2012-02-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:39:25 <Silly> I noticed that in 2.4.9 on windows that when I have a accounts tab open that has set to hide empty accounts, if I add a transaction to one of the empty accounts so it has a balance it wont show up until I reload it..? Was it always like that?
10:40:04 <warlord> Silly: probably a bug. please report to Bz if you can reproduct.
10:40:06 <warlord> reproduce
10:41:09 <Silly> Bz? bugzilla?
10:41:15 <warlord> yes
10:41:24 <Silly> Do I need an account?
10:41:38 <warlord> of course
10:41:53 <warlord> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla
10:42:10 <Silly> oh, the gnome bugzilla... I might already have an account... maybe...
10:42:36 <Silly> hmmm, probably not
10:46:28 <Silly> ... I can't find the option anymore...
10:48:52 <warlord> View -> Filter By
10:49:22 <Silly> Ah, there it is.
10:51:18 <warlord> woop, there it is!
10:52:19 <Silly> Ok, a search for 'show zero total accounts' gets me nothing... so I guess nobody has probably reported it...
11:06:35 <Silly> Hmmm, should this be a general?
11:12:54 <warlord> Either that or UI.
11:13:39 <Silly> Created https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=669419
11:18:14 <warlord> thanks
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12:28:41 <mib_gpcn63> hi, i installed the latest version of gnucash (build 2012-jan-11) on Win XP SP3, MYSQL 5.5
12:29:47 <mib_gpcn63> i created a DB and tried deleting after doing some trials, later i deleted the DB and created new one but the old db link is still shown in the gnucash list, even after installation
12:34:03 <mib_gpcn63> *PS; re-installation, is there a chance of it being stored in the windows registry or some file that i cant find
12:43:41 <mib_gpcn63> i think i found it under "user"\.gnucash
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14:12:11 <maeyce> off hi
14:12:11 <gncbot> maeyce: Sent 17 hours and 49 minutes ago: <warlord> Perhaps the quote source website changed and broke F::Q? Or perhaps the quote source is itself broken? Does gnc-fq-dump work and provide reasonable responses?
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14:20:40 <maeyce> Also how would I be able to check if the Finance and quote broke and then, if that is the case, fix it?
14:32:28 <warlord> maeyce: as per the mailing lists last night/this morning, Yahoo changed their quote website yet again, breaking F::Q. Please see the list archives for a F::Q patch.
14:34:19 <maeyce> ok thanks
14:34:22 <warlord> To check if it's broke you can run gnc-fq-dump and see if it gets data from your quote source.
14:34:37 <warlord> (this, too, has been discussed on the lists ad nauseum)
14:40:00 <maeyce> Sorry for my lack of knowledge but when you say testing gnc-fq-dump you mean to use a command prompt and run it in there
14:40:02 <maeyce> right?
14:40:28 <maeyce> Also where can I find this list archives?
14:40:55 <warlord> maeyce: go to www.gnucash.org and follow the links
14:41:38 <maeyce> ok thanks warlord
14:43:09 <warlord> there is always wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ
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14:45:43 <maeyce> Right thanks a lot will try to find my way
14:53:43 <warlord> Good luck!
15:09:02 <pnema> Question: When I reconcil my credit card, The recon screen has two check boxes, "Show Income/Expense" for transfer to/from.
15:09:14 <pnema> What does checking these boxes do?
15:09:55 <pnema> This is on the "Transfer Funds" Screen
15:18:32 <mishehu> I think that's the screen that pops up assuming you want to make a payment
15:18:41 <mishehu> I always cancel it
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17:31:45 <warlord> pnema: yeah, that's the
17:32:00 <warlord> 'payment dialog' on the assumption you would want to pay the cc bill after you reconcile it.
17:32:18 <warlord> that button is whether or not to show the In/Ex accounts. Generally you do not need to do that
17:32:43 * warlord usually uses it, because I am often scheduling my payments when I reconcile.
17:32:47 <warlord> anyways, i am off.
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17:46:26 <maeyce> @warlord
17:46:26 <gncbot> maeyce: Error: "warlord" is not a valid command.
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20:07:29 <qjcg> i have some accounts that I'd like to change to subaccounts (eg. Expenses > Snacks would become Expenses > Food > Snacks)
20:07:35 <qjcg> can anyone point me in the right direction?
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20:20:54 <qjcg> OK, so I answered my own question (right click on account > edit account > parent account)... that's all folks!
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