2012-02-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:26:50 <gour> morning
05:29:05 <gour> i'm procrasting to start using GC not having enough time to go through the docs, but my receipts are filling my inbox papertray, so i wonder if i could start entering transactions for my expenses and then later enter proper starting balances and/or re-edit transactions categories after creating proper setup or it's better to setup everything properly and then start?
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08:44:47 <Joc> gour: that's ok to enter data in any order and it's easy to change transaction catagories as you go along
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08:53:44 <warlord> tach: FYI, we have a AAAA record now. Please let me know if you are still having email issues.
08:55:15 <warlord> gour: you can enter stuff in any order, but you have to have entered all your history before you start to reconcile.
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09:01:05 <gour> Joc, warlord : ok. thanks
09:01:53 <warlord> I have found it easiest to enter stuff in chronological order.. But gnucash will order your transactions by date. within a day it will order them generally in the order you enter them
09:03:29 <gour> ok...i should really start using GC and master it later
09:04:49 <warlord> you've been around this channel for well over a year now. I dont understand the hesitation
09:05:56 <Joc> I'm fairly new to GC, I found fairly easy to enter the bank transactions first and adjusted the accounts as I was entering data and making my mind where to put them
09:07:05 <gour> warlord: well, i started to use php/mysql web app (myclientbase) considering that scheme & reporting wouldn't go well together
09:07:25 <warlord> it's certainly easiest if you have everything set up "right" the first time, but that never happens. luckily you can create new accounts while entering transactions as you need them, when you find they dont exist.
09:07:34 <warlord> and how well is THAT working for you? ;)
09:07:37 <gour> now i'm settled to use GC, but i'm still in the process of clearing my 'inbox stuff' (GTD)
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09:08:30 <gour> warlord: i plan to start using GC for personal stuff and for now we're filling invoices by hand...
09:08:39 <warlord> ok
09:09:20 <warlord> for a while I was printing invoices outside gnucash, and just using gnucash to track it. And this was after I wrote the biz features with invoicing! (that "Printable Invoice" report is UgLy)
09:09:29 <warlord> ... then someone donated the Fancy Invoice. :)
09:09:56 <gour> heh
09:11:30 <gour> for now we're just meeting clients face-to-face and internet-part is not working yet, so just to start trackingour personal expenses will be a good start
09:12:19 <warlord> * nods *
09:13:51 <Joc> I've upgraded to 2.2.9 from 2.2.4 to see if the running balance of a multi-account report would works, but it still does work (see http://joc.gaj.ca/test/shipping%20tab.png and http://joc.gaj.ca/test/shipping.png) :-(
09:14:12 <warlord> 2.4.9 is the current release. 2.2.x is OLD
09:14:25 <Joc> oh, I meant 2.4.9
09:14:31 * gour is evaluating sublimetext2 editor
09:16:03 <warlord> Joc: did you try to go into the report options to see if there is a "running balance" option?
09:17:00 <Joc> I tried all kinds or reports and options, and so far I've had no success.
09:19:03 <Joc> Will need to use Excel to fix the data, but first I need to go back to the old version because of the clipboard problem (real annoying that one).
09:21:23 <warlord> Joc: you are right -- this appears to be a bug in the report. Please report it in Bugzilla.
09:21:52 <warlord> 'clipboard problem'? Why not just export the report data and import the html into excel?
09:23:50 <Joc> I wonder if the fact that GC generates a General Ledger with a multi-account instead of a Register Report with a single account is the source of the problem.
09:24:08 <warlord> tach: alas, some mail IS bouncing due to lack of PTR records. That might be harder.
09:24:20 <warlord> Joc: possibly...
09:25:48 <Joc> when I select and do a right click on all the report's data I get "copy" option, but I can paste nothing, it's empty
09:26:27 <Joc> ok, I'll try to submit a bug report.
09:27:56 <warlord> Joc: Don't do that -- Export the report to an HTML file.
09:28:05 <warlord> Then you and import the HTML file
09:30:21 <Joc> ??? searching for how to export...
09:30:58 <Joc> ah, found it...
09:32:55 <Joc> the "save in folder" is absolutely awful! All I can select is a drive!!!
09:33:19 <warlord> ??
09:34:20 <Joc> oh, wait, there is a "browse for ohter folders" below... strange setup.
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09:41:41 <warlord> tach: Alas, there are still bounced coming in due to lack of PTR and invalid SPF (which are co-related issues). *sigh*
09:41:51 <warlord> Getting a PTR record is going to be much harder to do.
09:44:51 <Joc> importing html into Excel works very poorly, the columns of data are all mixed up, when using the cut and paste from the report in version 2.4.4, the columns of data were perfect
09:46:13 <warlord> * sigh * -- It USED to work fine. I think it got busted more recently.
09:46:38 <Joc> *sigh*
09:47:24 <Joc> it was worth a try
09:48:02 <Joc> IMHO, it would be better to combine the "save in folder" and the "browse for other folders", would save mouse clicks and would be less confusing.
09:52:05 <warlord> Joc: I am pretty sure that that is not our code.
09:54:05 <Joc> quite possible. maybe is makes more sense under Linux, but under Windows I've never seen those two separated.
10:06:52 <warlord> I dunno -- it's not our code -- it's gtk
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10:27:46 <Joc> warlord: the bug was entered: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=669183
10:27:52 <warlord> thanks joc
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10:33:58 <Joc> Grrr, should I've re-read myself one more time... typed "now" instead of "not". There does not seems to be a way to fix that other than to enter additional comments.
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13:50:34 <GVHL> how to return
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13:51:00 <GVHL> what is the timeout period here?
13:51:34 <GVHL> I guess that is a client thing - I'm using Mibbit
13:56:14 <warlord> ??
13:57:26 <jmd> warlord, I think he wants some advice on using IRC.
13:58:01 <warlord> maybe.
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15:15:33 <GVHL> warlord hi. I'm using a web interface Mibbit as I am remote, rather than Konversation. it is rather short (totally! :-) on instructions and controls, and kicks me off after a while if I don't say anything... I'll do more work on gnucash when I get home... the #suse people want to know my output of lnn...
15:15:57 <warlord> okay.
15:16:01 <warlord> good luck, GVHL
15:17:26 <GVHL> :-) I can use the Windoze version, but that causes me to gag, so I really would like to help fix it sooner than later, just don't know what to do to accomplish that. Tried downgrading guile last night without success... More later, cheers.
15:18:00 <GVHL> bye
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16:35:47 <tach> warlord: I just re-enabled my list delivery, so I'll let you know how it looks.
16:36:40 <tach> warlord: I'm surprised about the PTR bounces. Your SPF record is "v=spf1 a -all", which means that SPF should only be checking A/AAAA records, not PTR records too.
16:45:02 <warlord> maybe, but some of the bounces I got we SPF failure with my Ipv6 address. And some sites are specifically bouncing due to the lack of PTR. Hopefully I'll have the PTR problem fixed iin the next day or two.
16:50:07 <tach> Ok. I haven't received anything from the lists yet, so I can't say exactly if my mailserver will be happy yet, but I'll let you know.
16:52:59 <warlord> okay.
16:53:06 <warlord> we will find out eventually ;)
17:01:02 <warlord> I'm hoping we'll get the ip6.arpa set up by tomorrow.
17:03:26 <tach> Are you sure that that PTR-related rejects are due to SPF? Or are they just mailserver policy rejects (e.g. "no ptr => no service")?
17:03:39 <warlord> some of each
17:04:11 <warlord> Some bounces were "no ptr -> no service", but others references SPF with the v6 addr
17:04:44 <tach> Those SPF rejects could be stale DNS info.
17:07:30 <warlord> could be. I just dont know how long they will cache an NXDOMAIN
17:11:30 <tach> Well, there's how long they _should_ cache an NXDOMAIN and how long they _do_ cache.... because nameservers always do the right thing. :-)
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17:19:53 <warlord> LOL. fair enough
17:46:08 <warlord> Honestly, I'm just happy that I figured out my V6 connectivity issues -- I needed to turn on RAs without autoconfig.
17:48:19 <tach> V6 is a strange beast. It's taken me a little while to get my head wrapped around it too.
17:48:45 <tach> BTW, I just got an SPF-based reject from the -user list.
17:51:32 <tach> I think it's still a DNS issue... lists.gnucash.org doesn't appear to be only a CNAME. It appears to have its own A record, but no AAAA record.
17:52:28 <tach> lists.gnucash.org has an SPF record, but code.gnucash.org doesn't.
17:53:08 <tach> So, I think it's some combination of: lists.gnucash.org needing an AAAA record or code.gnucash.org needing an SPF record.
17:55:47 <warlord> OH... Okay..
17:55:58 <warlord> * sigh * I'll contact Linas.
17:56:07 <warlord> (I dont maintain the gnucash.org domain)
17:59:08 <tach> Ah.. I found the source of your SPF/PTR rejects. The SPF record for gnucash.org is different than that of lists.gnucash.org.
17:59:44 <tach> gnucash.org returns "v=spf1 a mx ptr -all", which would require the correct PTR record.
18:00:10 <warlord> LOVELY
18:00:37 <warlord> well, I found that cvs, svn, wiki, and lists all have A records instead of being CNAMEs
18:00:48 <tach> That difference isn't a bad thing (actually, that's the way I'm setup too).
18:01:10 <warlord> Oh, I tend to use CNAMES. The host can only have a single PTR record.
18:01:28 <warlord> so it's nice when name (A) -> (PTR) -> name
18:01:33 <tach> Yea, I do to.
18:05:15 <tach> Yea, there it is... http://www.openspf.net/FAQ/Common_mistakes : "Pushlish SPF record for HELO names used by your mail servers".
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18:10:23 <warlord> I need to study spf and dkim in greater detail.
18:11:43 <tach> I find both of them difficult to wrap my head around. The documentation seems like just enough to be confusing. :-)
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18:21:10 <warlord> I even know some of the creators of those technologies and I'm still confused by them!
18:21:33 <tach> Thinking about it some more, I think it's the lack of the AAAA and PTR records that's the real problem. Given that it was working fine in v4 without an SPF record for code, that means that it should work fine as soon as the v6 records show up.
18:21:58 <tach> Publishing an SPF record for the HELO name is good policy (as recommended by that FAQ), but probably not necessary.
18:22:35 <warlord> agreed.
18:23:26 <tach> And if setting up the v6 PTR record is too much of a pain, then you could always punt the "ptr" requirement from gnucash.org's SPF record.
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18:33:00 <warlord> the ptr requirement isn't just from the spf. many mail servers require ptr records.
18:37:41 <Joc> without the proper ptr the reverse dns may fail, this check for reverse dns
18:38:02 <Joc> http://reverse.e-dns.org/
18:41:01 <warlord> Joc: yes, i understand what the lack of ptr means.. and I know how to check for ptr, too. but thanks.
18:41:08 <warlord> *dns* I understand quite well.
18:42:57 <tach> warlord: True enough.
18:45:12 <Joc> I had some of my email rejected as spam, took me a while to figure out the importance of the ptr setup, I thought I knew about DNS before I came accross that reverse DNS, I've learned more about DNS... :)
18:59:48 <warlord> :)
18:59:54 <warlord> I didn't think about it in terms of v6.
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