2012-02-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:25:15 <gour> congratulations for 2.4.10 release!
02:25:54 <gour> ..and we wonder if this is going to be last one in 2.4.x series?
02:29:28 <Joc> Yes! The clipboard seems to have been fixed according to the web site!
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09:24:41 <warlord> maeyce: F::Q is outside the scope of gnucash. So no, that was not solved by us at this point.
09:41:27 <maeyce> ok I see. Thanks
09:51:01 <warlord> F::Q is a PERL module, which lives in the PERL CPAN archive (outside of GnuCash). We don't ship it, we just use it.
09:51:13 <warlord> You also have to install it separately.
09:51:49 <warlord> As for applying patches, perhaps if you respond back you can get MTA to send you the whole file instead of just a patch so you can just drop the new file(s) in place.
09:53:47 <pcroque> warlord: I came in late to this discussion...are you talking about fixing the recent breakage in F::Q receiving currency quotes?
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09:54:27 <maeyce> Ok. I read at the mailing list that the problem with the patch was that there was a previous patch to be applyed otherwhise the new ones would not work. Unfortunatelly right now I am at work so I couldn't try but
09:54:33 <maeyce> when I go back
09:54:38 <maeyce> home I will do it
09:55:07 <warlord> pcroque: yes, in response to maeyce's questions from yesterday and followup overnight
09:55:53 <maeyce> ok I believe everything should be fine. But lets see. Thank you indeed for the support warlord
09:56:10 <warlord> you are welcome.
09:56:35 <Takyoji> Any reason for a Profit & Loss statement to be nothing but $0 for everything?
09:56:44 <maeyce> By the way who is MTA?
09:57:18 <pcroque> maeyce: If you get it working...let us know. I'm trying to patch F::Q to fix certain quote problems but am having little success.
09:58:21 <maeyce> ok I will report back in case of success or failure.
09:59:10 <maeyce> don't rely on me though as I am not a programer and am learning everything the first time now.
09:59:11 <Takyoji> Essentially I'm trying to get a profit and loss statement solely for the month of January, I created a 'budget' that starts on Jan 1st, and to be reoccuring on a monthly basis, however when I try to generate a Budget Profit & Loss report, every account is listed as $0
09:59:46 <warlord> Takyoji: wrong dates?
10:00:18 <warlord> maeyce: MTA was the guy on the list who sent out the patch
10:00:55 <warlord> OH, B-P&L? no clue. I dont know anything about the Budget features.
10:01:06 <maeyce> Ok thanks
10:01:17 <Takyoji> 1/1/2012
10:02:30 <Takyoji> Unless if you know of another report, that I could have only for a specific month (or date range)
10:02:57 <warlord> Takyoji: I dont know what you are trying to do.. and I dont know anything about hte budget features, so I cant help you there.
10:06:34 <Joc> Takyoji: could it be the accounting period under preference?
10:26:06 <Takyoji> I found Reports > Income and Expense > Profit & Loss, which worked just fine
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11:52:07 <maeyce> exit
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11:53:41 <Joc> Is it possible to delete a range of transactions, for example all 2010 data? The shift-click or ctrl-click does not work.
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12:48:18 <warlord> linas_: thank you for the AAAA records. Next I just need to get my stupid PTRs set up.
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14:33:22 * gour is finally working out tutorial & concepts guide
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15:46:54 <gour> which register style you recommend for GC beginner?
15:50:36 <jmd> register style ?
15:52:53 <gour> yes, basic ledger or trans. journal? (view --> ..)
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16:02:27 <Joc1> I have several split transactions, so I prefer the auto-split which normally looks like the Transaction Journal, which is the look I prefer.
16:04:55 <Joc1> when you have many rows, the Trans Journal is more compact, that's why I prefer it, but for a beginner the basic ledger is nice because it clearly show the double entry concept.
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16:06:34 <Joc> *sigh* he/she left.
16:11:17 <blathijs> Joc: Actuall, he rejoined as gour1 already
16:11:45 * gour1 lost connection :-(
16:12:10 <Joc> gour1: I have several split transactions, so I prefer the auto-split which normally looks like the Transaction Journal, which is the look I prefer.
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16:12:26 <Joc> gour: when you have many rows, the Trans Journal is more compact, that's why I prefer it, but for a beginner the basic ledger is nice because it clearly show the double entry concept.
16:12:42 <gour> Joc: thanks
16:14:03 <Joc> welcome. The default setting is under edit>preference>register defaults
16:14:55 <gour> tomorrow we'll continue with scheduled trans.
16:31:18 <warlord> gour: basic
16:32:37 <warlord> I think basic is the best for a true beginner.. You COULD use auto-split or even journal mode if you want/need, but I personally find that I have so few split transactions that I can just use the Split button to expand those few times I need to
16:33:09 <gour> warlord: yeah, it makes sense. thanks
16:37:32 <gour> what is the purpose of 'double-line' option?
16:39:32 <warlord> View -> Double-line will show you additional information on each transaction, like the Notes field.
16:39:41 <warlord> It is orthogonal to expanding the splits.
16:44:56 <gour> hmm, for now i do not see any extra info...let's wait when we move forward with the tutorial tomorrow
16:45:37 <gour> we didn't fill out notes field yet
16:47:45 <warlord> most people dont
16:47:56 <warlord> it's just additional space for additional info.
16:48:01 <warlord> you dont need to use it.
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16:50:03 <gour> ok. now it's clear
16:54:48 * gour --> sleep
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19:30:41 <tach> warlord: thanks for coordinating the AAAA record setup. I noticed the change yesterday and turned my list delivery back on. Everything's flowing normally again.
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19:41:22 <warlord> tach: ah, good. Glad it's working for you. I still need to work on the PTR records..
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19:45:01 <warlord> Also, tach, I just got notified that the PTR delegation is in-works; my immediate upstream is all set up, so we're just waiting for their upstream to kick their servers with the updated delegation.
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20:26:53 <tach> warlord: Good news all around then. :-)
20:27:34 <warlord> Yep.
20:28:00 <warlord> So hopefully the grand-upstream will kick their servers and my immediate upstream will fix their propagation, and then I'll be all set.
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