2012-02-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:30:47 <lasindi> Hi all, I'm trying to use Gnucash for a co-op house; basically kind of like an apartment complex. I'd like to keep track of rent each month, so basically it's like the same invoice for lots of customers. Is there an easy way to do this? Or do I need to create a new invoice manually for each person?
03:59:07 <lasindi> Okay, actually new question: how can I add negative entries (i.e. expenses that reduce the total invoice amount) to an invoice?
03:59:35 <lasindi> It won't let me select an expense account for such an entry
04:18:23 <gour> lasindi: i'm very new wit hGC, but have you tried with split transaction?
04:19:21 <lasindi> gour, as far as I can tell, you can't make split transactions in invoices
04:20:06 <gour> lasindi: hmm...that could be true...why negative entry? some discount or what?
04:20:48 <lasindi> Yeah
04:21:20 <lasindi> Although the bigger problem for me right now is how to create lots of duplicate invoices at the same time.
04:21:29 <lasindi> Do you know how that might be done?
04:22:06 <gour> lasindi: unfortunately not...the best way is to wait until warlord-afk appears here later (UTC afternoon)
04:22:21 <gour> if no one else chimes in earlier
04:23:00 <lasindi> Alright, I may try that then. Thanks!
04:23:38 <gour> he's very helpful, will see your issue...just hang around
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07:06:32 <GeeAndYou> I am total gnucash n00b, but looking in docs, I think lasindi would need to add the discount as an expense under the "rebate" column so it is negative impact
07:06:42 <GeeAndYou> as for multiple copies of invoices i am lost
07:06:55 <GeeAndYou> i have to leave for day, not sure if he will return
07:09:10 <gour> GeeAndYou: thanks. i'll hang here and forward your msg when/if he returns
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07:12:04 <GeeAndYou> gour thanks. not sure if that is accurate, but it came from here: http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/cc-enterpay1.html
07:15:15 <gour> GeeAndYou: cool...it's useful for me as well...today i plan to go through GC tutorial and start using it...first for personal stuff and later for our small business as well
07:17:11 <GeeAndYou> i am beginning my journey as well
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07:34:15 <warlord> gour: thanks for trying to help lasindi..
07:36:02 <warlord> GeeAndYou: there is no "rebate" column in invoices
07:36:35 <warlord> (but you *can* enter negative amounts)
07:39:17 <warlord> (but he's right that there is no easy way to enter an Expense account)
07:39:25 <GeeAndYou> k. the rebate column, as pictured in the link i pasted, is in an expense account, which is what he said he was trying to use. so the proper method is to not use an expense account, just put a negative number in the invoice?
07:41:37 <warlord> well, you need to tie the negative amount to *some* account.. But I would tie it to an Asset account (e.g. Assets:Prepaid Amounts)
07:42:13 <GeeAndYou> k
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07:42:51 <warlord> GeeAndYou: that's one thing you have to remember about double-entry accounting. Everything needs an account. :)
07:43:12 <GeeAndYou> yeah need to track it some place
07:43:19 <warlord> ... it's all about money flow. Money always comes from somewhere and moves somewhere else. E.g. Income -> Asset, Asset -> Asset, Asset -> Expense
07:43:49 <GeeAndYou> k
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08:33:03 <fell> Formally rebates, discounts and boni, which you give to your clients are no expenses but income reductions.
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08:34:37 <warlord> well, in the particular case it's not a "client" per se, but a co-op. but I agree it should be a reduction in income.
08:34:45 <fell> So it is right to have them as "negative accounts" in your income branch.
08:36:49 <warlord> I don't know how he has his accounts set up.
08:37:07 <warlord> For him he might want to keep track of the discounts in some special way.
08:39:01 <fell> Yep, I think, it depends on the way the tax office and the capital owner wish to see them in the profit&loss form.
08:40:09 <warlord> right.
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10:22:13 <gour> warlord: np and thanks
10:25:31 <gour> lasindi: http://pastebin.com/DhXyByin is part of backlog you mighr be interested in ;)
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12:01:19 <gour> how to change background color for transaction register fields? atm, it's kind of blue, but it is not quote visible with black on blue
12:01:56 <warlord> gour: I'm pretty sure it's set up in your theme
12:02:13 <gour> so, GC just picks the system theme?
12:03:01 <warlord> yep
12:03:44 <gour> hmm
12:05:37 * gour is investigating about changing xfce themes
12:07:40 <gour> found and it's ok now
12:09:09 <gour> thanks
12:18:52 <warlord> you're welcome.
12:19:00 <warlord> Please fix the wiki for the next guy?
12:22:06 <gour> well, i did not consult wiki blush
12:24:49 <warlord> well, that was silly of you, wasnt it?
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12:31:50 <gour> indeed :-(
12:34:27 <gour> there is FAQ entry (Q: How do I change the register colors?), but it could be improved indeed...we'll try to improve it (later)
12:53:07 <warlord> okay
12:59:38 * gour created wiki account for now
13:04:35 <warlord> :)
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14:10:12 <irc> hi
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14:11:00 <kimmo> sup
14:11:50 <irc> i wish to find out if gnucash can handle stocks
14:13:51 <warlord> define "handle stocks". If you mean keep track of how many shares you own and tell you the values, then yes, of course it can.
14:14:36 <kimmo> also, kind of depends on how you want to handle them
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14:15:11 <kimmo> me, I handle them at purchase price regardless of the trading level
14:15:15 <hoosierbill> can't get checkbook to come up on gnucash any ideas? received:gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time.
14:16:02 <hoosierbill> GnuCash 2.2.9
14:16:05 <hoosierbill> Built 2010-08-19 from r17949M
14:16:18 <hoosierbill> when running command gnucash --version
14:16:54 <hoosierbill> have been using gnucash for 2 years--lots of data--it still seems to be there
14:17:13 <hoosierbill> have been using checkbook all that time
14:17:22 <warlord> hoosierbill: that line is fine. what happens when you start gnucash?
14:17:23 <irc> stocks i mean inventory
14:17:26 <kimmo> I have no idea about checkbook feature :(
14:17:36 <warlord> Are you just missing the Chart of Accounts page?
14:17:48 <warlord> irc: no, gnucash doesn't have Inventory support, per se.
14:18:00 <warlord> You can fake some of it, but not in a nicely-integrated way
14:18:02 <irc> ok thank you
14:18:19 <kimmo> irc, you could hack it using the arbitrary commodities in stocks, but that's very ugly
14:18:29 <hoosierbill> when I start gnucash it come us with accounts page
14:18:54 <hoosierbill> the listing of all the accounts is there on the page
14:19:04 <hoosierbill> there is not a listing for checkbook
14:19:16 <warlord> what do you mean, "not a listing for checkbook"?
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14:19:46 <hoosierbill> the accounts list does not have "checkbook" as an account
14:20:08 <warlord> Are you sure you have the correct data file opened?
14:20:59 <gour> lasindi: welcome back ;)
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14:22:33 <hoosierbill> not positive-- when gnucash didn't open a .xac file, i clicked on the latest .xac file and gnucash opened to it
14:23:25 <hoosierbill> i went to general ledger and the info seems to be ther up through late January 2012 when I last updated my checkbook
14:24:41 <hoosierbill> now when I open gnucash it goes to the same file
14:24:48 <kimmo> in the general ledger, when you put the focus on a split, you can press "Jump"
14:26:24 <hoosierbill> on the accounts list--all the totals seem ok
14:30:02 <kimmo> do you see any transactions to/from checkbook on the general ledger?
14:30:16 <hoosierbill> never mind-- I was too unfamiliar with Gnucash--I found my checkbook by drilling down into accounts
14:30:33 <hoosierbill> I'll wear the cone shaped hat for a while
14:30:48 <hoosierbill> Warlord--thanks for the help
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15:22:05 <warlord> You're welcome :)
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18:44:55 <GVHL> @warlord: problem solved. See comment #94 https://bugzilla.novell.com/process_bug.cgi
18:44:55 <gncbot> GVHL: Error: "warlord:" is not a valid command.
18:45:19 <GVHL> Problem solved. See comment #94 https://bugzilla.novell.com/process_bug.cgi
18:46:25 <GVHL> Basically, just nuke guile 2.0 in the yast2 sw_single package manager: this will force a downgrade of gnucash from 2.4.9 to 2.4.7. Which is JUST FINE
18:47:09 <GVHL> Now I can get on with my life! :-)
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19:15:28 <gnucashtest1> question1: fields for payer, categories, more comments, details appear to be missing in gnucash, any way to set it up so more fields are available?
19:16:43 <gnucashtest1> question 2: csv import does not even cover the fields available (e.g., notes in version 2.4.9), any way to remedy that?
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21:15:58 <warlord> gnucashtest1: payer -> description. categories -> Income/Expense Accounts, more comments -> Split Memos and Txn Notes...
21:16:03 <warlord> View -> Double Line Mode
21:16:09 <warlord> and also expand into Split-view mode
21:16:23 <warlord> You also have fields for Action, Number, and other things..
21:16:32 <warlord> No, there is no way for you, as a user, to add more fields.
21:26:29 <gnucashtest1> yes, but it does not help that even the abused fields in 1 can't be loaded into with the csv import, how come there are only a handful showing?
21:38:10 <warlord> because csv is only a partial solution, it was a half-finished, broken GSoC project that eventually got released without being completed.
21:38:23 <warlord> Try using QIF or OFX import
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