> by modifying all invoice .scm files, I have been able to print the VAT rate
09:59:11 <WillyTP> however, now I'm not able to see the VAT rate inside receipts
09:59:20 <WillyTP> the "Vat Rate" field is just blank
09:59:29 <warlord> "receipts"?
09:59:50 <mikee> ditto
10:00:45 <WillyTP> uhm... I'm using the italian version... let me see the correct term
10:02:13 <pc1> warlord, how does one specify the .gnucash directory?
10:05:20 <warlord> I have to look it up. I think it's something like the GNC_DOT_GNUCASH env var..
10:06:27 <mikee> There's also
10:06:29 <mikee> --gconf-path=GCONFPATH Set the prefix path for gconf queries
10:06:44 <WillyTP> (waiting for the english version of the manual to be downloaded...)
10:06:44 <warlord> mikee: is that a runtime flag?
10:06:56 <mikee> Not sure of that's useful in this case.
10:07:25 <mikee> warlord: It is, I've never noticed it before either.
10:08:10 <warlord> interesting.
10:08:17 <warlord> i dontknow if it helps, tho.
10:13:42 <mikee> I just tried it with # gnucash --gconf-path=gnucash1
10:14:42 <mikee> and after a whole lot of screen output I was presented with a blank, that is to say no history or accounts gnucash window
10:14:59 <WillyTP> ok... found the term
10:15:14 <WillyTP> I cannot see the VAT rate into bills
10:15:14 <mikee> so it may serve to do what pc1 wants
10:17:35 <WillyTP> looks like bills print doesn't get the VAT rate... as said, no "T", neither a tax rate is shown... it's just empty
10:17:42 <WillyTP> please let me know if you need a screenshot
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10:17:57 <mikee> WillyTP: Ah. I just tried a bill and there's no VAt rate, just a blank cell.
10:18:07 <WillyTP> exactly
10:18:08 <warlord> WillyTP: nope, don't need it. you will need to fix the scm some more to pull the bill tax table.
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10:19:16 <WillyTP> scuseme a moment
10:20:39 <mikee> There's an " if cust-doc?" in there that only shows tax on invoices.
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10:23:13 <pc1> mikee, i tried your gnucash --gconf-path=gnucash1 but
10:23:15 <pc1> after a few clicks I get follow bunch of issues:
10:23:16 <pc1> Failed to load key gnucash1/general/show_splash_screen: Bad key or directory name: "gnucash1/general/show_splash_screen": Must begin with a slash '/'Failed to load key gnucash1/general/account_separator:
10:23:40 <WillyTP> ok back... hmmm I see
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10:24:22 <WillyTP> sadly I'm not able to fix by myself the scm... you if know what lines I've to add or change please let me know
10:25:44 <warlord> pc1: try /gnucash1?
10:26:02 <warlord> or /apps/gnucash1
10:27:13 <mikee> WillyTP: I'll have a look at and get back to you. Here or mailing list.
10:28:15 <WillyTP> Thank you mikee
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10:32:13 <mikee> Yep, should have been /apps/gnucash1
10:34:27 <pc1> mikee, i got further using /apps/gnucash1,
10:34:28 <pc1> concern is on my next reboot will all invocations always use /apps/gnucash1 which i don't want ... only want it to use gnucash1 when I specify on gnucash --gconf-path invoication
10:35:21 <warlord> No, the gconf keys are not remembered.
10:36:03 <warlord> .. you will need to specify it to use it.
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10:45:16 <pc1> mikee, On second invocation of
10:45:18 <pc1> gnucash --gconf-path=/apps/gnucashTest2
10:45:19 <pc1> I get "Cannot find default values", I thought I saw it work once.
10:46:24 <warlord> It probably said that the first time, too, and you missed it
10:46:27 <mikee> Darn
10:52:05 <WillyTP> excuse me, now a different kind of question :-) is it possibile to delete an invoice which I inserted by mistake?
10:52:31 <mikee> pc1: Selecting Skip seems to work despite the warning.
10:52:52 <warlord> WillyTP: no. Please see the FAQ
10:53:02 <warlord> ... you can re-use the invoice.
10:53:04 <WillyTP> ok
10:53:08 <mikee> WillyTP: No, but you can re-assign the customer/vendor and recycle it.
10:53:35 <mikee> What warlord said.
10:54:16 <WillyTP> ah... ok so
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10:56:48 <WillyTP> I'll keep my myself in chat but I've to go now... thanks everybody for the great support
10:56:50 <WillyTP> see you soon!
11:00:05 <pc1> mikee, after skip, File->new file never opens and if i did have one opened it gives error about readonly and then following that trying to open an account register it will not let me enter any transactions.
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11:09:36 <mikee> pc1: Sorry. Dunno then. I've never used the --gconf-path before either. You could try the mailing list.
11:13:34 <pc1> mikee, i think have mystery solved why i saw it work first ...
11:13:35 <pc1> if one specifies /app/name1 it does not work...
11:13:36 <pc1> but if specify /name1 then still need to skip but stuff i test with this setup maintains separate perferences too ... not sure if reliable ... maybe /apps/name1 bug in gnucash
11:13:38 <pc1> i'm running in xubuntu with 2.4.7
11:16:06 <warlord> pc1: What about /apps/name1 v. /app/name1?
11:16:48 <warlord> anyways, I need to head out. I'll be back online in ~45 mins
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11:24:53 <mikee> pc1: Not sure at all about this feature. If you can't make it work then please file a bug report.
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11:44:52 <pc1> warlord, i meant to say /apps in both cases, however with additional testing it does not work most of the time
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11:48:44 <warlord> okay, pc1 -- i am back.
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12:05:42 <maeyce> Hi Warlor. Still talking about the F::Q. Is it possible to get a succesfully patched F::Q by someone, like MAT for example, and just manually replace the spoiled module installed in a different computer? Are there any technical restraints for this?
12:07:08 <maeyce> *warlord
12:07:24 <warlord> maeyce: you can ask on the list..
12:07:33 <warlord> Shouldn't be any technical restraints. It's just perl.
12:08:12 <gour> lol, "it's just perl" :-)
12:10:43 <maeyce> Ok that sounds really like a solution. Thank you
12:10:51 <maeyce> I will ask in the list then.
12:11:23 <warlord> gour: seriously, it's just perl. That means it's 100% cross-platform. Just take the .pm files and drop them in place. Viola.
12:11:55 <gour> warlord: i agree, but just sounds funny ;)
12:14:29 <mikee> I feel the same about scheme
12:14:50 <gour> heh
12:16:55 <maeyce> Viola is an old brazilian footballer :O
12:17:19 <maeyce> See you guys tomorrow
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12:43:53 <mikee> food + beer time.
12:48:08 <gour> mikee: enjoy ;)
12:51:06 <warlord> enjoy, mikee
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15:21:58 <phil> hi ;)
15:24:08 <phil> i wanted to ask how can i use liabilities account for personal loan from friends. can you help me with a proposal what the other account can be?
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15:54:54 <phil> i think i will try with credit card account... lets see if i can manage it better this way...
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16:05:21 <warlord> phil: it's effectively the same thing. When you get the loan it's Liability:Loan -> Assets:Cash. When you pay back the loan it's the reverse. If you have interest then there's a split to Expenses:Loan Interest as well.
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16:06:44 <phil> thank you warlord for the answer. you think the type of the account liability:loan should be credit card?
16:07:26 <warlord> No, it should be Liability
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16:13:44 <phil> ok thank you, i made it liability. entered the interest in expenses. but the initial loan i entered in equity:opening balances. it looks ok for now. thank you very much for the help ;)
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