2012-02-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:57:12 <major> hello
06:58:10 <major> i would like know if gnucash is appropriate for buisness gestion
06:58:54 <major> for little activity
07:00:10 <major> and for all comptability and so else, and if it user friendly
07:12:56 <gour> major: check the docs and features - http://gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-guide/
07:15:45 <major> not a documentation in french ?
07:16:16 <gour> it does not look so
07:18:12 <major> ok thank
07:22:19 <GeeAndYou> would you be able to help translate and create french docs?
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07:56:19 <major> GeeAndYou, may be
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08:06:45 <GeeAndYou> major > great. Projects like this do well because people help where they can
08:07:06 <GeeAndYou> i would guess and say translate whatever you can and are willing to translate
08:07:19 <GeeAndYou> but i am new to the channel. it seems warlord has a handle on what is going on with the project
08:07:37 <GeeAndYou> he can probably steer you in the right direction
08:07:45 <GeeAndYou> unless someone else in here knows?
08:08:39 <GeeAndYou> warlord is afk atm. I think it is still early for his local time
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08:30:07 <h20> hello
08:30:32 <h20> i was wondering if anybody could help me with some questions on gnucash software?
08:33:29 <GeeAndYou> read topic, just ask your question
08:41:19 <Joc> I manual in French, but using Google translate, you can get a French version of the manual, for example: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=fr&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.austintek.com%2Fgnucash%2Fncsa-gnucash-talk.html
08:42:34 <Joc> oops, I *can't find* a manual in French
08:45:16 <h20> does anybody know if i can move transaction entries up and down?
08:45:47 <h20> i see gee, sorry abt that , didnt read the topic
08:46:24 <Joc> transaction are normally sorted by date, so changing the date will move it up and down
08:46:50 <h20> i tried that but it doesnt move at all
08:48:07 <h20> say if im currently entering data up till august and i suddenly remembered i need to enter a transaction for jan, the transaction stays below aug, it doesnt move up
08:48:28 <Joc> ??? it does for me... could it be that it's sorted by something else?
08:48:59 <h20> im not sure why it doesnt work for me
08:49:53 <Joc> if you right click, you can select the "sort by..."
08:50:01 <h20> yeah probably ill try that
08:50:48 <h20> =)
08:50:50 <h20> also
08:51:49 <h20> because i dun have my bank statements on me yet, i have been entering all my expenses in the expense account , but it doesnt show how much i have spent so far when i do a profit and loss report
08:52:26 <h20> why is that?
08:55:35 <GeeAndYou> when you are finished entering them, are you hitting "Enter"
08:55:49 <h20> yes
08:55:51 <Joc> never tried that report before... I got all zeroes. Interesting...
08:55:59 <GeeAndYou> it should make a new line for a new transaction
08:56:06 <h20> yeah i got all zeros when i enter str into the expense account
08:56:16 <h20> when i do the report
08:56:32 <GeeAndYou> worked for me. i just picked an expense, entered it, and the report shows that
08:56:56 <h20> but it works when im entering the information in the current account instead
08:57:10 <h20> and i put it under expense category
08:57:20 <GeeAndYou> Accounts > Expenses > Rent, entered a number, hit 'enter' up top. then did the P&L report
08:57:27 <h20> jsut not when i have gone directly into the expense acct to enter
08:58:43 <GeeAndYou> entering into expense account like i did does not work for you?
08:58:53 <h20> ok
08:58:54 <h20> i did that
08:58:56 <h20> it worked
08:59:00 <GeeAndYou> nice
08:59:04 <h20> wat i did before was
08:59:19 <Joc> ahh, my mistake, I had the accounting period for 2011, and I happen to have 2010 data only. With data for 2011 I got a Profit and Loss report
08:59:23 <h20> i went directly into the subcategories of expense eg: entertainment and entered all info there
08:59:33 <h20> that didnt work for P&L report
09:00:30 <h20> thats 3 hrs of data entry lost for me
09:01:18 <Joc> at the top of the report, I have "Profit & Loss For Period Covering 01/01/2011 to 31/12/2011", does the dates shown in your report right?
09:02:33 <h20> yeah i have no problems with the dates
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09:03:40 <GeeAndYou> i have no data for 2011, so my dates are 2012
09:03:49 <GeeAndYou> mine say 01 - Jan -2012 to 31 - Dec - 2012
09:03:52 <h20> also with the problem of later dates entry, i relaunched the software, and it does move dates up automatically
09:05:32 <Joc> so that part is working as you wanted now?
09:06:18 <h20> yes it is
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09:06:56 <h20> right thanks for your help guys! hopefully things will work out for me now.
09:07:03 <Joc> good, one down, one to go... :)
09:07:47 <h20> oh the other problem is sorted as well
09:08:02 <Joc> oh?
09:08:10 <h20> im just going to start all over again and enter data from where gee and you adviced me to
09:08:12 <h20> yes
09:08:18 <h20> =)
09:09:35 <Joc> not sure what was changed to make it work, but if it works... :)
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10:28:26 <warlord> major: the program itself has a french translation, but nobody has translated the docs.
10:31:07 <Joc> Google does a fairly good job.
10:31:48 <Joc> of its translation to French.
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10:32:50 <major> may be i find a people for translate
10:33:21 <major> it's depend of my project
10:35:03 <Joc> I can help a bit, if you have specific sentences, but not the whole manual.
10:35:03 <warlord> h20: IMHO, it's best to enter data from the Asset or Liability accounts. It's much easier for people to think about "I spent $10 in Cash towards Groceries" than "Groceries just got $10 from my Credit Card"
10:46:52 <h20> oh?
10:47:03 <h20> really warlord?
10:48:51 <warlord> If you do it from your asset accounts then you're opening fewer registers, and it just makes more sense. You write a check, you hand over cash, you hand over your credit card --- those are pretty much the only way you pay. And mentally you wont get the sign wrong.
10:48:52 <jmd> Groceries are hardly an asset nor a liability. Unless, of course you are running a Grocery store.
10:49:25 <warlord> jmd: Of course not -- they are an expense. But remember this is double entry accounting. You need at least two accounts for every transaction.
10:49:49 <h20> hummmm
10:49:56 <h20> i wonder if im doing somthing wrong
10:50:06 <warlord> not necessarily.
10:50:22 <warlord> gnucash treats everything as accounts, so you *can* enter your data from your expense accounts.
10:50:29 <h20> normally when u enter figures in income eg: 1st jan 2012 $500 income
10:50:41 <warlord> it's just easier, mentally, imho, to do it from the asset instead of of the expense.
10:50:46 <h20> but when i do a P&L report, it says -$500
10:50:59 <warlord> h20: $500 of income going to *where*
10:51:01 <warlord> ?
10:51:02 <jmd> Sure. I suppose it's subjective, but I don't think it's unintuitive to say "I spent $10 from by bank account, for domestic expenses (groceries)"
10:52:14 <warlord> jmd: you're thinking about it from the asset account ! "I spent $10 from my bank account" --- that's working from the asset
10:52:44 <warlord> from the expense you need to think "I increased my groceries by $10, using money from ...."
10:53:00 <jmd> Oh. Then we're in agreement.
10:53:02 <warlord> People don't think about increasing groceries; they think about spending $$
10:53:16 <h20> ok , u totally lost me there, im a total noob with accounting
10:53:19 <warlord> so.. work from Cash.. $10 -> Expenses:Groceries
10:53:30 <warlord> h20: have you read the Concepts & Tutorial Guide?
10:58:07 <mr-rich> Question: Can I open one account/file from multiple computers running GnuCash?
10:58:42 <mr-rich> share and account file? network a single accoung file?
10:59:59 <jmd> mr-rich, I don't think so.
11:01:04 <mr-rich> Darn ... I'd like install GnuCash on the wife's computer so she can acces joint account files ...
11:01:30 <mr-rich> She runs a Mac, I run Kubuntu ...
11:04:27 <Joc> I don't know about the mac, but Linux and Windows can read the same data file, so provided that you don't try to use the file at the same time, it should be ok to share the file.
11:12:29 <mr-rich> Joc: so, I could, for example, put the datefile on a SMB share ... Would other clients see a lock on the file and prevent multiple openings?
11:13:30 <h20> brb
11:14:01 <Joc> I'm no expert, but I think it would lock the file when the GC has it opened. It's easy to try.
11:15:16 <warlord> mr-rich: yes, you can, but not simultaneously.
11:16:00 <warlord> and yes, it should create a lock file, and the other system should see the lock file. Just be careful never to "open anyways"
11:16:19 <mr-rich> so, if one person was in the file and the other tried to open the file, it woild be blocked? or open r/o?
11:17:14 <warlord> It will pop up a dialog saying the file is locked and provide a few options. "Open Read-Only" isn't available in current releases (but will be in 2.6). However, "Open Anyways" *is* an option and you need to be careful.
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11:18:31 <warlord> anything else before I pop off for a while?
11:18:48 <mr-rich> warlord: ty for your help ...
11:19:01 <warlord> you're welcome
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11:19:34 <mr-rich> I'll have to kick around a few ideas ... maybe set up nfs or something ... I need the connection to be reliable and idiot proof ...
11:43:14 <jmd> mr-rich, Even if you have networked file system, you cannot have two instances of gnucash accessing the same Account heirachy simultaneously.
11:44:04 <jmd> (well you can if you force it, but then bad things happen)
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12:00:49 <jmd> I wonder if there will ever be a version where files can be concurrently opened? I principle it is possible. Posix has partial file locking.
12:03:42 <GeeAndYou> I think it could be done in a mysql db
12:04:42 <jmd> It could be done in with the xml files too. One just needs to lock the parts of the file that are in use, instead of the whole shebang.
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15:41:25 <maeyce> Hi I have been receiving an error message every time I try to get quotes at gnucash version 2.4.9. I have set it to automatically get quotes but when I go to the Tools tab - Price editor and then click on Get quotes the error Unable to retrieve quotes for these items appears. Does anyone know if it is necessary to manually click on get quotes even though the
15:41:45 <maeyce> autommatical retrieval of quotes is set?
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15:53:04 <maeyce> Or how to solve this error?
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17:38:16 <maeyce> Hi I have been receiving an error message every time I try to get quotes at gnucash version 2.4.9. I have set it to automatically get quotes but when I go to the Tools tab - Price editor and then click on Get quotes the error Unable to retrieve quotes for these items appears. Does anyone know if it is necessary to manually click on get quotes even though the
17:38:51 <maeyce> automatic retrieval of quotes is set, or how to solve this error?
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20:22:40 <warlord> @tell maeyce Perhaps the quote source website changed and broke F::Q? Or perhaps the quote source is itself broken? Does gnc-fq-dump work and provide reasonable responses?
20:22:40 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
20:33:07 <GeeAndYou> that is a sweet script
20:33:38 <GeeAndYou> i am assuming next time maeyce enters gncbot will tell him your response?
21:01:25 <warlord> well, next time maecye enters and says something.
21:01:30 <warlord> just entering is not sufficient.
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21:09:39 <GeeAndYou> k
21:14:08 <warlord> But he asked the same question twice, so I figure the next time he comes in he'll ask it a third time.
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22:33:21 <curmet> hi, does anyone know how to edit or delete transaction description from the program?
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23:09:42 <Elise001> Hi
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