2012-01-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:14:00 <rockfx01> nevermind my last comment, turns out the fix was much simpler to just disable the transform entirely. Testing now to see if there is any obvious fallout.
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09:07:12 <warlord> rockfx01: --program suffix option is a default from autoconf. We cannot control it.
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09:29:59 <rockfx01> warlord: yes I've figured that out now the hard way :P
09:30:24 <rockfx01> but, it is good because I am getting more familiar with make and autoconf
09:30:48 <rockfx01> but, I think bug #606077 can be closed in this case
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09:58:53 <warlord> probably
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10:42:49 <dtw> I installed GnuCash 2.4.9 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 a couple of days ago. I then opened it, but did not set up any accounts or import anything.
10:43:31 <dtw> Now, when I try to launch it, the icon appears in my app dock for a few seconds, then goes away.
10:43:38 <dtw> dbus daemon is not running
10:43:56 <dtw> I've looked in the help file and searched Google, but am unable to find the answer
10:44:04 <dtw> is anyone able to point me in the right direction?
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11:10:53 <warlord> dtw: not if you logout after only waiting 9 minutes.....
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15:02:12 <tach> I think that lists.gnucash.org has an SPF/IPv6 issue. I haven't received any e-mail from the -devel or -user lists since Jan 18. Looking in my mailserver logs, I see that the messages were rejected because of SPF failures. The failures began when lists.gnucash.org switched from connecting via IPv4 to IPv6. Since lists.gnucash.org doesn't have an AAAA record, I think that's why SPF is punting things.
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18:51:41 <gpoo> is there any specific action to do in order to have the option 'Add report'?
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18:52:00 <gpoo> I am following the FAQ http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_I.27d_like_to_write_my_own_custom_reports._Where_should_I_start.3F
18:52:13 <gpoo> with gnucash 2.4.7
18:52:52 <gpoo> I have tried several reports, but none of them enable the option 'Add report' in 'File' menu
18:54:18 <gpoo> ok, I got it. I have to rename the report in 'Report options'
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23:30:25 <andy> Hello
23:30:53 <andy> Has anyone solved the problem with GnuCash under openSuSE 12.1?
23:31:31 <andy> I have tried numerous uploads, reconfigurations, googling, guile, etc. but nothing works.
23:36:38 <andy> Hi, a noob here, first time with Konversation and IRC, so if anyone is out there and listening I'd appreciate a response however brief.
23:37:37 <andy> I see a long list of you on the right side of trhe window, so many are "joined", just wondering what else I need to do...
23:39:25 <andy> hello
23:40:44 <andy> OK, nobody is talking or else I don't know how to listen.
23:41:02 <andy> It's late, try again tomorrow. Cheers, Andy
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23:54:23 <andy> Does anyone here use Konversation and have any tips?
23:54:58 <andy> I'd just like to have someone answer me so that I know that I'm transmitting correctly
23:55:00 <rockfx01> andy I can't help you, but just leave IRC running and eventually someone will respond. The gnucash channel is more of an 'ask and wait' thing.
23:55:24 <andy> ircWoohoo! Thanks for the echo!!
23:55:57 <rockfx01> but, you might want to give a more in depth description of the problem, what is 'the problem' with it under openSuse?
23:56:02 <andy> :-) Instant gratification obviously doesnt work on IRC
23:56:20 <andy> Thanks, will do, standby
23:57:46 <rockfx01> anyways, gotta run, good luck. Also, I usually find there's not anyone on around this time so you might not hear back for several hours.
23:58:34 <andy> The problem is that it crashes on start, with a load of stuff, terminating with
23:58:35 <andy> RROR: In procedure debug-options-interface:
23:58:37 <andy> ERROR: In procedure debug-options-interface: Unknown option name: maxdepth
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23:59:51 <andy> This is identified and reported and addressed in a host of Google URLs, but no solution identified that works for me, so I was justwondering if someone here might have a solution that has not reached the mainstream...