2012-01-27 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:41:57 <sicle> my checking account is in GBP but I have a DKK equity account. i did a currency conversion transfer of DKK 71,000 between the two (leading to ~£9000 in the checking account). however, when i do a cash flow report, the 'Money In' shows £71,000 - how do i avoid this?
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08:24:51 <Fremen2001> hello, I tried to change gnucash language on osx with 'defaults write...' but no luck...app still in english.. any suggestion ??
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08:31:33 <warlord> sicle_: um, I dont think you can -- I think it's a bug in the report in that it doesn't deal with multiple currencies correctly.
08:31:58 <warlord> ... either that or you have a bad exchange rate entry in your pricedb
08:34:35 <warlord> Fremen2001: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings in particular http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings#Changing_the_Language_on_OSX
08:35:01 <Fremen2001> that exactly what I did.. but no change :(
08:35:53 <warlord> What version are you running? (OSX & GnUCash)
08:35:59 <Fremen2001> used this : defaults write -app Gnucash AppleLanguages '(en, it)'
08:36:21 <Fremen2001> latest version 2.4.9
08:36:52 <Fremen2001> and Lion 10.7.2¨
08:39:09 <warlord> Fremen2001: umm, I think that command would tell it to use English.
08:39:30 <Fremen2001> I tried the other way round too :)
08:40:56 <warlord> try without the en?
08:41:04 * warlord isnt a mac guy
08:43:01 <Fremen2001> no change either.. :( well.. I don't mind about app language but account names need to be in italian :/
08:44:11 <Fremen2001> I should try to change whole system language... but I'm scared it mess up with everything lol
08:44:46 <warlord> Changing the language will not change the names of your existing accounts!
08:44:49 <warlord> has the 'defaults write' changed the language of the menus and dialogs?
08:45:41 <Fremen2001> yup... thats why I want to change language before creating accounts :) ....all still in english...menu and so on
08:46:21 <warlord> oh...
08:46:42 <warlord> you might need to either wait for john to login, or send mail to gnucash-user mailing list
08:47:42 <Fremen2001> ok :) no problem.. thanks for help :)
08:48:02 <warlord> good luck.. i dont know why it's not working.
08:48:27 <warlord> i wonder if there is still an ...etc/environment file?
08:48:29 <Fremen2001> me neither hehe... linux way easier
08:48:43 <warlord> heh
08:50:46 <Fremen2001> no environment file...I'll try to find out :)
09:05:12 <warlord> ok
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09:08:32 <Fremen2001> I checked other gtk app on osx and the way to change language is that one..anyway I just found out that I can create accounts by hand so I can use the proper names I need...thanks :)
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09:11:49 <warlord> Yes, of course you can enter in your own accounts!!
09:12:15 * Fremen2001 first time user ;)
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09:23:26 <warlord> Ah, speak of the devil. Fremen2001, maybe john can help you (assuming he's awake)
09:24:18 <warlord> john, Fremen2001 is having trouble setting the gnucash (2.4.9) language to "it" on Lion 10.7.2
09:24:31 <Fremen2001> :) tnx...
09:24:34 <john> Big assumption, at this hour. I got up (and connected) early to upload the 2.4.10 tarballs so I can build the mac release.
09:24:51 <john> Fremen2001: Did you read the article in the wiki?
09:24:53 <Fremen2001> woooot... new version :)
09:24:56 <Fremen2001> yes
09:25:18 <john> And what's the particular problem?
09:25:31 <Fremen2001> no changes in app languages :(
09:25:52 <john> Are you trying to change all apps, or just Gnucash?
09:26:12 <Fremen2001> just gnucash..I don't want to mess up my system
09:28:01 <john> It wouldn't mess anything up, the system is designed to be multilingual. But anyway, you've set the default for application Gnucash to it and that didn't work?
09:28:30 <john> I haven't tested that on Lion, perhaps the key has changed.
09:28:31 <Fremen2001> yes... it's still all in english.. no change
09:29:24 <warlord> If you change your whole system to IT via the menus does gnucash change too?
09:29:27 <john> Give me a couple of minutes to fire up a Lion VM and test it.
09:30:04 <Fremen2001> ok
09:39:05 <Fremen2001> what's the key org.gnucash.... or something ?
09:40:24 <john> The key is org.gnucash.Gnucash, but you don't need that.
09:40:26 <Fremen2001> if you change it system wide it works
09:40:56 <john> defaults write -app Gnucash '(it, en)' will work -- if Gnucash is in /Applications.
09:41:33 <john> If it isn't, (or maybe even if it is, but defaults can't find it) use the whole path.
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09:42:03 <john> In my VM, it's in the Desktop folder, so I used ~/Desktop/Gnucash.app and it worked fine.
09:42:21 <Fremen2001> I try..
09:48:42 <Fremen2001> omf.... I didn't notice on the terminal I was root :/ as a normal user it works... lolol
09:49:37 <john> Oops. ;-) Well, you're in business now.
09:49:43 <warlord> Cool!
09:49:44 <Fremen2001> thanks for the help :) really
09:50:10 <Fremen2001> heheh... you always learn something....every day :)
09:51:14 <Fremen2001> tnx for all.. I gtg back to work.. bye
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09:51:48 <john> The OSX build is started, time to go make some tea and read the paper.
09:52:52 <warlord> have fun
09:54:01 <David2> Today I have several questions about voided transactions. The first is whether there is any documentation about voided transactions and how they work. Last night I searched both the Help and Concepts Guides for the current stable release and found only a reference about searching for them, which, by the way, doesn't seem to work very well
09:54:36 <warlord> yeah, voided txns are sort of the black sheep of reconcile statusus
09:54:48 <warlord> even I dont know much about that feature
10:02:50 <David2> also frozen?? Anyway, Long ago I imported a whole bunch of voided transactions. They have a 'v' in the Reconcile box, the values are hidden, the Notes box contains the words Voided Transaction' and there is a "QIF' in the space above the Account box when viewed as an auto split ledger or in journal mode
10:03:49 <warlord> I'm pretty sure that voided txns are frozen.
10:04:52 <David2> If I try to search by Reconcile status, the results seem to include unreconciled transactions, but I cannot tell which status I have selected
10:06:36 <David2> One. Is there a way to clearly see which status I am trying to search for?
10:08:44 <David2> FYI I am in Windows and I have been jumping around between versions lately, but I currently consider 2.4.8 the best for me
10:10:24 <David2> I have not messed with the Theme lately, so I am not sure which is currently active here.
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10:16:04 <David2> Re-reading my own comments, I see that I was not clear. When I try to search for Voided transactions, Not Cleared transactions also appear in the result
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10:26:45 <David2> As I try clicking the various choices, the grey highlight usually follows the last clicked box, but it also stays on the 'Not Cleared' box. At the same time, the last clicked box has a double-line border. that seems to be the attribute that is supposed to actually identify the selected status. To further confuse my poor brain is that when I click the search box, the double-line border disappears, so I do not know what I ac
10:29:32 <David2> Is the search ambiguity that I think I see a reportable bug?
10:30:24 <David2> or do I just need to get new glasses?
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10:47:26 <warlord> I dont have a datafile with voided txns so I have no way to test it locally
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13:11:19 <notbatman> Hello. I have been trying to use the latest official download, and have experienced some reluctant behavior in gnucash. I am trying to enter a transaction in transaction view of the checking account. I make the first entry as a deposit to Bank Service Charges and then tab to the next line to try and make the second entry as a withdrawal from the checking account. I try to save but the "save" menu item is grey. In order to save, i
13:11:19 <notbatman> necessary to try and close the checking account window so that gnucash asks me to save or cancel. I click "save" and the checking account window closes. Unfortunately, once that happens I now have an imbalance amount equal to the transaction I was trying to save in its entirety but somehow only managed to save the first entry of the two necessary in double-entry accounting. I have quit, removed the application from the applicatio
13:11:20 <notbatman> directory on my 2007 plastic MacBook running Mac OS 10.6.8 and re-installed the application from the .dmg file. THis does not help. Same thing happens.
13:17:26 <notbatman> What am I doing wrong?
13:28:16 <warlord> notbatman: it sounds like you are not completing the entry of the transaction.
13:28:42 <notbatman> Yes, I agree. If only I knew how with this version.
13:28:42 <warlord> The "save" button is to save the whole data file.
13:28:49 <notbatman> Ah
13:28:49 <warlord> It's the same as all other versions.
13:28:55 <notbatman> OK
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13:29:45 <warlord> But each line of your message ended short. All we got was: In order to save, i{end} and "removed the application from the applicatio"{end}
13:30:02 <warlord> What ledger mode are you in?
13:31:03 <notbatman> Sorry. It was a long paragraph. Maybe too long. I am in Transaction journal mode
13:32:51 <notbatman> I now see that "Enter" is what I should be doing. Thanks!
13:35:34 <notbatman> Oops. I spoke too soon. Although I was able to "Enter" the transaction, now I cannot "Save" to my file unless I do "Save As".
13:35:36 <warlord> Yes.. But you also need to make sure that you supply the current account split before you click "enter"
13:35:53 <warlord> Did you ever Save the file?
13:36:08 <notbatman> I have always "saved" the file
13:36:22 <notbatman> Something is different
13:36:40 <warlord> What happens when you click Save
13:37:10 <notbatman> I can't. It is greyed-out
13:37:34 <warlord> What backend are you using?
13:37:39 <warlord> Are you using SQL?
13:37:51 <notbatman> Is that in the preferences?
13:38:03 <warlord> It would've been a choice during your first save
13:38:28 <notbatman> Is there a way to tell now?
13:38:56 <warlord> Uhhh... you dont know where your data is saved????????!?!?!?!
13:39:09 <notbatman> Oh right, sorry
13:40:15 <notbatman> I have navigated to my data file folder
13:40:29 <warlord> Okay..
13:40:50 <warlord> So you're either using XML or SQLite
13:42:02 <notbatman> I can open it in bbedit so looks like XML to me.
13:43:13 <warlord> What are the first few characters of the file?
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13:44:00 <notbatman> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
13:44:13 <warlord> Oh, huh -- so you're not using compression. Interested.
13:44:16 <warlord> er, interesting.
13:44:25 <notbatman> really!
13:44:31 <warlord> OKay, so the save button should un-grey as soon as you finish entering the transaction.
13:44:41 <notbatman> ok
13:45:37 <notbatman> Not happening
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13:45:58 <warlord> Then either a) this isn't your data file, or b) you didn't enter a transaction.
13:47:15 <notbatman> I can see it in the journal mode and in the basic mode and it has subtracted the transaction amount from the balance.
13:47:23 <warlord> ... or c) -- there was a bug introduced in the fix for SQL backend that causes failure to XML. But I think that would've been noticed by many many more people.
13:49:24 <notbatman> Oh wait. When I installed, then instructions asked me to run an application to convert the file, which I did. Then installed. Did that put my file somwhere else like in the Library/Application Support directory?
13:50:05 <warlord> no, that's the application, not your data file.
13:50:17 <notbatman> h. OK.
13:50:52 <warlord> think about it this way, when you are editing a spreadsheet or text document, where do you save that?
13:51:25 <notbatman> Usually in my documents directory in a subdirectory
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13:51:37 <warlord> fair enough, but you *know* where you put it, right?
13:51:43 <notbatman> Yup
13:52:08 <warlord> well, you need to know where you put your gnucash data, even if gnucash is smart enough to re-open the last-used data file for you.
13:52:12 <notbatman> and this is definitely my data because it was modified at 1:32 PM today
13:52:38 <warlord> okay..
13:53:04 <warlord> anyways, the point remains, the save button should be un-greyed when you modify the data.
13:53:36 <notbatman> indeed
13:55:04 <notbatman> I have always been able to save in the previous version.
13:55:07 <c3l> Regarding the budget tool: is it possible to create specific posts for each item in a certain account? The natural way is to create several sub-accounts, but this is unwieldy. For example, if you have a gift account and want to budget for several gifts (and not only the total sum of all the gifts), one would end up with very many sub-accounts that most likely will only be used once.
13:55:32 <warlord> notbatman: what version are you running right now?
13:55:47 <warlord> c3l: sorry, dont know.
13:56:08 <notbatman> warlord: I am running 2.4.9
13:57:34 <warlord> I can't imagine any reason 2.4.9 wouldn't ungrey the Save button when you add a new transaction.
13:57:48 <notbatman> I will try another
13:58:49 <c3l> warlord: how is the budget tool supposed to be used? It feels quite limited in its current state. I, for instance, have earlier been using excel for bookkeeping and budgeting. GnuCash is obviously superior on the bookkeeping, but an excel document still gives me a better overview of my monthly budget.
13:59:07 <warlord> c3l: I honestly have no idea. I have never used it or even looked at it.
14:01:34 <notbatman> warlord: THis time I did a customer invoice payment receipt and it worked fine.
14:02:23 <warlord> which leads me to believe that you weren't completely entering a new transaction..
14:02:32 <notbatman> Makes sense to me.
14:02:39 <warlord> Maybe you were only entering half of it? That can happen in Journal mode.
14:02:47 <notbatman> Aha
14:02:49 <notbatman> OK
14:03:02 <warlord> We always recommend you use Basic mode until you get more comfortable.
14:03:34 <notbatman> OK. I will. Thanks for all your time!
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15:28:03 <warlord> john: we missed the windows update report-crasher fix.
15:28:59 <john> warlord: What fix is that?
15:29:31 <warlord> The fix to the installer that caused 2.4.9 to crash when installed over 2.4.8
15:29:43 <warlord> (Geert just emailed about it)
15:29:58 <warlord> This means that the Windows 2.4.10 installer will also fail if installed over an older version.
15:30:55 <john> Yeah, he just checked it in, too.
15:32:04 <john> No problem, I'll just re-tag for tomorrow -- but maybe we should hold off a bit until Geert has time to see if he can figure out the Win7 crash. I've only got XP here, so I don't see the problem.
15:39:10 <warlord> okay
15:39:29 <warlord> Do you want to untag 2.4.10? I might have to delete the existing 2.4.10 win32 build
15:52:02 <warlord> why did we move the balsheet-eg.scm from reports/standard-reports to reports ?
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15:54:34 <john> I don't know enough about how the script works to know whether untagging and deleting the existing build is needed, but if it is then we should.
15:56:18 <john> As for balsheet-eg, see r21591.
15:57:02 <warlord> Ah, looks like we should be fine just re-tagging.
15:57:16 <warlord> The script will do the right thing.
15:57:37 <john> Well, good. It's nice to have scripts that do that. ;-)
15:58:15 <warlord> :)
15:59:36 <warlord> Wait, *all* the business reports are in the top-level report dir?
16:01:05 <john> Looks that way. There are only two subdirs, locale-specific and standard-reports.
16:01:32 <warlord> Hmm.....
16:01:49 <john> It's not like there are a lot of reports.
16:01:51 <warlord> I thought all the biz reports were in reports/business-reports..
16:01:53 <warlord> True.
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21:44:09 <rockfx01> how do i build GnuCash for Windows from Source? Do I need to follow the instructions in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Windows and actually build on Windows, or is there a way to build the Windows EXE from Linux?
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22:08:18 <rockfx01> @tell warlord Regarding the earlier conversation about svn update, maintainer-clean, etc, is the following script a good practice for performing my svn updates then?
22:08:18 <gncbot> rockfx01: The operation succeeded.
22:08:19 <rockfx01> http://pastebin.com/cC2WR98r
22:24:41 *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
22:24:51 <warlord> rockfx01: yes, that script would work, but it's not necessary ALL the time.
22:24:51 <gncbot> warlord: Sent 16 minutes ago: <rockfx01> Regarding the earlier conversation about svn update, maintainer-clean, etc, is the following script a good practice for performing my svn updates then?
22:25:14 <warlord> as for the the first question -- yes, you need to build on windows. I dont know of a way to cross-compile from Linux.
22:25:20 <warlord> (it MAY be possible)
22:25:46 <rockfx01> i mean, I have a pretty beefy processor so it's not a huge pain to recompile after svn update. I'm not a developer by trade so I'm not that familiar with when exactly those steps would be needed
22:25:58 <rockfx01> so, doing them consistently seems like a safe bet
22:26:10 <warlord> it certainly wont hurt..
22:29:40 <rockfx01> ok, thanks!
22:45:29 <warlord> anyways, I'm gone again. good night
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23:41:57 <rockfx01> I'm trolling the bug reports and first one up is #606077
23:42:02 <rockfx01> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=606077
23:42:35 <rockfx01> It is still open and short story it sounds like the --program-suffix options needs to be disabled
23:43:12 <rockfx01> this is an easy fix, but I'm wondering if --program-prefix and --program-transform-name should also be disabled?
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